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Voiceover Talent Marketplace

Voiceover Talent Marketplace Welcomes 100,000th Member and Launches Updated Responsive Booking Portal

Voiceover Talent Marketplace

NEWS: For the past decade, London, Ontario based has helped advertising industry professionals connect when seeking voiceover talent, and voice actors. It’s also become a top destination for those seeking to make a living by promoting their voice acting abilities for projects ranging from animation, to TV spots and PSAs, to documentary and feature film work. This month, Voices is celebrating the registration of its 100,000th voice talent member with the launch of a new website, rebuilt from the ground up around HTML5/Bootstrap and “responsive design.”

Responsive design is a win-win for both the company and its customers. Traveling down the road of responsive design became an absolute must for following a substantial increase in visitors accessing the site via mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and the Android-powered Galaxy SIII with mobile visits increasing 43 percent year over year.

“As a result of our responsive design implementation, visitors to the site are more engaged and staying on the website for longer periods of time,” says David Ciccarelli CEO and co-founder of Voices. “People are visiting more often with 86 percent of members visiting daily. Of those visitors, they are also staying 17 percent longer on the site than they were just a year ago.”

Consider the following statistics from a recent Forrester Research report:
* Mobile web browsing is projected to take over desktop Internet usage by 2015 – or sooner.
* 90 percent of people use multiple screens to access the web.
* 90 percent of smartphone searches results in a purchase or a visit to a business.

Learn more: .

About Voices: strives to achieve amazing things through the talent and faith of ordinary people. is the online marketplace that connects businesses with voice over talent. More than 200,000 people from companies like ABC, NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, Sony Pictures, Audible, Comcast, Bell Canada, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Western Union, American Airlines, Toyota, Ford and GM as well as organizations such as the U.S. Army and the U.S. Government entrust the Voices online marketplace with their stories and collaborate online.

Editorial note: story updated to fix typo on “bootstrap.”

New Home Nexus

Elliot Light launches New Home Nexus, a marketing, sales and advertising firm connecting home buyers and builders

New Home Nexus

NEWS: Construction industry marketing veteran Elliot Light recently announced his formation of New Home Nexus, a marketing, sales and advertising firm that “will connect buyers and builders.” From initial due diligence to final sale, New Home Nexus will serve homebuilders, investors, asset managers and financial institutions throughout Southern California.

Light and New Home Nexus have developed a consumer-centric approach that is based on current consumer insights and research. This research enables clients to design and build the right home for today’s buyer. In addition, New Home Nexus provides a targeted, aggressive, lead generation system that increases traffic count, generates higher referral sales, increases advertising effectiveness and drives sales for builders.

“The decades-old model for selling new homes is changing. Today’s homebuyers are smarter, more tech savvy, more ethnically diverse and more demanding than ever before,” says Light. “Our extensive market knowledge and research empowers us to meet the needs of both the modern buyer and builder, ultimately driving both sales and customer satisfaction.”

Light has more than three decades of new home sales, marketing and advertising experience. He is now leveraging that experience to provide strategic marketing direction, the oversight of on-site sales, and the direction of client advertising and promotion. As the past President of L&A Marketing and Advertising, Light has extensive experience in lead generation, brand development, promotional marketing plus traditional and on-line advertising.

For his work with L&A Marketing and Advertising, Light received industry awards from numerous organizations including Inland Empire Sales and Marketing Council, the Southern California Sales and Marketing Council, San Diego Sales and Marketing Council, the National Homebuilder Association, and others.

About New Home Nexus:
Irvine-based New Home Nexus is a sales, marketing and advertising firm that specializing in the marketing and sales of new housing projects for residential builders. Formed on a consumer centric marketing platform, New Home Nexus provides builders with the consumer insights they need to design and sell to the modern home buyer. More information about New Home Nexus is available at .

Localization LLC Translations Boston

Localization LLC Expands Translation Services for Marketing and Branding Into Boston and New England Markets

Localization LLC Translations BostonBOSTON, Mass. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Localization LLC Translations recently announced its newest location in Boston, Mass. at One Boston Place. This new location is the result of the expanding need for translation and language service in today’s challenging advertising, marketing, and business markets. Certified translation and transcription services, such as Localization LLC, have expanded as law firms, government agencies, and medical companies need both reliable and confidential service to approach the new international markets.

Medical Translation and Interpreting services alone have grown 35 percent in the past year, as more and more local businesses realize the need for reaching a new audience.

The new location of Localization LLC Translations will also incorporate several new language services to the Boston business community. The company will continue to offer certified translation and transcription services in over 50 languages, as well as consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese.

To introduce the company and its new services to Boston, Localization LLC Translations will be offering a 15 percent discount to new clients in the area, and will be meeting with local business leaders and government agencies over the next few months, helping introduce the idea of marketing, translation, interpreting and transcription, as well as continuing with linguistic research & development to solve some of the communication challenges faced by organizations and individuals in today’s global economy.

About Localization LLC:

Localization LLC Translations Boston is a full service translation company providing comprehensive translation, localization and multimedia services in over 50 languages. With offices in both Boston Massachusetts, and Cleveland, Ohio, Localization, LLC Translations continues to provide language services to our clients in Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., San-Francisco, London, Mexico City and Paris to name a few.

For more information about Localization LLC Translations, and its certified translation, transcription, and interpreting – visit or call 617-671-0523.

VOICES iPhone App

Voices Mobile App for iOS devices will allow ad industry talent booking agents to search the database

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Announced this weeek, the new Voices Mobile App for iOS devices, will allow advertising industry talent booking agents to search the database of over 75,000 voice talents, review price quotes and listen to custom auditions from their mobile devices.

“Our customers are using their mobile devices to access the website,” says David Ciccarelli, CEO of Voices. “Now 15 percent of all traffic to is coming from apple devices and that number is growing every month.” is the online marketplace that connects businesses with professional voice-over talent. Their first-ever mobile app for procuring voice-overs also gives professional voice talent the ability to review a list of paid jobs, submit an audition and a price quote to the businesses looking to hire.

The new mobile app is compatible with the Apple iPhone and iPad and is available on iTunes free of charge.

“The new app will allow voice talent and businesses to connect more easily which will result in more work being awarded through,” says Stephanie Ciccarelli, Chief Marketing Officer of Voices.

“The app looks complete and well-thought out. The addition of the recorder is a bonus. I can see myself knocking off auditions on vacation or on the road, wherever,” says Cal Koat, professional voice talent and Voices Member.

About Voices:
Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is the technology and industry leading website that connects businesses with professional voice talents. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies rely upon the marketplace to search for, audition and hire voice talents with the assistance of our innovative SurePay(TM) escrow service and our Web application.

Clients that have worked with Voices include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader’s Digest, Comcast, Bell Canada, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, ING, Western Union, Ford, GM, Jaguar, American Airlines, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Government and thousands more.

Read more information about the app and customer reviews: .

The App is now available in the iTunes app store: .

G-Man Marketing 10th Anniversary 2012

Music Industry Marketing Expert, G-Man Marketing, Celebrates Decade of Entertainment Hype

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Whether you call it publicity, media relations or hype, everybody needs it and John Scott G of California-based G-Man Marketing has been providing it for a decade. G and G-Man Marketing have created work for Verizon Wireless, Goodyear, Auto Club, General Dynamics, Shakey’s Pizza, Toyota of Orange, and more. In addition, G collaborated with Doug Colosio, Scott Joss and Merle Haggard to write “Bad Actor,” a song on Haggard’s “I Am What I Am” album.

“Just by visiting the Internet, you have been influenced by our work,” states the head of G-Man Marketing ( “We create and publish media announcements, press alerts, video messaging, social networking communication, and what I call ghost marketing.”

The concept of “ghost marketing” is not new, G admits. “In addition to books I’ve ghost-written, some of my most effective work has been behind-the-scenes, writing or contributing to articles or in disseminating items for others to post. Clients, especially artists, don’t have time to continually look for these opportunities online, but it’s one of the things we do. It’s time-consuming, but there’s a definite payoff if you keep at it.”

Current clients of G-Man Marketing include Shady Hill Records’ country artist Sandra Piller. “This is a terrific account because of the variety of great songs Sandra performs,” G states. “She works with writer/producer Jane Bach (hits with Reba McEntire and Jo Dee Messina among others) and there are videos of Sandra doing songs by The Doors and Fleetwood Mac. Her cool country version of ‘Love Me Two Times’ is a trip!”

Within the past year, G has worked with Larisa Stow, Robin Hood Music, Golosio Publishing, Goodnight Kiss Music, Anisound Mixing/Mastering, FookMovie, Phil Hatten Design, Carnyville, Bella Swan Bass Society (BSBS), and Paula Franceschi. “We’re starting on a Christian music video for ‘Amazed by the Light that is You,’ a new area for us.”

The sounds of BSBS are in a series of humorous commercials airing during the Sheena Metal programs on the LATalkRadio network. The spots are for non-existent products called “Androyx,” like an Androyx energy drink and an Androyx phone (“Forget 3G, 4G or 5G, Androyx offers 157G!”).

“I love spreading the word for music, products, speeches, and events,” G says. “This work is exciting and gratifying, which makes it fulfilling to start every day!”

Learn more at: .

Neotrope PR Grants

Non-Profit PR Grants Recipients for 2012 announced by California PR Firm, NEOTROPE

TORRANCE, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Los Angeles-based Neotrope®, a public relations, advertising and marketing firm established in 1983, has announced the recipients of their Non-Profit PR Grants Program for 2012. This year’s 10 recipients, selected from over 300 applicants, will receive approximately $50,000 total in pro bono services. Originally launched in 2000, the Neotrope Non-Prodfit PR Grants™ program has helped raise awareness for worthwhile causes all over the U.S. by providing public relations, news dissemination and online marketing, donated by Neotrope’s accredited staff.

“We’ve very happy to again be able to offer this program to charitable causes that are doing good,” said Neotrope CEO, Christopher Simmons; a member of PRSA and ASCAP. “This year we have again a very diverse selection of 501(c)3 charities with whom we will be working. We’re honored to be able to do our small part in helping raise their awareness to the public, supporters, potential sponsors, and of course the media.”

Neotrope launched its Non-Profit PR Grant Program ( in 2000 and has provided discounted or free services to non-profits for almost 30 years. Neotrope’s Send2Press® Newswire service provides the news dissemination component of the grants program for getting press releases in front of interested media. Online marketing across the Neotrope News Network will also help reach up to 10 million eyeballs per month via banner advertising, included in this year’s grant.

Past recipients of the NonProfit PR Grant Program include Children Awaiting Parents, Girls Write Now, Paws of Life Foundation, Special Equestrians, The Bob Moog Foundation, The Starlight Children’s Foundation, The Native Voices Foundation, World Savvy, and many others.


1) The Story Project ( uses entertainment-arts curriculum to engage under-served and at-risk middle-school students through digital, media-based projects that educate, empower and inspire. Every production addresses conflict resolution and current issues students face on a daily basis while building literacy, communication, problem solving and teamwork skills that end in a tangible result. TSP works with students at their school over the duration of 12-14 weeks during their regularly scheduled school day for approximately 2 hours once a week to see a project from inception through delivery. We use teachers employed through our organization and professionals from the entertainment community who participate as mentors. Students hear others’ stories and learn to find and share their own.

2) The mission of the Pacific Pinball Museum ( is “To inspire an interest in science, art and history through pinball and to preserve and promote this important part of American culture.” We do this by: Maintaining and operating a Museum to display a large quantity of playable machines from all eras of pinball in an educational and entertaining manner. In addition to producing the world’s largest Pinball Event, the Pacific Pinball Exposition, we provide classes on the science of pinball, electricity and magnetism, art and history to local schools and visitors. We are a small group of dedicated individuals that are passionate about pinball and our desire to share it with the world. We are becoming the “Smithsonian of Pinball.”

3) Camp Blue Skies Foundation ( provides week-long residential camps for adults with developmental disabilities. Camp Blue Skies fills a gap for a population that has few recreational opportunities offered to them once they are out of the school system. The camp experience has a profound impact and life changing effect on not only campers, but caregivers, counselors and volunteers. Camp sessions are currently offered in NC and GA. Over 150 adults with intellectual challenges have been served to date and 180 loyal volunteers have committed their personal time to assist at camp. “Our vision is to continue to develop and improve the programs we offer and broaden the population we serve by offering more sessions throughout the southeast region and hopefully beyond in the future.”

4) Move For Hunger ( is a non-profit organization that works with moving companies across the country to pick up unwanted, unopened food from those who are relocating and deliver it to local food banks across the country. Many people throw out a good deal of “stuff” when they move. Unfortunately, a lot of this “stuff” is food that could be delivered to a family in need rather than thrown away. “That’s where we come in: our movers offer to pick up unwanted, non-perishable food items during the moving process and deliver it to local food banks. To date we are working with over 200 moving companies in 37 states. Together we have collected 400,000 lbs. of food for food banks across America.”

5) Fresh Start Surgical Gifts ( transforms the lives of disadvantaged infants, children, and teens with physical deformities caused by birth defects, accidents, abuse, or disease through the gift of reconstructive surgery and related healthcare services. The Surgery Weekend Program is Fresh Start’s largest project of each year, with six weekends of intensive reconstructive surgery as well as frequent dental clinics, laser treatments, and speech therapy services. Fresh Start’s Surgery Weekend Program provides access to comprehensive, free healthcare for low-income, uninsured, and underinsured children suffering from physical deformities and other conditions. Throughout the interim between these intensive marathon Surgery Weekends, Fresh Start also hosts speech therapy clinics, dental clinics, and laser treatments to ensure a comprehensive treatment plan for each patient.

6) CITYarts, Inc. ( empowers children and youth by bringing them together with professional artists to create public art that addresses civic and social issues, impacts lives, and transforms their communities. Thinking globally and acting locally, CITYarts’ projects build bridges of cultural understanding, giving youth the opportunity to take an active role in shaping their own future. Since 1968, CITYarts has created over 284 projects that have transformed communities and impacted over 100,000 kids, collaborated with more than 500 artists, partnered with over 1,500 sponsors, and engaged over 500,000 volunteers in the process. CITYarts’ projects frequently foster community revitalization by galvanizing businesses, schools, and community organizations into developing youth programs and constructing playgrounds and gardens.

7) Launched in 2000, WEST: Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (, provides a forum for women in science, engineering and technology industries to develop their careers and leadership through networking and information sharing. Uniquely tied to this highly educated, influential community, the WEST leadership has long provided a supportive environment for early, mid and senior career women in these vital sectors, allowing them an exceptional opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to become business leaders in their fields. “Our goal is to improve the leadership status of women in science, engineering and technology by inspiring them to achieve success in their organizations and create a positive impact in their communities.” WEST offers a rich and thriving community that provides support, guidance, and professional development for professionals in science, engineering and technology.

8) Cave Canem Foundation, Inc. ( was founded in 1996 by poets Toi Derricotte and Cornelius Eady to remedy the under-representation and isolation experienced by African American poets in writing workshops and MFA programs, Cave Canem is a home for the many voices of African American poetry and is committed to cultivating the artistic and professional growth of African American poets. Awards garnered by Cave Canem fellows include the Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers’ Award; the Whiting Writers’ Award; the NAACP Image Award; the Laughlin Award from the Academy of American Poets; National Poetry Series Selection; the Cave Canem Poetry Prize; and the Ruth Lilly Fellowship, among many others. Fellows have 170+ books in print across several genres and have gained significant footholds in academic positions across the country. Faculty member Elizabeth Alexander was named Inaugural Poet for President Obama in 2008; in faculty members Terrance Hayes and Nikky Finney won the National Book Award for Poetry in 2010 and 2011, respectively.

9) Canine Assisted Therapy (, or C.A.T., was formed to provide qualified, dependable and caring pet therapy teams to those who need comfort, companionship or the unconditional love of a dog. Specially trained teams support medical staff to promote healing. “We seek to provide superior education and support to volunteers and the facilities we serve. Our continuing education programs are open to volunteers of any pet therapy organization, for we wish to enhance the entire pet therapy community with our efforts. We provide guidance to healthcare and educational entities to implement or improve therapy animal programs within their facilities.” C.A.T. services are provided free of charge, with the highest level of professionalism and organization, and we satisfy HIPAA requirements. As a non-profit entity, we recruit and utilize volunteers to serve Florida communities. C.A.T. pet therapy volunteer corps provide both animal-assisted activities (AAA) and animal-assisted therapy (AAT).

10) Center for Student Opportunity ( is empowering underserved, first-generation college students to and through college by providing critical information, guidance, scholarships, and ongoing support. With offices in Bethesda, Maryland and Orange County, California, CSO’s programs and resources reach nationally. They include Opportunity Scholars, supporting students across the country who aspire to be the first in their family to attend college through the college search and selection process;, a free online college search tool to research and connect with colleges and universities that serve and support under-served, first-generation college students; and COLLEGE ACCESS & OPPORTUNITY GUIDE, a unique college guidebook designed to help underserved, first-generation college students make their college dreams a reality. Scholarship students use our website as bloggers to diary their college experiences and offer advice to college-bound students on preparing for college.


Since 1983, Neotrope ( has been helping small-to-medium businesses, non-profits, and entertainment companies establish their brand and grow revenue. Neotrope was an Inc. 5000 listed company in 2009. The Neotrope® team is led by Christopher Laird Simmons, an award-winning designer, photographer, musician, journalist, and digital artist. He is a member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), and ASCAP. Simmons has been widely interviewed in print and broadcast, and has written for numerous national print publications. Other team members include accredited public relations professionals, working journalists and SEO experts.

Neotrope® is a registered trademark and service mark in the U.S. and Europe. Send2Press® is a U.S. registered trademark of Neotrope. “Non-Profit PR Grants” is a service mark of Neotrope. All other trademarks acknowledged.

John Scott G

G-Man Marketing takes on end of the world with 2012 music promotion offerings

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — With the end of the world “scheduled” to take place later this year, Los Angeles-based G-Man Marketing is partnering with its entertainment industry services clients to offer special reduced rates in public relations, song writing, audio mixing and mastering, radio advertising, graphic design, live music promotion, music distribution, newswire services and more.

In a promotional event called “Lower the BOOM on Prices,” G-Man Marketing and their clients “have lowered pricing by 12% starting 02.12.12,” G says. “While many marketing companies raised their pricing this year by 15% or more, we took the opposite approach. We chose 02.12.12 to start the promo, as it’s one digit lower than 12.12.12, which is our way of being optimistic.”

“No matter how the world concludes this year, whether from Galactic Alignment, the Mayan Calendar, Nostradamus, or some cataclysmic combination, we will all be there for you with special reduced rates on the services you will need to get your business started again,” states John Scott G from G-Man Marketing.

G continues, “Additionally, a second part of the promotion will run from the ‘end of the world’ all the way through to the end of the year.” Among the offers that will apply from December 21 to 31, 2012, are the following: G-Man Marketing will provide public relations services for free. (a service of Neotrope(R)) will disseminate the media announcements for free. Country artist Sandra Piller will sell her album at half price. Country songwriter Jane Bach will co-write a song for free. Matt Forger will mix and master a song for one-third off.

Sheena Metal, host on LATalkRadio, will create a radio commercial for your product. In addition, her Carnyville live music event will let your band play two sets for free, “even if all your fans have expired,” notes Ms. Metal.

Goodnight Kiss Music is offering half off music consultations. Robin Hood Music offers free song downloads. Phil Hatten Design will create a logo for free. FookMovie will create a free music video. And a spokesperson for Golosio, the music publishing firm, says “We will pitch your song to whatever film and TV projects are still available, although they probably will just be basic cable.”

Some restrictions apply for the second part of the promotion only: “First, the world must actually come to an end on or about December 21,” G said. “Second, you’ll have to figure out how to get in touch with us during the ten days in question because we’ve had no assurances from the phone companies that they’ll be doing anything at that time except figuring out how to charge you for unused minutes.”

For more information about all the firms and individuals in this story, please contact John Scott G of G-Man Marketing. “Please remember,” G states, “the world may end but good hype is forever.”

More info: .

Jonas Music

Jonas Music Services has announced its first ‘Worst Press Kit Contest’

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Jonas Music Services this week announced its first “Worst Press Kit Contest” for 2012, with one selected winner receiving a custom designed press kit package worth $700. To improve on musician marketing gone bad, the winner will be awarded a custom designed, tri-fold kit printed on glossy cardstock and coordinating CD face to accompany the kit (CD duplication not included). One round of unlimited revisions and 100 full color kits are included.

Musicians and bands interested in entering the competition should mail their most disastrous printed press kit to Jonas Music Services by February 29, 2012 along with the complete online application form available at: .

Jonas Music Services’ Executive Director, Dr. Ann Lathan Kerzner, explains, “Press Kits are so essential in the marketing success of musicians and bands, but they are often poorly understood by the groups creating them. This competition is a fun way to draw attention to the making of a successful print press kit.”

Jonas Music Services LLC is an entertainment and arts marketing agency located in NewYork. Founded in 2004, the company serves musicians, entertainers, bands, agents, publicists and entertainment companies world-wide. Marketing and promotion services include websites, electronic press kits, social media solutions, print work, advertising, email promotion, CD design and much more.

More information about Jonas Music Services is available at or at 1-800-897-1774.

Stephanie Ciccarelli

VOICE 2012: The VoiceOver International Creative Experience

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — VOICE began as an idea to bring the fragmented world of voiceover talent together and has developed into the world’s largest and only international voiceover convention. For 2012,, an online marketplace connecting businesses with voice actors, is pleased to announce their sponsorship of VOICE 2012 – The VoiceOver International Creative Experience. supported VOICE 2007 and 2010 in previous years through sponsorship, social media reporting and editorial coverage, extending the reach of the conference to a global audience hungry for the latest news, information and trends observed during the industry conference.

“ is thrilled to sponsor VOICE 2012, an event unlike any other, drawing voice actors and experts from around the world. We look forward to the privilege of being among our customers, industry personalities and the voice over community as a whole. Those representing our team are eager to bring the experience to VOICE attendees, to share our unique knowledge and inspire everyone we meet,” Stephanie Ciccarelli, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of, said.

“We are extremely excited about the support of!” said James R. Alburger, an Executive Producer of VOICE. “Partnering with this leader in the voiceover industry is a tremendous opportunity for us. We know that all those in attendance will greatly benefit from this joint effort.”

The conference takes place June 13 – 16, 2012 with the VOICE Red Carpet Reception kicking off the conference on the evening of June 12. To learn more about VOICE 2012, visit: .

About VOICE 2012:
VOICE began as an idea to bring the fragmented world of voiceover talent together and has developed into the world’s largest and only international voiceover convention – The VoiceOver International Creative Experience. VOICE focuses on a three-tiered theme for its attendees: Education in both the performing craft and the business of voiceover; Technology knowledge for voice recording and home studios; and building a Community of like-minded professionals.

About Voices: is the industry leading website that connects businesses with professional voice talents. Small businesses and Fortune 500 companies rely upon the marketplace to search for, audition and hire voice actors with the assistance of Voices’ innovative SurePay(TM) payment service and award-winning Web application. Voices has a global network of over 75,000 voice actors in over 100 languages and currently serves 163,694 members online. Clients include Microsoft, Cisco, Nintendo, The Los Angeles Times, Glam Media, The Make-a-Wish Foundation, US Army and tens of thousands more.

on-car hijack avertising

Mobile On-Car Advertising Makes Come-back with ‘Get Free Gas’ Offers: Car Owners Turn Parked Vehicles into Cash Cows

OCEANSIDE, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — It’s one of the most creative forms of mobile marketing and on-car advertising, called Hijack Advertising. And, Take1ifyoudare (, the brains behind the concept, is offering free gas to people who let them use their cars to show it off. How does it work? It doesn’t get much easier than this. People who own stylish cars and work at popular or busy locations such as a mall, gym, near the beach, fairgrounds, stadium or any other busy retail location, simply park their car, apply promotional magnets, go about their business and get free gasoline for their car/vehicle.

And, the concept works best when multiple cars are placed at venues such as trade shows, large sporting events and/or main attractions.

All vehicles sport the “Take 1 if you dare” logo; and hundreds of designated custom made ad-magnets with a message that typically includes a “take action now” promotional offer – this entices the customer to “Take 1.” Businesses really benefit because they are reaching their target audience.

“People would not take a magnet, unless they were specifically interested in that product or service,” explains Bruce Boyd, owner of Take1ifyoudare. “And, with the skyrocketing cost of gas, who wouldn’t be happy to earn some extra income to cover travel and commuting expenses?”

For businesses, Hijack Advertising is one of the most innovative, trackable and cost efficient ways to increase a business’s sales. Current advertisers who have used this service show returns in the range of approximately seven percent. This is huge compared to many traditional forms of advertising.

For example, Greyhound Bus stations in Santa Ana and Oceanside signed on to do some creative car advertising with Prior to the holidays last year, it offered a seasonal promotion to active military personnel to purchase tickets before the holiday rush.

Five cars were strategically placed in downtown Oceanside – a high traffic area for military personnel. The Greyhound station’s manager reported that he had tried to target active military through other advertising efforts, but with minimal results. With Hijack Advertising, he saw twice the return compared to other advertising techniques.

And on top of it all, this form of car advertising is also eco-friendly because magnets are 100 percent recyclable. It’s a win-win for all. Advertisers get better ROI; car owners receive free gas; customers get services and/or products that they want or need; and the earth gets a little greener.

For more information, visit: .

localization llc

Ohio Company Helps Businesses Reach Larger Audiences with Translation Services for Localization

CLEVELAND, Ohio /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Localization, LLC, has recently announced that despite sluggish economy performance, the demand for translation and language services has held up. Localization, LLC is a Cleveland based firm that provides such language services as translation, interpretation, voice over and dubbing. The company works with over 50 language combinations.

Localization, LLC was founded in 2007 by Ray and his wife. Since then, the company has worked with leading Northeast Ohio businesses as well as companies in San Francisco, London and New York. The main source of company’s business comes from translating manuals, legal cases, scientific works, financial reports, patents and personal documents.

As the economy recovers, companies once again are looking to reach new customers. Some companies are starting to increase their exports, others are making efforts to broaden their client base domestically; in both cases, the companies are targeting non-English speaking customers. And for Localization, LLC, that’s music to their ears.

As of late, Mr. Michaels points out that there has been an increase in demand for translation of medical equipment manuals. “There is a great demand right now for American made medical equipment,” says Ray. “Canadian, Mexican, South American and European hospitals are very interested in US made medical product and when you sell to a foreign country, all the supporting documentation has to be in the language of the country the product is going to.”

Mr. Michaels also adds that translation has evolved into a very diverse industry with services that may not come to mind right away when thinking of translation. That’s why in addition to translation and interpretation, one will also find that Localization, LLC offers such services as transcription of foreign languages, voice over and dubbing.

“Manufacturers and service companies always look for new innovative ways to take advantage of globalization and utilizing new media outlets,” notes Mr. Michaels, “that’s why Multimedia Services has been a great asset to the company.”

But one doesn’t have to look into conquering new foreign markets to realize that the need for language services is just as great in Northeast Ohio. Says Mr. Michaels, “Not only do we work with corporations, we still work with our local community which is very diverse. We are a country of immigrants. A lot of people are looking to translate personal documents from their native countries such as birth and marriage certificates, diplomas and other legal documentation. People are also looking for interpreting services for medical and legal appointments and we are always happy to provide a qualified interpreter.”

“Some people are fascinated when I tell them that I work for a translation agency and we work with over 50 language combinations,” concludes Ray, “and their first question is usually: ‘Oh my gosh, do you speak all those 50 languages?'”

“Fortunately, I am not the one man company,” laughs Ray.

More information about Localization, LLC and its services is available at or by calling 216-785-5252.

Write Away Inc N.C.

Public Relations Association of Western North Carolina recently recognized Write Away, Inc. as winner of its ‘Online Marketing-Social Media’ category

Write Away Inc N.C.ASHEVILLE, N.C. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — While many may argue that print is a dying breed, the staff at Write Away, Inc. begs to differ; you just need to work all the angles. And, that’s just what they did. Write Away, Inc., the editors for Action Pursuit Games Magazine, the world’s leading magazine for paintball and airsoft enthusiasts, published by Beckett Media, was tasked with the challenge to help improve subscription numbers and to increase reader involvement.

So, they jumped into action. They polled readers and learned what they wanted – a more interactive Web site, more training videos and a FaceBook presence where fans could interact and post event-related information and more.

So, after four months of syndicating paintball videos on YouTube, updating Facebook postings and posting fitness training videos on the magazine’s Web site, the excitement generated has slowly led to an increase in newsstand sales and subscriptions. The efficiency numbers are slowly, but surely on the rise.

As a result, the Public Relations Association of Western North Carolina (PRAWNC) recently recognized Write Away, Inc. as the winners of its, “Online Marketing-Social Media” category at a recent award ceremony – Best of The Mountains – an annual awards program that recognizes excellence in public relations and marketing communications in Western North Carolina.

One judge commented, “It appears that research was key in adjusting to the use of more video, and with a minuscule budget, the YouTube hits and fan numbers aren’t shabby.”

Another judge said, “Well done Action Pursuit Games (now duck, there’s a paintball headed your way!)”

For more information on the magazine, Action Pursuit Games, visit: .

Check out an APG YouTube video with currently more than 10,000 hits:

Visit Write Away, Inc. at: .

Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC

Dawn Westerberg Selected As Authorized Area Coach for Duct Tape Marketing System

AUSTIN, Texas /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Dawn Westerberg, president of Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC in Austin, TX, is one of a growing group of entrepreneurs nationwide selected to participate in the Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coach program. “To say that I’m honored to be chosen as a licensee is an understatement,” says Westerberg. “I realize that the competition for these spots is fierce, so I’m thrilled to be a coach.”

“The selection process was quite involved,” says John Jantsch, award-winning small business expert and creator of the Duct Tape Marketing system. “To ensure the program’s success, I limited the scope of the initial offering to business owners who excel in their particular industries but who want to expand their own marketing efforts and share their newfound expertise with others.”

Westerberg receives exclusive rights to implement the Duct Tape Marketing small business marketing system and distribute the Duct Tape Marketing family of small business marketing products. The Duct Tape Marketing system is available for licensing to select small business marketing coaches.

For an annual fee, licensees will receive training and a complete system to generate clients.

About Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC:

Serving clients across the United States, Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC ( is a strategic marketing consultancy firm based in Austin, TX.

About Duct Tape Marketing:

Duct Tape Marketing is a unique turnkey small business marketing system created by award-winning small business marketing expert and author John Jantsch.

Southeast Computer Solutions

Southeast Computer Solutions retains Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC as marketing consultant and strategist

MIAMI, Fla. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Southeast Computer Solutions has retained the marketing strategy and consultancy firm Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC to assist with the strategic growth of the business in Florida and Latin America. In addition to serving businesses with manufacturing, distribution, warehouse management and Sage MAS ERP solutions, Southeast Computers Solutions has been increasingly sought as a solution provider to U.S.-based companies with divisions and subsidiaries in Latin America. Southeast Computer Solutions is able to provide these companies with bi-lingual consultants, customer service and products as well as localized tax solutions.

“The ability to handle multiple subsidiaries, multiple currencies, complicated taxation issues and compliance with U.S. GAAP requirements in financial consolidation, are all requirements of U.S.-based businesses with Latin American operations,” notes Dawn Westerberg, president of Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC. “Southeast Computer Solutions is grabbing attention and growing their market share because they deliver all of these requirements.”

“We are excited to bring Dawn on board to kick-start our new marketing efforts,” says Sonia Ferrera, president of Southeast Computer Solutions. “I feel that she is the best person for this job because her background in the software industry combined with her innovative marketing ideas will bring our company to the forefront of the industry.”

Serving clients across the United States, Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC ( is a strategic marketing consultancy firm based in Austin, TX.

Southeast Computer Solutions is a Sage Authorized Reseller for Sage MAS 90 & 200 ERP Accounting Software, Sage MAS 500 ERP Accounting Software, Sage CRM SalesLogix Contact Management Software, and Sage Accpac.

Southeast Computer Solutions has been a Sage Authorized Reseller since 1985. Headquartered in Miami, Southeast has offices in Dallas and Buenos Aires. With over 600 installations across the United State and in Latin America, Southeast Computer Solutions is the largest Sage Reseller in Miami.

More information: .

4 Styles Enter-Active Systems

Interactive Book Marketing Service Engages and Envelops the Visitor in 3-D Environment

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — JAF Industries this week announced a new solution for bringing a reader into an interactive environment to engage them about a book, or any other type of product. 4 Styles Enter-Active Systems, a division of JAF Industries, recently released an interactive tool that allows potential consumers to preview books and other products in a manner that appeals to all four learning styles: auditory; kinesthetic; visual and reading/writing.

Posed with the challenge of marketing his new book, “Falling Apart” (ISBN: 978-160-594-3954), author Ken Brown gathered together a team of learning experts to design a tool like no other – 4 Styles Enter-Active Systems – to help authors, publishers and companies to promote and market their books and other products.

“This very cool and revolutionary new marketing tool prompts the user to click on images, colors and messages. During this time, music and voice overs entertain the user and he or she must follow directions to get to the next level,” says Brown.

In the case of this launch design, each level provides book teasers and excerpts to draw the user deeper into the story, which eventually ends up leaving him or her wanting more.

For example, in the book preview for “Falling Apart,” the user begins in a contemporary living room setting where he or she must click on seven items before advancing to the next level. Each item, when clicked on, reveals part of the story.

“Each preview can be custom designed to meet the needs of the client,” says Brown. “So many companies and individuals can benefit and truly need this tool to introduce their books or other products.”

Brown explains that this interactive tool can be applied to just about any product that someone wants to promote.

About the Creators:

Ken Brown brings nearly 40 years of experience of customer service to life with his unique belief that a customer is more than just a number. And, while technology has changed, his philosophy has not. His ideas and innovations have brought him success in business with each successive endeavor he has undertaken. Never forgetting his abilities as an artist, in 2009 he co-authored the fiction book, “Falling Apart” and then launched 4 Styles Enter-Active Systems.

Ken’s wife, Tammy, is a teacher and co-author of “Falling Apart.” Wanting to find new ways to promote and encourage people to read, she used what she learned teaching, going to school, and writing to also help start 4 Styles Enter-Active Systems.

For more detailed information about 4 Styles Enter-Active Systems, visit: .

Voices voiceover talent finder

Online voice over marketplace relaunches talent portal – now 10x faster

LONDON, Canada /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Time is money, and when both are of the essence, there’s a need for speed that cannot be ignored. CEO David Ciccarelli and his team recently revealed the newly redesigned site to their customers and have received a significant amount of support from members of the service, particularly as it relates to how quickly the website pages load.

For a Web-based service that helps to make the world sound good, it was imperative that individual page loading time increased ten-fold to allow for customers to upload, listen to and download audio files with ease.’s page load time has been reported as fast as 963 ms, which is ten times faster than the 15.30 seconds previously reported by Pingdom, a website monitoring and measurement service.

A significant amount of time was spent on the user interface design to simplify the layout, making it easier to read critical information on each page. worked with user interface designers, user experience designers, performed split tests with Google Website Optimizer, tracked clicks and mouse movements with CrazyEgg and conducted first hand research with, implementing changes based upon feedback received via several thousand responses to design and usability surveys. Once the designs were built, voice talent members participated in a Beta Testing program and contributed their findings for review. All of the feedback from the beta testers was positive. This was a 12 month process and the company feels confident with the resulting website.

To learn more about, visit: .

About Voices: is the online marketplace where businesses connect with voice actors and voice over talents. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies, marketing executives, casting directors and voice talent agencies rely on to easily search for and hire language service providers such as translators, narrators and professional voice over talents with the assistance of their award-winning Web service. Organizations that have worked with include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader’s Digest, Comcast, Nortel Networks, Bell Canada, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, ING, Western Union, Ford, GM and thousands more.

Voices iPhone mobile app

Ad Agencies Can Now Audition Voice Talent on the Go – Releases Mobile App for iPhone

TORONTO, Canada /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — is joining the mobile revolution with its own app to showcase its roster of over 25,000 voiceover talents by making MP3 audio samples available with the touch of a finger. Voices’ new mobile application, or “app” as they are commonly called, is fundamentally changing how audio and video producers search for, audition and hire professional voice over talent.

Ad agencies, broadcasters, and brand marketing firms can find a complete listing of audio samples organized by category such as audio books, movie trailers, podcasts, radio, television, video games and voicemail recordings.’s services are growing and converging, providing the underpinnings for dramatic growth in mobile Internet usage by its key customers and access to its web application via impressive mobile devices.

Key features of the Mobile App include:
* Optimized browsing experience with smooth screen rotation.
* Audio samples available to play with the touch of a finger.
* Click-to-call functionality to connect with a live representative.
* Integration with Google Maps to locate’s head office.
* Quick links to mobile versions of’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

On the heels of Apple’s success with the App Store, other device manufacturers and operating system providers, including BlackBerry and the Android platform championed by Google, will be aggressively marketing their own virtual storefronts where will showcase its application. is well positioned to offer value-added services to mobile-enabled customers both in North America and Europe as well as emerging markets where multimedia production is used in mass communications.

To visit the mobile app, go to .

About Voices: was established in 2004 and is now the technology and industry leading website that connects businesses with professional voice actors. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies rely upon the marketplace to search for, audition and hire voice actors with the assistance of our innovative SurePay(TM) escrow service and our Web application.

The winner of several awards, including the 1to1 Impact Award for Full-Suite CRM, CRM Elite Award, and the DigiFest New Voices Award, has raised its profile significantly this year ranking on the PROFIT Hot 50 recognizing 534 percent growth over the past two years in 2009 and was featured on Backbone Magazine’s and KPMG’s annual Pick 20 Listing as an “innovative company.” Clients include NBC, ESPN, PBS, Nintendo, Comcast, the U.S. Government and thousands more.

Riverside media sales

Riverside Media Names James E Paroline Director of Sales for Eastern U.S.

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Riverside Media / Global Media Network, Inc., a leading provider of global media services and advertising sales representative for major media companies throughout the world, today announced the addition of James E. (Jim) Paroline to its sales team as Director of Sales for the 17-state U.S. Eastern Region. Paroline joins Riverside following his successful career as an independent consultant to the advertising, public relations and marketing industry segments.

Riverside media salesWorking out of Riverside’s New York City office, he will be responsible for the company’s Asia/Pacific media portfolio, developing and maintaining agency, network and advertiser relationships, and implementing sales programs for clients wishing to extend their marketing investment, leveraging their brands and building market share internationally.

“Jim comes to Riverside with a wealth of advertising knowledge and experience. Having previously owned an advertising agency in New York City, he brings a fresh perspective to our side of the table. Jim’s strengths in strategic planning and developing new business will be instrumental in achieving our corporate goals,” said W. John Holmes, president of Riverside Media. “We are extremely fortunate to have such a seasoned professional join our team,” he added.

Riverside Media is the North American advertising representative for the premier media companies in the Asia/Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. An independent U.S. – based operation, Riverside has provided simplified and centralized access for North American ad agencies and advertising clients to major consumer and trade media of all types worldwide for the last 30 years.

Advertising internationally can be complex and challenging. A core competency of Riverside Media is its ability to help its clients deal with those complexities and meet those challenges. Riverside acts as a conduit and facilitator for international placement, providing cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes and advertising agencies that wish to extend their reach.

For more information visit .

Profit Mag Hot 50

Digital media star has been recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies by PROFIT Magazine

TORONTO, Canada /Advertising Industry Newswire/ —, one of North America’s fastest growing Internet brands and digital media companies, is pleased to announce that in PROFIT Magazine’s “10th Annual PROFIT HOT 50,” has been recognized as Canada’s #20 Emerging Growth Company. The PROFIT HOT 50 is the definitive list of young Canadian growth companies, ranked by two-year revenue growth.

Profit Mag Hot CEO, David Ciccarelli, says, “We are humbled and cheered by this wonderful opportunity.’s inclusion on the PROFIT HOT 50 is a clear validation of our passionate and disciplined efforts to contribute to the Canadian economy, recognizing our growth not only in the digital media industry, but also as an emerging force and valuable player in Canadian business.”

More than just a meeting place to do business and a unique website to hear some of the most amazing voices on earth, is poised to scale its business to new heights, offering a robust platform for people all over the world to complete their voice-over projects on time and within budget.

Every HOT 50 company at least doubled its revenue from 2006 through 2008. The companies on the list have an average two-year revenue growth of 1,007 percent. Fully 70 percent were already in the black in 2008, and many honorees were comfortably so: 28 percent boasted net income of more than 10 percent of revenue.

PROFIT will honour Canada’s Emerging Growth Companies in its October issue.

Neotrope Inc 5000 2009

SEO Experts at Neotrope Make First Appearance on the Inc. 5000

TORRANCE, Calif. — Neotrope®, a leading SEO service, brand identity, public relations, and entertainment technology company, has announced its first appearance on Inc. Magazine’s 2009 Inc. 5000 list, which ranks the top 5,000 fastest-growing private U.S. companies. Between 2005 and 2008, Neotrope achieved a modest 22.5 percent growth rate with less than 5 full-time employees. Neotrope’s Inc. 5000 ranking further enhances the company’s long standing reputation for excellence and customer service.

Neotrope Inc 5000 2009“Our dedication to remaining relatively small to maintain a person-to-person relationship with our clients has helped us with steady growth over the past decade,” said Christopher Simmons, president and CEO. “We have always taken a quality versus quantity approach, and making the Inc. 5000 this year only validates this strategy as we celebrate our 26th anniversary.”

He added, “Of course, none of our success would have been possible without some truly wonderful clients, many of whom we have developed friendships with and even strategic partnerships.”

Additionally, as part of its long history of corporate social responsibility, earlier this year Neotrope donated over $25,000 in PR Grants to worthy small non-profits “doing good,” in response to the continuing economic downturn. This was the fifth such PR Grant program which started in the mid 1990s. In 2010, the grant program will be named after the late company co-founder, J.L. Simmons, PhD.

“We just began a major rebranding effort and started the relaunch of many of our online properties, which will fully roll-out in Q4 of this year,” said Simmons. “We will also be offering a quite unique CMS and social networking solution for small business, with powerful SEO capabilities, based on our ContextEngine® technology, first introduced in 1997.”

The Inc. 5000 list is comprised of U.S. companies and is based on the growth percentage of gross revenue from 2005 to 2008. It offers a comprehensive look at the entrepreneurial engine driving the U.S. economy. The complete Inc. 5000 results are available at

About Neotrope

Neotrope was founded in 1983 by multi-disciplined creative guru Christopher Laird Simmons, and Dr. J.L. Simmons, PhD, and has provided consistent solutions for brand identity, PR, Internet marketing, entertainment publishing and multimedia for over 25 years. Neotrope brands include DotComMojo™, California Newswire®, CitizenWire™, ContextEngine®, eMediaKit™, eNewsChannels™, Florida Newswire™, Mindstock®, MuseWire™, PRTrax™, Send2Press®, and many others. More information: and

Neotrope® is a trademark registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other referenced product names, and other marks, are trademarks of their respective owners. Inc5000 logo used under license.

In-Call Media Ad Network new offering allows small businesses to launch their own audio ad campaigns on 1-800-THE-INFO Directory Assistance calls

TORONTO, Canada — powers VoodooVox’s In-Call Media Ad Network. Turning waiting time into selling time has always been a strong point for advertisers wanting to leverage In-Call Media, and VoodooVox, a pioneer in this new terrain, is giving advertisers a variety of voices to choose from through their partnership with, an online workplace where business owners hire freelance professionals to complete custom audio ads.

In-Call Media Ad NetworkA key component of the In-Call Ad Marketplace is the production network, which allows advertisers to easily create audio advertisements quickly and within their budget. VoodooVox has partnered with, whose network of 30,000 voice talent professionals is integrated into the VoodooVox-powered service. Through this partnership, advertisers can create interactive audio ads in as little as an hour with the same voices powering the campaigns of brands such as Disney, Coca-Cola and McDonalds.

“Phone calls are becoming the new page views and VoodooVox is leading the development of the voice advertising industry,” said J. Scott Hamilton, President and CEO of VoodooVox.

“We’re excited about our partnership with the leader in In-Call advertising. We’ve married our network of voice professionals and ad creation processes with VoodooVox’s In-Call Media platform, providing an easy way for all advertisers to create and launch In-Call campaigns,” said David Ciccarelli, President and CEO of

VoodooVox’s current roster of publishers generates 300 million calls per month, and the company expects that level to grow to 1 billion by late-2009.

To learn more about VoodooVox, visit: .

About VoodooVox

VoodooVox(TM) is an advertising, technology, and services firm that has created an international marketplace for In-Call Media. VoodooVox has developed technology that combines Web marketing techniques with the unique qualities of the phone network. VoodooVox is backed by venture capital investors such as Apax Partners, Steamboat Ventures (The Walt Disney Company), Softbank Capital, and Village Ventures.

About is the online marketplace where businesses connect with voice actors and voice over talents. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies, marketing executives, casting directors and voice talent agencies rely on to easily search for and hire professional voice over talents with the assistance of their award-winning Web service.

SecuGen biometric mouse

Product Launch: SecuGen Rolls Out New OptiMouseā„¢ Plus Fingerprint Reader

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — SecuGen, the world’s leading vendor of optical fingerprint readers, is pleased to announce that it has released the OptiMouse(TM) Plus, an upgraded version of the world’s first combination fingerprint reader and optical mouse. Like all of SecuGen’s fingerprint readers, the OptiMouse Plus is very rugged, accurate, and affordable.

SecuGen biometric mouseThe OptiMouse Plus scans fingerprints faster than the previous generation of fingerprint mouse and now features Smart Capture(TM). Smart Capture technology automatically adjusts the sensor brightness to insure accurate and high quality fingerprint scanning. Smart Capture greatly improves results when obtaining fingerprints from moist or dry fingers, which used to be problematic with earlier generations of fingerprint readers.

The OptiMouse Plus can be used with the countless applications that have been developed by SecuGen ISV partners. In addition, software developers can now download SecuGen Software Developer Kits (SDKs) at no cost. SecuGen’s SDKs cover an increasingly wide variety of Operating System platforms.

Dan Riley, VP of Engineering for SecuGen said, “The OptiMouse Plus continues our endless pursuit in the development of fingerprint peripherals that are rugged, accurate, fast and affordable. This new product meets all of those targets.”

“At SecuGen, we listen closely to what our partners are saying,” added Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen. “We are confident that the new OptiMouse Plus is responsive to their needs. We continue to focus all of our efforts on providing our partners with the products they need to build highly competitive businesses.”

SecuGen Corporation ( is the world’s leading provider of advanced, optical fingerprint recognition technology, products, tools and platforms for physical and information security. SecuGen designs and develops FBI-certified fingerprint readers and OEM components, developer kits and software, including NIST/MINEX-compliant algorithms. Known for high quality, ruggedness, and performance in a wide variety of applications and environmental conditions, SecuGen products are used by world-leading financial, medical, government, educational and corporate institutions and are sold through a partner network of over 200 original equipment manufacturers, independent software vendors and system integrators around the world.

customxm marketing

CustomXM Marketing Adds Kodak Dimensional Printing for POD and Direct Marketing Materials

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — CustomXM, a central Arkansas marketing services provider, recently added the Kodak Dimensional Printing capability to its Nexpress 3000 Digital Production Color Press. CustomXM is currently the only provider of these services in the state of Arkansas. Dimensional printing gives specified text and images a raised or 3D effect that can help communications stand out in a crowded marketplace. The result is a printed piece with a dimensional feel that mimics the surface of the items in the image.

customxm marketing“We encourage our clients to really ‘feel’ the difference that Dimensional Printing can make on a printed piece,” said Paul Strack, President of Custom Printing Company. “This product offers unique solutions which continue to differentiate ourselves, and our clients, in a crowded marketplace.” Strack also noted that, “Kodak’s Dimensional Printing is the only inline digital, tactile printing available on the market, and we are proud to be the first to bring it to our Arkansas clients.”

NEXPRESS Dimensional Clear Dry Ink creates a clear “raised” layer on top of a page element and can be used to enhance graphics, text, or a full color image. Dimensional Printing takes place inline, maintaining press productivity while creating high-impact results.

The overall tactile effect is similar to relief printing, but with a greater degree of control-Dimensional Printing can be set to produce variable heights, so a user can more closely mimic the texture of a specific image. And in contrast to thermography, which can only be applied to ink, NEXPRESS Dimensional Clear Dry Ink does not require ink or an image to adhere to the substrate.

Dimensional Printing creates prints that are recyclable. Dimensional Printing does not require any special de-inking and uses no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

For more information, Contact:
Paul Strack
501-375-7311 .

Depth Public Relations

Depth Public Relations Adds Public Policy Strategy Services, Partnering with DC-based Public Affairs Veteran

ATLANTA, Ga. — Depth Public Relations LLC, ( a full-service public relations and marketing provider for the financial services industry, now offers the services of public affairs veteran Brent Gilroy, a Washington, DC-based consultant for issues-related strategy, guidance and services. The collaboration serves community institutions, mortgage lenders, technology and services providers, and grassroots affordable housing initiatives that want to become better informed and more effective in promoting legislation and regulations affecting their business.

Depth Public RelationsGilroy, a 20-year veteran of the capital’s most prestigious public affairs firms, and also a former senior congressional staff member and journalist, will help businesses, associations and non-profit community-based organizations develop strategies, craft high-impact position papers, and prepare for meetings with key congressional, executive branch and state-level policy influencers.

“Financial services organizations of every size, and their technology services providers, can expect ongoing scrutiny and unprecedented regulation to have a dramatic impact on their enterprise, their customers, and their industry,” said DepthPR founder and principal Kerri S. Milam. “Since 2006, we have anticipated a rising public policy tide to alter the landscape for residential finance providers and the businesses serving them.”

“If you’re not at the table when laws and regulations are formulated, your ideas will be left on the table,” Gilroy said. “The groups and industries that are most successful in the public policy arena not only have professional lobbyists on their side but also put their rank and file members to work explaining to lawmakers and their staff the impact of polices at the ground level. Our leaders – at the national, state and local levels – want to hear the view of people who actually live under those laws and regulations every day.”

Titan Lenders Corp, which has partnered with DepthPR for public relations and web-based awareness strategies since launching in 2007, recently stated in its blog ( the need for financial services and mortgage lending related businesses to increase their outreach to and awareness of public policy influencers:

“1) Most members of the legislature and their staff do not understand the intricacies of our industry; 2) The ones that do understand are actively trying to make changes without necessarily thinking through all the ramifications of their actions; and 3) It is incumbent upon us (the experts in the mortgage industry) to speak up, reach out, and attempt to educate when and where we can.”

Since 2006, Depth Public Relations has delivered 100 percent senior level counsel, industry insight and tactical intelligence via precision messaging strategy, keyword analysis and deployment, use of industry-specific B2B networking through online communities and trade media outlets, content development and placement, organic search engine optimization (SEO) and other initiatives that strengthen brand reputation. Principal strategist and client service executive, Kerri Milam (, remains immersed in each client service engagement from planning based on business objectives to measurement based on agreed upon metrics.

Zueit brand Sucralose

Ingredients Specialties, Inc. Announces Win for GDFII/L&P Foods in Sucralose Section 337 Patent Dispute

EXETER, Calif. — Leading Sucralose manufacturer Guangdong Food Industry Institute/L&P Food Ingredient Co. Ltd. (GDFII/L&P) today announced that the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) in Washington D.C. ruled in its favor in a Section 337 patent dispute (docket no. 337-TA-604) filed against the company by its competitor, Tate & Lyle Corporation (T&L). Mr. Wang Sanyong, a corporate officer of GDFII/L&P, comments “This has been a long process but we are very pleased with the outcome and that we have been vindicated after a thorough review by the Commission. The final determination by the ITC continues to reaffirm to our dedicated customers the strength and innovation of our technology and processes, and the integrity of our company. We are pleased that our technological achievements have been recognized in these proceedings before the ITC.”

Zueit brand SucraloseThe U.S. ITC governs investigations into allegations of unfair trade practices and has ruled in its final determination that GDFII/L&P has not violated any of the patents asserted in this Section 337 dispute.

This final ruling confirms the initial determination issued by Administrative Law Judge Charles E. Bullock of the ITC in September 2008 that there is no violation of Section 337 by GDFII/L&P. Judge Bullock found that GDFII/L&P did not infringe any of the asserted T&L patents and that one of the patents was also invalid. T&L appealed that initial ruling and the ITC approved a full review by the Commission.

Roger Matkin, CEO/President of Ingredients Specialties, Inc. (ISI), a strategic marketing and distribution partner to GDFII/L&P, notes “We congratulate GDFII/L&P for this hard fought victory and recognize our attorneys with the Bingham McCutchen firm, led by Washington, D.C. partner Gary Hnath, who have represented GDFII/L&P so skillfully and diligently throughout the proceedings before the ITC. Gary and his team presented the facts to the ITC as fully and completely as possible.” Roger continues, “After 2 years of a careful and thorough review by the ITC, the Commission has now presented its definitive finding on behalf of GDFII/L&P.”

“This is welcome news for us, especially since many potential customers have held back in ordering product until confirmation of the positive ruling by the ITC,” observed Mr. Bassam Faress, Director of Sales & Marketing at ISI and spokesperson for L&P. “We can confidently assure our network of global distributors and customers that GDFII/L&P is one of a few companies whose manufacturing processes have been fully and thoroughly reviewed by the US ITC and that our Zueit(R) brand Sucralose has been determined to be non-infringing. This is very important to keep in mind as it may not be the case with other competitors now in the market”

Mr. Wang Ximin, a corporate officer of GDFII/L&P adds “With this important victory now achieved, we are determined to aggressively expand our production of Sucralose and to position GDFII/L&P to more fully meet the anticipated high market demand for Sucralose globally.”

Guangdong Food Industry Institute/L&P Food Ingredient Co. Ltd. (GDFII/L&P) is a specialty ingredients manufacturer that pioneered the development and manufacturing of Sucralose at its ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certified facility in China. Its alliance with Ingredient Specialties, Inc. of Exeter, California provides a global distribution network that markets Zueit(R) brand Sucralose ( to the food, beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries as a Kosher and Halal certified non-caloric high intensity sweetener.

Zueit(R) is a trademark of Ingredient Specialties, Inc. Exeter, CA, U.S.A. All other trademarks and service marks are the property of the respective parties.

wingman media los angeles

Wingman Media Attributes Client Growth in Retail Advertising to Interactive Marketing

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Wingman Media, a full-service retail advertising agency, announces strong client growth during 2009’s first quarter. The company attributes the growth to a comprehensive interactive service offering that provides clients with efficient online marketing and advertising. Wingman’s interactive offering has led to new hires and an augmented client roster. Despite the economy, retail clients continue to seek Wingman Media’s services for retail advertising and interactive marketing initiatives.

wingman media los angeles“The Wingman Media interactive team helped to improve efficiencies and decrease our cost per lead over the last six months,” Chris Reis, Marketing Director for the Altamonte Springs, Fla.-based Boston Men’s Health Center, the management company for Boston Medical Group, says. “Even in this tough economic environment, they have delivered a unified strategy to our online presence that has us positioned for a great 2009.”

While an overhaul and redesign of Boston Medical Group’s corporate web site ( is the most visible component of an interactive program, Wingman Media also increased their organic-search visibility, engaged with bloggers and social-media users, and significantly lowered the company’s cost per patient acquisition from paid-search initiatives.

Led by Internet entrepreneur, William Fernandez, Wingman Media delivers a comprehensive set of interactive services within a single retail advertising agency.

“Most consumer-focused businesses we talk to work with multiple agencies for their interactive needs,” Rich Kagan, partner, marketing and new business development, Wingman Media, says. “This promotes disjointed advertising programs and inefficient use of marketing budgets.”

Aside from cost-efficiencies, Wingman Media focuses its interactive initiatives on unifying clients’ on- and offline messaging. For example, a recent blog boosted traffic and awareness for its client while building online and offline continuity. The blog, found at:, is authored by Boston Medical Group’s spokesman and radio personality – “Andrew.”

About Wingman Media

Founded in 2003 by Rich Kagan and Steve Dubane, Wingman Media helps retail companies to achieve business results. A fast growing, Los Angeles-based retail advertising agency with TV, radio, print and interactive capabilities, the agency has 30 plus, full-time employees. They provide clients with media planning and buying; creative development and production; research and strategy; and ROI-focused reporting and analysis. Their focus is to help retail businesses increase inquiries, boost sales, increase market share and protect margins.

More information:


Soundrangers Launches New Web Portal for Royalty Free Advertising Music

SEATTLE, Wash. — Soundrangers announces the launch of their new web site. Founded in 1998, was the first online sound library to specialize in creating royalty free sound effects and music specifically designed for the emerging world of interactive and online media. From the beginning their focus was to provide high quality sound effects and music for bandwidth sensitive applications such as video games, websites and software while utilizing a website delivery system focused on quick and easy sound auditioning, selection and download. As more and more traditional media, such as film and television, are becoming available online, Soundrangers continues to grow to accommodate the evolving uses of sound content in modern media. introduces several innovations with their latest web site update. Users can now create playlists or collections of sounds known as Soundboxes. These Soundboxes can help organize sounds per project, can be shared with others or sent to clients for approval. With refinements to navigation and audition systems, users can easily find and audition any sound from any page on the site in moments. An expanded user’s account area has streamlined viewing order history, sending copies of invoices, downloading and re-downloading of purchased sound effects and music files. Adding prepaid funds to accounts allows multiple users access to the library without the hassle of tracking individual company credit cards or multiple POs. Users can also access prepaid funds across multiple accounts so individuals sharing funds don’t need to all use the same account.

Everyone from web designers, game developers and software makers to podcast producers and film makers, know that high quality sound effects and music can help distinguish products in the competitive high-tech and entertainment industries. However, trying to find or create sound content that will work with the unique demands of interactive and online media can be a challenge. Soundrangers continues to lead the way, making finding and using sounds easier than ever.

Soundrangers is a Seattle-based company that creates all original royalty free music and sound effects optimized for both interactive and online media. They sell these sound files via their website

Soundrangers also provides custom sound design and music for clients such as Eidos, Postopia, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Electronic Arts, Activision, Microsoft Game Studios, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, and Nintendo.

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GameBeat Studios Launches Unprecedented Campaign to Give Advertising and Marketing Agencies a Taste of Their Unique Versatility

CHICAGO, Ill. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — GameBeat Studios announced today that now through March 1, 2009 they will offer free, custom music demos to advertising and marketing agencies for their upcoming radio or television spots. The launch of this unprecedented promotional strategy comes just days before the debut of a new Toyota TV commercial featuring music composed and produced by GameBeat. Darryl Duncan, GameBeat’s president and CEO said taking advantage of the offer is easy: “Simply send us a QuickTime movie file of your spot along with any creative direction and we will compose, arrange, produce, mix and deliver a powerful, effective and on-target piece of music that will compliment your spot perfectly.”

CEO Darryl DuncanWhy the offer? “Our goal is simple,” says Duncan. “We want to make agencies everywhere aware of our studio’s unique and award-winning approach to music production and sound design and ultimately earn a spot on their short list of music vendors.” Duncan also revealed that he’s on a mission to introduce creative executives around the world to GameBeat’s “uncommon creativity.”

Since 1998, GameBeat Studios has produced music and sound for the ads of globally recognized brands including Wal-Mart, Sears, McDonalds, Kraft, Miller Beer, Motorola and dozens more.

In just the past two years the Chicago-based company earned 13 top industry awards including 8 Tellys, 3 Addys and 2 Millennium awards.

“Our versatility is one of our biggest assets,” said Duncan, whose team has produced spots featuring all musical genres. “We’re not just urban music, we do it all,” he added.

To take advantage of the custom demo offer, advertising and marketing agencies can contact GameBeat at 708-283-8860 or by email at

More information:

Send2Press® is the originating wire service for this story, Copr. 2009.
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Non-Profit PR Grant Program Recipients Announced for 2009

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Neotrope(R), a brand identity, PR, and marketing firm established Jan. of 1983, announced today the 2009 Non-Profit PR Grant Program recipients: those non-profit organizations chosen to receive free public relations and newswire services. Neotrope previously donated $25K worth of services in 2000, and $22K in 2005. This year, services are being donated by Neotrope to worthy smaller non-profit and charitable organizations to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary.

“We’re honored to be able to provide these services to smaller non-profits, many of whom have been hampered in their normal fund-raising efforts by the economic downturn,” said Neotrope CEO and co-founder, Christopher Simmons. “And perhaps help them continue to ‘do good’ in 2009 by raising their awareness to the media and public.”

Simmons continued, “We have always taken corporate social responsibility very seriously. We learned many years ago that it was better to donate our expertise than simply writing checks, as this provides more real support for the non-profit orgs in raising awareness of their efforts.”

There were 546 “qualified” applicants this year, nearly double prior years, but only ten were chosen for this PR Grant program. The deadline to apply was extended from November 12 to December 7. All qualified applicant organizations were also entered into a drawing to win a new One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) notebook, and will be offered additional services without cost. The value of the PR Grant services to be donated will vary by organization, with a total value of more than $25,000.

The 2009 Neotrope Non-Profit PR Grant Program Recipients are (in order chosen):

1) Children Awaiting Parents, Inc., New York

Children Awaiting Parents ( is dedicated to finding loving adoptive families for children waiting in foster care. We advocate nationally for adoption by bringing attention to the children, by promoting interest among people who could become permanent adoptive families, and by encouraging adoption friendly policies. We serve children across the United States.

2) Starlight Children’s Foundation, California

Starlight Children’s Foundation ( helps seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and family activities. We offer entertainment programs that boost spirits, reduce the need for pain medication, and provide distraction therapy; educational programs that help sick children understand common medical procedures, manage their illnesses and develop coping strategies; technology-based programs that connect isolated, sick youth with their peers and enable them to keep up with their schoolwork; and family events that allow sick children and their families to relax, have fun, and reconnect outside the hospital environment.

3) Project SEED, Inc., California

Project SEED, Inc. ( is a 45-year old organization, founded in Berkeley, which successfully augments mathematics instruction in primarily low-performing public schools. The instructors are math specialists, who use a Socratic questioning pedagogy, to teach supplemental lessons in advanced mathematics in elementary and middle school classrooms. The regular classroom teachers learn dynamic teaching techniques for improving students’ participation and understanding. Rigorous external evaluations regularly show significant improvement on standardized mathematics achievement scores. Project SEED’s mission is to put young, low-income students on a pathway up and out of poverty, toward high school graduation and college. We prepare them for careers that require knowledge of the advanced mathematics we introduce and for careers that require problem solving and critical thinking skills.

4) Girls Write Now, Inc., New York

Girls Write Now ( is New York’s premier creative writing and mentoring organization for high school girls. We are a community of women writers — authors, editors, educators, journalists, playwrights, publishers, advertising and PR professionals, literary agents and more — on a mission. Through our core mentoring program, our goal is to provide a safe space for New York City’s high school girls to develop their creative, independent voices, explore careers in professional writing, and learn how to make healthy choices in school, career and life.

5) Paws of Life Foundation, Iowa

The Paws of Life Foundation (PoL) is dedicated to the education of search and rescue (SAR) dogs and their handlers. PoL ( works with responders at the local levels to assist with dog placement and training to become a reliable and valuable resource for law enforcement and public safety agencies in the case of lost or missing persons. When someone you care about goes missing, these are the people your local sheriff, police chief or fire department calls to assist in the search. We find working dogs, either through animal shelters or donation, and place them in search and rescue K9 programs nationwide. We also provide training, coaching and a “library” of knowledge and resources. Paws of Life was established in 2003 and works diligently to plan programming areas and develop a strong base on which to move forward. Our dogs have been placed with local search and rescue teams, law enforcement for drug dog use and with one FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team.

6) Newhouse, Missouri

Recently Newhouse ( celebrated 37 years of service to the poorest citizens in the metro area who are victims of domestic violence. With a mission to break the cycle of domestic violence by providing the tools that allow women to make positive choices and lead self-sufficient lives, Newhouse is located in the urban core of Kansas City, Missouri; uniquely positioning Newhouse to address an otherwise disenfranchised population. Newhouse takes a comprehensive approach to meet the needs of the women and children who turn to Newhouse for emergency shelter and for relief from the crushing distress of domestic violence.

7) World Savvy Inc., California

World Savvy’s ( mission is to educate and engage youth in community and world affairs, to prepare them to learn, work and live as responsible citizens in the global community. In our increasingly interconnected world, students need global literacy skills; including knowledge of other countries and foreign cultures, as well as the ability to synthesize information and draw connections across subject disciplines to succeed in personal and professional endeavors. In classrooms, workplaces and neighborhoods, we constantly interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures, and must learn to live and work cooperatively. More importantly, as future leaders, young people must learn to collectively navigate and address the world’s most pressing problems.

8) Special Equestrians, Pennsylvania

Special Equestrians (, a Forbes Enterprise Award winner, is a non-profit therapeutic riding program located in Warrington, Pennsylvania, serving Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia, and surrounding counties. Founded in 1982, Special Equestrians has grown from a one horse, one rider, and one volunteer program to a thriving organization with 9 horses, 18 staff members, and over 100 active volunteers, who served 142 children and adults with various emotional, mental and physical disabilities last year. Our clients come to us with more than 60 different physical and cognitive challenges including Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Down Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our riders represent diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. 80 percent of our clients are children.

9) Barnabas International, Inc., Florida

Barnabas International, Inc. ( exists to love and encourage live-alone-at-home senior citizens enabling them to live longer, healthier, more grace and purpose filled, independent lives. We engage seniors in team-oriented community service opportunities to give them fulfillment and to aid more than 30 non-profit organizations in our community. We transport the seniors via a 26-passenger bus to the non-profit, supply age-appropriate service tasks, provide a nutritious lunch and return transportation.

10) Museum of Photographic Arts, California

The mission of the Museum of Photographic Arts ( is to inspire, educate and engage the broadest possible audience through the presentation, collection, and preservation of photography, film and video. Since its founding in 1983, the Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA) has been devoted to collecting, conserving and exhibiting the entire spectrum of the photographic medium. The museum’s endeavors consistently address cultural, historical and social issues through its exhibitions and public programs. The Museum of Photographic Arts is accredited by the American Association of Museums and is a member-supported, private, non-profit institution.

OLPC Drawing Winner

The winner of the OLPC drawing is the Middle College High School National Consortium, Inc. (

About Neotrope(R)

Since 1983, Neotrope ( has been helping small-to-medium businesses and entertainment companies establish their brand and grow revenue. The Neotrope marketing team includes Christopher Laird Simmons, who is an award-winning designer, photographer, musician and digital artist. Other team members include accredited public relations professionals, working journalists and broadcast veterans. Simmons is a member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Graphic Artists Guild, and ASCAP. Simmons has been widely interviewed by publications as diverse as Entrepreneur, Chicago Post Tribune, PCWorld, and TrendWatch. Neotrope brands include Send2Press(R), California Newswire(R), Mindstock(R), eMediaKit(TM), and ContextEngine(R).

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North Plains Systems Expands Global Digital Asset Management Partner Program

TORONTO, Canada — North Plains Systems, Inc., the world’s leading provider of digital asset management (DAM) and video asset management (VAM) software solutions, today announced ambitious plans to expand its global channel of strategic partners over the coming months. Due to the increased demand of its TeleScope(TM) digital asset management platform, North Plains will significantly grow its European base of technology partners, brand-name systems integrators, and a top-tier portfolio of national and regional technology resellers.

The global demand for Digital Asset Management systems is expected to triple by 2013, according to a new forecast by ABI Research. “The recent proliferation of digital media content, especially video, and the rise of portable devices for viewing it is a key contributor. We can add the widespread availability of broadband data services to distribute it, and the need for systems that can store and deliver that content to the right people at the right time.”

Building upon existing momentum in the region, North Plains will further enhance its support of European customers through an integrated reseller network composed of “best-in-class” technology partners, brand-name systems integrators, and a top-tier portfolio of national and regional technology resellers. North Plains will announce these strategic vendor partnerships over the coming months.

“Partners will be hand-picked to meet some very strict criteria,” said Rick Coope, Director, European Sales. Chosen firms will exhibit extensive domain knowledge within North Plains’ target markets, including print, publishing, broadcast, media, advertising, design and marketing agencies, as well as demonstrate considerable experience in digital asset management configuration and integration in education environments.

“Our focus is on building the strategic partnerships that will deliver our advanced solutions to businesses that need their legacy asset management systems replaced or an entirely new one implemented. We can better serve our customers and their needs if we increase our local partners,” he added.

Learn more about how you can become a North Plains business or technology partner and bring true digital asset management to your customers and prospects.

North Plains’ TeleScope(TM) Digital Asset Management (DAM) Platforms

TeleScope(TM) is an award-winning digital asset management platform that enables the secure access, management and distribution of all digital and rich media content across an entire organization. With its distributed and modular architecture, TeleScope is designed to meet the diverse range of rich media needs from small and mid-size businesses and design studios, to the complex business challenges of global enterprises.

Whether you’re a new creative “shop” just starting out; growing so quickly that your asset inventory is getting out of control; or a globally distributed organization with millions of assets to manage, North Plains’ TeleScope platform is ready to meet your unique business challenges.

North Plains Systems’ DAM Leadership

As the global market leader, North Plains’ TeleScope(TM) platforms are the only DAM solutions to offer true end-to-end digital media supply chain experience that supports the creation, integration and repurposing of digital assets in mission-critical applications. Customers from all industries and geographies are reaping significant and tangible business efficiency improvements from North Plains’ TeleScope platforms. Its expertise in delivering industry-leading digital asset management software solutions is reshaping the way companies manage, collaborate and distribute their digital assets.

About North Plains Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1994, North Plains Systems, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of digital and video asset management solutions. With a portfolio of over 475 satisfied customers, North Plains’ TeleScope platform streamlines the complexity of managing increasingly challenging digital asset environments. From centralized workflow optimization, asset creation, production and virtual collaboration, to delivery and distribution, North Plains provides end-to-end solutions that scale to meet your unique business requirements. Benefit from North Plains’ proven deployment expertise and join its growing list of global customers, including: AOL, Boeing, Bowling Green State University, Gallaudet University, Harcourt, HarperCollins Publishers, Microsoft, Ogilvy and Mather, Playboy, Publicis Groupe, Publishers Clearing House, Rodale Inc., Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Utah Education Network, Viacom, and Warner Bros.

For further information:

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SaleAMP’s Breakthrough Pay-for-Performance Marketing Service to Fuel Real Estate Rebound

AUSTIN, Texas — SaleAMP(TM), a cutting-edge marketing and software company, today announced a unique pay-for-performance real estate marketing service for condo developers, large home builders and real estate related banks, nationwide. The service, based on proprietary internet marketing tools and techniques has produced tens of thousands of buyer prospects and sales in a matter of months. “Traditional real estate marketing is broken and budgets are heavily strained as a result of this economic environment,” said Paul Kirchoff, SaleAMP’s chief executive officer. “The reality is we deliver volumes of qualified buyers with almost no up front money, allowing clients to lower their marketing budgets and dramatically accelerate lead generation and sales at the same time.”

SaleAMP’s pay-for-performance marketing service begins with deep analysis of search volumes and online buyer activity in each market and then employs proprietary tools to drive demand to client web properties. That traffic is then converted into actionable leads using cross-industry best practices and technologies.

“Over the past twenty years, I’ve developed major projects across the country and I have never seen anything like SaleAMP,” said Mark Tolley, B. Knightly’s chief executive officer. “Their unique skill set and business model is the future of real estate marketing. In one of the worst economies in decades, SaleAMP has our sales staff sprinting to keep up.”

Specifically, SaleAMP partners with each client through their pay-for-performance business model allowing clients to significantly reduce their existing marketing budgets. The company then employs proprietary technology and top industry talent to deploy search engine marketing, social media marketing, online video marketing, online auctions, and email marketing to generate highly qualified leads.

“SaleAMP is solving a major crisis for builders, developers and banks by lowering their marketing costs, generating faster inventory flow and giving them the ability to pay only when we’ve provided the revenue,” said Kirchoff. “The days of paying expensive agencies are over. Pay-for-performance ensures we are on the same side of the table as our clients. And that is what matters.”

About SaleAMP

SaleAMP, Inc. ( is an Austin, Texas-based marketing and software company specializing in the real estate industry. The company offers pay-for-performance marketing services that deliver massive lead volume for a small fraction of the price of expensive traditional firms.

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Voiceover Talent Portal, Redesigns, Now Serves 100,000+ People

TORONTO, Canada — A revolution has been brewing, 12 months in the making, at the offices of® as they release their all-new, redesigned site and broaden their influence not just in the realm of voice over, but to the advertising industry and beyond.® is an online workplace where business owners can go to audition and hire the freelance professionals they need to get voice-over recordings done. Businesses looking to hire voice talent can post jobs, receive responses quickly, interview candidates by telephone, instant message or e-mail – all provided by the collaboration platform.

Voices voice talent portalImprovements to the online workplace include:

    * Voice talent profiles with biography information, audio samples and a history of feedback from previous jobs

    * An online store where buyers can purchase bundled audio services, such as a commercial or video narration

    * A powerful search engine to locate voice talent by keyword, gender, voice ages, languages and union status

    * A streamlined escrow service that guarantees the satisfaction of buyers

    * An active online community that offers blogs, podcasts and videos. CEO, David Ciccarelli, says, “The catalyst for many of these improvements came in the form of feedback received from our customers, and now with the implementation of those suggestions, using is faster and easier, too.”

About® is the online marketplace where businesses connect with voice actors and voice over talents. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies, marketing executives, casting directors and voice talent agencies rely on to easily search for and hire language service providers such as translators, narrators and professional voice over talents with the assistance of their award-winning web service. Voice talents are equipped with a comprehensive set of self-managed tools to effectively market themselves and conduct their voice-over business online. Clients that have worked with include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader’s Digest, Comcast, Nortel Networks, Bell Canada, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, ING, Western Union, Ford, GM, Jaguar, Firestone Tires, American Airlines, the US Army, the US Government and thousands more.

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Real Estate Marketing Firm, Agent Influence, Meets Market Demand for Local Knowledge

LONG BEACH, Calif. — After years of managing national interactive marketing campaigns for some of the largest real estate firms in the country, Agent Influence’s seasoned management team knew that making tested high end web applications, technologies and tools available to local agents would provide them with an extraordinary advantage in their own communities. Agent Influence has introduced websites designed to provide an effective, affordable, local marketing option for agents and brokers. Their marketing, real estate and technology professionals collaborated to create website templates built on proven marketing principles.

Agent Influence Long BeachMelissa Rosno, Director of Sales and Marketing explains, “Our website products are not just flash and style, they help agents and brokers reach out to their local communities, enabling home buyers and sellers to access real time information about their local real estate market.”

Although there are many website services available today to real estate brokers and agents, Agent Influence distinguishes itself with its feature rich offering uniquely focused on providing real time local market data, trends and community information. This approach is uniquely relevant in today’s market where national pronouncements on the state of property values and sales often differ significantly from what is actually happening in a local market. All Agent Influence websites include a subscription to market data reports by county, city or zip code.

Agent Influence websites include a community blog that enables agents to reach out to their clients and develop an ongoing dialogue by posting articles about events in the community, local news or information about the agent’s services. Additionally, agents are able to utilize community pages on their website to feature businesses in the local area.

Proprietary content management tools help Agents to create featured property listings, utilize craigslist templates, easily update website content, manage their community blog and post businesses in their community pages.

Agent Influence is the result of a collaboration of experienced marketing professionals, real estate professionals, certified search engine experts, designers and website programmers with nearly a century of combined experience in their respective fields. Team members have completed projects for leading real estate and financial services clients such as Century 21, Coldwell Banker, CB Richard Ellis, and Ameriquest Mortgage.

Agent Influence will be exhibiting their product offerings at the California REALTOR(R) Expo 2008, the state’s largest real estate trade show October 14 through October 16 at the Long Beach Convention Center where more than 10,000 attendees are expected.

More information:

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Card Cafe Announces ‘Charity Builder’ Fund Raising Tool for Non-Profits

OREM, Utah, Oct. 1 — Card Cafe, a global technology provider, today announced the launch of Charity Builder. Charity Builder is a tool which enables non-profit organizations throughout the United States to leverage the vast greeting card industry to help them raise money. “From the beginning, Card Cafe has been focused on giving to charities. This makes the Charity Builder that much more exciting to me. 30% of the revenue goes back to the non-profit while Card Cafe manages the site for them. This is a tremendous opportunity for charities small and large,” said Teague Bengtzen, President of Card Cafe.

Americans spend $7,500,000,000 annually on greeting cards with the average household purchasing 30 cards per year. More people are going to the internet to purchase their printed greeting cards than ever before. Card Cafe is unique in that it will mail the cards for the customer in a stamped envelope.

With the Charity Builder, businesses who donate to non-profits can now give even more money by simply purchasing customer gifts, employee incentives, etc. through the non-profit’s site.

“We will put the logo of the charity on the site and set up their online business for them. Their site offers greeting cards, gift baskets, chocolate, gourmet popcorn and gift cards,” said Kira Case, Vice President of Card Cafe, “We even help with the marketing. This is an exciting new way for charities to make extra money year round.”

Non-profit organizations can go to or call Randy Barney at (888) 426-5095 to learn more about the Charity Builder.

Card Cafe was founded in 2005 as an easy way to keep in touch with people through online ordering of printed greeting cards. It quickly developed into a leading technology provider. Card Cafe produces more than two million cards each year. In 2008 Card Cafe launched a commercial division called 1:1 Specialists ( 1:1 Specialists focuses on providing web-to-print and marketing technology for many industries.

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Marketing Music Through Viral Video: FookMovie Collective Completes 30 Projects

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Communications expert John Scott G (recording artist The G-Man) leads a collective of artists, musicians and videographers known as FookMovie ( in the creation of wildly colorful music videos. Since opening in April, the company has completed 30 productions. “FookMovie was developed as a division of Golosio Publishing with the goal of creating more attention for songs in our catalogue,” states G, “but we have just accepted our first assignment for an artist outside of our musical family, so we’re way ahead of schedule in terms of the company’s expansion.”

All videos are posted on the company Web site in QuickTime but with links to the videos located on such social networking sites as YouTube and Veoh. In addition, FookMovie videos also appear on Blip and BetaRecords. “The adults-only videos are on Veoh because they have a category for 18+ content,” G notes, “and they are on our site with warnings about the content.

Notable productions include videos for “Bright Sun at Midnight” (Jonny Harmonic), “Keyboard Flavor Monkey” (The G-Man), “Evolution Destiny” (James Sotelo), and “Electrivicious Party Doll” (Country-Fried Funk).

About John Scott G

Scott is owner of G-Man Marketing in Los Angeles, where he consults on advertising, marketing, and sonic branding. G-Man Marketing has produced broadcast advertising for Verizon Wireless, Goodrich, The Auto Club, DIRECTV, Micron, Legoland, General Dynamics NASSCO and many others. Scott writes about marketing for the Advertising Industry Newswire(TM).

A member of The Recording Academy ( and on the Board of Directors of NARIP, The G-Man has 8 albums on iTunes. He and NLG are the principal directors at FookMovie(TM), with video contributions from a wide variety of painters, filmmakers, and light artists.

Learn more online:

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STG Media Rolls Out Campaign for PC Voom Antioxidant Energy Supplement

TEMPE, Ariz. — The words “energy drink” make health conscious consumers run for the hills. The thought of putting something in their body that is full of sugar and caffeine is unappealing. Now, there is a product on the market that caters to the health conscious consumers, while giving them the boost they need to get through the day. PC VOOM, is the latest healthy and natural way for health conscious consumers to energize. STG Media Corp is working with Roex, the company behind PC VOOM to launch a Smart MicroCart Website, making the product available to the online consumer. The site will highlight the antioxidant energy drink, and provide a variety of upsell offers to increase the average ticket sale.

“STG Media Corp has developed a seamless online selling program for our company,” said Vice President of Roex, Chris Bolduc. “They have also helped increase our chance of success by developing a highly targeted print media campaign.”

pcvoomSTG Media Corp will play a role in the launch of the site by designing coinciding media that will drive consumers to the PC VOOM Website. The campaign will emphasize PC VOOM’s ability to create a healthy energy boost without the buzz and cater to the healthy consumer. “Our experience in launching direct response media campaigns has allowed us to create online success for our clients,” CEO of STG Media Corp, Thomas Lark said. “The ongoing offline media that will be running along side of the online media and selling site, will have a direct effect on the increase in sales of PC VOOM.”

PC VOOM not only creates a healthy sustained energy boost without the buzz, it also contains 8 different powerful antioxidant sources and supplies essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The liquid supplement is available in a 24 ounce bottle or a 2 ounce single serving pack. Roex is one of the fastest growing companies in the nutritional and dietary supplement industry. Roex is committed to helping people learn about nutrition and the role supplements play in supporting the structure and function of the human body.

STG Media Corp, STG Retail Direct, and STG Interactive, LLC, work together to develop and execute strategic, national marketing campaigns. Based in Tempe, AZ, STG Media is a full-service advertising agency specializing in creative and media buying for print, television and radio. STG Retail Direct places products directly on the shelves of Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, GNC, and thousands of grocery and convenience stores nationwide. Helping clients to maximize their ad dollars, STG works hand in hand with STG Distribution Services, a master distributor and brand management company with capabilities to place products on the check-out counters in over 100,000 C-Stores in the USA with a proven market blitz program. STG Interactive develops cutting-edge E-commerce solutions in addition to search engine optimization and search engine marketing. STG helps clients navigate through the complex landscape of opportunities that exist within the context of modern, cross-media campaigns.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Ecast EQ and LocaModa Wifitti Apps Power Next Generation In-Venue Entertainment Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — LocaModa, a technology company providing an interactive media platform that connects digital out-of-home, mobile and web networks, today announced a partnership with Ecast to bring its social media applications to the largest broadband touchscreen media network in the United States. Ecast, which provides digital music, advertising and entertainment to more than 10,000 bars and nightclubs nationwide, has licensed LocaModa’s Embedded platform and a number of applications for use on its revolutionary in-venue entertainment solution, Ecast EQ(TM). Wiffiti(TM), a LocaModa application currently deployed on ECast EQ, allows bar patrons to send text messages directly to EQ screens, using it as a way to flirt, joke and chat with others in the venue or on-line.

LocaModa Wifitti applicationThe upcoming version of Wiffiti supports tagged messages and enables network operators or venues to create feeds that are both location and context aware. For example a sports bar in Boston may create feeds of user generated messages from sites such as Twitter with the words “Red Sox” sent by users less than 5 miles away from the venue.

Designed to appeal to today’s digitally savvy, young consumers, Ecast EQ presents a radically different approach to traditional on-premise entertainment. It features a vertically oriented, 40-inch flat-panel design with a high-definition (HD) touchscreen for interactive consumer engagement. Ecast EQ delivers on-demand content — including video, real-time interactive surveys and games, advertising, social applications and a jukebox interface for music — to out-of-home venues frequented by 21- to 34-year-olds. Fully enabled with broadband Internet, Ecast EQ provides an ideal vehicle for LocaModa’s social interactive applications (

“Ecast EQ’s large vertical screen is a perfect canvas for engaging users with our mobile interactive applications,” said Stephen Randall, CEO LocaModa. “Together we are able to offer the familiar online experience of sites like Facebook and Twitter to bars and nightclubs.”

This seamless extension of the Internet to the out-of-home market presented by LocaModa and Ecast offers advertisers unprecedented out-of-home measurement. For example, LocaModa’s interactive media platform ( remembers users by tagging their mobile devices, enabling a sponsor to receive data on how many users interacted with its brand. In addition, the Ecast platform leverages industry-standard DoubleClick(TM) ad serving technology to provide the same targeting and reporting capabilities as leading online entities.

“LocaModa is a great partner to help bring Ecast EQ to life,” said John Taylor, chief executive officer, Ecast. “Ecast has always focused on delivering an experience that delights and engages consumers. We believe the combination of EQ and LocaModa’s social media capabilities will significantly shift how consumers experience and interact with entertainment out of home.”

Ecast EQ installations showing the LocaModa Wifitti application are currently running in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, L.A., San Francisco and Seattle. Full nationwide rollout is scheduled for later this fall.

About LocaModa

LocaModa is a technology company that provides an interactive media platform connecting digital out-of-home, mobile and web networks. The company’s platform connects people and places, enabling them to access and control media in their favorite places and online. LocaModa connects people in bars, cafes, colleges, public spaces and conferences. The company is privately held, headquartered in Massachusetts and founded by Stephen Randall, a former EVP/Founder of Symbian. True to its global vision, LocaModa is internationally backed by Dace Ventures in USA, Mahindra Group in India and Sumitomo Corporation of Japan, via its U.S.-based strategic investing arm, PresidioSTX.

For more information on LocaModa, please visit


Ecast operates one of the leading broadband touchscreen media networks in the United States, providing digital music to over 10,000 bars and nightclubs across the country. The unique touchscreen music service allows locations to put the power of choice where it should be: with the consumer. Utilizing the speed and scalability of broadband, Ecast delivers music, advertising and other forms of entertainment to the young-adults most responsible for affecting purchasing decisions and consumer trends. Ecast is changing the way people listen to music in public places and revolutionizing out-of-home advertising. Ecast’s investment partners include Crosslink Capital, DCM, El Dorado Ventures, Focus Ventures and Mobius Venture Capital. For more information, please visit

All trademarks acknowledged.

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Online Event Registration

ePly Online Event Registration Equals Success for Event Marketing

NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. — Having difficulty getting people to respond to an invitation? Not enough people registered for an event? ePly, an online event registration service, makes it simple for people to register and maximizes results. ePly provides online event registration forms for conferences and events. All of the conference registration forms ePly creates are confined to one page, making the process short, sweet, and simple.

“Almost all other companies who offer the same service have a system where people have to click through several pages to complete the various online registrations,” Jim Romanik, president, ePly, explains. “Systems with multiple pages can cause people to get lost in the process and information can also be lost if the browser’s back button is used.”

Online Event RegistrationePly’s one-page conference registration forms eliminate these problems. These practical and easy-to-use online event registration forms allow people registering for events to scroll up and down to see what information they need to provide before they start entering their details. They can review their information before they click submit and since it is designed much like a paper-based registration form, it’s attractive to less Internet-savvy users.

Meeting and event planning professionals will also benefit. ePly covers every phase of the online event registration process from form planning, design, programming and testing to payment processing and refund management. It provides all the necessary tools for reporting so planners can focus on what they do best — planning the actual event.

“The ePly tool made dealing with conference registration, refunds, and reporting a breeze,” Laurie Monserrat, one conference planner, explains. “It was a great solution for the ‘joys’ of event planning.”

ePly will also custom design conference registration forms to resemble company web sites. They understand that branding and image are important and that a successful event is the bottom line.

In addition to standard credit card processing, refunds and check payment facilitation, ePly also offers tax reporting and tracking, group registration, and more, all within a single conference registration form. They even have real-time management of limited seating to prevent overbooking.

“We can virtually meet any requirements that special event and conference coordinators may have,” Romanik says.

The ePly web site also offers tips for successful event planning; how to avoid common event planning pitfalls; and much more.

For more information, visit:

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Darryl Duncan, CEO of GameBeat

Chicago Area Music Production Company Demonstrates Their Versatility with General Market and Hispanic Market Campaigns

CHICAGO, Ill. — GameBeat Studios is pleased to announce they have been awarded the contract to produce the music for the Illinois State Lottery’s 2008 summer campaign. Having beaten out several competitors, this is the second year in a row this award winning music production team has been chosen to do the music for the Lottery’s summer campaign. In 2007 they were awarded the contract which resulted in two Millennium awards for the campaign called “What Would You Do?” which consisted of 4 TV spots and 4 radio spots. This year’s campaign, called “Replay for Riches,” also includes multiple TV and radio spots. GameBeat also produced other spots for the Illinois Lottery including several holiday campaigns.

Interesting is the fact that GameBeat not only produces the music for the general market spots for the lottery, but they provide the music for the Hispanic market campaigns as well. Darryl Duncan, President & CEO of GameBeat explains, “We feel that our versatility is one of our strongest assets as a company. We can produce all styles of music and we are excited to get the opportunity to show our versatility on these Illinois Lottery spots.”

Darryl Duncan, CEO of GameBeatGameBeat’s awards seem to keep stacking up. Within the last 2 years they have won a total of 13 advertising industry awards. 8 Telly awards, 3 Addy awards and 2 Millennium awards. These awards were from their work in past Wal-Mart, Illinois Lottery and Kalahari Resort campaigns.

Having worked extensively with a variety of multi-cultural agencies, Duncan is confident his company is gaining a solid standing as a general market entity without limitations. This talented production house is readily able to compose and produce all types of music and feel they are particularly accomplished in conveying a client’s creative direction into a powerful and targeted musical atmosphere.

“We feel that we control our own destiny as a company,” Duncan asserts. “We firmly believe that with high quality music production services, solid work ethics, high moral business standards, and good ole fashion prayer, GameBeat Studios will continue to solidify their position as a leading provider of custom music production services for the vast and diverse advertising industry.”

GameBeat is also featured on the cover of the May 12th 2008 issue Screen Magazine. Heightening this great honor is the fact that the article was written by the magazine’s owner and publisher Robert Leach.

To learn more about GameBeat Studios visit their website at or call (708) 283-8860 or email

About Darryl Duncan:

Darryl founded GameBeat Studios in April of 1998. Darryl is a veteran songwriter/producer with several credits in the main stream music industry as a staff songwriter for Warner Brothers and A&M records. Darryl has written for and/or produced artists such as Jeffrey Osborne, Chaka Khan, EW&F, and R. Kelly to name a few. Darryl was even a solo artist himself on Motown in 1987. After several years in the main stream music industry, Darryl decided to transition his career into other arenas and after much research and deliberation, Darryl inevitably followed his passion combining music, electronic entertainment and advertising. Thus, GameBeat Studios was born.

About GameBeat Studios:
GameBeat Studios, LLC was founded in April of 1998 by Darryl S. Duncan. Our list of services has expanded along with the type of clients we serve. GameBeat originally serviced the gaming industry and have been responsible for the music and sound design in popular game titles including John Madden Football, Microsoft’s Zoo Tycoon, The Sims and Dance Dance Revolutions to name a few. However, today the vast majority of our clients are in the commercial advertising and marketing industries. GameBeat’s advertising clients include Kraft, Motorola, Volkswagen, ComEd, Wrigley’s, Tyson Foods, Altoids, The Illinois State Lottery, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Sears, Toyota, Miller Beer and The Kalahari Resort hotels.

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Neotrope Selected to Provide Internet Marketing Solutions for Creative Commercial Financing Firm, Lease With Crystal

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Neotrope(R), a leading advertising, PR, and Internet Marketing firm established 1983, today announced it has been chosen by a cutting edge creative commercial finance company, Lease With Crystal (, to provide promotion and brand development for their company and Website. As part of this program, Neotrope will provide its proven ContextEngine(R) search engine Deep-Linking Technology, first introduced in fall of 1996. “We’ve been searching for the proper vehicle to launch us onto the laptops and office desks of business owners for some time now, this absolutely shows us the way,” said Crystal Riley, of the Lease With Crystal namesake.

About Lease With Crystal
Lease With Crystal brings a big business know-how and a friendly simplistic approach to their clients in the equipment leasing world. The goal is to help businesses stay competitive, and afford the equipment they need now. “All clients benefit from our skill of matching the right business with the perfect custom leasing program – regardless of the industry. From lasers to tractors, we make growth possible, all while saving cash flow,” Riley says.

Lease With Crystal is a brand new company, established in 2008, affiliated with Lease One which has over 19 years of industry experience. More information on their Equipment Leasing programs can be found at: .

About Neotrope(R)
Based in Torrance California, Neotrope ( has been helping small-to-medium businesses and entertainment companies establish their brand and grow revenue since 1983. Neotrope has launched over 600 Websites since March of 1995 and has developed “patent worthy” proprietary solutions for Internet Marketing and search positioning. Send2Press(R) Newswire, a service of Neotrope, offers best-in-class affordable news distribution for small-to-medium businesses. Send2Press also leverages Neotrope’s ContextEngine(R) press release optimization technologies and PRTRax(TM) reader tracking for business intelligence. 2008 marks the company’s 25th Anniversary.

Neotrope President/CEO Christopher Simmons is a leading authority on press release optimization, an award-winning multimedia designer and journalist, and is a member of the Public Relations Society of America, and ASCAP. A noted technologist, Mr. Simmons is frequently interviewed by organizations like Entrepreneur(R), Chicago Post Tribune, PC World(R) and Trendwatch.

More information: .

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electric golf cart advertising

Golf Green Media Rolls Out a Medium Worthy of Any

ORLANDO. Fla. — Golf Green Media delivers the ideal environment to tell a company’s sustainability story; an outdoor and mostly “Green” environment: the golf course. Imagine being able to tell a company’s sustainability story to one of the most educated, affluent demographics available. Imagine targeting these “Green-Boomers” with a captive media placement. Imagine your “Green” message being presented to these premium consumers, while sharing four hours with them, one-to-one, in an outdoor environment of their choosing.

The Golf Green Media platform is one of few, that all but guarantees the consumer will see your creative. “Being able to reach these consumers, when they are most receptive, and when they have multiple hours to effortlessly engage with your brand, is why Golf Green Media is quickly becoming a key part of many leading advertisers’ marketing mix,” says Brad Pavek, President, Golf Green Media.

electric golf cart advertising New trends that are stifling the growth of traditional media are opening the door to out-of-home (OOH) media. “Our growth and interest in our medium can be attributed to the fact that we deliver an increasingly valuable service to national advertisers; namely, we enable them to reach premium consumers when they are most receptive – when they have multiple hours to engage with a brand. Our expertise in this area grows in importance, as concerns about the effectiveness of traditional advertising, continue to rise,” Pavek said.

As compared to other premium-level media, Golf Green Media strategically showcases messages to an affluent demographic, at a fraction of the cost of other media. Golf Green Media allows its advertisers over four hours of continual impressions, as it capitalizes on an electric golf cart’s sensibilities, with polite ad panels, in close proximity to the people you want to engage.

According to Golf Green Media, its unique, one-of-a-kind solution can deliver over 60 million monthly impressions, via thousands of golf cart ad panels, located at hundreds of quality golf courses, across North America.

“When you take a brand, and seamlessly insert it into an environment where the consumer is naturally going to be in a positive state of emotion, the brand doesn’t have to do a lot of work,” Pavek said.

Ad placements are perceived as sponsorships. “Golfers associate the advertisements at the same level of other top-tier golf sponsors, thus enhancing the position of an advertisers company with something that they love,” Pavek said.

“Corporate America can bypass the traditional ad clutter, and deliver their ‘Green’ message to a captive audience of educated, affluent consumers when they are relaxed and at play, in one of the most beautiful outdoor settings offered; the golf course,” Pavek said.

For more information, visit:, call: 800-731-6390, or e-mail

Golf Green Media is a division of Direct Hit Media, LLC, headquartered in Florida.

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quarterback Tom Brady

Myo-Med, Tom Brady and STG Media Corp. Team Up to Tackle 2008 Advertising Campaign

TEMPE, Ariz. — Superbowl quarterback, Tom Brady has agreed to be the face of Myo-Med, for the launch of their 2008 media campaign. BioForce, the makers of Myo-Med, recently appointed STG Media Corp. as their agency of record to assist them in creating brand awareness among athletes and arthritis sufferers nationwide.

“We chose to work with STG Media Corp. to develop our print advertising strategy based on the company’s wide range of knowledge in the advertising arena,” President of BioForce, Wayne Beckstead said. “We wanted an advertising agency that doesn’t just place ads, but develops strategic print media plans that support our retail launch and direct response program. We chose to work with STG because of their proven track record in the industry. We want to develop a clear strategy that will bring our products to the forefront of the joint, pain, and athletics market.”

quarterback Tom Brady Some of the athletes to find relief by using Myo-Med include NFL athletes, such as, LaDainian Tomlinson, Willie McGinest, and two-time Super Bowl MVP, Tom Brady, as well as three-time WNBA MVP and Olympic Gold Medalist basketball player Lisa Leslie. Along with helping athletes, BioForce has also focused on creating a product that caters to the needs of people with chronic muscle pain and arthritis. BioForce has consulted a large group of health care professionals specializing in muscle pain, arthritis and joint relief for the development of their product. Myo-Med and STG will work together to educate consumers of the all of the benefits the pain relief product can provide.

“We plan on differentiating Myo-Med from other topical pain relief brands on the market, by developing a media strategy that targets the arthritic, sports and chronic muscle suffers separately and strategically,” CEO of STG Media Corp., Thomas Lark said. “We look forward to working in collaboration with Myo-Med to create one of the top pain relief products on the market.”

About STG
STG Media Corp., STG Retail Direct, and STG Interactive, LLC, work together to develop and execute strategic, national marketing campaigns. Based in Tempe, AZ, STG Media is a full-service advertising agency specializing in creative and media buying for print, television and radio. STG Retail Direct places products directly on the shelves of Wal-mart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, GNC, and thousands of grocery and convenience stores nationwide. STG Interactive develops cutting-edge E-commerce solutions in addition to search engine optimization and search engine marketing. As the line between brand marketing and direct response blurs, brand advertisers move to be more accountable, and direct response marketers evaluate themselves from a brand perspective. STG helps clients navigate through the complex landscape of opportunities that exist within the context of modern, cross-media campaigns.

For more information about the STG family of companies, call toll-free: 866-834-4370 or visit:

About Myo-Med
Myo-Med is the flagship product of BioForce, a health products company dedicated to naturally improving the quality of life for people of all ages. Myo-Med was created by health professionals and is recommended by doctors and athletes for those who refuse to let sore muscles, arthritis, or backache get in the way of living. Myo-Med provides pain relief through all-natural, toxin-free ingredients. Myo-Med’s proprietary, all-natural nano delivery system carries anti-inflammatory ingredients deep into affected tissue to provide fast, lasting relief. It has been used effectively by those suffering such pain-causing ailments as arthritis, sports injuries, backache, strains, bruises and sprains.

All trademarks acknowledged.

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LocaModa Jumbli

LocaModa’s Mobile Technology Enables Passers-by and Web Users to Interact with Times Square Digital Screen

BOSTON, Mass. — LocaModa Inc., pioneers of mobile and web-based interactive out-of-home media, today announce their platform integration with Clear Channel (NYSE: CCO) Spectacolor’s giant 40′ by 40′ digital screen in New York’s premier Times Square location. LocaModa’s platform enables out-of-home signage to be controlled by mobile consumers and visible from the web.

Harry Coghlan, President, Clear Channel Spectacolor, said “With LocaModa’s technology integrated into Spectacolor HD (, our advertisers now have the ability to not only attract people in Times Square, but also to interact with them via their mobile phones and the web. This is the start of a revolution in out-of-home advertising, one in which users can choose to engage with brands while brands get web-like measurability.”

LocaModa Jumbli The first LocaModa application on Spectacolor’s Times Square screen is Jumbli(TM), a text messaging word game. Players who submit the highest scoring words from their mobile phones see their names on the screen. Spectacolor is running the game twice every hour.

“We are very excited to be extending Spectacolor’s reach to both mobile and web consumers; potentially, millions of people can engage with the same content as being displayed in Times Square. This is yet another step in what we call The Web Outside,” said Stephen Randall, CEO, LocaModa.

The Jumbli game on the Times Square screen is also playable from Winning words played from the web will also be displayed in Times Square. Jumbli and any of LocaModa’s other interactive applications can also incorporate advertisers’ branding elements.

About LocaModa
LocaModa connects people and places online and off, bringing out-of-home locations to the web and web experiences to locations such as bars, cafes, colleges, public spaces and conferences. LocaModa Inc. is a privately held company, incorporated in Delaware, headquartered in Massachusetts and founded by Stephen Randall, a former EVP/Founder of Symbian. True to its global vision, LocaModa is internationally backed by Dace Ventures in USA, Mahindra Group in India and Sumitomo Corporation of Japan, via its U.S.-based strategic investing arm, PresidioSTX. Additional information can be found at .

About Clear Channel Outdoor
Clear Channel Outdoor (NYSE:CCO) is the world’s largest outdoor advertising company with over 973,000 displays in more than 60 countries across 6 continents.gIn the United States, the company operates over 167,000 advertising displays and has a presence in 49 of the top 50 Designated Market Areas. It also operates airport, rail, taxi and mall advertising businesses worldwide.

Its Spectacolor (U.S.) and DEFI (international) divisions are the global market leaders in spectacular sign displays, including in New York’s Times Square. Clear Channel Adshel is the company’s international street furniture division, which operates over 3,500 municipal advertising contracts worldwide. More information may be found by visiting .

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Neotrope SEO Solutions USA

Neotrope Selected to Provide Internet Marketing for The Ballantine Corporation

TORRANCE, Calif. — Neotrope(R), a leading advertising, PR, and Internet Marketing firm established 1983, today announced it has been chosen by a leading direct mail printing firm, The Ballantine Corporation (, to provide promotion and brand development for their company and Website.

As part of this program, Neotrope will provide both press release distribution services as well as its proven ContextEngine(R) search engine Deep-Linking Technology, first introduced in fall of 1996. “We’ve been very pleased with the results provided on projects with Neotrope over the past two years,” said Ryan Cote, Director of Marketing for Ballantine. “They’ve proven to have a deliverable expertise in search engine marketing for B2B companies, and this new relationship will help us grow our online visibility.”

Neotrope SEO Solutions USA “Ballantine is a clear market innovator, combining four decades of traditional direct marketing practices, with modern Web-savvy technologies that complement their printing and mailing services,” said Christopher Laird Simmons, Neotrope’s CEO.

About The Ballantine Corporation
The Ballantine Corporation is a turnkey direct mail services company providing everything from start to finish including creative, list, printing and mailing. They also offer their clients one-to-one marketing solutions including variable data digital printing and personal URLs (PURLs).

All clients benefit from a strong combination of quality work, aggressive pricing and complete print production support.

Ballantine was established in 1966 and is a family-run company, 3 generations deep. More information on their printing and mailing services can be found at: .

The company also publishes a blog containing direct mail tips, news and advice at: .

About Neotrope(R)
Based in Torrance California, Neotrope ( has been helping small-to-medium businesses and entertainment companies establish their brand and grow revenue since 1983. Neotrope has launched over 600 Websites since March of 1995 and has developed proprietary solutions for Internet Marketing, SEO/SEM, and search positioning. Send2Press(R) Newswire, a service of Neotrope, offers best-in-class affordable news distribution and alternative placement of news content to improve its “persistence.” Send2Press also leverages Neotrope’s ContextEngine(R) press release optimization technologies and PRTRax(TM) reader tracking for business intelligence. 2008 marks the company’s 25th Anniversary.

Neotrope brands include BlueSpin(TM), California Newswire(R), ContextEngine(R), CitizenNewswire(TM), Citizen Wire(TM), Digital Author(TM), Direct-to-Editors(TM), DotComMojo(TM), eNewsChannels(TM), Florida Newswire(TM), Free2Press(TM), FreeNewsArticles(TM), Mindstock(R), PRTRax(TM), SEO+PR(TM), and Send2Press(R).

The Neotrope marketing team includes President/CEO Christopher Simmons, who is the leading authority on press release optimization, an award-winning multimedia designer and journalist, a member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the Graphic Artists Guild (GAG), and ASCAP; Liisa Sullivan, a veteran PR pro, and a Public Relations Association of Western North Carolina member; and a team of working journalists and accredited PR experts. Mr. Simmons is frequently interviewed by organizations like Entrepreneur, The Chicago Post Tribune,, PC World and Trendwatch.

More information: .

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USMotivation Announces Alliance and Partnership with MeetingAdvice

ATLANTA, Ga. — USMotivation, a GA-based incentive management company, today announced the creation of a strategic partnership with MeetingAdvice to better address the needs of the meetings market. USMotivation Meeting Services, LLC will provide an extensive array of services such as meeting consolidation management, hotel and venue sourcing, meeting logistics training and operational support.

While already a primary area of expertise for USMotivation, the new relationship will re-focus the company’s abilities in this marketplace and enable USMotivation Meeting Services to handle more regional sales meetings, management meetings and training meetings.

USMotivation known worldwide for its award-winning group incentive travel programs also has meetings management as a core competency. “From a historical perspective, USMotivation used to have an entire meetings department that serviced the pharmaceutical meeting needs and in its peak year operated over 350 meetings and events,” says Dan Leong, chief operating officer of USMotivation. “We see a need to devote more attention within the meetings market and our partnership with MeetingAdvice will do just that.”

About USMotivation
USMotivation, founded in 1962 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is a full-service incentive management company specializing in designing and implementing strategic incentive solutions. Core services include incentive strategies and awards, group travel and meetings, communications and business analytics. USMotivation is the most award-winning incentive company in the industry and most recently was named one of the “Top 25 Corporate Meeting and Incentive Companies” by CMI Magazine in September of 2007.

For more information, visit or call 1-866-885-4702.

About MeetingAdvice
MeetingAdvice, headquarted in Florida with an office in Atlanta, GA, specializes in large to small corporate meetings and training programs. MeetingAdvice’s brings additional expertise in this area, specifically in the Fortune 500 arena. “We are very excited to partner with USM and believe that together, our companies can bring new and fresh ideas to our client base with services offerings and expertise unique to our industry,” says Steve Goodman, President and Managing Director of MeetingAdvice.

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Neotrope Announces Launch of PRTrax Reader Tracking for PR Business Intelligence

TORRANCE, Calif. — Neotrope(R), a leading California-based advertising, PR, and technology company established 1983, today announced the launch of its new PRTrax(TM) Reader Tracking solution, the first service of its kind in the industry. PRTrax allows marketing departments and public relations professionals to track press release readership data across multiple news sites in the Neotrope News Network, including Send2Press(R), and California Newswire(R).

Unlike previous solutions that tracked reader metrics on only one site where a story originated, the Neotrope PRTrax system can track readership, referring sites, keywords, country, language, search engines, and other valuable business intelligence across an unlimited number of news sites from a single account.

“Traditionally the main purpose of a press release was to entice media folk to consider use in print or broadcast venues. However, over the past decade the secondary use of press releases has evolved into an online marketing component – specifically to put news into as many ‘credible’ places on the Internet as possible,” said company CEO, Christopher Simmons.

PRTrax “Our ContextEngine(R) solution helps make releases more visible online, which we pioneered ten years ago. Now with PRTrax(TM), we’re providing key metrics as to how and where a given story is being found and clicked.”

Another unique feature of Neotrope’s PRTrax solution is the ability to track many viewings not normally trackable by other visibility solutions, due to cookie and image-tracking being blocked by browser privacy settings.

PRTrax(TM) is an annual subscription service starting at $69 per release, or $99 per campaign, offered exclusively at this time to customers of the Send2Press(R) Newswire service.

More information: .

About Neotrope(R)
Based in Torrance California, Neotrope has been helping small-to-medium businesses and entertainment companies establish their brand and grow revenue since 1983. Neotrope has architected over 600 Websites since March of 1995 and has developed proprietary solutions for Internet Marketing, SEO, and search positioning. Send2Press Newswire (, a service of Neotrope, offers best-in-class affordable news distribution and alternative placement of news content to improve its “persistence” versus the traditional one-shot approach. In addition to sending news directly to journalists, print and broadcast media, and news clipping services, Send2Press places news into online news sources, RSS and social networks, as well as providing high visibility in search engines using Neotrope’s ContextEngine(R) press release optimization technology.

The Neotrope News Network includes magazine and news portals including eNewsChannels(TM) (, California Newswire(R) (, Publishers Newswire(TM) (, and many more. Over 100 sites are in development for 2008 launch.

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Consumers Seeking Home Improvements Can Research and Screen Contractors through Unique Web Portal

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Finding the right contractor can be a daunting experience and a new web site,, makes the process more streamlined; it connects consumers with local contractors. In lieu of today’s shaky real estate economy, many homeowners are choosing to remodel and renovate their existing homes rather than selling in a slow-moving market. This way, when the real estate boom returns, they will be ready to make a move. Or, their new home improvements may encourage them to stay put.

Whether seeking a contractor for a large commercial project, or a small residential job, YourContractorDirect ( can help. They are a full-service web site that allows the consumer to search and select local contractors through detailed contractor profiles, customer experiences, area of expertise, and many other variables.

YourContractorDirect Contractor profiles enable consumers to make the right choice. And, with approximately 375,000 profiles, there is no shortage of choice.

“We are the number one contractor locator directory,” Lee Starusta, president YourContractorDirect, said. “The site is easy, fast and free to consumers. We are also different from other sites because we are not a ‘lead’ service; all information is free.” lists over 50 trade categories, has zip code search capability and the ability to request a free estimate directly from the local contractor of the consumer’s choice.

“We are the most complete and technologically-advanced contractor directory on the Internet,” Starusta added.

For contractors, there are three membership packages available to meet all budgets: basic, premium and verified. According to Starusta, verified contractors are most likely to be contacted because consumers are assured that they have been verified as an ethical, serious business.

Local contractors will increase their exposure through YourContractorDirect’s extensive online and offline marketing campaigns. Contractors can upload images such as before and after photos, add a logo, or offer discount coupons through the site.

Consumers are sure to find a local contractor to meet their specific needs. They can compare cost and share experiences all under one comprehensive roof.

The YourContractorDirect team has designed a secure site that will not re-sell information. Their team consists of a group of experienced software professionals, marketing and business consultants.

For more information, visit:

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Eularis analytics

Eularis is Reshaping Pharmaceutical Analytics Under New Corporate Identity

NEW YORK, N.Y. and LONDON, U.K. — Campbell Belman, an established pharmaceutical analytics company, today introduces its new name: Eularis. This announcement reflects the significant growth the Company has achieved across its full range of pharmaceutical analytics products, which have helped tailor the advertising and marketing programs of its global top-tier clients, including AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Lilly, Merck, Novo Nordisk and Pfizer.

Eularis’ flagship product, the 94.8 Analytics Process, offers a more mathematically accurate approach to determining the ROI of pharmaceutical marketing by combining up-to-the-minute market data with advanced predictive algorithms. This avoids the inherent flaws of traditional analytics approaches, which rely heavily on historical or analogue data. The 94.8 Analytics Process better accounts for recent changes in the marketplace, allowing companies to better direct marketing and advertising spending to increase revenues and market share.

Eularis analytics “The pharmaceutical industry is unique in the level of structural and environmental change it has experienced over the past 20 years. In the current market, where challenges such as product recalls, decline in access to physicians, new restrictions on promotional policy and emergence of legally aggressive generics have come into play, methods that rely on historical data yield reduced accuracy when it comes to predicting future prescribing,” commented Dr. Andree K. Bates, president, Eularis. “By collecting current up-to-date market data as part of each individual client’s analytics program, Eularis can utilize a snapshot of the current market to avoid the limitations of conventional predictive models and achieve improved accuracy in predicting reactions to promotional activities.”

In addition to the 94.8 Analytics Process, Eularis also offers in-depth analytics approaches for individual marketing programs, such as patient compliance analytics and sales force analytics, as well as pricing analytics, corporate branding analytics, and R&D analytics.

About Eularis
Eularis provides sophisticated pharmaceutical analytics that provide data-driven insight into the financial impact of corporate and marketing decisions. Unlike traditional analytics approaches which are lengthy and whose reliance on historical or analogue data reduces their accuracy, Eularis’ proprietary 94.8 Analytics Process is based on the current market situation. This proven approach helps pharmaceutical marketing teams to quickly plan, measure, validate, and optimize their sales and marketing performance.

Eularis offers pre-launch analytics, marketing mix modeling (both professional and consumer), portfolio optimization, sales force effectiveness, managed care analytics, and patient compliance solutions. Co-headquartered in London and New York City, the company has developed significant experience in the global pharmaceutical market through client engagements with AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer and many others.

For more information about Eularis, visit .

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Ad-Manga in the US

MANGA as an Effective Tool for Business Advertising

Many well-known companies in Japan are using Manga for advertisements and the business is just starting in the U.S.

SEATTLE, Wash. — Manga have become popular in the U.S. and many translated Manga books are on the shelves in major book stores. It’s one of the fastest growing sectors of the U.S. publishing industry. Orange Lighthouse, Inc. has just launched ( as a U.S. site of to offer Manga contents for advertising, to U.S. companies.

Manga is the Japanese word for printed comics in weekly magazines or books. In the U.S. Manga and Anime are often mixed up. Anime is animation and many hit Anime originally come from a weekly Manga magazine. Manga has been a part of Japanese culture for over 50 years and its popularity in Japan is cross-generational. A big difference from cartoons in the U.S. is that Manga have a “story.” The storyline of hit Manga series continue for several years resulting in dozens of published volumes.

Ad-Manga in the USThe circulation of weekly Manga magazines is over 10 million per week and the Manga market in Japan is over $2 billion. Manga has been used for not only entertainment, but for business in Japan as well.

Trend Pro, Inc. is a pioneer of Ad-Manga — advertisement and advertising using Manga — in Japan. When Mr. Okazaki, the president of Trend Pro, Inc., started this business about 20 years ago, it received much attention from the media because of the unique business model. Since then, the company has produced over 1,700 Ad-Manga for over 700 clients. Many well known public companies and government agencies use it for advertisement, insert, direct mail, product/company brochure, IR, how-to book, etc. Why? Because Manga is the ideal media to allow everyone to understand complicated matters easily by telling a story with characters. The company has over 100 registered professional Manga artists.

Seattle-based Orange Lighthouse, Inc. is an exclusive partner with Trend Pro, Inc. to promote Ad-Manga to the U.S.

The Manga generation in the U.S. is growing quickly, and to attract them, and to inform them about new products and services, or to educate them on complicated matters, Manga is an effective tool and will open a new era for business advertising.

More information:

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BumperDollars Pays Drivers for Putting a Bumper Sticker on Their Car

New service to “drive” eyeballs to innovative advertisers

ALDIE, Va. — BumperDollars (, an internet firm, is offering $5.00 per month to vehicle owners for carrying a bumper sticker of their client. BumperDollars’ job is to network the vehicle owners willing to carry a bumper sticker and organizations looking to advertise with the bumper sticker.

This is how it works: initially, the vehicle owners need to register on their website Upon registering, BumperDollars will give the vehicle owners the option to choose bumper stickers available in their area. Once a vehicle owner selects the bumper sticker, it will be sent out and vehicle owner affixes the bumper sticker and submits an image of the car with bumper sticker to, to receive the $5.00 monthly incentives.

The size of the bumper sticker is a normal bumper sticker size, typically 4 x 12 inch or less, that is commonly found on vehicle as hobby stickers. Only one bumper sticker is allowed per vehicle. client list includes political parties, candidates running for the public offices, business organizations and non-profit organizations. BumperDollars will charge the business clients a fee and share a part of it with the vehicle owners.

For business clients, BumperDollars assures that they will verify whether the vehicle is carrying their bumper sticker or not, at least once in a month.

Vehicle owners can register at the website to participate in this program.

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