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Jonas Roeser, LTCFP

LTC Industry Connects to Customers using e-Business Cards as part of Successful Marketing Campaign

KIRKLAND, Wash. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — LTC Financial Partners LLC (LTCFP) this month revealed one of its marketing secrets: “electronic business cards” that supply an agent’s name, address, and phone number, just as old-fashioned business cards do, but with a difference. The electronic variety “can’t be misplaced, and they establish credibility by providing helpful, detailed information,” says Jonas Roeser, LTCFP’s Senior Vice President of Marketing & Operations.

The new “business cards” are “personal websites on steroids,” says Roeser. LTCFP started by offering its agents plain personal sites, “but that wasn’t enough,” Roeser says. “It was like having your contact information on a printed card, but never handing it out, or hiding it in a dark corner somewhere. So we’ve added steroids.” These consist of a personal public relations service and social networking on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. “This outreach spreads each agent all over the web, with lots of references back to the personal sites.”

The tangible results include simplified appointment setting, savings of time and money though online education, and building of trust necessary for establishing a client relationship.

How do LTCFP’s agents “hand out” their electronic cards? “They just tell people to go to Google and enter their name followed by LTC,” says Roeser. “That brings up a link to their site and a lot more besides. Thanks to our program, there’s a ton of stuff out there about each agent.” For example, a search for “Amy Pollock LTC” brings several pages of links.

So far more than 100 LTCFP agents have taken advantage of the program, and “it’s really helping them reach out,” Roeser says.

LTCFP is one of the nation’s most experienced long-term care insurance agencies. In California, the company is known as LTC Partners & Insurance Services, LLC.

Doug Berg to Discuss Recent Successes for Fortune 100 Company Using Jobs2Web to Optimize Direct Online Recruiting Strategies

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — At this week’s annual meeting of the DirectEmployers Association in Las Vegas, Doug Berg, Chief Gigster of HotGigs, Inc. ( will present a case study reviewing the results achieved by a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company that implemented HotGigs’ Jobs2Web career site optimization solution. The presentation will detail how the client company was able to drive hundreds of qualified candidates directly from major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, into the company’s career Website which resulted in key hires.

“I’m excited to share the results Jobs2Web has achieved for this major corporation and our many clients who are trying to tap into this hard-to-reach candidate audience and reduce their recruiting costs and dependency on the expensive job boards,” said Berg. “Most companies don’t realize that millions of candidates each month start their job search on the major search engines versus job boards, but their corporate career sites aren’t optimized to capture this valuable traffic — which is where Jobs2Web can help.”

“DirectEmployers members want to learn how to make the most of their online recruiting strategies,” said DirectEmployer Association vice president of business development Chad Sowash. “We’re excited to have HotGigs present its Jobs2Web case study at our upcoming event as their presentation represents what Direct Employers is all about — helping companies build direct recruiting strategies that leverage the Internet to its fullest potential in acquiring talent.”

About DirectEmployers’ Annual Meeting
DirectEmployers Association’s Annual Meetings bring together the most progressive recruiting leaders, focused on using their collective knowledge to recruit dynamically with the most cutting edge and cost effective methods in the industry. This meeting features innovative recruitment presentations, best practices, and industry benchmarks, coupled with new and refreshing ways to recruit. Organizations sponsoring the annual meeting include Jobs2Web, Arbita, and TalentHook. Presentations will be given by Jobs2Web, HRworks, HRSEO, Arbita, Multi-cultural Women’s Councel and JobMachine.

About HotGigs Inc.
HotGigs Inc. helps companies source both contract and full-time talent and optimize the procurement, onboarding and management of contingent workers. HotGigs solutions include our national Staffing Exchange, career website optimization, contract sourcing and management services, and on-demand workforce management software. Headquartered in Minneapolis, the company was founded in 2003.

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Investor Lead Generation Company AIS(R) Introduces the Wealth Qualified Investor Profile

The WQI(TM) profile provides clients with investors that have a significant amount of capital and are proactively seeking investment advice

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — American Information Strategies(R), creator of the American Surveyed Investor(TM) lead profile, has announced the release of a new type of lead, consisting of accredited investors that have a net worth range from $2,000,000 to $5,000,000. Each lead includes a demographic and psychographic profile and can be filtered through a set of preferences (i.e. age, income, liquidity, etc.).

With the help of the patent-pending Wealth Factor(TM), the Wealth Qualified Investor (WQI)(TM) profile shows the client where the lead ranks in terms of Net Worth, Accreditation, Liquidity, Age, etc. The Wealth Factor is shown in the form of a gauge with a scale of 1-10. The gauge is data-driven and determines which leads are of the highest caliber. All WQI(TM) leads are made up of only Investors in the 9-10 range, which are the extremely wealthy people such as Warren Buffet.

The WQI(TM) profile provides clients with investors that have a significant amount of capital and are proactively seeking investment advice. Each investor has had direct communication with their research firm, American Financial Strategies, and has requested information on investment opportunities.

“AIS’s mission is to become the leading provider of Client generation and lead data management solutions for the investment industry in the U.S. We are extremely excited about the release of this new product for the investment industry. Twelve years of research for our clients has finally paid off!” stated Joel Craft, CEO of American Information Strategies.

About American Information Strategies
AIS is a Client and Lead Generation services firm, specializing in providing the highest conversion rate of investor prospects to clients. The company maintains a vast database of investor leads that drive public and private companies with capital formation that allows companies to fund their companies ten times faster than traditional methods.

Whether it is a small startup or a billion dollar company, AIS has the investor database to fund any investment offering within an extremely fast period with total control of that capital in the clients’ hands. AIS generates the database via the internet, telemarketing, and direct mail. Its mission is to become the leading provider of a full range of lead generation and marketing solutions for the Investment industry.

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