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Global Strategic Management Institute

GSMI Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit in S.F. April 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — The 2011 GSMI Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit will educate businesses on the most advantageous, cutting edge, tactics in mobile marketing. Whether your business needs are B2B or B2C, this conference has it all. Combining hands on workshops with speakers who are experts in their field sharing the best practices in practical formats, GSMI’s Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit can’t be missed. This much anticipated conference takes place April 26-28, 2011 at the Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel.

What: Attendees of this top-notch, three day, mobile marketing conference will learn, from a variety of speakers, case studies and workshops, how to take advantage of the many marketing opportunities mobile offers. With two workshops, each crafted to provide attendees with the most recent and useful mobile skills, two full conference days and an abundance of networking time, GSMI’s Mobile Marketing Summit is sure to be the mobile conference of 2011!

Secure your seat today for an opportunity to get insight from in-depth case studies by brands such as, The Weather Channel, Google, Steve Madden, Mashable, Porter Noveli, and Nokia. Get insight from top minds in mobile marketing, such as, Josh Koppel, creator of Esquire Magazine’s iPad app and Apple’s iPhone app of the year winner, Lucas Buick. Want to send your entire marketing team? We offer group discounts!

When: April 26, 2011: Workshops; April 27-28, 2011: Conference.
Where: Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel; 608 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94102.
Who: Chief Executive Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Branding Officers, VPs, Directors and Managers of: Marketing, Branding, Business Strategy, Customer Relations, Social Media, Media Sales, Public Relations, Online Community Managers, Social Media Assistants, Social Media Strategists, Business Development, Word of Mouth Gurus, Community Marketers.

How: Detailed information about workshops and conference, including package details, prices and keynote speakers can be found at: . .

More information about Global Strategic Management Institute and Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit can be found at: .

About GSMI:
GSMI is dedicated to creating rich environments for learning, networking and ensuring their attendees have great experiences. GSMI hosts dozens of conferences, around the world, each year. They are leaders in their industry and strive to always provide the best, most relevant, speakers, quality workshops and the right environment to both network and learn.


Ecast EQ and LocaModa Wifitti Apps Power Next Generation In-Venue Entertainment Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — LocaModa, a technology company providing an interactive media platform that connects digital out-of-home, mobile and web networks, today announced a partnership with Ecast to bring its social media applications to the largest broadband touchscreen media network in the United States. Ecast, which provides digital music, advertising and entertainment to more than 10,000 bars and nightclubs nationwide, has licensed LocaModa’s Embedded platform and a number of applications for use on its revolutionary in-venue entertainment solution, Ecast EQ(TM). Wiffiti(TM), a LocaModa application currently deployed on ECast EQ, allows bar patrons to send text messages directly to EQ screens, using it as a way to flirt, joke and chat with others in the venue or on-line.

LocaModa Wifitti applicationThe upcoming version of Wiffiti supports tagged messages and enables network operators or venues to create feeds that are both location and context aware. For example a sports bar in Boston may create feeds of user generated messages from sites such as Twitter with the words “Red Sox” sent by users less than 5 miles away from the venue.

Designed to appeal to today’s digitally savvy, young consumers, Ecast EQ presents a radically different approach to traditional on-premise entertainment. It features a vertically oriented, 40-inch flat-panel design with a high-definition (HD) touchscreen for interactive consumer engagement. Ecast EQ delivers on-demand content — including video, real-time interactive surveys and games, advertising, social applications and a jukebox interface for music — to out-of-home venues frequented by 21- to 34-year-olds. Fully enabled with broadband Internet, Ecast EQ provides an ideal vehicle for LocaModa’s social interactive applications (

“Ecast EQ’s large vertical screen is a perfect canvas for engaging users with our mobile interactive applications,” said Stephen Randall, CEO LocaModa. “Together we are able to offer the familiar online experience of sites like Facebook and Twitter to bars and nightclubs.”

This seamless extension of the Internet to the out-of-home market presented by LocaModa and Ecast offers advertisers unprecedented out-of-home measurement. For example, LocaModa’s interactive media platform ( remembers users by tagging their mobile devices, enabling a sponsor to receive data on how many users interacted with its brand. In addition, the Ecast platform leverages industry-standard DoubleClick(TM) ad serving technology to provide the same targeting and reporting capabilities as leading online entities.

“LocaModa is a great partner to help bring Ecast EQ to life,” said John Taylor, chief executive officer, Ecast. “Ecast has always focused on delivering an experience that delights and engages consumers. We believe the combination of EQ and LocaModa’s social media capabilities will significantly shift how consumers experience and interact with entertainment out of home.”

Ecast EQ installations showing the LocaModa Wifitti application are currently running in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, L.A., San Francisco and Seattle. Full nationwide rollout is scheduled for later this fall.

About LocaModa

LocaModa is a technology company that provides an interactive media platform connecting digital out-of-home, mobile and web networks. The company’s platform connects people and places, enabling them to access and control media in their favorite places and online. LocaModa connects people in bars, cafes, colleges, public spaces and conferences. The company is privately held, headquartered in Massachusetts and founded by Stephen Randall, a former EVP/Founder of Symbian. True to its global vision, LocaModa is internationally backed by Dace Ventures in USA, Mahindra Group in India and Sumitomo Corporation of Japan, via its U.S.-based strategic investing arm, PresidioSTX.

For more information on LocaModa, please visit


Ecast operates one of the leading broadband touchscreen media networks in the United States, providing digital music to over 10,000 bars and nightclubs across the country. The unique touchscreen music service allows locations to put the power of choice where it should be: with the consumer. Utilizing the speed and scalability of broadband, Ecast delivers music, advertising and other forms of entertainment to the young-adults most responsible for affecting purchasing decisions and consumer trends. Ecast is changing the way people listen to music in public places and revolutionizing out-of-home advertising. Ecast’s investment partners include Crosslink Capital, DCM, El Dorado Ventures, Focus Ventures and Mobius Venture Capital. For more information, please visit

All trademarks acknowledged.

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Electric Arrow Helps ‘Haunted’ Attractions Sell Event Tickets Online

SEATTLE, Wash. — INTERACTIVE TICKETING by Electric Arrow announced today that 6 top U.S. haunted attractions have selected them as their exclusive provider for online ticketing. Industry leading haunted attractions include The Bates Motel (Glenn Mills, PA), Kersey Valley – Spookywoods (High Point, NC), Nightmare on the Bayou (Houston, TX), Nightmare on 13th (Salt Lake City, UT), The Haunted Hotel (San Diego, CA) and NetherWorld Haunted Attractions (Norcross, GA). INTERACTIVE TICKETING will also be supporting over 15 additional haunts this year and are projected to double that number by 2009.

Haunted Attractions continue to gain a tremendous amount of popularity throughout the United States providing top notch Halloween Entertainment during the months of September and October. Many of these attractions resemble the sets of Hollywood, blockbuster horror films, with expert craftsmanship, highly trained actors and carefully scripted events taking place to thrill all who enter.

Popular haunts can attract over 40,000 to 60,000 during the months of October and September. In the height of the season, admission numbers can reach over 4,000 guests in one night and with record breaking attendance expected this year, selecting the best possible online ticketing provider is a top priority for haunt producers.

“Interactive Ticketing’s innovative technologies, wireless PDA scanning, marketing features and understanding of our industry’s specific ticketing needs are reasons why we selected them as our provider. We’re eager to move forward and confident they will handle our ticketing with efficiency and expertise,” said Tony Wulhgumeth, owner of Kersey Valley – Spookywoods.

Information and tickets can be found on each attraction’s respective website. Customers who buy online will be able to enjoy the convenience of getting their tickets early and saving time at the box office and in some cases, take advantage of special web promotions and discounts.


INTERACTIVE TICKETING is an industry leader in online ticketing across the country, supporting events of all types including: amusement parks, zoos, fairs, expos, concerts, ski areas, consumer shows, museums and more.

Tickets are purchased online and printed from the patron’s home or office; tickets are then validated at the event site using a barcode scanner. INTERACTIVE TICKETING separates themselves from the competition by providing state-of-the-art marketing tools, reporting features, and wireless scanning capabilities which allow their clients meet and exceed their ticket sales expectations each and every year.

More information:

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LocaModa Partners with Outburst Tour for Series of Forums on Social Media and Politics Across Party Lines

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — LocaModa, a technology company connecting brands, digital out-of-home networks and venues to audiences through location-centric social media, today announced their partnership with Outburst Tour, a series of multi-city interactive forums addressing pressing public policy challenges through innovative “new school” solutions. After showcasing their technology at a successful kick-off Youth Forum in Phoenix, Arizona earlier in the year, LocaModa was chosen to be the platform provider for the events at both the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention. The next Outburst Tour event is scheduled for the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota on August 31st, with follow up events scheduled for early Fall.

OUTBURST! events consist of live 90-minute intense interactive forums between experts and respected public individuals in the realm of politics and public policy. LocaModa’s interactive media platform ( and Wiffiti(TM) application allow audience members, panel experts, and viewers from home to participate in the discussion in real-time via text messaging. All responses are captured on large projection screens in the venues, and all messages are also viewable online.

LocaModa“The turnout at the events continues to grow, and the number of messages streaming in has been incredible,” commented Charles Ellison, columnist for the Washington Times and one of Outburst’s organizers. “Wiffiti allows the audience to stay actively involved in the discussion throughout the forums, which puts our social media message into practice in a timely, engaging way.”

“The face of politics has changed dramatically throughout this election, and emerging media technologies have clearly taken center stage,” said Jayne Karolow, Director of Community at LocaModa. “The Outburst forum at the DNC gave us a chance to showcase Wiffiti’s capabilities for sparking intense debates that extend far beyond the venue itself. The forum panelists did an amazing job at propelling the digital conversation forward while still giving the audience control of the dialogue. It’s so rewarding for us to see Wiffiti used in this way.”

CEO Stephen Randall is most excited to see LocaModa’s products being implemented on both sides of the election: “We’re fortunate to be involved in both the DNC and the RNC. The Democrats have gotten the majority of the buzz for employing emerging media in their campaigns, so we’re proud to be opening up the social media dialogue to both parties.”

About LocaModa
LocaModa is a technology company that provides an interactive media platform connecting digital out-of-home, mobile and web networks. The company’s platform connects people and places, enabling them to access and control media in their favorite places and online. LocaModa connects people in bars, cafes, colleges, public spaces and conferences. The company is privately held, headquartered in Massachusetts and founded by Stephen Randall, a former EVP/Founder of Symbian. True to its global vision, LocaModa is internationally backed by Dace Ventures in USA, Mahindra Group in India and Sumitomo Corporation of Japan, via its U.S.-based strategic investing arm, PresidioSTX.

For more information on LocaModa, please visit

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Market Research: Mobile Content Tools Market to Top $8 Billion in 2008

BOONTON, N.J. — Music and electronic game publishers, television broadcasters, video production companies, content aggregators, and telecommunications carriers worldwide are expected to spend more than $8 billion on the tools needed to create, edit, manage, and load various forms of content onto mobile devices by year-end 2008, according to a new market research study from The INSIGHT Research Corporation. INSIGHT’s market analysis study, “Content Management for Wireless Networks, 2008-2013″ describes the technology and market forces required to put music, video, and other types of information and entertainment content onto cell phones and other types of mobile devices.

The study notes that current content management systems are primarily focused on the delivery of the content to a specific device type, and that within the forecast period attention will shift from discrete systems focusing on delivery of specific content using rudimentary content management integration to full-blown systems that are centered on reusable content suitable for multi-channel delivery.

Insight Research Corp“Today’s tools are able to manage various types of content and put specific types of content onto specific devices,” says Robert Rosenberg, INSIGHT Research president.

“What is truly needed, however, and what we expect to see emerge over the next few years, are tools that unlock the value of content in the digital age by formatting and managing content for device-independence. When content becomes reusable across multiple delivery channels its value increases enormously, which will foster investment in developing the next generation of content management tools,” Rosenberg concluded.

An excerpt of this research report, table of contents, and ordering information are online at:

This 112-page report is available immediately for $3,995 (hard copy). Electronic (PDF) reports can be ordered online.

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Mobile Couponing Co., PlumReward, Competes at Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show

ORLANDO, Fla. — PlumReward, LLC announces that they have been invited to compete in the New Product Gallery to be held at the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show in Orlando from September 5 to September 7 at the Orange County Convention Center. There are several categories: one being for best new technology. That’s the category where PlumReward fits in. PlumReward has developed a device and reporting system that enables service-oriented businesses such as restaurants, car washes, and video stores to send timely coupons and promotions as text messages to their customers on their cell phones. Businesses can then track customer visits and coupon redemptions at their stores via web reports.

While mobile couponing has become an increasingly popular marketing tool, PlumReward has designed a system that enhances marketing while fostering customer loyalty.

“We are not about traditional text messaging,” Jonathan Goodyear, president of PlumReward, LLC explains. “What sets us apart from the competition is our focus on tracking the entire customer transaction lifecycle: first visit to coupon distribution; coupon redemption to future visits.”

So, how does it work? A customer comes into the store and has the option of entering his cell phone number into a PlumReward device. He is then asked if he wishes to receive coupons and other promotions via text messaging. PlumReward then tracks and logs subsequent visits. Customers can also earn free items/discounts based on number of visits, even if they opt not to receive coupons on their cell phones.

Business benefits include: increased revenue; no more loyalty cards; real-time marketing; and customer tracking. Businesses can also communicate with customers at ideal times such as right before the lunch hour when they are most likely to make purchases.

And, while other mobile couponing companies require customers to install software to their phones, PlumReward does not. It also operates with any phone that can receive text messages.

“We offer less start-up friction,” Goodyear says.

Current clients include: Jersey Mike’s Subs, Buffalo Wild Wings, Arby’s, Hollywood Tans, Planet Smoothie, Quiznos Subs and Pizza Hut.

Best new product winners will be announced on September 6 at 3:00 p.m. in the New Product Gallery, booth 1269. PlumReward will be exhibiting at booth 1470.

To learn more, visit:

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Mobi33, Inc.

Mobi33 Unveils Industry’s First Multi-Channel Mobile Coupon Distribution Platform

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Mobi33, Inc., an innovative cross-media and multi-channel mobile content management and distribution platform, today unveiled its full suite of mobile and online coupon distribution applications that will automate the launching of mobile and online coupon sites. Advertisers will now be able to generate mobile and online coupon sites with simple type-in text and images by using the new Mobi33 coupon auto-generation platform. Content is automatically converted to both WAP (mobile Internet) and Web formats.

Consumers will be able to search, browse and send coupons to their mobile phone as text messages. Once published, consumers may also access these coupons and Ad messages by interactive voice response or by keyword text messaging.

Mobi33, Inc.Businesses can implement a “performance-based” advertising model using Mobi33. A tracking system records coupon requests from both mobile and online coupon sites allowing companies to charge back to their clients based on the actual number of coupons delivered.

The advertising industry acknowledges mobile and online coupons to be one of the fastest growing channels for Internet Marketing during the next three years. Mobi33’s mobile and online coupon distribution platform offers clients the opportunity to enter and capture this fast growing market with fully automated web based tools and a simple straightforward process. Using Mobi33, a business can launch eCoupon sites in less than a day at a highly affordable price.

In addition to auto coupon site generation, the Mobi33 platform also comes loaded with all of the original features – Voice2SMS, Text2SMS, Kiosk2SMS (for digital signage and Kiosk Ad networks), WAP2SMS and Web2SMS. Businesses can easily deploy mobile campaigns such as Text2Win, sweepstakes, voting, polling and trivia games with consumers accessing Ad content using the five available channels.

To license the platform under private label, please contact

For further information and a product demo, go to: .

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EnQii Signs Partnership with LocaModa for Mobile Marketing

NEW YORK, N.Y. — EnQii, a global leader in the digital out-of-home market, is taking aim at the future of digital signage networks by partnering with LocaModa, a mobile social platform provider. By joining forces with LocaModa, EnQii is optimizing the “new media triad” of digital signage, mobile devices and the web while becoming part of the largest growing network of connected places. EnQii N.A. president Stuart Armstrong says that the “new media triad” represents a digital on-ramp for consumers to opt-in to branded communities, and is a powerful new way for media owners, brands and locations to engage consumers and measure these interactions.

“When people go to retail locations, bars, restaurants, and other social places, there’s an opportunity for them to intersect and create a dialogue with the in-location network, and also pass these conversations onto their social graph,” says Armstrong. “That becomes the conduit for a larger, more viral dialogue between targeted audiences and brands.”

As an example, if a consumer is in a music store scoping out a new artist, a digital signage display could invite him to control a virtual jukebox using his cell phone, not unlike the way a mouse is used with a computer or a remote control is used with television. Because his interactions are displayed publicly, the media experience is instantly shared with others in the venue, and can also be reflected on the store’s website, becoming a compelling source of streaming social recommendations.

“Today’s media consumers want to stay connected and control the media around them,” says Bill Nast, VP of Business Development at LocaModa.

“The LocaModa platform when combined with EnQii digital media network technologies create an interactive medium. This enables a measurable, multi-modal environment that increases the value of branded measures and supports database marketing to tap into the consumer lifetime value.”

Armstrong says the potential of the “new media triad” transcends traditional retail to include restaurants, bars, casinos, leisure and sports venues, and multiple forms of outdoor advertising.

He notes, “When you invite consumers to opt-in and become part of a branded community, the value of that brand has been shown to increase as much as three- or four-fold.”

About EnQii
EnQii is a global leader in the digital out-of-home media market with offices in New York, Toronto, London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Shanghai. As one of the world’s truly global digital out-of-home companies, EnQii currently services thousands of locations across more than 14 countries. EnQii couples a deep understanding of customer behavior with its powerful media technologies to provide clients with fully managed solutions that enables them to advance their overall customer communication strategy for many years to come. EnQii won the 2008 DIGI Award for outstanding technology in the healthcare category for the WHEN Network. For more information, please visit

About LocaModa

LocaModa connects people and places. The company’s social platform enables people to access and control media in their favorite places, bringing location experiences to the web and web experiences to locations. LocaModa connects people in bars, cafes, colleges, public spaces and conferences. The company is privately held, headquartered in Massachusetts and founded by Stephen Randall, a former EVP/Founder of Symbian. True to its global vision, LocaModa is internationally backed by Dace Ventures in USA, Mahindra Group in India and Sumitomo Corporation of Japan, via its U.S.-based strategic investing arm, PresidioSTX. For more information, please visit

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TechGenii Inc, CEO Barbara Bickham

TechGenii CEO Barbara Bickham Featured as Digital Media Expert in Entrepreneur

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Barbara Bickham is the wizard behind the curtain and is creating digital media magic at TechGenii, Inc. And, as a result, Entrepreneur Magazine recently recognized her as an expert in the field of digital media. Entrepreneur Magazine picks the nation’s top 25 influencers – individuals, groups or trends – that they believe will have substantial impact on business owners in the coming year.

In a special section of Entrepreneur Magazine, “The Influencers,” Bickham was asked, along with 25 other influencers, about what forces they predict will affect their business in the coming year. Bickham was asked to specifically comment on a recent landmark event where the FCC auctioned television air waves.

TechGenii Inc, CEO Barbara Bickham According to Bickham, “The next innovation leap in mobile media could occur from this sale, because whoever controls the airwaves will be able to deliver content, products and services into and out of the home rather easily and quickly.”

The fact that these Superman-like frequencies can cross long distances, penetrate walls and carry loads of information in a single bound is predicted to impact everything from enhanced search on television and mobile phones to the possibility of new forms of communication altogether.

“I was honored to be included in Entrepreneur Magazine as an ‘influencer,'” Bickham said. “Digital media is not just a trend, it’s a force that will continue to evolve and affect the way we do business on a daily basis.”

Founded in 2002, TechGenii, Inc. has spent the past four years in interactive, mobile and digital media strategy, project management, and implementation. They have helped companies on the business side doing business development, business plan creation and analysis, fundraising, creating digital strategies and business models. They have also helped companies on the technology side doing mobile and Internet technology selection and review and project management for mobile and Internet implementations.

Bickham is an active member of several communication organizations including the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and is also a community advisory board member for KCET Los Angeles.

To read more about Entrepreneur(R) Magazine’s “The Influencers” of 2008 visit: .

For more information about TechGenii, visit: .

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LocaModa Inc

LocaModa Strengthens Sales Team as Market Offerings Take Off: Adds VP Sales Stephen W. King

Stephen King Joins LocaModa via Facebook, Monster and Dotomi

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — LocaModa Inc., a leading out-of-home social platform provider, announced today that Stephen W. King has joined the company as Vice President of Sales. Mr. King has over 10 years of experience selling interactive advertising and social media at Dotomi, Monster and Facebook.

Stephen Randall, LocaModa’s CEO, commented on the new appointment: “Stephen’s experience is a great asset to LocaModa just as we’re connecting thousands out-of-home locations with online social networks. We look forward to his contribution during the continued growth of our business.”

LocaModa Inc “When I saw how LocaModa was merging out-of-home audiences with web-based communities in such a pioneering way, I knew that this was the ideal place for my next adventure. I’m looking forward to working with the innovative team at LocaModa,” said Stephen King.

About LocaModa
LocaModa connects people and places. The company was founded on the insight that out-of-home networks such as Wi-Fi hot-spots, narrowcast digital signage, and IP-based entertainment networks (jukeboxes to cinemas) can be leveraged to provide interactivity, presence and commerce for mobile consumers.

LocaModa Inc. is a privately held company, incorporated in Delaware, headquartered in Massachusetts and founded by Stephen Randall, a former EVP/Founder of Symbian. True to its global vision, LocaModa is internationally backed by Dace Ventures in USA, Mahindra Group in India and Sumitomo Corporation of Japan, via its U.S.-based strategic investing arm, PresidioSTX.

Additional information can be found at .

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LocaModa Jumbli

LocaModa’s Mobile Technology Enables Passers-by and Web Users to Interact with Times Square Digital Screen

BOSTON, Mass. — LocaModa Inc., pioneers of mobile and web-based interactive out-of-home media, today announce their platform integration with Clear Channel (NYSE: CCO) Spectacolor’s giant 40′ by 40′ digital screen in New York’s premier Times Square location. LocaModa’s platform enables out-of-home signage to be controlled by mobile consumers and visible from the web.

Harry Coghlan, President, Clear Channel Spectacolor, said “With LocaModa’s technology integrated into Spectacolor HD (, our advertisers now have the ability to not only attract people in Times Square, but also to interact with them via their mobile phones and the web. This is the start of a revolution in out-of-home advertising, one in which users can choose to engage with brands while brands get web-like measurability.”

LocaModa Jumbli The first LocaModa application on Spectacolor’s Times Square screen is Jumbli(TM), a text messaging word game. Players who submit the highest scoring words from their mobile phones see their names on the screen. Spectacolor is running the game twice every hour.

“We are very excited to be extending Spectacolor’s reach to both mobile and web consumers; potentially, millions of people can engage with the same content as being displayed in Times Square. This is yet another step in what we call The Web Outside,” said Stephen Randall, CEO, LocaModa.

The Jumbli game on the Times Square screen is also playable from Winning words played from the web will also be displayed in Times Square. Jumbli and any of LocaModa’s other interactive applications can also incorporate advertisers’ branding elements.

About LocaModa
LocaModa connects people and places online and off, bringing out-of-home locations to the web and web experiences to locations such as bars, cafes, colleges, public spaces and conferences. LocaModa Inc. is a privately held company, incorporated in Delaware, headquartered in Massachusetts and founded by Stephen Randall, a former EVP/Founder of Symbian. True to its global vision, LocaModa is internationally backed by Dace Ventures in USA, Mahindra Group in India and Sumitomo Corporation of Japan, via its U.S.-based strategic investing arm, PresidioSTX. Additional information can be found at .

About Clear Channel Outdoor
Clear Channel Outdoor (NYSE:CCO) is the world’s largest outdoor advertising company with over 973,000 displays in more than 60 countries across 6 continents.gIn the United States, the company operates over 167,000 advertising displays and has a presence in 49 of the top 50 Designated Market Areas. It also operates airport, rail, taxi and mall advertising businesses worldwide.

Its Spectacolor (U.S.) and DEFI (international) divisions are the global market leaders in spectacular sign displays, including in New York’s Times Square. Clear Channel Adshel is the company’s international street furniture division, which operates over 3,500 municipal advertising contracts worldwide. More information may be found by visiting .

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Iamota mobile marketing

Location Awareness Plus Mobile Marketing, Messaging and Payment Equals Value for Brands and Consumers

Iamota and AppLocation Team Up to Deliver Location Aware Mobile Content and Services

VANCOUVER, Canada — Pete Smyth, President, CEO and Founder of Iamota Corporation and Gary Hartwig, President of AppLocation Systems Inc. announced today the availability of location aware mobile content and services. By combining Iamota’s proprietary end-to-end mobile marketing, messaging and payment platform with AppLocation’s carrier grade MOBILEFusion(TM) platform, brands can now deliver location sensitive services and features.

Iamota Impulse, Iamota Impact and Iamota iCast enable mobile payment, deliver mobile content and marketing campaigns, and extend social networks directly to wireless handheld devices. MOBILEFusion provides location awareness and location sensitive content. Features such as mapping, routing, presence awareness, notifications, opt-in privacy, and security are provided through this partnership.

Iamota mobile marketing Iamota will work with AppLocation in a variety of applications. “This is a good strategic fit for us. AppLocation designed their MOBILEFusion platform thinking much the same way we did – they began with the end in mind. It is a modular, scalable interface that works with any wireless device. I’ve seen it work and they got it right,” stated Iamota CEO, Pete Smyth. “We were looking to partner with someone who really knows the telematics and location based services business and could easily walk between the enterprise and consumer worlds.”

AppLocation President, Hartwig responded by adding, “The combination of location and wireless connectivity can be powerful for both consumers and businesses. For example, we can deliver specific information and media to transit riders with MOBILEFusion and Iamota. If a transit rider is sitting in a downtown Vancouver office on a rainy day and wants to know if the bus is going to be late, it is possible to opt-in for on time bus services. Better than that though, by connecting location of the handset and the bus, the rider can request messaging services to be advised if the bus is late and also be sent a coupon to have a beer at the nearest pub instead.”

Iamota CEO, Smyth went on to say, “Adding location awareness and navigation capability to our Iamota platform is a huge benefit for our customers. Connecting to the mobile world in real time, where the user is, with contextual media and location awareness gives global brands the power to deliver rich digital content that is customizable and delivered on an opt-in basis.”

About Iamota Corporation
Iamota is a Mobile Application Service Provider (MASP) that operates a proprietary end-to-end mobile marketing, messaging & payment platform providing access to mobile consumers across North America. Iamota connects online merchants, brands, large enterprises, marketers, ad agencies, bloggers & members of social networks with mobile phone users.

Iamota eliminates the complexity involved in both the mobile content creation and delivery process, and the establishment of mobile payment options. Iamota manages security, mobile device compatibility, specific carrier rules, content retrieval, device formatting and billing.

Iamota Corporation is a venture-backed, privately-held company with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada and U.S. offices in Scottsdale, AZ.

For more information about Iamota, go to:

About AppLocation Systems Inc.
Founded in 2002, AppLocation Systems Inc is a Location Based Services and Real Time Location mobile technology company bringing innovative wireless and LBS solutions to enterprise clients. Our collective 30 years experience in advanced tracking and mobile technology for global telecommunication companies equips us with the insight and advantage to go beyond tracking applications.

MOBILEFusion is a carrier grade platform that links telco networks to location sensitive applications. The convergence of GPS and LBS requires a next generation wireless plug and play platform to drive adoption of location for enterprise and consumer applications. AppLocation uses its expertise in location based services and its web-based MOBILEFusion(TM) platform to track assets wirelessly improving our client’s logistic and supply chain business decisions on land, on water, and in the air – utilizing the latest technology in CDMA/GPRS/Satellite devices, mapping, sensors, RFID, RTLS and wireless network management.

For more information about AppLocation, go to:

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CrossLink Media and Fellowship of Christian Athletes Partner to Deliver Mobile Content

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — CrossLink Media, an interactive mobile software provider, today announced an exclusive mobile partnership with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), America’s largest sports ministry, impacting all levels of sports and sports enthusiasts everywhere. CrossLink Media’s proprietary software platform will allow FCA to communicate with its membership anytime, anywhere via their most personal device – the wireless phone. FCA will now be able to extend its reach to its membership for real-time updates on events, daily devotionals and more.

“FCA is a first-class organization and we are proud to be associated with them. CrossLink Media understands the need for immediate communication within large membership groups and our mobile services will help streamline these efforts and make them more efficient,” said Brad Beasley, President of CrossLink Media.

“FCA well-recognizes the reliance that active people have on mobile technology today,” said Tom Rogeberg, Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. “For our many hundreds of staff across America and the tens of thousands of athletes, coaches, volunteers and ministry friends we interact with on a daily basis, CrossLink Media’s technology will be a welcome, economical and effective delivery system for important, timely information.”

About CrossLink Media
CrossLink Media provides mobile solutions that create a truly interactive consumer experience. Its proprietary software platform, MessageLink, allows organizations, brands and media companies to effectively communicate with consumers in real-time and with measurable results. CrossLink Media also services brands with its proprietary Bluetooth ad-serving software, BlueLink, which enables brands to further develop their customer relationships within close proximity to the BlueLink device.

CrossLink Media creates, manages and delivers mobile campaigns via relationships with all major wireless carriers throughout the United States. CrossLink Media’s mobile network provides access to over 200 million wireless phone subscribers in the U.S. and can extend this network to reach over 2 billion consumers worldwide. Whether it’s broadcast, print, outdoor, or online, CrossLink Media cuts through the advertising clutter and creates a one-on-one relationship with the mobile consumer. For more information, visit

About the Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is touching millions of lives… one heart at a time. Since 1954, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been challenging coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA is the largest Christian sports organization in America. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ.

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CrossLink Media platform

CrossLink Media Retains Prevail Ventures to Expand the Company’s Interactive Mobile Marketing Applications

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — CrossLink Media, a software and services company who provides a complete suite of interactive mobile marketing applications, today announced a strategic alliance with Prevail Ventures, a leading advisor to early-stage, venture backed companies. CrossLink Media’s proprietary software platform allows consumers, media companies and advertisers to effectively interact in real-time via the consumer’s wireless phone.

“Our relationship with Prevail Ventures will not only assist in our initial round of funding, but Mark’s experience also provides us with invaluable counsel as we continue to expand our business,” said Brad Beasley, President of CrossLink Media.

CrossLink Media deploys an array of technologies that deliver advertising messages, content and mobile transactions to the consumer’s wireless phone for a truly interactive experience. The CrossLink Media platform allows companies to engage their customers and communicate with them one-on-one rather than mass marketing via traditional media. All campaigns are strictly on an opt-in basis and consumers are never sent an unsolicited message.

CrossLink Media platform“CrossLink Media is an attractive company as it provides an entire suite of interactive mobile applications. They provide a one-stop shop of mobile applications that not only includes messaging, but also Bluetooth and M-Commerce. We are excited about working with them,” said Mark Losh, Founder and Managing Director of Prevail Ventures.

According to research conducted by the Mobile Marketing Association, the premier global association that strives to stimulate the growth of mobile marketing and its associated technologies, 40 percent of global brands have already deployed text message marketing campaigns. By 2008, 89 percent of brands will use text and MMS to reach their audiences.

“Mobile is already the next big thing and as an industry, we have only just begun to scratch the surface of its potential. Mobile provides consumers with anytime, anywhere access to information that’s of interest to them and that is why it is the fastest growing medium in the world,” added Beasley.

About CrossLink Media
CrossLink Media provides a comprehensive suite of mobile marketing solutions that create a truly interactive consumer experience. Its proprietary software platform allows consumers, media companies and advertisers to effectively communicate in real-time via the consumer’s wireless phone.

CrossLink Media creates, manages and delivers mobile campaigns via relationships with all major wireless carriers throughout the United States. CrossLink Media’s mobile network provides access to over 200 million wireless phone subscribers in the U.S. and can extend this network to reach over 2 billion consumers worldwide. Whether it’s broadcast, print, outdoor, or online, CrossLink Media cuts through the advertising clutter and creates a one-on-one relationship with the mobile consumer. For more information, visit

About Prevail Ventures
Prevail Ventures assists early stage technology companies in raising capital and developing strategic and tactical operational strategies. Prevail works closely with the Venture Capital community to fund and develop promising companies during the early formative stages. Prevail has raised more than $350 million of capital funding and produced more than $1.6 billion of value to its shareholders. For more information, visit

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