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Phillips MediaSource

Phillips MediaSource rebrands to focus on and better serve HD Video and Broadcast Clients in Texas

Phillips MediaSource

Phillips Productions, Inc., a leader in television program development and HD video production located in Texas, recently announced a re-branding effort and has changed its company name to “Phillips MediaSource.”

With clients across the state of Texas using its various video content development strategies, Emmy®-winning HD video production services, and integrated marketing communications consulting, the name change will “better reflect the company’s comprehensive portfolio of clients in the higher education, destinations and Fortune 1000 categories.”

“Today’s unveiling of Phillips MediaSource marks a significant milestone for the company. The Phillips Productions name, which originally stood for broadcast video production, no longer adequately represented our company, our products and solutions, our expertise, and our position as a recognized leader in online and offline marketing and HD video production,” said Bob Phillips, President and CEO of Phillips MediaSource.

“The Phillips MediaSource name embodies our ability and our continued commitment to producing the Emmy award winning television program, ‘Texas Country Reporter’ with Bob Phillips as well as continuing to help our clients communicate in the digital world. We are connecting on a daily basis with targeted audiences through our unique expertise in Authenticity Marketing and Experience Branding,” Phillips added.

In conjunction with the name change, the company also announced the introduction of two advanced solutions already in use by clients:

The Script to Screen Value Package:
It starts with strategy and planning, includes Emmy(R) award winning writing and the latest digital technology to produce, post and deliver HD video projects – all under one roof. This brings value and efficiency to both single projects as well as campaigns.

The Integrated Marketing Communications Workshop:
An affordable 6-hour workshop including on-site facilitation that gains positive consensus across the organization and is followed up with written observations and recommendations to improve a client’s Over Arching Brand Experience(TM).

“Growth necessitates change. The new name more accurately reflects the company’s hybrid position and our product advancements further align our commitments and expertise in providing Emmy award winning content development, video production and marketing consulting services,” said Phillips.

To coincide with the new brand identity, the company has launched a new Web site, . Effective immediately, all future business activity will be conducted using the new name. Phillips Productions is now a subsidiary of Phillips MediaSource. There has been no change in the company’s management or ownership.

Phillips described the company vision as follows (and this also appears on the new website): We’ve always said that we earn our next project by outperforming expectations on the last one. So it’s in our nature to seek tomorrow’s answers, and develop far-sighted, innovative and effective solutions for our clients’ challenges, moving their business forward while faithfully representing their brand. The message is this – what you say and how you say it, matters every bit as much as where you say it and to whom you say it. And it’s our job to balance all four.

Photo Caption: Bob Phillips (center) and the team at Phillips MediaSource. For info on the entire team, visit: .

Music producer Loren Weisman

Musician and Indie Band Marketing Guru to Speak at 17th Annual Millennium Music Conference

CAMP HILL, Pa. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — This week, at the 17th Annual Millennium Music Conference (MMC) in Camp Hill, Pa., recording industry veteran and noted music producer Loren Weisman will lead the discussion: “The State of The Record Deal in 2013: Myths vs. Reality.” Exploring what really works with up and coming bands, and solo music artists, beyond the hype.

Music producer Loren WeismanWeisman will discuss a great deal of the “behind the scenes” activity in modern A&R, and what is “really going on” as to what it really takes to thrive in today’s music business. Weisman will also discuss how regional locations such as Camp Hill, Pa. and other “hub” locations are more important to up-and-coming musicians over the larger cities.

Weisman will be available for free 10 minute coaching sessions in the main ballroom on Friday and Saturday.

As a veteran music consultant, music producer, and coach Weisman helps independent artists, musicians, bands, labels, and managers achieve sustainable success in the music business. He has contributed to over 700 albums as a producer and drummer. In addition to his work in music, Loren also maintains television production credits with three major networks and serves as a media consultant to many businesses in and out of the arts and entertainment fields.

Additionally, Weisman is the author of the new book, “The Artist’s Guide to Success in The Music Business: the Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How of the Steps that Musicians & Bands Have to Take to Succeed in Music, Second Edition” (ISBN: 978-1-60832-578-8; trade paperback; Greenleaf Book Group).

For more information about Loren Weisman, hiring him for a speaking engagement, his consulting services or his new book, “The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business, 2nd Edition,” visit .

For more information about the Millennium Music Conference, visit, .


Digital Asset Company serving major Hollywood studios and TV networks announces corporate rebranding, becomes DAX LLC

DAX LLCHOLLYWOOD, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Sample Digital, the leading provider of production workflow and media asset management tools to the film and TV industry, has announced its re-branding as DAX, LLC. The DAX name is derived from “Digital Asset Xchange” and best reflects the product, services and legacy of the company.

Major film and TV companies actively using DAX, include such companies as Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, CBS, Showtime, A&E Networks and Lionsgate. DAX offices have recently relocated from Hollywood to Culver City to accommodate expansion while remaining close to clients at the heart of the media universe.

“Our primary product has always been DAX and now it’s aligned with the company name,” said Patrick Macdonald-King, DAX CEO, “Daily use by so many people of our platform has made DAX a household name for content creators, in the same way people ‘TiVo a show,’ or ‘Xerox a document.’ More people every day are ‘Daxing’ documents, video and stills every day.”

“Our company has seen amazing revenue growth allowing us to add top talent at all levels to serve our expanding client base,” said Macdonald-King.

The DAX online platform evolved from Hollywood roots in three start-ups: DAX Solutions (digital asset management software), Digital Dailies(R) (the trademarked innovator of online dailies), and Sample Media Services, an encoding and digital packaging service provider. In April 2007, Sample Digital Holdings secured a major round of funding and rolled up the three companies into a new entity, focused on building a next generation end-to-end workflow product for major media producers and distributors.

Designed by leading experts and incorporating over eight years of customer feedback and research, Sample Digital rolled out its new platform DAX|D3 in April, 2009. In 2011, Sample Digital introduced DAX|MOBILE(TM) with iDailies(R) exclusively for iPad, developed to meet the industry’s demand for 24/7 media consumption anywhere via iPad. After rebranding itself in December 2012, DAX is gearing up towards the release of the 4.0 version of the DAX application in January 2013.

With a view towards the growing ranks of overseas clients for its DAX platform and expanding business across global time zones, DAX pursuing a presence in China as well as a DAX office in Canada to be announced in early 2013.

About DAX, LLC:

DAX is the leading provider of targeted workflow and media asset management applications and services to companies that produce, distribute and license audio-visual and rich media content. The DAX platform is a highly-secure innovative web-based community used by most major studios and television networks for collaboration and distribution management of content during the production process, for marketing and distribution of final product, and for easily accessible library management for re-use of production elements, including video, audio, photos and documents.

The company is based in Los Angeles, close to the major Hollywood studios and networks it services. Formerly Sample Digital, in 2012 the company’s product became the company’s brand, and DAX continues to lead the industry at center of the media universe.

More information: .


Social Media Research events from SKIM Group in U.S. – Comparing Consumer Attitudes

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — The SKIM Group, an international market research agency, is kicking-off a new series of free educational webinars for the U.S. market this week. Each market-focused webinar is designed to provide marketers, researchers, and product brand managers with actionable insights they can put into practice in their own organizations.

SKIM is an expert in the field of new product development, communication and pricing decisions, offering strategic insights and customized solutions to support clients in the development and review of their marketing strategies.

To learn more about the research services offered by SKIM or to register for one of the new marketing webinars, visit .


* Your chocolate. Your fans. Your strategy. Social media research made actionable
Thursday, May 10, 2-2:30 p.m. EDT
By Sourabh Sharma, project manager, SKIM New York. .

Join Sourabh Sharma as he presents a social media research case study comparing consumer attitudes regarding a selection of well-known and niche chocolate brands.

Social media research is all about listening instead of asking. When individuals communicate freely and spontaneously online, their comments are often more candid and truthful. Any product or brand that is talked about online can leverage social media to formulate strategies for consumer-targeted marketing, advertising, and channel communication. Illustrated by a real world case study, attendees will learn how SKIM researchers translate social media conversations into actionable insights and marketing opportunities for brands including Toblerone and Hershey’s.

Sharma will discuss:

o “Your chocolate”
* The online competitive landscape
* A brand’s perceived identity
o “Your fans”
* Consumer personas based on online behavior
* Online platform effectiveness
o “Your strategy”
* Consequential actionable recommendations.

Attendees will learn how to use social media to measure brand equity and reach, gauge the competitive landscape, and get closer to consumers by understanding their truthful, candid and current brand perceptions.

* Product portfolio and revenue optimization
Thursday, May 24, 2-2:30 p.m. EDT
By Juan Andres Tello, director, Consumer Americas, SKIM New York. .

In a competitive consumer environment, it is essential to price your product right. In this webinar, Juan Andres Tello will explore ways to optimize pricing and product portfolio composition to maximize overall revenue. Tello will examine various scenarios such as what happens when product prices are adjusted, pack sizes are decreased, or premium/value line extensions are introduced.

Professionals in consumer pricing, marketing strategy, and research roles will learn how research insights can drive smarter pricing and optimization decisions – even in the most competitive consumer markets. Attendees will learn how to optimize their pricing and product portfolio composition to maximize portfolio revenue.

Tello will discuss:

o Motivations for revenue optimization
o Making the marketing research shift from insight to foresight
o Building blocks of a revenue optimization system
o Sample revenue optimization strategies
o How to deliver optimization results to both internal and external clients.

* Developing winning claims
Thursday, June 7, 2-2:30 p.m. EDT
By Paul Janssen, director, Communications Research, SKIM New York. .

What distinguishes a winning communication strategy from one that falls flat? Paul Janssen will share the results of a SKIM meta-analysis of hundreds of claims across 14 categories. Among the compelling findings, results show that a tangible promise of value is critical to a claim’s success. Attendees will also learn how popular communications tactics (e.g., humor, comparative advertising, jargon) can unintentionally undermine the message and render a claim ineffective.

Janssen will illustrate how re-analyzing large amounts of data across studies and categories can be a powerful tool for generating essential consumer insights. Armed with new insights, marketing and research attendees will be prepared to develop more effective claims, which can be broadly applied to any communications strategy.

About SKIM:
Founded in 1979, SKIM is a dynamic and rapidly growing market research agency with offices in Rotterdam, Geneva, London and New York. A new San Francisco office will open in July 2012. Combining market-specific expertise and knowledge of advanced research methodologies, SKIM is a valued partner for multinational companies in consumer packaged goods, healthcare, consumer health, telecommunications and financial services. Visit for more information.

Jackie FAME Inc.

Kids social media brand, Jackie Fame Inc., expands to clothing and other lifestyle offerings with FAMEbody and BrandFAME

CHARLOTTE, N.C. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Jackie Fame, Inc., which bills itself as the “kid/teen social network,” a Facebook(TM) alternative for kids and teens, announced this month the launch of its FAME 2.0 social network. The Company also continues to expand its Jackie Fame brand with the national retail launch of the “FAMEbody” personal care and cosmetic lines, and “BrandFAME” apparel lines.

Jackie Fame is an investment capital funded, Charlotte and Los Angeles based company; founded by kid entrepreneurs Zachary Swauger (age 13) and Joshua Swauger (age 10), launched its initial Jackie Fame(R) Network in January of 2011. After the positive response and tremendous membership growth, the brothers put a halt on growth initiatives while focusing on enhanced development efforts of its platform. With continued feedback for improvements from the FAME Kid Advisors, the brothers developed FAME 2.0 – a custom, feature rich, with a scalable network, infrastructure. Also, not surprisingly, Jackie Fame offers an interactive Android and iPhone mobile app available to download for free on over 2,500 wireless devices – FAME Mobile.

In 2011, the Swauger brothers also penned their first book in the “Kid2Kid Book Series” titled “Kid2Kid, Keepin’ It Safe Online” (ISBN: 9780615500256). This fun to read book about internet safety, which includes a chapter on anti-bullying, is now available at book stores, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and public libraries.

“What we set out to do was build an awesome place on the web for kids to communicate, share and create new friendships, continue to develop our brandFAME and its superior lines of quality products, provide financial opportunity for our investor team, and prove to the admission officers at Stanford University that we have what it takes to be a Cardinal – in about 5 years,” said Joshua Swauger.

“FAME 2.0 is epic!” added Zachary Swauger. “Unlike many other social networks for kids and teens, with Jackie Fame there is no charge to be a member, no advertising in-your-face messages, and our members have the choice to be as private or as public as they want to on their page.” Initially, the system defaults to full privacy for all members to provide instant protection. “After that, it’s their choice who they friend,” added Zachary. In addition, users’ data and content is not sold to brands, advertisers, etc. “We ARE ‘the brand’ and with our merchant partners engaged with the FAME members via our FAME50 platform, coming soon – it’s really awesome.”

Jackie Fame’s BrandFAME will initially launch with the FAMEbody “body treats” personal care line and FAMEnails, the companies nail polish line, due to be in national retail store locations by Q4 2012. BrandFAME, the company’s apparel line is expected in stores by Q1 2013. All lines and been developed, branded, quality tested, and are now in the pre-sale process.

About Jackie Fame, Inc:
The Company ( continues to expand its Jackie Fame brand with the national retail launch of the “FAMEbody” personal care and cosmetic lines, BrandFAME apparel lines, FAME50 merchant platform and Face-the-Fame; FAME America! the online music & talent contest for kids is launching in 2012.

The Mission of the Jackie Fame Network is to be the leading kid/teen social networking destination with the largest, most engaged audience and community. The network will be supported by its unique position as one of the strongest, most valued brands focusing in the highly coveted kid-teen audience.

Jackie Fame(R), FAME50(R), JFame(R), FAMEbody(R), and Face-The-Fame(R) are registered trademarks of Jackie Fame, Inc. All other trademarks acknowledged.

3in4 Association

3 in 4 Need More industry trade group continues building LTC awareness campaign

KIRKLAND, Wash. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — The 3in4 Association recently added seven new members to its advisory board, and received increased support from two insurance carriers: John Hancock, and Genworth. The goal of the campaign is to warn Americans about a looming problem. “The majority will be affected at some point by long-term care needs of themselves or a close family member,” says Mark Goldberg, Treasurer of the association that runs the “3 in 4 Need More” campaign.

The goal of the campaign is to warn Americans about a looming problem. “The majority will be affected at some point by long-term care needs of themselves or a close family member,” says Goldberg. “Yet few are prepared for this.” The campaign is letting them know so they can avoid a financial and personal crisis. “Our new board members and the new carrier support will add to our ability to do this.”

The new carrier support includes:
* A study sponsored by Genworth. Released in November, the study found that most adults believe that long-term care insurance should be purchased between the ages of 45-64, yet 82 percent of this age group has not purchased a policy. The study also found that since the 2008 financial crisis, only 20 percent of adults have taken any action on their financial strategy.
* Marketing support by John Hancock. The company applied the “3 in 4″ logo to its newly created education materials supplied to its network of LTC agents in honor of LTC Awareness Month.

The 3in4 Association’s advisory board has been expanded from 14 to 21. The seven new members are:
* Joseph Pulitano, President, Advanced Resources Marketing;
* Bill Herring, President, Online Insurance Services, LLC;
* Steve Dozier, President, AIMS Benefit Solutions;
* Mark Leighton, Chief Operating Officer, Connect America;
* Chris Orestis, Co-Founder and President, Life Care Funding Group;
* Carol Gardner, President of LifeStyle Insurance Services;
* Barry Eldridge, President of ICBLTC.

To take advantage of the “3 in 4 Need More” campaign, LTC agencies, brokers, agents, and advisors may use a number of resources found at .

About the 3in4 Association:
The “3 in 4 Need More” campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of long-term care planning. The campaign utilizes multiple marketing strategies to increase awareness. The “3 in 4 Need More” campaign is a public service of the 3in4 Association, which operates as a nonprofit 501(C)(6)corporation. Members of the campaign cross all industries, genders and ages. The campaign supports an online platform located at .

This resource supports consumer plan development, and products and services that should be considered in long-term care planning. The platform also provides awareness support for long-term care planning specialists.

Jess McGuinty 2011

Brand Relaunch: Jessicurl LLC has new brush with curly hair lifestyle

ARCATA, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — “Our rebranding better represents our strong identity in the marketplace,” says Jessica McGuinty, owner, Jessicurl LLC. “Our products are clean, fun and energetic and we want our new image to reflect that.” Originally launched in 2002, Jessicurl was developed to provide people with all types of naturally curly hair with the confidence to embrace their curls. And, after nearly 10 years of growth and development, it’s time for a fresh new look and feel.

Jessicurl is all about providing people with curly hair of all types with high-quality hair products that will instill confidence. The company’s motto: “You have the right to remain curly.”

“For the longest time I thought I had straight hair,” explains one Jessicurl product user. “However, one day I learned that I actually had wavy hair and that I could save a lot of time on blow drying and using a flat iron. I tried Jessicurl products and quickly discovered a freedom that I had no idea existed. I now save about 40 minutes per day on my hair and I have discovered what it means to embrace my natural curls; it’s so freeing.”

McGuinty adds that, “These curly hair products are not just about making curly hair look good, they are about embracing a lifestyle.”

About Jessicurl:
Jessicurl offers cleansing, conditioning and styling products. None of its products are tested on animals; they are cruelty-free and vegan. Each ingredient in every Jessicurl product promises to have a positive effect on hair – there are no fillers such as sulfates or silicones. Jessicurl stands on the premise that when it comes to ingredients – less is more.

Jessicurl recognizes that everyone is unique. Everyone has a different hair type, texture and curl patterns. However, the common denominator is that everyone has a desire to have naturally beautiful curls and quality products to use on them.

Jessicurl products are available in stores all over the world. For more information, visit: .

DukeXXX clothing 2011

Product Launch: Sagging pants culture gets law-friendly solution from DukeXXX clothing

ORLANDO, Fla. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Wearing sagging pants has not only been outlawed in Florida public schools, but the Metropolitan Etiquette Authority recently launched a New York City-wide poster campaign to “Pull up Your Pants.” DukeXXX clothing has announced a new clothing line catering to the sagger look, but cleverly incorporates their unique “No drag sagg.”

Much controversy surrounds this Florida law. Civil rights groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have even stepped in to voice their opinion. Additionally, a San Francisco musician, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, was recently booted off Southwest Airlines because his pants were hanging too low.

“Sagging has been greeted with such strong disapproval,” says Chris Gladin, vice president of sales and marketing for DukeXXX. “Some towns and cities across the country have already outlawed it and some states are taking Florida’s lead to try and institute a similar state-wide law. This is why we wanted to provide an alternative for saggers. DukeXXX ‘upholds’ freedom of choice, so to speak.”

With DukeXXX clothing, the boxers are sewn into the black, denim shorts; they are both attached into one piece of clothing. So, are the wearers of these shorts breaking any laws? Gladin, who claims a Ph.D in business, doesn’t think so.

“At DukeXXX, we believe that people should maintain the right to express themselves through their personal choice of clothing style,” says Gladin. “It seems that lawmakers should be focusing on more important issues like healthcare, the economy and the environment. Wearing sagging pants should not make the list.”

All clothing items are custom made with an urban design that resembles a cityscape. High school and college kids, skateboarders, surfers, city dwellers, guys and girls, and yes, even well-known musicians will all find something to strut their stuff in. Gladin adds that these items are not “off the rack.” They are hand sewn, high-quality clothing products made of 100 percent cotton.

Currently, DukeXXX offers clothing for guys and girls that include: shorts; bandanas; and T-shirts. DUKEXXX clothing is currently available at: .

Easeus Logo - artistic modification by Chris Simmons

International software company, EASEUS, launches new contest for creative logo branding

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — EASEUS Software, a leading international developer of storage management, data backup and system disaster recovery solutions for Microsoft Windows®, has announced an “EASEUS logo design campaign,” where all participants can get a specified EASEUS product as the 100% free gift as soon as they have taken part in the event. $50 Amazon gift cards are also up for grabs for the most creative participating designers. Anyone that possesses ideas can grasp the opportunity to win a surprising gift from EASEUS if they provide their own creative picture of the “EASEUS” logo.

Participants can do the following steps to join the activity:

1. People can take advantage of every possible art and design method, using things, such as pieces of several stones, apples, roses or other things put together, modify some pictures with Photoshop or Xara Photo and Graphic Designer to make an “EASEUS” logo. As long you’re joining the activity, you will get a gift.

2. Participants are required to upload their pictures to EASEUS Facebook Photo Tab or send their pictures to .

3. As soon as a participant has shared the pictures and provided EASEUS their pictures’ name, participants can choose any one of three products: EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard ($69.95), EASEUS Todo Backup Workstation ($39.00), and EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition ($39.95) – all of which are popular data recovery and hard disk image tolls, as well as partition manager software, among computer users.

4. Every month, EASEUS will choose 5 of the most creative pictures to award them another prize – Amazon gift cards worth $50 each. The award list will be shown on EASEUS’ Facebook page, Twitter feed and on .

There is no limit to the number of pictures submitted for each participant in the activity. The more creative pictures, the more possible participants get the wonderful gifts. EASEUS welcomes you to share all your creative and imaginative designs.

Learn more at: .

Editors Note: version of logo shown on this page was “artistically modified” by AIN editor, Christopher Simmons (

Ecologic Leasing Services

Brand Launch: Ecologic Leasing launches two subsidiary brands for global vendor captive lessors and corporate lessees

GREAT FALLS, Va. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Ecologic Leasing Services, a global provider of software, and capital sourcing services to both equipment lessees and vendor captive lessors, this week announced the launch of two subsidiary brands: Ecologic Lessee Services and Ecologic Vendor Services. “For the last 11 years, Ecologic has served both lessee clients and captive vendor lessor clients through one company, one management team, and one brand,” explains Michael J. Keeler, CEO.

“By creating a distinct subsidiary for each line of business and reorganizing the management, we can sharpen our focus on each client base, listen to their unique needs, and create a more valuable, differentiated, and responsive offering.”

Keeler adds, “We will now deliver sales, marketing, and our outsourcing services and global capital sourcing services through each subsidiary. This will allow us to align the expertise of our experienced staff with the specific needs of each type of client. The move will also enable us to capitalize on our common infrastructure, especially the software and global lessor network, while we improve our positioning and messaging and clarify the value proposition for each type of client.”

Doug Slais, VP of Client Services for Ecologic Lessee Services and a long-time veteran of the equipment leasing industry, states, “The objective is to create more value by getting closer to our clients and organizing around their needs. This is a great step towards accomplishing this.”

About Ecologic Leasing Services:
Ecologic offers software services and outsourcing services to lessees and vendor captives that need to finance equipment competitively around the world. The Company currently supports lease transactions in 44 countries. Large corporate and non-profit lessees deploy Ecologic’s software and outsourcing services to save 10-25% on their equipment lease portfolio annually.

Vendor captives employ Ecologic’s services to help them finance the sale of their equipment to their customers at the point-of-sale using the best available funding sources where ever they operate around the world. Founded in 2000, the Company is headquartered in Northern Virginia, with offices in Montreal, San Francisco, and Mumbai.

More Information: .

Gogo's Crazy Bones

Brandjolt, LLC helps PPI Worldwide relaunch Gogo’s Crazy Bones to U.S. Toy Market

CHICAGO, Ill. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Chosen by the brand’s worldwide promotional licensor and exclusive producer, PPI Worldwide(R) (, Brandjolt is a promotions and advertising agency whose partners have created highly-successful programs for many of the world’s top brands, including several that covet and cater to the same “families with young children” to whom Gogo’s Crazy Bones appeal most.

“We’re really just getting started,” says Craig O’Keefe, Brandjolt’s Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer. “We are in the process now of identifying strategically-appropriate categories and brands to partner with Gogo’s Crazy Bones, as well as assessing the creative approaches that helped make the brand immensely popular overseas, to adjust them for the U.S. market.”

Gogo’s Crazy Bones is one of the top toy brands worldwide outside the United States, but cultural and language differences often require shifts in creative materials used when a brand is extended into a less established market.

“Of course, part of the strong appeal of the Gogo’s Crazy Bones franchise,” says O’Keefe, “is that its popularity and flexibility can benefit partners in such a broad range of categories, from packaged foods, kids’ apparel, and QSRs to electronics, sports equipment, retailers, and more. Right now, the door is open, so we’re looking at what strategic and creative partnerships will benefit our client’s brand the most.”

According to Isaias Miremberg, PPI’s Director of Promotions, central to PPI’s choice of Brandjolt is O’Keefe’s long history of creating successful promotions and partnerships for top brands that focus on children 6-12 and their parents, including cereals by General Mills, Post, and Ralston; Pop-Tarts and Rice Krispies Treats by Kellogg’s; Keebler cookies and crackers; Kraft Mac & Cheese and DiGiorno Pizza; McDonald’s, Nestle Ice Creams, Colgate and others. “We’re thrilled to find someone with such a history of promotional programs revolving around kids and their parents,” says Miremberg. “Craig’s background, his clear understanding of what we are about, and his vision for what we can achieve make Brandjolt the best choice.”

O’Keefe says Brandjolt also sees great potential in their new partnership. “We know Brandjolt is perfectly suited for what PPI has and how they like to market their products, so we consider ourselves lucky that everything has worked out to bring our two companies together at exactly the right time.”

About Gogo’s Crazy Bones:
At its core, Gogo’s Crazy Bones is a constantly-evolving series of hundreds of small, brightly colored, collectible plastic figures based on the ancient Greek game of “astragals.” Kids love them because they come in so many varieties, are fun to collect or trade with friends, and come with free games. Parents love them because they inspire inventive play in their children, cost little, and almost never break. Each Gogo has a specific name, number, and character, and a different set of characteristics – some quite rare, some glow in the dark, some in special shapes or colors, some glitter, and so on.

Beyond the toy figures themselves, the Gogo’s Crazy Bones franchise includes stickers, game sets, calendars, a “Gogo Mountain” toy stand, a web-based game, collectible tins, and more. The Gogo’s Crazy Bones world keeps expanding, and has been among the top licensed toy properties for the past two years in Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America, Australia, Mexico, and Canada.

About PPI Worldwide:
PPI Worldwide is a global marketing solutions agency focused in creating novelty premiums, brand loyalty promotions and collectible toy production. Established in 1986, PPI has since then branched out to offices in Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Spain, Israel and Hong Kong where, for the last several years, they have been one of the most successful promotional and premium companies in its field. PPI currently works with multinational companies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Danone, Nestle, and others.

About Brandjolt, LLC:
Brandjolt is a privately-owned promotions and advertising agency based near Chicago, Illinois that helps Fortune 1000(TM) companies amplify the performance of their brands through enhanced B2B and B2C platforms and programs that activate sales forces, enrich trade relationships, and heighten consumer responses. Through highly strategic, targeted programs that activate each brand stakeholder in his/her own terms, Brandjolt increases brand buy-in and demand that invigorates and improves ROI of marketing efforts and penetration into high value markets. More information: .

citrus splash soft drink brand

Product Launch: Multi-Flow Reveals New Soft Drink Brand ‘Citrus Splash’

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Multi-Flow Industries, a Beverage Processor founded in 1937, recently launched a new Fountain-Dispensed Lemon-Lime Carbonated Soft Drink brand. CEO Mark Stephens announced, “We’re incredibly proud of our new premium lemon-lime soft drink, that has consistently beaten all 3 of the other national brands in blind taste tests. And, just like the rest of our line-up, new Citrus Splash offers a true value to foodservice operators as a lower-priced alternative to 7-Up, Sprite, and Sierra Mist.”

“Citrus Splash” offers a unique balance of lemon and lime flavors. Product Development Director Owen Rothstein tested dozens of flavor mixtures, including several different blends of sweeteners. The results, according to Rothstein, prove that the new lemon-lime soft drink outscores the national brands by as much as a 10-to-1 ratio.

The brand name was developed by one of Multi-Flow’s Route Drivers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Reggie Garret. During the brand team’s visit to the Miami area, Reggie offered up “Citrus Splash” as a potential name for the new soft drink.

Stephens said, “As soon as it came out of Reggie’s mouth, I knew we had the perfect brand name for the perfect new beverage.” Based on “Taste Panels” from consumer focus groups, the descriptive tag, “Crisp, Light, and Refreshing” was subsequently added.

“Citrus Splash” will be branded under the “Micro-Brewed by Multi-Flow” logo, which also encompasses Kodiak Cola, Kodiak Diet Cola, Morning Dew, and a variety of other carbonated soft drinks. Multi-Flow Industries exclusively manufactures fountain-dispensed beverages, through its own distribution network along the East Coast, as well as through allied distributors throughout the U.S. Their product line is available for national distribution to restaurants, foodservice, and all other locations that serve fountain-dispensed drinks.

More information is available at Multi-Flow Industries’ company Web site, .

StudioBLADE DAW keyboard

Product Launch: StudioBlade and iKeyDock music instrument brands launched by Texas-based Music Computing

AUSTIN, Texas /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Music Computing, Inc. today announced their brand new line of keyboard workstations for both gigging musicians and any size recording studio, are now shipping. The StudioBLADE(TM) and iKeyDOCK(TM) are complete, portable production stations, which either include a built-in Windows 7 64-bit PC with touch-screen and DAW software and virtual software instruments, or a docking system for any PC/Mac notebook.

About the Music Computing StudioBLADE: The StudioBLADE(TM) series are complete music production workstations powered by Intel(R) processors and 64-bit Windows(R) 7, and each model ships with a total studio package with DAW (digital audio workstation), virtual instruments, mastering effects, and utilities to customize the exclusive ControlDAW(TM) MIDI control surface. Support for 2 additional monitors allows for total workspace customization.

“With remarkable audio processing capabilities like ‘drag and drop mastering,’ the StudioBLADE is one of the most powerful keyboard instruments ever built,” said company CEO, Victor Wong. “At just 28 pounds and 36-inches in length, the 61-key version of the StudioBLADE is a truly portable all-in-one ‘grab and go’ solution for the gigging musician, or a home studio user with limited space.”

A powerful combination of hands-on control begins with the tilt and telescoping 10.1-inch touch panel (more than twice the size of most workstation screens), the high-quality 61-key synth action, or 88-key weighted piano action keyboard; and formidable ControlDAW interactive knobs, buttons, and sliders, managed by GeoMIDI(TM) mapping software.

The large 64-button grid control surface, in addition to knobs and sliders, is a powerful tool for musicians using grid-style programs like Ableton Live, or classic drum pad boxes like the Akai(R) MPC. Music Computing’s TriggerGrid(TM) sample trigger player for drum pads turns the grid surface into a massive 64-pad virtual percussion instrument.

Each StudioBLADE also includes Studio One Pro from Presonus, a highly respected DAW solution complete with virtual instruments and mastering FX, plus 10GB of sounds. Music Computing’s included SonicSource(TM) VSTi soft-synth contains thousands of sound presets providing a giant (8GB) starting point for both analog and digital textures.

Pricing starts at $2599 (US/SRP) for the 61-key Intel Core2 base configuration with 24/48 audio, 2 combo XLR and 1/4-inch mic inputs with phantom power, 2 balanced outs, and headphone jack. Optional upgrades include 24/96 audio and 8 inputs, more RAM, and internal hard drives, to suit the user’s needs.

Complete StudioBLADE information and images: .

About the Music Computing iKeyDOCK: The innovative and first-to-market iKeyDOCK(TM) keyboard workstations are OS platform neutral and suitable for any musician already comfortable with using a Windows(R) OS, and/or Apple Mac(R) notebook. The iKeyDOCK line handily bridges the gap between a system that can easily be transported to gigs, be used as a full-time docking station for any home or commercial studio, and any combination of these situations.

Similar to the StudioBLADE series, minus the touch screen and internal PC, the iKeyDOCK provides a dockable solution for any notebook; simply plug-in and start playing. Like the StudioBLADE, a full-size 61-key synth-action style, or 88-key piano-style high-quality keyboard, audio and MIDI I/O, ControlDAW(TM) MIDI control surface, and performance software are all part of the package.

For gigging musicians, finally cut the wires of having a MIDI keyboard, MIDI interface, external hard drives, and notebook as separate elements. With the iKeyDOCK, you simply place any notebook up to 17-inch screen size into the docking section and make connections for USB or FireWire and you immediately have a full workstation that looks good on stage, and fits on all standard keyboard stands. At just 24 lbs. the iKeyDOCK is a truly portable system.

There is simply no other solution on the market that does what the iKeyDOCK from Music Computing can do – and it’s affordably priced, starting at $1499 (US/SRP) with 24/48 audio, 2 combo XLR and 1/4-inch mic inputs with phantom power, 2 balanced outs, and headphone jack. Optional upgrades include 24/96 audio and 8 inputs. Optional internal 2.5-inch hard drives expand storage for notebooks to replace the need for external drives.

The iKeyDOCK may also be used with a desktop PC/Mac via 2xUSB or 1xUSB plus 1x FireWire, for maximum flexibility.

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About Music Computing, Inc.: A fully U.S. based company with local just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing capability, Music Computing designs, develops, and supports its products in-house. Products can typically ship within 7 days of an order being placed.

Victor Wong, with more than 20 years of industry expertise, brings his computer music and electronics design and development prowess to Music Computing, Inc. His mission for the company is to invent new technologies and to integrate them with proven standards leading to the best possible instruments for musicians, educators, and studios.

MotionCOMMAND Touchpanels

Product Launch: Music Computing announces new brand and product line, MotionCOMMAND

AUSTIN, Texas /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Music Computing, Inc., recently announced their new line of multi-touch display systems under the new MotionCOMMAND™ brand. They’re used by musicians, newscasters, business professionals, home theatre lovers and more. They’re large format multi-touchscreen controllers and they’re everywhere! And, Music Computing is the first company to deliver this revolutionary technology for amazingly low prices.

“While we’re rolling out several new products, these touchscreen products are designed for the widest-reaching audience,” says Victor Wong, CEO of Music Computing. “And, our innovative MotionCOMMAND touchscreen products provide people with the ability to work in a more natural state leading to increased efficiency, better control over software interfaces and the elimination of having to map software controls to hardware controllers.”

Currently, Music Computing has four MotionCOMMAND multi-touchscreen products available: ClearView, LCD, Rack and WorkCenter.

There are two versions – one driven by an HD video projector designed for live performance that is transparent on both sides; and one driven by an HD LCD television for studio use. Standard sizes are 32-inch and 42-inch, but special order versions up to 200-inches diagonally are also available.

Providing multi-touch and instant visual feedback, these controllers are compatible with Microsoft Windows(R) operating system and Mac OS(R) allowing for greater flexibility; they are constructed with unbeatable expertise, yet affordably priced from $1,499 to $2,299 (U.S. MSRP).

Options include multi-touchscreen controllers integrated into a control console complete with Music Computing’s computer DAW (digital audio workstation) computer core and audio interface, ready to be used with any software to compose, record and produce music in homes and professional studios.

“And, it’s not just for musicians,” adds Wong. “This format allows users to interact with a wide range of technologies. It opens up opportunities for personal computing, hotels, shopping malls, public areas, and even for developing new exciting gaming environments. The possibilities for usage are endless.”

About Music Computing, Inc.:
Victor Wong, with more than 20 years of industry expertise, brings his computer music and electronics design and development prowess to Music Computing, Inc. His mission for the company is to invent new technologies and to integrate them with proven standards leading to the best possible instruments for musicians and other tech-savvy users.

In addition to these innovative touchscreen products, other cutting-edge products include: all-in-one keyboard production stations – the most powerful available, but priced at keyboard workstation prices; and laptop keyboard production station docks – the first product of its kind commercially available – mainly designed for Apple’s MacBook Pro series laptops, but able to work with virtually any laptop, including most 13-inch to 17-inch models.

For more information, and to view products available for order and shipment, visit: .


Windsor Place branding

PowerFlite Communications has launched the next stage of its comprehensive brand introduction campaign for Windsor Place of Wilmington

QUINCY, Mass. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Advertising, branding and design firm PowerFlite Communications has launched the next stage of its comprehensive brand introduction campaign for Windsor Place of Wilmington, a premium assisted living residence in Wilmington, Massachusetts. Beginning with developing the name and core identity, PowerFlite’s original campaign included everything from radio, print, outdoor, and Web advertising to brochures, posters, signage, and sales kits. The new stage is an expansion of earlier themes.

“Windsor Place is a genuinely incredible place for seniors. It’s all about elegance, high quality, and a great location, so that was the focus of our initial launch,” says PowerFlite Owner and Creative Director Greg Robertson. “This new stage adds more about the financial advantages of Windsor Place. Other upscale assisted living centers require an endowment fee – some up to a quarter million dollars. Windsor Place is a straight month-to-month lease, though, so it’s an amazing residence without the huge commitment. It’s a good story to tell and our work tells it well. They get a lot of inquiries, even in today’s economy, and they’re filling suites quickly.”

An Elegant, Integrated Campaign:

Throughout the campaign, the radio ads have generated the most calls to Windsor Place. All of the radio spots feature adult children talking about assisted living with taste and light humor. One also included a mother who announces she’s moving to Windsor Place just as her adult children try to recommend it. “It’s a sensitive subject that means a lot to multiple generations, so it’s essential to capture the right tone,” says Robertson. “These radio spots get the details across, but in a positive, memorable way. Best of all, they have worked and they integrate well with our other advertising and sales pieces for Windsor Place.”

While PowerFlite set the creative tone, they partnered with strategic marketing, Web, and media specialists for a truly integrated campaign. “You need a team of pros who really can work together to help the client succeed,” says Robertson. “We were brought in by Stackpole & Associates of Brookline. They are brilliant research and strategy pros, especially in health care and senior marketing.” PowerFlite and Human Service Solutions of Framingham developed the Windsor Place Web site together, and Linda Riley Media of Saugus planned the media.

Good Clients Yield Good Advertising:

“Successful advertising starts with honesty,” says Robertson. “Key truths that are meaningful to your audiences are vital. So a client like Windsor Place – who is tirelessly focused on providing residents with an elegant environment and expert care – makes it easier to create good advertising. We just find compelling ways to tell the truth about a great place.”

Windsor Place of Wilmington is owned and run by Dennis and Elissa Sargent, who also run Woodbriar of Wilmington, a premier skilled nursing and rehabilitation center adjacent to Windsor Place. “We’re lucky to have great clients,” said Robertson.

About PowerFlite Communications:

Founded in 1995 and based in historic Quincy, Massachusetts, PowerFlite Communications(TM) provides strategic, concept-driven advertising, branding, design, and Web services to companies in several practice areas. Led by Principal and Creative Director Greg Robertson, PowerFlite offers expertise and experience in every step of the marketing and advertising process, from strategic planning through concept development, creative execution, production, and program implementation. Learn more at .

PowerFlite is also currently preparing a new print, Web, and radio campaign for Quincy Medical Center, new materials for architectural color consulting and decorative arts studio Twinkle Designs, and new brand identity work for a major New Hampshire health care provider.

About Windsor Place of Wilmington:

An 88 suite, premium assisted living community for seniors located in Wilmington, MA, just seconds from Interstate 93, Windsor Place is a private community offering unparalleled services, residences, and people on a month-to-month lease basis. The Carlysle at Windsor Place offers suites with enhanced features and programs to help residents with memory loss. Visit Windsor Place of Wilmington online at .

LogoBee Inc.

LogoBee offers Free Logo Makeover for Earth-friendly Firms

QUEBEC, Canada /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — LogoBee has decided to provide a free logo design package for one green non-profit organization as an extension of its logo design makeover. Companies from all over the world may profit from the offer. It has been said often that our production of many resources has reached a peak. Oil is one of those. This fact leads us to have to take more and more extreme measures to maintain the same level of production.

It is no surprise that the environment is going to suffer from those measures. This can be seen most recently and also most tragically in the Gulf of Mexico with the Deepwater Horizon spill.

Therefore we at LogoBee have decided that the time is right to register our admiration, and offer our support, to those organizations which selflessly work for the benefit of the environment rather than short term profit. To that end we are offering a bonus logo design to a non-profit environmental company as an extension to our makeover program.

A logo may be small, but it is important. Whether the aim is to maximize profit or save the world (in whatever way possible), a good logo will get people’s attention and form a first impression for a company. If the impression is good, then of course the company will be tested in many other ways to see if it stands up to that first reaction. If, on the other hand, it is bad, then the company probably won’t get a chance to show how good a company it is for people will not have any further interest. A logo is just as important for an environmental company, therefore, as it is for a profit-driven company.

In fact, thirty one companies have already taken advantage of LogoBee’s makeovers since their introduction five years ago. That includes the environmental non-profits the Project AWARE foundation as well as the International Primate Protection League.

As well as a logo design, this offer includes the design of stationery, a package worth $425. To enter is simple, and the only criteria to be met is to be a nonprofit environmental company. Entries will not be accepted after September the 16th to give time to judge the winner, which is to be revealed on the 21st of September.

Submissions should be made here: .

About LogoBee:

LogoBee, Inc. is an award winning company which has been designing custom vector graphics for its clients since the year 2000. Over ten thousand customers have made use of our professional in-house designers since our founding, receiving not only logos but Web sites, business cards, brochures, leaflets and more. For more information on LogoBee and to see examples of our designers’ work you should visit the Web site, at .

LRM Industries International

LRM Industries International re-brands company image both online and off

ROCKLEDGE, Fla. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — LRM Industries International, Inc. headquartered in Rockledge, Florida, has re-branded and launched a new Web site showcasing a range of developing new thermoplastic/composite products for the environmental engineering and green building markets. The designs of these innovative products were enabled by the unique size and structural features capabilities of LRM’s unique patented STF Sheetless ThermoForming(TM) and TPF ThermoPlastic Flowforming(TM) technologies. LRM’s new logo tagline captures the essence of this enabling of bold new designs: Infinite Possibilities in Plastic.

Said Jim Callough, CEO of LRM Industries International, Inc., “Long-established methods and technologies, while they become robust and productive, put limits on our thinking and prevent us from reaching for the best possible solution. New innovative technologies like LRM’s TPF and STF liberate product design by breaking through size and structural feature boundaries.”

LRM uses no VOC emitting materials in the manufacture of its products and its processes are closed-loop in terms of recyclability; there is no plastic waste and consumer and industrial recycled content is used in its products.

In a series of introductions in the coming months, LRM’s new products will be launched with the following brand names:
* HydroDome(TM) 610 Stormwater Chamber
* ValuDock(TM) Marine Dock Module
* ValuStair(TM) Unitary Stairway
* ValuBeam(TM) Composite Structural Beam.

The new LRM Web site is: .

Company Information:

LRM Industries International, Inc. was established to commercialize TPF ThermoPlastic Flowforming(TM) technology, a radically different and award-winning process technology for producing large, feature-rich, long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite parts in one fully automated molding operation. With the TPF ThermoPlastic Flowforming(TM) and STF Sheetless ThermoForming(TM) technologies, LRM enables innovative applications and designs in the use of plastics and thermoplastic composites to produce very large unitary structures where, to-date, it has been viewed as cost prohibitive or lacking in strength and structural integrity. Visit .

Weston Products LLC

Pragotrade Re-Brands Company: Weston Products LLC Introduced with Emphasis on Growing Successful Weston Product Lines

CLEVELAND, Ohio /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Pragotrade LLC, a leading supplier of specialized food processing equipment, announced this week it has changed its name to Weston Products LLC. The new company name establishes a clearer association with the company’s main product line brand. Weston Products’ CEO, Michael Caspar, stated “Changing the company name to Weston Products better aligns the company’s identity to its key brand and will allow us to build stronger brand recognition in the marketplace. The Weston brand has been enjoying a great deal of success over the past 18 months and we want to stay focused on that growth.”

Pragotrade was founded in 1997 as a sourcing company that provides specialized food service equipment to consumers through major retail chains. In 2003 the company launched the Weston brand to widen its presence in the retail market. The Company is an independently operated private company and was purchased in 2009 by brothers-in-law Jason Berry and Michael Caspar, both of Hudson, OH.

About Weston Products:
Weston brings the right stuff home for foodies, home gourmets, hunters and do-it-yourselfers, including kitchen products for processing, preparing and preserving. We also feature the exclusive Roma line of culinary products with a hint of Italian style.

For hunters who value processing their own wild game meat, or for home gardeners and home cooks who appreciate the value of good nutrition and taste of homemade, Weston products can help you take a healthy, “back to basics” approach to your meal planning and preparation. Our entire line of quality houseware and meat processing equipment deliver unique, highly specialized tools for every step in the home food chain: Process, Prepare and Preserve. Get the right equipment to turn your game, your harvest or your bulk purchases into good nutrition, good value and good eats.

For more information, please visit .

Unique Amenities

Unique Amenities develops custom eco-friendly packaged foods for the 2010 Winter Olympics

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — With the excitement around the Winter Olympics in Vancouver at an all time high, what fuels the constant energy of the athletes? Unique Amenities, creators of the athletes’ snacks of the Winter Games, created The Nutritious Snack Combo to do just that. The development team at Unique Amenities, a green hotel and hospitality firm based in Upstate New York, was approached by the Olympic production team to create a series of snacks for the athletes that were nutritious, nut-free and presented in compostable packaging.

The snacks, which were presented to every athlete at the opening ceremony in the Olympic Village, include Snack-ens, a pretzel mix with bagel chips, craisins, salsa rice triangles and green apple chips to provide an even and constant supply of energy.

In keeping with the Winter Olympics green mission and commitment to carbon neutral events, the snack packaging was custom created of PLA (polylactic acid) a compostable plastic film derived from corn starch. So – not only are the snacks healthy, delicious and not too filling – the packaging won’t spend centuries clogging landfills.

About Unique Amenities:

In 2007, Simon Sheiner left the commercial real estate arena to pursue his passion for a greener lifestyle and ideology. He and wife Libby launched Unique Amenities based on their commitment to creating spa, bath and treatment products and guest amenities with a conscience, for the hotel and hospitality industries. In 2010, the thirty-something couple expanded their business to include snacks, after being approached to create the athletes snack food for the Olympic Winter Games. The nut-free snacks presented in compostable packaging were enjoyed by every athlete in the Olympic Village.

For more information Visit Unique Amenities online at .

Cantore Stories

Paragon Design Group Completes Broadcast Design Package for The Weather Channel

SAVANNAH, Ga. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Savannah-based, award-winning Paragon Design Group has recently helped brand and package, “Cantore Stories,” the newest HD show from The Weather Channel. This is Paragon’s second hire by the national cable channel, its first being a refreshed package for “Day Planner,” a weekday show that airs from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. on the station.

“Part of why we love these larger broadcast design projects is that they give us more opportunities to create and flesh out our ideas due to the inter-connected nature of a Show Package,” said Paragon’s Lead Creative Juicer, Andrew Davies. “Plus we get to do it from the comfort of our slice of paradise here in Savannah, Georgia, even though our clients are increasingly based in other parts of the country or overseas.”

Paragon is headed by three Savannah College of Art and Design alumni, Andrew Davies, Susan Isaacs and Philip Joyner, who all made a conscious decision to trade big-city bustle for coastal-community charisma. After almost nine years in business, the decision continues to pay off in unimaginable ways.

“When we show our work to national clients they are sometimes surprised that this is the caliber of work coming out of such a small town,” commented Susan Isaacs, Paragon’s Head Strategic Focus-izer, “but more often than not, they immediately get the connection to SCAD as a huge talent resource, and quite frankly it’s not uncommon for them to say they’ve visited Savannah and would love to live here, too!”

Specifically for “Cantore Stories,” Paragon flexed its broadcast design muscle by creating the show’s logo and then providing the network with a kit of motion-graphic parts to be used for flexibility in assembling transitions, promos and other sequences. The primary challenge they had to creatively overcome was the need to develop a customized end title treatment to correspond with the show’s differing locations and weather conditions. Knowing they couldn’t possibly produce all of the necessary parts for each individual show, Paragon capably met the show’s request by designing templates based on four major color schemes that would give The Weather Channel’s team of animators the ability to create future show elements with ease, all while remaining true to the brand.

“Since we knew we were going to be handing over the project files to TWC’s animators, we made sure that all of the effects we created were done without any special third-party plug-ins. This gave them complete freedom to re-purpose specific elements without risk of incompatibility between our machines and theirs,” remarked Davies.

As for The Weather Channel’s approval of the end product? “We had a vision for Cantore Stories and Paragon turned our words into reality,” stated Ray Sams, Creative Director of Programming and Production at TWC. “During the RFP process, a member of our review committee asked me who created the winning design pitch, an agency from New York or LA? When I replied Paragon was located in Savannah a few eyebrows raised. Paragon delivered a killer package and continues to draw attention to the Creative Coast.”

Of course, as any design studio would be, Paragon was thrilled to dig into its own toy chest of design applications and get to work. Their tools of choice? 3D elements were created in Cinema4D leaving the rest, including simulated weather elements and compositing, to Adobe After Effects.

“One of the challenges we’ve had to adapt to has been the move to HD,” said Philip Joyner, Paragon’s Head Production Maverick. “We’re dealing with some pretty large files but with some creative asset management in-house, we’re able to handle the rendering and storage of 1080p HD digital files, and deliver them with no problems. We deal with revisions and approval all online and digitally send final files via FTP. As we grow to meet even larger challenges, we now have an ally in another Savannah company, Meddin Studios, which allows for faster delivery, asset-management, and previews. With these options available, we can work with anyone, anywhere!”

The Weather Channel has always taken an innovative approach in the creation of stimulating weather programming, which aligned perfectly with Paragon’s style of creative design. TWC continues in this spirit with the addition of such improvements as enhancing graphics, maps and programming for local forecasts and national broadcasts, along with programming in High Definition (HD) from a new 12,500-square-foot facility. TWC will continue to strengthen their competitive position by delivering more visually impactful programming that gives the audience a vivid experience.

Paragon Design Group is known for creating smart design for evolving brands. Whether designing for motion graphics, print or Web, Paragon loves working with clients who are passionate about what they do and are ready to take their brands to the next level. As individuals, the members of Paragon are admittedly a little whacky, but when it comes to client work, they couldn’t be more serious.

Find out more by visiting or 912.238.1991.

Del Mar DataTrac

Del Mar DataTrac re-brands mortgage lending automation solutions for 2010

SAN DIEGO, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Del Mar DataTrac, Inc. (DMD), the leading provider of affordable mortgage lending automation solutions, and an industry pioneer in business intelligence, document imaging and management, and loan process workflow tools, is reintroducing its DataTrac product suite with new names. DMD’s flagship product, DataTrac, has been the mortgage lending workflow automation solution of choice for lenders since 1991, providing a platform that integrates with leading loan origination software (LOS), pricing and underwriting systems, and doc prep providers to support an end-to-end mortgage lending technology environment.

Del Mar DataTracDel Mar DataTrac® has developed and launched complementary DataTrac modules to support common compelling challenges faced by mortgage lending operations.

DocumentTrac, launched in 2004 to enable paperless lending through its seamless electronic imaging and management of all loan documentation, will now be known as DataTrac Electronic Document Management or DataTrac EDM. BusinessTrac, a mortgage lending pipeline metrics dashboard that in concert with DataTrac introduced small and medium-sized lenders to Fortune 1000 grade business intelligence in 2005, has become DataTrac Dashboard. InTrac, an originator’s point-of-sale (POS) tool introduced in 2006 to provide loan officers and processors with an easy-to-use borrower-centric system, will be known as DataTrac Originator. WebTrac, an originator portal introduced in 1996 to provide brokers and loan officers a 24×7 web presence from their lenders, will be known as DataTrac Web.

“Like many mortgage lending solution providers in the mid-2000s, Del Mar DataTrac was focused on helping lenders build and manage their business during a time of historic volume and product proliferation,” said Del Mar DataTrac president Rob Katz. “Over the years, we introduced a variety of applications – each focused on addressing real problems lenders were facing. In today’s market, it makes sense for lenders to leverage every ounce of technology to squeeze out higher profits. By better combining our modules into our core application, DataTrac, we can make it easier than ever for lenders to succeed.”

“DMD is in a great position to contribute value to mortgage lenders not only by developing a robust toolset, but also by educating them as to which solutions offer relevant support and relief from specific business challenges, such as compliance and the need for an enterprise management perspective on their operations,” said Gregg Holsapple, vice president of products for DMD. He added, “Our new product names bring clarity to our marketing.”

Founded in 1991, Del Mar DataTrac (DMD) is the leading provider of affordable loan automation solutions for mortgage lenders, banks, and credit unions. DMD offers a scalable workflow platform that enables lending best practices by leveraging DataTrac as the back-office hub along with a sophisticated point-of-sale system, a web-based originator portal and commission engine, and a management dashboard – all in a paperless environment.

The DataTrac Suite is designed by mortgage lenders for mortgage lenders who strive to deliver extraordinary customer service, increase production and profitability, reduce risk, and streamline overall efficiency. For more information, visit .

Harvest Squeeze Juices

Multi-Flow Industries Revamps Harvest Squeeze Juice Line – Fast Growing Brand in On-Premise Dining

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Multi-Flow Industries announced their intention to be the fastest-growing juice brand in on-premise dining today, as the company unveiled its new logo and brand identity for Harvest Squeeze Juices. Harvest Squeeze Juices, by Multi-Flow, are processed exclusively for fountain dispensing. The brand is being re-launched with the slogan, “Farm to Fountain – Fresh.”

Harvest Squeeze Juices“We believe that juices should be more than an after-thought during the dining experience,” said Multi-Flow CEO Mark Stephens. “When accompanying a meal, juice is generally the first taste sensation, in advance of being served food. We feel that a glass of premium juice should represent a fresh, bold fruit taste. We want consumers to take a break between their buttermilk pancakes and omelets to make a sincere observation on the quality of their Harvest Squeeze Juice. And we hope that foodservice operators will feel proud to serve our brand.”

The new logo focuses on various pieces of fresh fruit, representing a slice of the variety of juices available from Harvest Squeeze. The background represents the farms and fields that contribute the harvest used in Multi-Flow’s processing of their juice.

Multi-Flow’s team of food scientists have spent the better part of the last year developing individual taste profiles for every one of their fruit juices. Tanishia Lawson, from the Harvest Squeeze Team, created dozens of formulations with varying levels of sweetness, tartness, color profiles, and initial/after-taste profiles. Dozens of sensory tests then allowed the brand team to determine the most positive profiles for each individual juice, from apple to orange, cranberry to grape.

One of the central components to the Harvest Squeeze Juice re-launch has been the reformulation of the premium orange juice. Harvest Squeeze Premium Orange Juice is now processed exclusively with Valencia Oranges, known for their sweetness. The result is a thicker-textured, deeper-colored, sweeter-tasting orange juice loaded with vitamins.

Another popular flavor, Harvest Squeeze Cranberry Juice, is a rich-colored, bold-tasting breakfast blend that offers nutritive properties as well as anti-oxidants. Like many other flavors in the Harvest Squeeze line-up, Cranberry is available in a variety of options, from 6 percent juice all the way to a 100 percent blend, depending on the needs of the foodservice operator.

Processing is a clear point-of-difference for Harvest Squeeze Juices. Multi-Flow’s new pasteurizer offers the ability to offer a completely sterile juice, with longer shelf life and increased protection from a food-safety standpoint.

Multi-Flow offers a wide selection of packaging choices for Harvest Squeeze Juices, including bag-in-the-box, cartridges/caddy packs, and a variety of jug sizes. The bag-in-the-box is generally shipped in a double-walled, heavy corrugated package with 7-color fruit graphics that communicate the quality of the juice inside.

Multi-Flow Industries processes Harvest Squeeze Juices in its Huntingdon Valley, PA, manufacturing facility, north of Philadelphia. The Huntingdon Valley facility has been an OSHA VPP Star Site since 2005. Approval into VPP is OSHA’s official recognition of the outstanding efforts of employers and employees who have achieved exemplary occupational safety and health.

Harvest Squeeze Juice is available for national distribution to restaurants, healthcare, foodservice, nursing homes, and all other locations that serve fountain-dispensed juice.

More information is available on the company Website, .

KICTeam Europe

KICTeam expands brand into Europe and Asia: Becomes a Local International Company

AUBURN, Maine — KICTeam is pleased to announce its successful expansion in both Europe and Asia. KIC Products UK, which operated as an independent exclusive European distributor, is now KICTeam Europe Limited and is a wholly owned subsidiary of KICTeam, Inc. located in Auburn, ME. KICTeam Asian/Pacific has also plans to establish offices in key locations in 2009 to facilitate the growth in this area of the world. Peter Klein, President/CEO of KICTeam, said, “We have long-standing partnerships in both the European and Asian countries that needed a local presence to better serve our customers there. We also recognize that each country has its own flavor and heritage that we want our company to express.”

KICTeam EuropeJimmy Chang, Director / Asian Pacific, said, “The Asian market has plenty of room for growth and opportunity. We are committed to setting up direct offices in China and Hong Kong with warehouse logistic solutions to better support the region. We are searching for unique franchise-orientated individuals or companies across Asia that will embrace our business model. We have over 25 years of successful growth offering a unique product. We intend on teaching this experience and create successful exclusive franchises to service our growing distribution market in Asia.”

Jeffrey Prince, Managing Director KICTeam Europe, said, “Having operated KIC Products UK for many years, I have seen the phenomenal growth this product range has had. Now that KICTeam Europe is a subsidiary of the US parent company, our growth potential is limitless. In Europe, with its cultural diversities, it is very important that we establish that local presence. The search for those unique individuals that can take our business model and bring it to the local flavour is our main goal. We know the product is successful, and we intend on finding the right individual to help us become that local International Company that a regional distributor can turn to.”

About KICTeam:

KICTeam is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of cleaning cards, including Waffletechnology(TM)-based (patent pending) products. Our growth in the last 20 years is driven by the close cooperation with OEM’s in the development of proprietary cleaning solutions. Our headquarters are in Auburn, Maine, with a worldwide presence through strategic partners.

For more information, please visit or

Starlight rebranding campaign

Starlight Children’s Foundation Completes 3-year Rebranding Process

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — On the heels of its 25th anniversary, Starlight Children’s Foundation has just unveiled the final piece of its 3-year rebranding initiative with the launch of an overhauled and 11 related chapter and office Web sites. The strategic rebranding process also included a name change, logo change, development of a mission statement and tagline, and the creation of a new PSA campaign. “Starlight has a storied past and a bright future,” said Paula Van Ness, CEO of Starlight. “Our new brand was carefully crafted to showcase that, and our new look and ad campaign reflects our personality, culture, diversity and experience.”

Starlight rebranding campaignThe first phase of the rebranding process was directed by acclaimed relationship marketing agency G2 Direct and Digital. G2 donated its services to Starlight, including market research, focus group testing and brand language development.

“When you actually see the difference Starlight Children’s Foundation makes in the lives of seriously ill children and their families, it truly touches your heart,” says Jeremy Feldman, Associate Creative Director at G2. “With that in mind, we developed a strategy to help Starlight become more visible and gain even more recognition. Using a variety of brand planning techniques, including an audit of the foundation’s existing brand, our goal was to create an ownable identity to help donors, health care organizations and families alike differentiate Starlight from other charities assisting kids in need.”

The results of that work lead to the shortening of Starlight’s name from Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation to Starlight Children’s Foundation – a move the organization took to eliminate brand and mission confusion.

G2 also helped Starlight craft its new mission statement to highlight the organization’s purpose and differentiators: Starlight helps seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and family activities.

Award-winning Ronin Advertising then stepped in as Starlight’s pro bono advertising agency of record to create the imagery and tagline that would be used to build Starlight’s profile.

“Starlight is a great organization with a powerful mission, so when they asked for help to more effectively tell their story, we were excited by the challenge,” says Ronin Chief Creative Officer John Swisher. “It was important to us to create a new logo that communicated in a glance the organization’s purpose and a tagline that would inspire supporters to get involved. The ‘my world’ advertising campaign we developed builds on those elements by allowing the public to get to know the children and families whose lives are changed by Starlight every day.”

With Ronin’s guidance, Starlight adopted a logo closer to its original roots and the logos of its international affiliates. Central to the new logo is a star shining down on a child — exemplifying Starlight’s commitment to brightening the lives of seriously ill children.

Ronin then unveiled a PSA campaign including television, radio, print and online ads that give a face and a voice to Starlight’s mission. Elements of the campaign can be viewed at Requests for PSAs can be directed to

The tagline Ronin developed calls Starlight supporters to action: Help us brighten their world, a little each day.

With new brand elements in place, Starlight’s staff brought everything together in its new Web sites – designed to be both more visually appealing and simpler to navigate. Visit to see the organization’s new Web site showcasing the organization’s new brand.

About Starlight Children’s Foundation

When a child or teenager has a serious medical condition, everyone in the family is affected. For 25 years, Starlight Children’s Foundation has been dedicated to helping seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and family activities. Starlight’s programs have been proven to distract children from their pain, help them better understand and manage their illnesses, and connect families facing similar challenges so that no one feels alone.

Through a network of chapters and offices, Starlight provides ongoing support to children, parents and siblings in all U.S. states and Canadian provinces with an array of outpatient, hospital-based and Web offerings. Programs are also delivered internationally through affiliates in Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom.

To learn more visit

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wine swirl

Product Launch: ‘Wine Swirl’ is the Most Effective Patented Wine Aerator, Dramatically Improves Wine in Minutes

PORTLAND, Ore. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Wine Swirl LLC announces release of the most effective patented method of wine aeration. Wine Swirl(R) provides breakthrough results to wine lovers through its innovative aeration method. Unlike wine aerators that use a single pour through a funnel, Wine Swirl’s sustained aeration method is truly transformative and improves all red wine regardless of cost. More efficient than decanting, Wine Swirl aerates red wine in minutes.

wine swirl“Allowing a red wine to aerate or ‘breathe’ smoothes and opens the wine, enhancing its aroma and improving taste regardless of price,” says Roger Hall, company president and inventor of Wine Swirl. Aeration has long been important to red wine lovers.

“Wine Swirl is the best, most effective aeration device on the market,” commented wine columnist and reviewer Roger Rutan. “The results are phenomenal.” In multiple blind tastings, over 95 percent of testers preferred wine aerated with the Wine Swirl compared to unaerated wine from the same bottle.

Wine Swirl works by creating an aerating vortex, increasing the surface area of wine exposed to air. This produces a more controlled and effective method of aeration than pouring wine through a funnel, swirling in a glass, or decanting. See Wine Swirl in action at

Wine Swirl is available for purchase at or by calling 1-888-400-7955. The Wine Swirl package, which includes carafe, is $149.95.

Hall describes, “After swirling wine in a glass, I wondered how I could safely accelerate this process to maximize everyone’s enjoyment of red wine.”

“What makes Wine Swirl different than competing products is its completely innovative, more effective aeration method. It’s natural, it’s fun and it works. Our customers tell us repeatedly how much more they enjoy their red wine using Wine Swirl.”

About Wine Swirl, LLC: The company is the brainchild of Roger Hall MD, wine lover and inventor of Wine Swirl. For more information on the product, or to order online, visit or call 1-888-400-7955.

Jimmy Jazz eCommerce

Jimmy Jazz urban clothing retailer’s new ecom site named ‘Best in Class’ by Interactive Media Awards

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — The leading urban fashion retailer in the eastern United States, Jimmy Jazz, is now the proud recipient of an Interactive Media Award (IMA). The privately held company was awarded the “Best In Class” prize for its new eCommerce / Lifestyle Web site, “We are delighted by this distinction among our peers,” commented David Wachter, Vice President of eCommerce for Jimmy Jazz. “When we approached building a ‘world class’ specialty apparel site and lifestyle section, we went right to the customer to find out how they wanted to shop. This award confirms we listened to the consumer’s wish list.”

Jimmy Jazz eCommerceThe award-winning site was critiqued in 5 specific Web areas: design, content, feature functionality, usability, and standards compliance and cross-browser compatibility. In total, scored an astonishing 483 points out of 500, making it the judges’ favorite site among others.

Aside from its recognized Web efforts; Jimmy Jazz continues to be a leader in urban fashion by expanding its stores in the east coast. The retailer opened over 10 more doors this year, which include shops in North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and Michigan.

For more information on and/or employment opportunities, please visit

About Jimmy Jazz

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Jimmy Jazz 85+ stores are well known throughout the eastern United States for over 20 years. They offer uniquely inspired original urban fashion, accessories and shoes with high energy and style.

Stores feature premier lifestyle brands including Ed Hardy, Rocawear, Timberland, Akademiks, Baby Phat, Coogi, Adidas Originals, Creative Recreation and Nike, to name a few. They receive merchandise daily from vendors who are creating the hottest styles and colors, providing an ever-changing showcase of the newest fashion available for men, women, and kids.

3 in 4 Need More campaign

LTC Guild Offers Slogan and Free Campaign Images to All Who Wish to Promote the Extended-Care Cause

MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. — Today the LTC Guild announces the “3 in 4 Need More” campaign to promote affordable long-term care insurance for all Americans. “Health reform will have a big hole in it,” says Jonas Roeser, a founding member, “if it doesn’t embrace the extended-care needs of today’s longer-living Americans.” The “3 in 4 Need More” campaign will seek to raise public awareness of the need for long-term care insurance, mobilize support for new tax incentives to make the insurance more affordable, and press for Medicaid reform to reserve public aid for the truly needy.

3 in 4 Need More campaign“Most of our health costs occur in the later years of life,” Roeser says, “so it would be a huge mistake to neglect the long-term care component. Today only about 10 percent of those who could benefit from LTC insurance have it.”

Driving the point home, he asks, “Do you plan to live beyond 65? If so, reflect on this: According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, ‘At least 70 percent of people over age 65 will require some long-term care services at some point in their lives’ ( That’s about three in every four of us!”

What about the proposed public option for long-term care, now before Congress? Dick Samson, who manages the LTC Guild, says, “We’re officially agnostic about that. Most of our members, I believe, doubt it’s the best way to go, but applaud the desire to make extended care more widely available.”

If the public option passes, “it will most likely provide very basic coverage only,” Samson says. “To handle all their care needs, most Americans will still need private LTC insurance — instead of the public option or to supplement it. The ‘3 in 4 Need More’ campaign will make that clear.”

The LTC Guild plans no direct advertising or promotional campaign of its own, but instead will make the “3 in 4 Need More” logo and other visuals available for use by its members. Membership is open to concerned citizens and all those who are professionally involved in long-term care, including LTC insurance agents; care providers; financial advisors; elder-law attorneys; and executives of insurance agencies, carriers, nursing homes, retirement communities, public health agencies, public-advocacy groups, and other organizations. “Companies wishing to protect the productivity and retirement savings of employees are also welcome,” says Samson. “If they join the Guild like anyone else, they can just download the materials.”

Any LTC Guild member may request the use of the logo or other visuals. It costs nothing to join the LTC Guild, at —

The “3 in 4 Need More” slogan is available without charge to LTC Guild members for uses that support getting this message out. Roeser, who came up with the basic idea, is Senior Vice President of Marketing & Operations of LTC Financial Partners, LLC (LTCFP), one of the nation’s leading long-term care insurance agencies. Roeser also worked with Samson to found the national LTC Guild, and his company contributed funds to create the “3 in 4 Need More” logo and other visuals.

“LTCFP is pleased to support the LTC Guild as well as the public in this important effort,” says Roeser. His company intends to use the “3 in 4 Need More” materials in company promotions, and to encourage others in the industry to follow suit. “Among other things, we plan to integrate the logo and message into our Long Term Care Outreach and Education Program (LTCOEP(TM)),” he adds. “This will help employers educate their people on the critical importance of protecting themselves.”

“We expect the industry-wide campaign to start small and then grow fast,” says Samson. “Our LTC Guild members are media-savvy, and I think we’ll soon see ‘3 in 4 Need More’ all over the Net and on T-shirts, radio, TV.”

About the LTC Guild:

The LTC Guild is a social network described as “The place where long term care and allied pros meet one another and the public, form local chapters, schedule meetings, and share information.” National in scope, the social network serves a growing number of local LTC Guilds. Each “local” is an independent entity established and run by individuals in a geographic or interest area. Members of the national LTC Guild need not belong to any “local,” however. The national site and social network are run by Dick Samson, Director of the EraNova Institute of Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. More information:

All referenced product names, and other marks, are trademarks of their respective owners. Send2Press(R) is the originating wire service for this story, Copr. 2009.

Bookbinder’s Soups and Seasonings Brand Acquired

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — Bookbinder Specialties, a Pennsylvania company, acquired the Bookbinder’s Soup and Seasonings Division from the Stephens’ Original Foods Company of Huntingdon Valley, PA, on June 23, 2009. The soups and seasonings are based on favorite recipes from the Old Original Bookbinder’s restaurant, established in 1865 in Philadelphia’s historic Old City. The Media, Pennsylvania-based Bookbinder Specialties Company will be directed by Sean O’Neil. Prior to establishing Bookbinder Specialties, O’Neil held a variety of management positions at DuPont, a science-based product and services company, in Delaware.

O’Neil’s short-term goals for growing the Bookbinder’s Soups & Seasonings brand focus on expanding the product line and strengthening distribution.

“We see an increasing demand for healthy, restaurant quality food, ready-to-serve in the convenience of your own home,” said O’Neil. “Bookbinder Specialties will merge the tradition and heritage of the old favorites with the expectations and tastes of today’s gourmet consumers.”

The current Bookbinder’s product line features fresh seafood from the eastern U.S., and includes bisques (lobster, crab, shrimp, and seafood), snapper soup, New England and Manhattan clam chowders, oyster stew, clam sauces, clam juice, breadcrumbs, and seasonings.

Distribution is throughout the U.S., with concentration in the Northeast.

Mutiny Pictures

Mutiny Pictures reports busy winter and spring with key accounts, specializing in online branded entertainment

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Mutiny Pictures, a Los Angeles-based film company specializing in online branded entertainment and webisode production, made several company announcements through founder Michael Pierce on recent high-profile projects that showcase their branding capabilities and post-production expertise. Mutiny Pictures director Kenny Stoff recently teamed up with U2 to document the launch of the band’s first album in five years. “3 Nights Live” featured a three day, whirlwind tour from Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston where the band mingled with fans and the media in a Q&A session hosted by Shirley Manson. The Boston stop culminated with an intimate, live performance featuring songs from U2’s new record “No Line On The Horizon.”

Mutiny PicturesIn addition to U2, Kenny Stoff was reunited with Interscope Records’ artist Eminem to create a 30 minute program of original content for the making of his new video. “We Made This” is the lead single from his latest LP, Relapse, and is currently appearing on MTV and M2. Stoff and Eminem previously collaborated on the MTV hit “Making the Ass” which featured the puppetry of Crank Yankers and performances by Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel.

“We know we can rely on Kenny Stoff and the Mutiny Pictures team for great creative with quick post production turnarounds,” remarked Michelle An of Interscope Records. “We trust them with our most prominent artists and they continue to impress.”

Stoff also directed the music video “New Classic” for Razor & Tie Records’ Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley. The track is from the soundtrack of Disney’s “Another Cinderella Story” and has, to date, attracted over 500,000 views on YouTube.

Company directors Stephen Brown and Erin Brown also teamed up to direct the music video for The Strange Familiar and their song “Courage Is.” The music of The Strange Familiar is currently being featured on the ABC show “Secret Life of An American Teenager.” The music video takes a subtle, heartfelt and credible approach to teen pregnancy and the adversity of life.

Added Pierce: “It’s exciting to work with such a wonderful group of artists and I’m extremely proud of the work Kenny Stoff, Erin Brown and Stephen Brown have created. I am looking forward to the second half of 2009 and continuing to push the limits of traditional and new media.”

About Mutiny Pictures

Mutiny Pictures ( is a turnkey production through post-production solution for film, television, commercials and title sequence needs. The company offers a unique pairing of experienced directors and high-end visual effects and post production. Client accounts include J. Walter Thompson, McCann Erickson, ABC, Sony BMG and Universal Music Group, T-Mobile, GM, Lexus, BBDO, Team One, David and Goliath, and DDB.

Marketers Offered Free Trial of CRM System for Consumer Brands from Loyalty Lab

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Loyalty Lab, Inc., the leader in on-demand loyalty and CRM for consumer brands, today announced the launch of its Free Trial program. The Free Trial provides a “try before you buy” option on any of Loyalty Lab’s products to qualified companies for up to 90 days. Marketers will have the opportunity to use their own data in any system, including email, segmentation, loyalty programs, ad hoc reporting, OLAP analysis, and data visualization.

Companies interested in participating in the Free Trial may visit to request access.

“This is the perfect opportunity for companies to see how it works before committing,” said Matt Howland, President of Loyalty Lab. “We wanted to give companies a chance to learn more and evaluate our capabilities before making a financial commitment.”

Prospective clients can use their own data on a full subscription of Loyalty Lab products including a sample microsite, complete access to APIs, documentation and best practices, and support from our account management team. The trial can be used to experiment with different relationship marketing tactics, to run parallel to an existing program, to try ad hoc reporting and OLAP, or just to get familiar with Loyalty Lab’s features and applications.

Loyalty Lab offers four products for retailers, manufacturers, and other consumer brands, all of which are available for trial:

— Loyalty Lab CRM – A complete customer retention solution. Marketers can consolidate multiple data sources, segment customers dynamically, send messaging, and report on results.

— Loyalty Lab Reward – A state of the art loyalty marketing solution, offering everything from complex rules-driven point programs to benefits-driven recognition programs.

— Loyalty Lab Clienteling – A lightweight solution for in-store clienteling, allowing retailers and other consumer brands to manage customer relationships actively.

— Loyalty Lab Insight – A reporting and analysis solution providing ad hoc reporting, OLAP analysis and robust data visualization tools.

About Loyalty Lab

Founded in 2003 and based in San Francisco, Loyalty Lab ( is a leader in on-demand customer loyalty technology. Its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings reduce implementation time and expense, eliminate the need for new software or hardware, and scale to meet the needs of any company. Clients include 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Nine West, Spiegel Brands, Virgin America, and NVIDIA.

Zueit brand Sucralose

Ingredients Specialties, Inc. Announces Win for GDFII/L&P Foods in Sucralose Section 337 Patent Dispute

EXETER, Calif. — Leading Sucralose manufacturer Guangdong Food Industry Institute/L&P Food Ingredient Co. Ltd. (GDFII/L&P) today announced that the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) in Washington D.C. ruled in its favor in a Section 337 patent dispute (docket no. 337-TA-604) filed against the company by its competitor, Tate & Lyle Corporation (T&L). Mr. Wang Sanyong, a corporate officer of GDFII/L&P, comments “This has been a long process but we are very pleased with the outcome and that we have been vindicated after a thorough review by the Commission. The final determination by the ITC continues to reaffirm to our dedicated customers the strength and innovation of our technology and processes, and the integrity of our company. We are pleased that our technological achievements have been recognized in these proceedings before the ITC.”

Zueit brand SucraloseThe U.S. ITC governs investigations into allegations of unfair trade practices and has ruled in its final determination that GDFII/L&P has not violated any of the patents asserted in this Section 337 dispute.

This final ruling confirms the initial determination issued by Administrative Law Judge Charles E. Bullock of the ITC in September 2008 that there is no violation of Section 337 by GDFII/L&P. Judge Bullock found that GDFII/L&P did not infringe any of the asserted T&L patents and that one of the patents was also invalid. T&L appealed that initial ruling and the ITC approved a full review by the Commission.

Roger Matkin, CEO/President of Ingredients Specialties, Inc. (ISI), a strategic marketing and distribution partner to GDFII/L&P, notes “We congratulate GDFII/L&P for this hard fought victory and recognize our attorneys with the Bingham McCutchen firm, led by Washington, D.C. partner Gary Hnath, who have represented GDFII/L&P so skillfully and diligently throughout the proceedings before the ITC. Gary and his team presented the facts to the ITC as fully and completely as possible.” Roger continues, “After 2 years of a careful and thorough review by the ITC, the Commission has now presented its definitive finding on behalf of GDFII/L&P.”

“This is welcome news for us, especially since many potential customers have held back in ordering product until confirmation of the positive ruling by the ITC,” observed Mr. Bassam Faress, Director of Sales & Marketing at ISI and spokesperson for L&P. “We can confidently assure our network of global distributors and customers that GDFII/L&P is one of a few companies whose manufacturing processes have been fully and thoroughly reviewed by the US ITC and that our Zueit(R) brand Sucralose has been determined to be non-infringing. This is very important to keep in mind as it may not be the case with other competitors now in the market”

Mr. Wang Ximin, a corporate officer of GDFII/L&P adds “With this important victory now achieved, we are determined to aggressively expand our production of Sucralose and to position GDFII/L&P to more fully meet the anticipated high market demand for Sucralose globally.”

Guangdong Food Industry Institute/L&P Food Ingredient Co. Ltd. (GDFII/L&P) is a specialty ingredients manufacturer that pioneered the development and manufacturing of Sucralose at its ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certified facility in China. Its alliance with Ingredient Specialties, Inc. of Exeter, California provides a global distribution network that markets Zueit(R) brand Sucralose ( to the food, beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries as a Kosher and Halal certified non-caloric high intensity sweetener.

Zueit(R) is a trademark of Ingredient Specialties, Inc. Exeter, CA, U.S.A. All other trademarks and service marks are the property of the respective parties.

combine nation drink

Product Launch: The Combine Nation Launches Brand to Unify Athletic Combines and Pro Days

MIAMI, Fla. — While the NFL Combine is the most notable of all Combines, Combines are no longer limited to the NFL; scouts are now seeking pros in many other areas such as basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, rugby and more. So, to support these various groups, The Combine Nation, Inc. announces the launch of a line of Combine athletic wear and accessories for individuals as well as the sportswear market. Today, Combines and other related athletic camps are held for athletes as young as eight-years old. These Combines provide aspiring athletes with the opportunity to showcase their talents to scouts in a very up close and personal environment.

combine nation brandIt is this growing phenomenon that led company founders, Emory Williams, Jr., a former football player and athlete, and Sean Taylor, deceased NFL player for the Washington Redskins, to launch a brand that would clearly identify Combines through a line of Combine athletic sportswear/performance wear, shoes, accessories, and pro-day sportswear.

And, so the Combine brand was born. They set out to find new products that would accommodate and excite new and upcoming athletes as well as everyday consumers. They also created a full line of sports drinks, energy drinks and bottled water.

Through licensing and manufacturing, the Combine Nation has positioned their company as a premier powerhouse of high-performance sportswear, athletic sport shoes, leisure apparel and accessories.

“Athletic Combines are the ultimate and most noted of all athletic events in the area of training camps, sports clinics, and other competitive sporting events,” Williams says. “That’s why we wanted to create one brand that would celebrate the athletes involved in these athletic endeavors.”

Combine Nation’s mission is to promote: professionalism, athleticism, integrity, and competitiveness and to provide a platform for people to achieve their dreams. And, they plan to instill these ideals through this new and innovative concept of Combine clothing, accessories, sports drinks, energy drinks and bottled water.

“We all know the importance of brands and the role they play in a product’s success,” Williams adds. “And, our goal is to become one of the hottest sports brands in the world.”

For more information, visit:

Eularis analytics

Market Research: Eularis Analyzes Pre-Launch Brand Planning with New Pharma Industry Report

NEW YORK, LONDON, TOKYO — In today’s environment, Pharmaceutical companies find themselves in a bind. Drug launches used to be able to achieve high sales and profits – until recently. Every Pharma company today is hoping to achieve their own immediate winners, the drugs that are successful right from the start and provide years of business-sustaining profit. However, recent studies have shown that seven out of ten drugs launched in the last five years have failed to repay their R&D investment.

Effective marketing and sales can literally mean billions during a drug’s launch and during the lifetime value. A product’s shaping, positioning, sales uptake and market performance, with proper marketing focus and support, can translate to the elusive blockbuster. The power is there… But how can marketers deliver? More and more, companies are expecting marketers to be instrumental at the key moment of launch, and marketers are under extreme pressure. To deliver on the high hopes of Pharmaceutical brand launches, companies must engage in comprehensive pre-launch planning. But how can this be achieved effectively? Today, Eularis announces the availability of their new report, “Pre-Launch Planning: Priming Your Pharmaceutical Brand for Profit and Success.”

In this report, we examine the concept and components of effective pre-launch planning. We analyze the environment for Pharmaceuticals today. We describe the phases of pre-launch planning and look at key organizational strategies, marketing tactics, regulatory considerations, and even global issues. Finally, to help companies make tough decisions and engage in effective planning, we examine powerful pre-launch analytics techniques and case studies of success. Written for CEOs, Marketing Executives and Sales Executives, this report uncovers the factors that are effective for a highly successful launch – and the barriers against it – offering secrets to get the most out of your launch.

“Although the Pharmaceutical Industry has already widely-adopted pre-launch market research, analysis and analytics into many product launch strategies,” said the author of the report, Dr. Andree K. Bates, President of Eularis, “we are starting to see that the approaches taken in the past are insufficient in today’s turbulent environment, and companies need to carefully consider exactly what kind of analysis is required now to mount a hugely successful launch.”

Dr. Bates has gained wide recognition within the international Pharmaceutical Industry for her expertise in Pharmaceutical Marketing Analysis. In addition to this and other must-have reports for Pharmaceutical Industry marketers, she has authored many articles in peer-reviewed journals and several chapters in books on Pharmaceutical Analytics.

To purchase the Eularis report, “Pre-Launch Planning: Priming Your Pharmaceutical Brand for Profit and Success,” visit: or, for more information about Eularis, visit


Eularis provides sophisticated Pharmaceutical analytics that provide data-driven insight into the financial impact of corporate and marketing decisions. Unlike traditional analytics approaches, which are lengthy and whose reliance on historical or analogue data reduces their accuracy, Eularis’ proprietary 94.8 Analytics Process is based on the current market situation. This proven approach helps Pharmaceutical marketing teams to quickly plan, measure, validate and optimize their sales and marketing performance. Eularis offers pre-launch analytics, marketing mix modeling (both professional and consumer), portfolio optimization, sales force effectiveness, Managed Care analytics, patient compliance solutions and Generics defense analysis strategies. With offices in London, New York and Tokyo, the company has developed significant experience in the global Pharmaceutical market through client engagements with AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer and many others.

More information:

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STG Media Corp Rises to the Challenge to Help Increase Blu-ray Player Sales

TEMPE, Ariz. — The constantly evolving world of technology is making it difficult for new technology companies to claim the title of hot-new-item for any length of time. Brands like Apple, Sony and Toshiba are constantly setting the bar for new technology and making it harder for upcoming brands to stand out among the mass. This recent technology war has allowed Blu-ray(R) Players to reign over HD-DVD Players. But question is, for how long? In addition to the problem technology companies have staying on top of the newest trends, with the current state of the economy, price has also been a growing issue.

DVS SalesConsumers need to be educated on why they would want to pay a premium price for a DVD player. The Blu-ray Disc Association and NPD Group stated in a recent article that manufacturers need to build awareness in order to increase volume. Ross Rubin, NPD director of industry analysis, said, “Many consumers don’t see a need to upgrade from their standard DVD players.”

DVS Sales, a manufacturer of Blu-ray players has recently chosen STG Media Corp as their agency of record to help them try to avoid losing the battle of consumer interest. STG Media Corp will help DVS beef up brand awareness through the launch of a direct response print media campaign that will commence prior to the holiday season.

According to the consumer electronic association, consumer electronic sales hit their peak during the time of holiday gift giving. Also, 82% of DVD player purchases are also made during this time. “The holiday season is a perfect window of opportunity for DVS Sales to really stand out and grow their brand,” CEO of STG Media Corp, Thomas Lark said. “Our research team has found that there are ways to target the highest index of holiday shoppers who like to try new technology, and who don’t mind paying a premium price for a premium product.”

In addition to working with DVS Sales on a targeted print media campaign, STG Media Corp will also be designing a landing page for DVS’s Blu-ray player that will capture orders. The print media campaign and supplemental online media that DVS will be running will drive customers to the easy-to-use website to create optimal direct response sales.

STG Media Corp, STG Global Distribution and STG Interactive, LLC, work together to develop and execute strategic, national marketing campaigns. Based in Tempe, AZ, STG Media is a full-service advertising agency specializing in creative and media buying for print, television and radio. Helping clients to maximize their ad dollars, STG works hand in hand with STG Global Distribution, a master distributor and brand management company with capabilities to place products on the check-out counters in over 100,000 C-Stores in the USA with a proven market blitz program.

STG Interactive develops cutting-edge E-commerce solutions in addition to search engine optimization and search engine marketing. STG helps clients navigate through the complex landscape of opportunities that exist within the context of modern, cross-media campaigns. For more information about the STG family of companies, call toll-free: 866-834-4370 or visit our website

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MyHealthGate, Inc. and LiveActive Team to Raise Digestive Health Awareness

FALLS CHURCH, Va. — Between 60 and 70 million Americans experience some sort of digestive health issue (*see reference, below). The issue may be that Americans haven’t “digested” the ways in which prebiotics and probiotics could benefit them. For this reason, MyHealthGate, Inc. is helping to raise awareness for prebiotics and probiotics by working with a truly innovative product – LiveActive Chewy Granola Bars from Kraft, the first nationally available non-refrigerated snack bar that contains a live probiotic culture and fiber. The bars come in three great-tasting flavors: Blueberry Almond, Chocolate Raspberry and Peanut Butter.

liveactive“We were excited to work with LiveActive to help raise awareness for digestive health,” says Hooman Abrishami, President of MyHealthGate, Inc. “Our site members and visitors are keenly interested in nutritious foods, and probiotics are a hot new offering.”

As part of a special limited time offer, free samples of LiveActive Chewy Granola Bars will be sent to new site members, courtesy of Kraft.

New LiveActive Chewy Granola Bars are a delicious new way to help promote digestive health. Like many familiar foods – including some breakfast cereals and yogurt – LiveActive Chewy Granola Bars contain a live probiotic culture. Probiotics are live cultures that exist naturally in the digestive system and are useful for healthy digestive functions. Plus, with chewy granola, delicious fruits and nuts and even chocolate flavor, these snacks are a tasty way to help promote digestive health while on the go.

MyHealthGate is a web community where people with wellness-related interests can share their experiences and learn from each other. It was founded on the belief that our everyday choices, such as the food we eat and the activities we engage in, have a profound effect on our health and well being. The founders of MyHealthGate believe that by making adjustments to our lifestyle, we are able to optimize our well being. MyHealthGate provides an open and flexible environment so users can express themselves freely, post original content, and communicate with each other.

More information:

(*REF: Adams PF, Hendershot GE, Marano MA. Current estimates from the National Health Interview Survey, 1996. National Center for Health Statistics. Vital Health Stat. 1999;10(200).)

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Maxx Business Solutions Completes Rebranding

LONE TREE, Colo. — Maxx Business Solutions, has completed a rebranding campaign aimed at highlighting their unique approach to the credit card processing industry. “Our clients – the merchants – are our life blood,” stated Scott Burke, President of Maxx Business Solutions. “We wanted to create public marketing campaign that reflects that commitment. Maxx Merchants will be the new face of the company and our aim is clear – to become a Merchant’s Best Friend.”

“In this ever-changing economy,” said Mr. Burke, “it is critically important to direct our attention to the most important asset – our clients. So in an industry that has been known for its hand’s off approach to customer service, we are creating a business culture that focuses on maintaining close relationships with our clients. Their loyalty is our priority. Our entire strategy is committed to a simple idea – treat our merchants as friends.”

To support this direction, Maxx Merchants has unveiled a revolutionary way to approach the merchant processing industry. To maintain this laser focus on the client, Maxx is rolling out offices throughout the United States. All of these offices will be locally owned and work to maintain a peer relationship with clients.

“We believe the development of owner-to-owner relationships with merchants is an important factor to an office’s success,” states Scott Burke. “Individual sales reps, that have never run a business, are not in the best position to understand the challenges a business owner faces. Our individual office owners will know what it takes to run a business. So, they will be able to advise based on experience, not based on a standard sales model.”

Maxx Merchants has invested in an office-training program and support system to ensure that their offices are best positioned to service their customers. They are actively pursuing interested owners who have a desire to have fun, help people and grow friendships.

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Tammy Katz - food marketer

Artromick Automation Products Group Selects Katz Marketing Solutions for Brand Marketing

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Artromick, a leading developer of medication management and healthcare technology solutions for the long-term and acute care markets, today announced the selection of Katz Marketing Solutions to provide marketing innovation and strategic planning services for its Automation Products Group. The agreement is to provide marketing support to accelerate innovations that redefine medication management within hospitals and extended care facilities.

“Artromick is poised to launch transformational technology that will streamline the distribution process, reduce medication errors, and enhance patient outcomes. Our partnership with Katz Marketing Solutions will help us accelerate our aggressive new product schedule and market our revolutionary systems,” said Rick D’Angelo, President and Chief Operating Officer of Artromick’s Automation Products Group. The first new system is slated for launch in Q1, 2009.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to extend Artromick’s brand leadership position and effectively market their breakthrough innovation,” said Tammy Katz, Chief Executive Officer of Katz Marketing Solutions.

About Artromick International, Inc.
Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Artromick develops and markets a comprehensive line of mobile computing carts, medication control systems and healthcare technology solutions for long-term and acute care providers worldwide. For more information, please contact Artromick at (800) 848-6462 or visit

About Katz Marketing Solutions
Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Katz Marketing Solutions is a marketing and brand management consulting firm specializing in consumer products and health care marketing. For more information, please contact Katz Marketing Solutions at (614) 252-7824 or visit

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Amerimex DSD

Amerimex DSD Awards Exclusive Brand Management Agreement to STG Retail Direct

PHOENIX, Ariz. — STG Retail Direct has recently been selected by Amerimex DSD as an exclusive brand manager for U.S. based brands. Additionally, Amerimex DSD is helping expand retail distribution of STG clients to 100,000 national C-Stores as well as to Mexico and Japan. STG Retail Direct is honored to be able to work with Amerimex DSD’s team to provide current and new clients with an array of retail distribution opportunities. Amerimex DSD’s sales team is equipped to launch a campaign through: grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, specialty stores, vitamin stores, hardware stores, auto part stores and club stores nationwide and in the United States, Mexico and Japan. Amerimex DSD handles every aspect of the sales and distribution from distributor management to exporting.

“We are thrilled to be named the exclusive brand manager for Amerimex DSD, their capacity to provide our clients with the fastest way of acquiring national and international sales and distribution has already proven to be a great asset to the company,” said the CEO of STG Media Corp, Thomas Lark.

Amerimex DSD“We can now provide our clients with a one stop shop for brand growth and development; we can do anything for our clients from developing highly targeted media campaigns to expanding and managing international retail distribution.”

“We chose to work with STG based on their extensive marketing capabilities,” said President of Amerimex DSD, Jorge Olson. “When expanding retail distribution nationally and internationally we have found that it is essential to have the right media support behind the product to ensure the vitality of the product.”

STG will filter brands to Amerimex DSD with a proven track record and marketability. STG’s family of companies will be operating with Amerimex DSD to support brands through print campaigns, TV and radio campaigns and interactive development.

STG Media Corp., STG Retail Direct, and STG Interactive, LLC, work together to develop and execute strategic, national marketing campaigns. Based in Tempe, AZ, STG Media is a full-service advertising agency specializing in creative and media buying for print, television and radio and internet.

STG Retail Direct places products directly on the shelves of Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, GNC, and thousands of grocery and convenience stores nationwide. Helping clients to maximize their ad dollars, STG works hand in hand with AmeriMex DSD, a master distributor and brand management company with capabilities to place products on the check-out counters in over 100,000 C-Stores in the USA with a proven market blitz program and also export products in mass to Mexico and Japan.

STG Interactive develops cutting-edge E-commerce solutions in addition to search engine optimization and search engine marketing. STG’s family of companies helps clients navigate through the complex landscape of opportunities that exist within the context of modern, cross-media campaigns.

For more information about the STG family of companies, call toll-free: 866-834-4370 or visit our website (redirects to STG portal).

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Two West Inc

Business Branding Lessons from The Daytona 500: Racing Through Recession

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — “Every February for the last 50 years, stock car enthusiasts across the country have packed their sunscreen and descended on Daytona,” said Ethan Whitehill, CEO of Two West, Inc. “This year, unfortunately, the economy also decided to head south for vacation.”

But fear not, race fans. There is hope for the brand that doesn’t want to lose ground in a slow down. In fact, Two West has identified a lot of the same strategies that help NASCAR drivers win on the track can help your company survive the rough recessionary road ahead.

Two West Inc Any driver worth his roll cage will tell you that to maintain stability in a turn, you’ve got to accelerate through it. Brake before a turn, but never in one.

For companies, this means it’s okay to tap the brakes and make some adjustments when leading indicators signal potential trouble. Try this when you’re in a downturn, however, and you’re likely to lose control.

Give it some gas. Increasing your investment even a little in R&D, innovation, branding or advertising will pay back big time when you turn the corner. This maneuver has been proven time and time again by successful businesses. Multiple studies have shown companies that don’t cut marketing spending in a recession nearly double the growth of competitors that do.

When the race is close, every second counts and the crew chief must make a choice: pit or pray. If he’s confident his crew can change four tires and fill the tank in less than 12.5 seconds, he’ll use the pit for competitive advantage. But if he doubts his crew, he’ll skip the pit and hope his driver’s fuel and luck don’t run out.

In business terms, an efficient operation gives companies the flexibility to make good decisions and the speed to seize fleeting opportunities. This is especially important when the economy dips and the race for market share heats up.

If you’re running heavy now, do your brand a favor and get your organization in shape by optimizing systems and eliminating under performing programs. You’ll gain valuable time for innovation and grow customer loyalty through continuous improvement.

Because NASCAR sets strict limits on technology, no car can pass another based on horsepower or body design alone. That’s why drivers constantly tailgate teammates to reduce wind resistance. A drafting car can gain another three to five miles per hour, enough speed to slingshot past competitors.

Recessions, like NASCAR, level the playing field. A company’s position after a downturn has less to do with its momentum before it and more to do with its actions during it. Smart brands look for drafting partners to help them minimize economic drag. Often, such partners come from adjacent industries or different markets and offer access to new ideas, customers or geographies.

Consider the potential partners you could draft in this recession. Chances are you’ll find someone who shares your desire to grow-and blow the doors off the competition.

Of course, other companies will see opportunity in recession as well. So remember to defend your territory – competitors in your mirror may be closer than they appear. The last thing you want is to have a rival run your brand into the wall for the lead.

“When it comes to driving growth in a down economy, don’t be afraid to invest in your business and rev up your brand,” explains Whitehill. “By pushing the turns, mastering the pit, drafting the leader and driving defensively, you just may capture the pole position right in time for the recovery.”

About Two West
Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2007, Two West, Inc. is a strategic branding and communications firm headquartered in the Kansas City arts district. Two West’s team of marketing, advertising, PR and interactive professionals create award-winning solutions for transformative brands.

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Two West

Creative Use of Technology Expands Global Reach for Brand Communications Firm Two West

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two West, Inc. is a branding and communications firm providing research-driven, strategic consulting services and agency solutions for high-growth companies and products. While the firm offers experience in select verticals including telecommunications, retail, automotive, human and animal health, and professional services, it has also developed horizontal expertise in brand strategy for companies needing next-level marketing guidance.

Part niche, part quest, Two West’s commitment to clients with brand challenges has led the firm to create an internal research practice and marketing think tank called Two West Brand Lab. The program’s primary mission is to provide qualitative research services such as focus groups, user roundtables, and depth interviews to companies seeking perspective and insight into their brands.

Two WestThe lab team conducts much of this work in a high-tech, high-touch idea spa, which treats research participants like VIPs. Amenities including an on-site coffee and wine bar with a full-time barista and conference tables that double as whiteboards fuel the conversation and inspiration.

“Primary research and creative thinking are at the heart of our branding process,” says Ethan Whitehill, CEO of Two West. “Our goal with Brand Lab was to create a facility that encourages both.”

When not leading focus groups or brainstorms, the Brand Lab’s other job is to evangelize the power of branding through ongoing pro-bono research, white papers, articles and a weekly radio show.

“Brands touch our lives in thousands of ways every day,” says Whitehill. “They shape our culture, our economy and our environment. As consumers become more brand literate, it’s increasingly critical for businesses to develop their brand proficiency.”

To help companies expand their brand fluency, Two West started a weekly talk radio program entitled, “The Brand Show,” on Kansas City’s Hot Talk Radio KCTE-AM 1510. According to Whitehill, brands are those intangible assets that don’t appear on a balance sheet, but have a profound impact on a company’s strength and value. Brands live beyond logos, colors, sounds and tag lines and are only as strong as a customer’s last experience and an employee’s most recent decision.

The Brand Show conveys wisdom about branding and explores the brands people love, hate, and love to hate. With on-air personalities from Two West’s team of marketing professionals, the program entertains and enlightens listeners in one-hour chunks.

Through regular guest interviews, the show has featured marketing legends the likes of Al Ries and Hayes Roth.

Ries is widely-recognized as the father of the marketing concept known as, brand positioning, and co-authored several books on the subject including the book many marketing MBAs regard as gospel, “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind.”

Hayes Roth is the Chief Marketing Officer for Landor, a prestigious global marketing company that provides complete strategic brand consulting and creative design services.

Nearly two years ago, it became apparent to Whitehill that the opportunity existed for Two West and The Brand Show to reach a wider audience using the emerging technology known as “podcasting.” Now, not only can listeners tune in to the weekly talk show on the radio, but each program is archived and made available as a free podcast via iTunes, Odeo or iPodder. Two West receives positive feedback regularly from The Brand Show’s podcast subscribers all around the planet.

Presently, Two West is in the process of expanding into an online community that will extend the firm’s relationships with its radio guests, listeners, clients and consumers the whole world over through forums, blogs and e-newsletters.

“Know and grow. That’s the mantra at Two West,” says Whitehill. “Knowledge is power when it comes to building brands, so we’re constantly asking questions and learning new things. You never know when or where you’ll uncover the next big idea.”

Two West was founded in 1997 by Whitehill and his business partner Kris Flint. The two principals met right out of college while working at a leading ad agency in Kansas City. Three years later, the two men found themselves together again; this time working “in-house” in the same corporate marketing department. The entrepreneurial experiences Whitehill and Flint shared at their previous employers, combined with the lackluster service they received from agencies as clients, provided the inspiration to start a firm of their own.

During its 10-year history, Two West has worked with several national and regional clients, including Hallmark Cards, Time Warner, Sprint, American Century, H&R Block and YRC Worldwide, (formerly Yellow Freight).

Two West has been listed among the 100 fastest growing companies in Kansas City five years running and has been nationally ranked as a top 100 inner-city company by Inc. Magazine. More information: .

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