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Product Launch: Software Solution Helps Parents Protect Kids on the World Wild Web

KidWideWebORLANDO, Fla. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — A new software solution, the KidWideWeb, is a platform that makes it impossible for kids to enter harmful Internet sites like pornography, suicide, gambling, self harm, and violence. Specifically, this internet security platform will keep kids from landing on sites not appropriate for their age, according to the start-up company, The Children’s Internet, who developed it with crowdfunding assistance.

David Lampel, president of The Children’s Internet, said, “Children accessing pornography on the internet has become so pernicious and pervasive, it is hard to understand why society has so completely buried its head in the sand by continuing to allow this problem to grow and manifest. Frankly, that’s why I got involved with The Children’s Internet and why we created the KidWideWeb.”

The security provided by the KidWideWeb platform is three-pronged and includes content security, personal security, and PC security through the use of both client-side modules and server-side profiles. The content security is a blend of Internet technologies including HTML, Flash and streaming media. The content is age-specific and includes homework help, games, media and other areas of interest.

All content is tagged by the age-specific group or groups to which the content applies. This tagging, performed by trained experts using professionally defined rating standards, allows the KidWideWeb to provide age-specific content.

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EGIVA! 2.0 2.0 is an alternative advertising site to ‘FREE’ items on Craigslist

PLACERVILLE, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Many people have things to give to others and want their things to go to someone who can use them. Developed by Jamison and Virginia Miller, of GIV-N-GET LLC, 2.0 is an easy, user friendly system to match free items with those who need them in order to promote collaborative sharing. The project is now on Kickstarter.

Virginia Weiseth-Miller teaches elementary school in northern California. She’s experienced her share of trials over the years, including the loss of nearly everything she owned. As she rebuilt her life, she became aware of others in similar circumstances and wanted to do something to help. With the assistance of her son, Jamison Miller, she has come up with a website to help people with something to give connect with those who need it. That website is

The idea behind the free site is simple: recycle what you don’t want any more to someone who needs it rather than putting it in a landfill. With that goal in mind, Virginia and Jamison built a site to let people search by location, by category or by group. Only free items can be offered on the site. It is “collaborative giving,” not selling. Every item shared on Egiva is an item getting a second chance at usefulness.

A new user registers on Egiva with basic information: user name, email and location. The user can then post offerings or search for needed items by category. All information entered on Egiva is confidential

To date, Weiseth-Miller has supported development of the entire enterprise, but she’s reached the end of her financial resources. In order to take Egiva to the next level, she and her son have applied to, the Internet-based funding company. Weiseth-Miller is working against a deadline: she only has until August 26 to collect $10,000 in pledges through Kickstarter or else Egiva gets nothing.

So she’s getting out the word: emails, phone calls and social networking sites are among the tools she’s employing to work toward the goal. Her dream rests in the balance.

Donations through Kickstarter are only funded if the total goal is pledged. Amounts pledged start at $1.00; higher amounts earn benefits within the Egiva program, such as free smart phone applications or help establishing a giving group for family, friends, or organizations.

Please visit the Kickstarter site and learn more about Egiva. Your support can help not only a dream come true but help many people during tough economic times in our own communities find things they need.

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Tim Sheridan - Boys of Spring

Crowd-Funding a Film: ‘Boys of Spring – The Movie’

MESA, Ariz. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Long-time Chicago Cubs spring training P.A. announcer, Tim Sheridan, has partnered with to help complete a documentary film over 25 years in the making. Fans can donate to help get the film finished. “Boys of Spring – The Movie,” follows Tim on his journey with the iconic, hard-luck, Chicago Cubs as both he and the Cubs attempt to reach their ultimate dreams.

The film is full of behind the scenes, never-before-seen footage shot by Tim as he worked next to Cubs legends like Harry Caray and Ron Santo. As Tim puts it, “There’s more to a team than the games they play.”

“Boys of Spring – The Movie” is nearing final production; however funding is needed for official release of this unique documentary to fans. Tim says, “Kickstarter seemed to be the best way to get Cubs fans involved in the production of the film. As a die-hard Cubs fan myself, I know how important our team’s legacy and history is. Kickstarter gives fans a rare opportunity to contribute to that history.”

To be a part of “Boys of Spring – The Movie,” fans can donate as little as $10 using an account. As a thank you, fans will receive a copy of the Boys of Spring documentary before its official release next spring. There are a range of donation levels and rewards available on, including Cubs memorabilia and your name in the movie’s credits. With a significant donation ($3,000+), Tim will personally announce your child’s little league game, speak at an event, or name you as a producer of the film.

Boys of Spring isn’t about a team winning or losing. It’s about something deeper. An examination of life on its winding path and how, in spite of perceived failures, there is happiness and success. Cub fans will find joy this season and for years to come with the Boys of Spring film by donating and claiming their place in Cubs history. An epic World Series drought can’t stop the faithful Cubs followers, who know better than anyone – “There’s always next spring!”

About Boys Of Spring:

“Boys of Spring – The Movie” is the first documentary film rooted in the history of the Chicago Cubs spring training. For over 25 years, Cubs spring training P.A. announcer, Tim Sheridan, has been documenting his up-close-and-personal experience with the Cubs. The documentary is full of behind the scenes, never-before-seen footage shot by Tim as he worked next to Cubs legends like Harry Caray and Ron Santo. Unlike other sports documentaries, “Boys of Spring – The Movie” delivers a compelling and innovative first person narrative that spans decades. The film is scheduled to release in spring 2012, and will be available on DVD. Read more about Tim Sheridan at

About Kickstarter:

Featured in CNN, Wired, and The New York Times, is the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world. Every month, people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields.