Non-Profit and Causes

Non-Profit and Causes

Nova Kopp


NEWS: Nova Kopp, the most recent winner of the Mrs. Georgia United States Pageant, has already started to roll up her sleeves and is acting as "ambassador" for Hillside; a group that supports children and families in need. Mark Pulliam, director of business development at Hillside, says that they were thrilled when they learned of Kopp's interest to support their mission.

NonProfit PR Grants


Neotrope recently announced the recipients for 2014 of its annual J.L. Simmons Non-Profit PR Grant award, first launched in 2000. With this commitment, Neotrope(R) will provide public relations (PR) and cause-related marketing support to the selected worthy causes over the next year (during 2015) to raise awareness around each organization's programs and accomplishments


TORRANCE, Calif. /Advertising & Marketing News/ -- NEWS: Neotrope, a 31 year old brand marketing, PR, and content development firm in California, today announced launch of its latest annual PR Grant program for U.S.-based 501(c)3 charities for 2014. Launched in 2000, the non-profit PR Grant was designed to help raise awareness of selected charities to traditional media, to the public, as well as to potential 'halo' sponsors.

Food Finders, Inc


NEWS: Food Finders, Inc. of Signal Hill, California, recently announced it won selection this year of the Neotrope 2013 J.L. Simmons NonProfit PR Grant award. Food Finders is celebrating an important milestone this year. As of April of this year, Food Finders has reached a "100 million pounds of food rescued" milestone.



MIDDLETOWN, Conn. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- Catalysts Powering Educational Performance (CPEP) of Middletown, Connecticut recently announced it has been selected as a recipient of Neotrope's 2013 J.L. Simmons NonProfit PR Grant award. With this commitment, Neotrope(R) will provide public relations support to CPEP over the next year to raise awareness around its programs and accomplishments.

Orange Leap, Texas


DALLAS, Texas /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- Matt McCabe from Pursuant will present a live webcast with Orange Leap, titled "I Have A Dream: The Importance of Vision At Every Donor Level" on Feb. 14, 2013. Simply put, donors give to a vision that stirs their philanthropic passion.

2013 Non-Profit PR Grants


TORRANCE, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- California-based entertainment company, Neotrope, founded in 1983, recently announced its annual Nonprofit PR Grant Program for 2013. As in prior years, ten (10) U.S. based charitable non-profit "worthy causes" will receive in-kind grants totaling $50,000; including public relations, news dissemination and online marketing services, as part of the company's 30th anniversary.

Orange Leap


DALLAS, Texas /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- Orange Leap is sponsoring its latest webinar for those in the business of managing and marketing non-profit orgs: "Tap Into New Donations with Non-cash and Online Giving," presented by Kevin Myers of iDonate and part of Orange Leap's Shine Brighter Series webcasts for nonprofit organizations.

Orange Leap


DALLAS, Texas /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- On October 23, Orange Leap launched a new monthly series of webcasts for nonprofit organizations called the Shine Brighter Series. The first webcast covered "5 Ways Nonprofits Can Get More Likes on Their Facebook Page" presented by Randy Vaughn of Fort Worth-based Marketing Twins.


TORRANCE, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- Los Angeles-based Neotrope®, a public relations, advertising and marketing firm established in 1983, has announced the recipients of their Non-Profit PR Grants Program for 2012. This year's 10 recipients, selected from over 300 applicants, will receive approximately $50,000 total in pro bono services.


WASHINGTON, D.C. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- At this year's Washington Nonprofit Conference, Alisa Hamilton, director of project management for CMI, led sessions with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Merkle, a CMI client, on 'Understanding Satisfaction with the Donor Experience.'


LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- FixNation, a non-profit organization offering free spaying and neutering of stray and feral cats in the greater Los Angeles area, gains jockey Eswan Flores as a sponsor. Flores wanted to give back to the non-profit that worked to control the cat population at the Los Alamitos Race Course where he began his horse-racing career; so he decided to sponsor them.


TORRANCE, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- Neotrope announced it has expanded the deliverables of its 2012 Non-Profit PR Grants Program. All recipients of the 2012 program will now also receive up to $2,500 in additional services; specifically free online text and banner advertising on Neotrope(R) News Network sites.


LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- California-based PR firm, Neotrope, announced this month its latest annual Non-Profit PR Grants Program for 2012. The firm is again donating more than $25,000 in free public relations and news distribution services to worthy U.S.-based non-profit and charitable organizations.


LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- California-based PR firm Neotrope is honored to make The Bob Moog Foundation its fourth chosen recipient for...


LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- California public relations and brand marketing firm, Neotrope(R), is honored to make World Savvy its third chosen...


LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- Neotrope(R) is honored to make Starlight Children's Foundation its first chosen recipient for 2011 of its semi-annual...


AUSTIN, Texas /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC, an integrated marketing and public relations services firm based in Austin, Texas, was selected...


TORRANCE, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- Neotrope(R), a brand identity, PR, and marketing firm established Jan. 1983, is donating $36,000 in pro bono public...


TORRANCE, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- Neotrope today announced it has, as part of the company's 28th anniversary this year, expanded its discount program...