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Mobile On-Car Advertising Makes Come-back with ‘Get Free Gas’ Offers: Car Owners Turn Parked Vehicles into Cash Cows

OCEANSIDE, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — It’s one of the most creative forms of mobile marketing and on-car advertising, called Hijack Advertising. And, Take1ifyoudare (, the brains behind the concept, is offering free gas to people who let them use their cars to show it off. How does it work? It doesn’t get much easier than this. People who own stylish cars and work at popular or busy locations such as a mall, gym, near the beach, fairgrounds, stadium or any other busy retail location, simply park their car, apply promotional magnets, go about their business and get free gasoline for their car/vehicle.

And, the concept works best when multiple cars are placed at venues such as trade shows, large sporting events and/or main attractions.

All vehicles sport the “Take 1 if you dare” logo; and hundreds of designated custom made ad-magnets with a message that typically includes a “take action now” promotional offer – this entices the customer to “Take 1.” Businesses really benefit because they are reaching their target audience.

“People would not take a magnet, unless they were specifically interested in that product or service,” explains Bruce Boyd, owner of Take1ifyoudare. “And, with the skyrocketing cost of gas, who wouldn’t be happy to earn some extra income to cover travel and commuting expenses?”

For businesses, Hijack Advertising is one of the most innovative, trackable and cost efficient ways to increase a business’s sales. Current advertisers who have used this service show returns in the range of approximately seven percent. This is huge compared to many traditional forms of advertising.

For example, Greyhound Bus stations in Santa Ana and Oceanside signed on to do some creative car advertising with Prior to the holidays last year, it offered a seasonal promotion to active military personnel to purchase tickets before the holiday rush.

Five cars were strategically placed in downtown Oceanside – a high traffic area for military personnel. The Greyhound station’s manager reported that he had tried to target active military through other advertising efforts, but with minimal results. With Hijack Advertising, he saw twice the return compared to other advertising techniques.

And on top of it all, this form of car advertising is also eco-friendly because magnets are 100 percent recyclable. It’s a win-win for all. Advertisers get better ROI; car owners receive free gas; customers get services and/or products that they want or need; and the earth gets a little greener.

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giant coffee cups at the Superdome

PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans Continues to Expand with National Franchising in Seven States

NEW ORLEANS, La. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans, established 31 years ago and returned to local New Orleans ownership 16 months ago, is announcing significant expansion. Scott, Steve and Paul Ballard along with Thomas Richards, Brett Pearson, and Mark Higdon acquired the corporate operations of PJ’s Coffee in June 2008 from Atlanta-based Raving Brands. At that time, there were 44 corporate and franchised stores. Today there are 63 locations with 12 more scheduled to open over the next 6 months. The new stores are a combination of franchisee-owned and corporate operations.

giant coffee cups at the SuperdomePJ’s CEO Scott Ballard says the company is focused on more than just the number of coffee shops they can count. “While we continue to expand across the country, we are committed to remaining a New Orleans company,” says Ballard. “When we acquired the business last year, corporate operations consisted of fewer than 10 employees. Today we have a growing corporate staff of 28 focusing on roasting, franchising, quality control, and retail products. Together we are building and expanding the PJ’s Coffee brand,” adds Ballard.

PJ’s Coffee notes that it is now experiencing steady revenue increases following a period of eight to 10 months when revenues were flat. While so many other industries are experiencing difficulties, the coffee business seems to be holding its own. The company has finalized nearly 20 franchise agreements in the past 18 months, another sign that entrepreneurs believe in the PJ’s brand.

“We work closely with potential and new franchisees to determine viability of the business model and involvement of the owner. Then we provide in-depth training on all aspects of running a PJ’s Coffee business from operating the equipment to following our award-winning recipes, to securing and maintaining adequate financial investment and planning,” says Ballard.

Furthering their commitment to building the brand, the owners of PJ’s Coffee ( have negotiated a two-year partnership with the New Orleans Saints which includes PJ’s designation as “the Preferred Coffee of the New Orleans Saints.” PJ’s also secured the rights to brand two of the Superdome’s outside air handling units to mimic giant coffee cups, complete with steam rising out of them. The New Orleans Saints and PJ’s Coffee are also working on developing a line of co-branded retail coffees that will be released this November to take advantage of the holiday sales season.

Retail Products:

In addition to growing its franchise operations, PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans is expanding its retail business. The company is currently finalizing plans for a ready to drink beverage and already offers its own PJ’s branded bottled spring water. “We have increased our retail and food offerings within our stores and we are developing other products which should be available soon,” states Ballard.

PJ’s Coffee offers coffee service to offices, restaurants, hospitals and other industries through its subsidiary, New Orleans Roast. The company has expanded this business segment to more than double what it was a year ago. PJ’s Coffee and New Orleans Roast can provide a number of products to its customers such as coffee service, hotel in-room coffee pods, and iced tea brewing products. The company is working on distribution channels to expand coffee service beyond its current service area.

New Orleans Roast gourmet coffees are now available in grocery stores including: Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Coffee & Chickory, and Decaf. 16 oz. (1 lb.) bags of New Orleans Roast are currently available for only $4.99. These coffees are all roasted in the company’s French Quarter facility in the small-batch tradition of the company.

Private Label Roasting:

New Orleans Roast ( creates private label coffees for customers such as hotels and restaurants that are only available to that client. One recent private label customer is the new Roosevelt Hotel in downtown New Orleans (part of the Waldorf Astoria Collection). PJ’s Coffee Master Roaster, Felton Jones, explains the process. “Initially we bring company representatives to the roasting facility for a tasting,” says Jones. “There we can outline the roasting process and develop a distinct coffee.” Jones says that the secret to maintaining quality is all in the method of roasting its beans in small batches. “That’s the way it was done 31 years ago, and we plan to continue that tradition.”

New Orleans’ Favorite Coffee:

PJ’s Coffee continues to be the favored cup of coffee in New Orleans, receiving readers’ choice awards from New Orleans Magazine (selected reader’s favorite cup of coffee six years and running), Gambit New Orleans, and Where Y’at Magazine. Look for our newest flavored coffee drink, S’Mores, available starting November 14th in all locations. It’s a deliciously flavored roast, with a delectable combination of Ghirardelli chocolate, toasted marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs and whipped cream.

PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans uses hand-selected, premium Arabica beans which are slow-roasted in small batches at its New Orleans roasting facility. PJ’s Coffee was established in 1978 and began franchising in 1995. Today there are 63 PJ’s locations in seven states.

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superdome coffee cups

PJ’s Coffee Sponsors New Orleans Saints with Godzilla-sized Coffee Cups

NEW ORLEANS, La. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — The next time you see the Louisiana Superdome, you may do a double-take at the two larger-than-life coffee cups outside of the world-famous arena. While the owners of PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans would like this to serve as a subliminal message that you are craving coffee, it’s really part of the company’s sponsorship of the New Orleans Saints.

superdome coffee cupsPJ’s Coffee of New Orleans – the Coffee New Orleans Loves(TM) – has committed to a two-year partnership with the black and gold which includes referring to PJ’s as “the Preferred Coffee of the New Orleans Saints.” Additionally, PJ’s Coffee will be served exclusively at the Dome starting this month.

Another component of the partnership is that the Saints pre-season home game on September 3 was sponsored by PJ’s Coffee. PJ’s passed out 20,000 Saints schedules with a coupon for a “free upsize” on any cup of coffee, or iced coffee at any participating PJ’s locations the Monday after every Saints game. PJ’s also rolled out their slogan for the sponsorship, “Brew Dat!(TM)” on the marketing piece.

The New Orleans Saints and PJ’s Coffee are also working on developing a line of co-branded retail coffees that will be released this November to take advantage of the holiday sales season.

“Like the Saints, PJ’s Coffee is home-grown,” says PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans President Scott Ballard. “We are honored to be a part of the 2009 season along with all the other Saints fans.”

“Both the New Orleans Saints and locally owned PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans truly personify the commitment and passion shared for our city,” said Jean-Paul Dardenne, Director of Corporate Partnerships for the Saints. “It is a pleasure to welcome PJ’s Coffee as one of our newest corporate partners, and we are excited to develop the foundation that will lead to a lasting partnership for years to come.”

As for the giant coffee cups, they are really two of the Dome’s air handling units wrapped in fabric. New Orleans based Crystal Clear Imaging was responsible for the design and wrapping of the air handling units. Drink up!

PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans uses hand-selected, premium Arabica beans which are slow-roasted in small batches at its New Orleans roasting facility. PJ’s Coffee was established in 1978 and began franchising in 1989. Today there are 55 PJ’s locations in seven states. For more information, visit

PJ’s proudly roasts private label coffee for hotels, restaurants, hospitals and offices under the name New Orleans Roast. For more information, visit

Greenlife Media Joins Hanger Network, adds Local Ad Presence to Florida

AVENTURA, Fla. — Hanger Network, the in-home media company behind EcoHangers(TM), the environmentally friendly marketing platform which replaces common wire hangers used in dry cleaners, announced today the partnership with Rick Zafrani, owner of Greenlife Media, Inc. Greenlife Media, Inc. will join the Hanger Network team and will be responsible for sales and operations in the Florida area. Zafrani joins Hanger Network with an abundance of experience in the out-of-home world, As president of Ricza outdoors, Rick created and developed an innovative concept into a successful outdoor advertising company, that allowed him to secure advertising contracts with many of the major multi national corporations such as: Pepsi, Dominos Pizza, Benetton, Reebok, Nike, Maxell, JVC, Samsung, Toshiba and many more.

In the new partnership, Greenlife Media, Inc. will look to add additional local clients to Hanger Network’s impressive client roster, which includes such companies as American Airlines, Office Depot, Dunkin Donuts, State Farm, Verizon, Hersheys, Arrow, Van Heusen, Dockers, and Revlon.

Greenlife Media, Inc. focus will include all businesses looking to target customers in selected areas including Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples Jacksonville and Tallahassee.

“We are thrilled to add Greenlife Media, Inc. to our rapidly growing team,” said JD Schulman, COO of Hanger Network. “After an incredibly successful year in 2007, we know that acquiring top talent is essential to our continued growth is 2008.”

For more information or to speak with Greenlife Media, Inc. about the new partnership, please contact Rick Zafrani at

About Hanger Network
Hanger Network is the innovative in-home media company behind EcoHangers(TM), the environmentally friendly hangers which replace common wire hangers used for laundered/dry cleaned shirts. Hanger Network offers companies the unique opportunity to reach consumers via its EcoHangers, which reach consumers through a proprietary network of 35,000 dry cleaners in the U.S.

Founded in 2004, Hanger Network is a partnership between Texas Pacific Group’s Altivity Packaging, Paradigm Packaging, a subsidiary of The Standard Group, and Cleaner’s Supply, Inc., the nation’s largest supplier to dry cleaning stores, which provides exclusive and propriety distribution to its dry cleaner customers. Hanger Network’s revolutionary EcoHangers are made from 100 percent recycled paper board, and are biodegradable and recyclable. For more information visit

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electric golf cart advertising

Golf Green Media Rolls Out a Medium Worthy of Any

ORLANDO. Fla. — Golf Green Media delivers the ideal environment to tell a company’s sustainability story; an outdoor and mostly “Green” environment: the golf course. Imagine being able to tell a company’s sustainability story to one of the most educated, affluent demographics available. Imagine targeting these “Green-Boomers” with a captive media placement. Imagine your “Green” message being presented to these premium consumers, while sharing four hours with them, one-to-one, in an outdoor environment of their choosing.

The Golf Green Media platform is one of few, that all but guarantees the consumer will see your creative. “Being able to reach these consumers, when they are most receptive, and when they have multiple hours to effortlessly engage with your brand, is why Golf Green Media is quickly becoming a key part of many leading advertisers’ marketing mix,” says Brad Pavek, President, Golf Green Media.

electric golf cart advertising New trends that are stifling the growth of traditional media are opening the door to out-of-home (OOH) media. “Our growth and interest in our medium can be attributed to the fact that we deliver an increasingly valuable service to national advertisers; namely, we enable them to reach premium consumers when they are most receptive – when they have multiple hours to engage with a brand. Our expertise in this area grows in importance, as concerns about the effectiveness of traditional advertising, continue to rise,” Pavek said.

As compared to other premium-level media, Golf Green Media strategically showcases messages to an affluent demographic, at a fraction of the cost of other media. Golf Green Media allows its advertisers over four hours of continual impressions, as it capitalizes on an electric golf cart’s sensibilities, with polite ad panels, in close proximity to the people you want to engage.

According to Golf Green Media, its unique, one-of-a-kind solution can deliver over 60 million monthly impressions, via thousands of golf cart ad panels, located at hundreds of quality golf courses, across North America.

“When you take a brand, and seamlessly insert it into an environment where the consumer is naturally going to be in a positive state of emotion, the brand doesn’t have to do a lot of work,” Pavek said.

Ad placements are perceived as sponsorships. “Golfers associate the advertisements at the same level of other top-tier golf sponsors, thus enhancing the position of an advertisers company with something that they love,” Pavek said.

“Corporate America can bypass the traditional ad clutter, and deliver their ‘Green’ message to a captive audience of educated, affluent consumers when they are relaxed and at play, in one of the most beautiful outdoor settings offered; the golf course,” Pavek said.

For more information, visit:, call: 800-731-6390, or e-mail

Golf Green Media is a division of Direct Hit Media, LLC, headquartered in Florida.

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