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Mini Backboards

Product Launch: New custom sports award product announced by Mini Backboards LLC

SKIPPACK, Pa. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — A new advertising and award product launched by entrepreneur Shane McGinley has become a “slam dunk” for new product launches. The Mini Backboard is a highly detailed “mint-like” mini basketball backboard that looks so amazingly real, but only smaller. The Mini Backboard can be laser engraved to create one of the most exciting and unique achievement/recognition awards in the industry. Its original design makes it easy to hang on any wall for display.

What started out as a high school graduation project has now evolved into a full-time business for one savvy, young businessman, Shane McGinley, founder of Mini Backboards – a manufacturer of the hottest, most unique product to hit the basketball award and gift decor market in years.

After encouragement from teachers and family (including an avid basketball-playing brother), McGinley, with the assistance of his father, worked to create a prototype of the Mini Backboard. Once armed with a college degree in marketing and management, it was time for McGinley to get serious and take the business to the next level.

Today, the Mini Backboard has become one of the premier basketball awards around. The Mini Backboard can be laser engraved and customized for any school, organization, club, player, league, sponsors and more.

The Mini Backboard is not only an ideal way to recognize excellence in basketball; it has many other uses as well. It may be used in sports marketing; as a promotional product; and for coaches’ awards. There is also a whole selection of gift awards for anyone involved in basketball or who is simply an enthusiastic fan.

“In the last 15 years, I’ve seen thousands of MVP presentations for junior youth leagues; high school events; college basketball invitationals; and more,” says Chas Wolfe, National Director of Prep Scouting and Dunk4 Diabetes Shootout. “With Mini Backboards you are getting a slam dunk award to excite any level of presentation.”

About Mini Backboards, LLC:
Headquartered in southeastern Pennsylvania, right outside of Philadelphia, Mini Backboards, LLC is one of the fastest-growing innovative awards’ manufacturers. In addition to the Mini Backboard, may other items are available and include unique and traditional basketball awards such as medals, plaques, and resins. For more information, visit: .

American Business Card Magnets 2011

Brand Launch: Leading ad speciality company, announces spinoff specializing in business card magnet products

JERSEY CITY, N.J. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Seeking to provide an “unparalleled user experience” and American made product offerings, New Jersey based has announced its newest service division: American Business Card Magnets (ABCM). “With business card magnets being our most popular product, this new division incorporates a number of customer-driven advances and plays a large role in continuing our enterprise’s strategic plan,” said Erwin Metius, president of American Business Card Magnets and its parent company

Mr. Metius added, “This is yet another example of how we keep our ear to the ground employing proactive, turnkey solutions based on customer feedback and research.”

ABCM provides customers a single, easy to use source for business card magnets, manufactured and shipped to the their exact specifications. From quoting to fulfillment and all steps in-between, customers will be completely “in the driver’s seat.”

Site ordering highlights include:
* The ability to select magnet thickness and strength, corner finishing (round or square), and turnaround on the majority of products.
* Dynamic, real time product pricing which eliminates guess work and the timely process of requesting quotes via e-mail, phone, or other channels.
* Dynamic product filtering to help customers find exactly what they with just a few clicks.
* The option to create an account to facilitate quick viewing of order information and reorders.

Believing in honest full disclosure, like all other of the company’s divisions there are no additional charges for full color printing, setup, design, and online proofs. And while many customers enjoy the seamless experience a comprehensive Web site provides, the division will maintain a dedicated team of customer support agents to help with questions and ordering.

“Our continued investments in technology, actionable research, and customer service are key reasons for our strong, sustained growth,” concluded Metius. “After all, success in this continually evolving industry demands we stay ahead of the curve to meet the needs of the customer.”

For more information about American Business Card Magnets, visit .

JMB custom black and tan spoon

JMB Brewcraft designs custom black and tan spoons, personalized with any brewer’s brand, pub label and more

BROWNSVILLE, Texas /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Guinness and other top brands have customized beer-layering tools and now, thanks to JMB Brewcraft, other breweries, pubs, beer fests and more can now also have a cool, new item to share with their brew-buying public – the all new, customizable black and tan spoon. Made in the U.S.A., these black and tan spoons make any bartender look like the beer-layering equivalent of Tom Cruise in “Cocktail.” Making a black and tan or other beer-layered drink is as easy as 1-2-3, even when pouring four at a time.

“These custom-layering spoons each bear the buyer’s logo stamped on the handle and serve as terrific marketing tools,” says James M. Beale, CEO of JMB Brewcraft. “They also help brew businesses to get the edge on their competition.”

And these custom bar tools are designed to help any beer-related business turn a profit. The wholesale cost ranges from around $5 to $12 per spoon; the more ordered, the lower the price. Businesses can easily double their money by retailing them for $15 to $20 each. JMB Brewcraft is taking wholesale custom orders of 1,000 units or more.

JMB Brewcraft designs these black and tan spoons with quality in mind. They are manufactured from solid 1/16-inch, high-grade stainless steel and then hand polished to a high finish. They are dishwasher safe and come individually packaged in classy black-velour drawstring bags.

When hung in a pint glass, the bowl of this patent-pending spoon (U.S. patent: 12/789,329) rests at the midpoint of the glass to ensure optimal layering every time.

Bill Balaschi of Boston, who purchased some of these beer-layering spoons said, “What a hit these spoons have been. I gave one to my brother-in-law, a real Irishman, and he loved it. I also brought the spoon to a hard-core St. Patrick’s Day party and I quickly became the ‘designated pourer.’ The spoon worked flawlessly every time. Once people see them in action, they’re sold.”

To view a video of the four-pour (four black and tan beers poured in 60 seconds), visit: .

For more information online, visit: .

The Ballantine Corporation

Tech-Savvy Imprinted Promotional Product Line Expanded at The Ballantine Corp

WAYNE, N.J. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Ballantine Corporation, a leading, full-service direct marketing production firm, announced this week that they have added a new client service to its roster – imprinted promotional products. “We were getting an increased number of requests for promotional products, so we started taking on projects and it’s been a great success,” says Ryan Cote, director of marketing for Ballantine Corporation.

While some of their most popular imprinted promotional products include: pens, bags, caps and shirts, many clients today are asking for more tech-savvy items such as USB drives and iPhone skins. The sky’s the limit as Ballantine has access to more than 3,000 product ideas.

No job is too big or small. For example, one client requested 250 imprinted bags and another – 50,000 personalized iPhone skins. Both projects were met with top-notch, experienced customer service and delivered on time.

“Many of these items are used either as part of a direct mail campaign, for tradeshow giveaways or as corporate gifts,” adds Cote. “Promotional products are the perfect way to keep your name out there or to enhance an integrated direct marketing program.”

About Ballantine Corporation:
Founded in 1966, Ballantine Corporation continues to evolve and to meet current client demands in today’s rapidly changing marketing environment. From creative to printing, mailing and digital marketing services, Ballantine truly is a full-service direct marketing production company.

For more information about The Ballantine Corporation, visit: .

Unique Amenities

Unique Amenities develops custom eco-friendly packaged foods for the 2010 Winter Olympics

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — With the excitement around the Winter Olympics in Vancouver at an all time high, what fuels the constant energy of the athletes? Unique Amenities, creators of the athletes’ snacks of the Winter Games, created The Nutritious Snack Combo to do just that. The development team at Unique Amenities, a green hotel and hospitality firm based in Upstate New York, was approached by the Olympic production team to create a series of snacks for the athletes that were nutritious, nut-free and presented in compostable packaging.

The snacks, which were presented to every athlete at the opening ceremony in the Olympic Village, include Snack-ens, a pretzel mix with bagel chips, craisins, salsa rice triangles and green apple chips to provide an even and constant supply of energy.

In keeping with the Winter Olympics green mission and commitment to carbon neutral events, the snack packaging was custom created of PLA (polylactic acid) a compostable plastic film derived from corn starch. So – not only are the snacks healthy, delicious and not too filling – the packaging won’t spend centuries clogging landfills.

About Unique Amenities:

In 2007, Simon Sheiner left the commercial real estate arena to pursue his passion for a greener lifestyle and ideology. He and wife Libby launched Unique Amenities based on their commitment to creating spa, bath and treatment products and guest amenities with a conscience, for the hotel and hospitality industries. In 2010, the thirty-something couple expanded their business to include snacks, after being approached to create the athletes snack food for the Olympic Winter Games. The nut-free snacks presented in compostable packaging were enjoyed by every athlete in the Olympic Village.

For more information Visit Unique Amenities online at .

Business Builder Alliance

America’s First Standalone Loyalty System Brings Optimism to Local Retailers and Restaurants

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. — Business Builder Alliance, Inc. (BBA), an innovative consumer marketing company with a focus on local business, announced today the launch of the Red Carpet Alliance(TM) system in a joint venture with 7G Companies Inc. The system enables local stores and neighborhood restaurants to significantly improve their ability to acquire and retain loyal customers, while establishing an advantage over larger competitors.

Business Builder AllianceFor the first time, America’s local merchants can offer an automated in-house loyalty rewards program. Consumers collect reward points from their favorite neighborhood restaurant, store or service provider – points which can be redeemed for rewards at that business.

“For years, local merchants and restaurants have lost customers to bigger competitors,” says Stuart Graham, system founder and author of “The Loyalty Myth.” “Now, Main Street merchants can compete for customers with national chains through Red Carpet Alliance(TM) – America’s first standalone loyalty rewards program exclusively for local shops and restaurants.”

Mr. Graham is a recognized expert in small merchant loyalty and he believes local retailers and dining establishments enjoy a competitive edge because, “they provide superior service and are more convenient.” By offering a rewards program, “customers will be motivated to patronize businesses closer to home.”

The system provides smaller enterprises with a targeted marketing and loyalty solution that is more effective than traditional advertising. The monthly system fees are often less than they already spend on flyers, coupons and newspaper ads.

Simplicity is the key to this transparent system. No membership card is needed. Points are collected by simply using your preferred Visa(TM) or MasterCard(TM). The system is launched remotely from BBA’s secure data center and no special software or hardware is required. The system automatically generates a reward which prompts customers to initiate a follow-up visit to guarantee maximum loyalty and retention.

America’s local retailers and neighborhood restaurants are struggling as consumers spend less and big box stores slash prices. The economic downturn impacts communities because small business creates half the nation’s jobs, so the system’s launch is timely.

Until now, automated loyalty systems were not available to small merchants whose options were multi-store coalitions or punch cards. Coalition programs do not build true loyalty because consumers can shop at dozens of participating merchants – many of whom are competitors. Red Carpet Alliance(TM) is markedly different.

“This is a game changing breakthrough for local businesses,” says Walter Dubowec, a BBA co-founder with a background in national retail loyalty programs. “For the first time ever, we offer a standalone loyalty system with the cost-saving efficiencies of a coalition program.”

The system also acquires new customers for the merchant each month and BBA provides online system management, consumer spending reports, email marketing systems, CRM, training videos, text communication, along with a robust suite of online marketing tools.

About Business Builder Alliance, Inc.:

Business Builder Alliance, Inc. is focused on innovative technology-based products and services that help businesses with customer acquisition and retention. BBA developed and manages the loyalty platform and business management system which powers Red Carpet Alliance(TM). The executive team has decades of experience in both retail and dining loyalty. The company founders have a successful track record in payment processing, small business POS systems and various credit and debit card based applications. Additional information is available at .

About 7G Companies:

7G Companies manage and develop loyalty systems, products and programs. 7G Companies deliver proprietary high-value offerings to merchants, online retailers and service providers that go beyond traditional CRM methodology by providing advanced tools that facilitate direct customer interaction, branding and the enhancement of customer experiences. The Red Carpet Alliance(TM) system is a patent pending system and a product of 7G Companies. For further information, please visit .


U.S. Manufacturer Stands Behind Quality of Belgian Chocolate Amidst Chinese Melamine Scare

HOUSTON, Texas — With the recent news reports of melamine-tainted chocolate coins coming out of China, there has been some public question regarding the safety of chocolate coins sold in the United States. Images in Chocolate, LLC, a 15-year-old Houston, TX-based chocolate manufacturer marketing their chocolate coins online at spoke about the recent scare. “This is an isolated case with chocolate coins manufactured in China,” said Tim Dugan, CEO. “Our chocolate coins are made with 100% Belgian Callebaut chocolate and contain absolutely no melamine whatsoever…never have, never will.”

Images in ChocolateOn October 8, 2008, Canada’s food inspection agency issued a consumer advisory warning the public not to eat Sherwood Brands’ Pirate’s Gold milk chocolate coins imported from China. “The chocolate coins we produce are of the highest Belgian quality,” stated Dugan, “Only the purest ingredients are included in order to make our chocolate coins with the highest standards possible.”

Melamine is an industrial chemical compound that some Chinese milk-based product manufacturers have added to their products in an attempt to artificially inflate the reading for protein levels. Chronic exposure to melamine can cause a number of severe health issues including bladder or kidney stones, acute kidney failure, reproductive damage, respiratory irritation and bladder cancer. Melamine has been discovered in a number of Chinese manufactured products that are formulated with milk, including baby formula, ice cream, and chocolate coins.

Chocolate coins exported from China have been the only ones linked to the melamine scandal. For U.S. consumers, knowing that your chocolate coins are made with 100% Belgian chocolate should allay any fears regarding its safety. “Our corporate mission has always been to emphasize quality above all else,” said Dugan. “Our decision to use Callebaut chocolate, a 150-year manufacturer and the choice of world-renowned chefs and specialty chocolatiers was an easy one for us. Their commitment to the highest standards in chocolate production is unrivaled.”

About Images in Chocolate, LLC

Based in Houston Texas, Images in Chocolate ( has been serving the corporate and retail markets for custom chocolate products since 1994. Specializing in 100% Belgian chocolate coins, the company also operates online under the name The Chocolate Coin Store.

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Card Cafe Promotes Kira Case to Vice President

OREM, Utah — Card Cafe, a global technology provider, today announced the promotion of Kira Case to Vice President and General Manager. She will oversee and manage all operating aspects of the company. “Kira has been with Card Cafe since the inception and has been a key part of our success. She has more than earned this promotion. I am excited to see where she takes this company,” said Teague Bengtzen, President of Card Cafe.

Mrs. Case has been instrumental in the start up and dramatic growth of Card Cafe. She has served as Operations Manager for the last three years. Mrs. Case was previously with Rocky Mountain Printing in various positions.

Card Cafe was founded in 2005 as an easy way to keep in touch with people through online ordering of printed greeting cards. It quickly developed into a leading technology provider. Card Cafe produces more than one million cards each year through

In 2008 Card Cafe launched a commercial division known as 1:1 Specialists ( 1:1 Specialists focuses on providing Web-to-print technology to many different industries.

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Greenlife Media Joins Hanger Network, adds Local Ad Presence to Florida

AVENTURA, Fla. — Hanger Network, the in-home media company behind EcoHangers(TM), the environmentally friendly marketing platform which replaces common wire hangers used in dry cleaners, announced today the partnership with Rick Zafrani, owner of Greenlife Media, Inc. Greenlife Media, Inc. will join the Hanger Network team and will be responsible for sales and operations in the Florida area. Zafrani joins Hanger Network with an abundance of experience in the out-of-home world, As president of Ricza outdoors, Rick created and developed an innovative concept into a successful outdoor advertising company, that allowed him to secure advertising contracts with many of the major multi national corporations such as: Pepsi, Dominos Pizza, Benetton, Reebok, Nike, Maxell, JVC, Samsung, Toshiba and many more.

In the new partnership, Greenlife Media, Inc. will look to add additional local clients to Hanger Network’s impressive client roster, which includes such companies as American Airlines, Office Depot, Dunkin Donuts, State Farm, Verizon, Hersheys, Arrow, Van Heusen, Dockers, and Revlon.

Greenlife Media, Inc. focus will include all businesses looking to target customers in selected areas including Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples Jacksonville and Tallahassee.

“We are thrilled to add Greenlife Media, Inc. to our rapidly growing team,” said JD Schulman, COO of Hanger Network. “After an incredibly successful year in 2007, we know that acquiring top talent is essential to our continued growth is 2008.”

For more information or to speak with Greenlife Media, Inc. about the new partnership, please contact Rick Zafrani at

About Hanger Network
Hanger Network is the innovative in-home media company behind EcoHangers(TM), the environmentally friendly hangers which replace common wire hangers used for laundered/dry cleaned shirts. Hanger Network offers companies the unique opportunity to reach consumers via its EcoHangers, which reach consumers through a proprietary network of 35,000 dry cleaners in the U.S.

Founded in 2004, Hanger Network is a partnership between Texas Pacific Group’s Altivity Packaging, Paradigm Packaging, a subsidiary of The Standard Group, and Cleaner’s Supply, Inc., the nation’s largest supplier to dry cleaning stores, which provides exclusive and propriety distribution to its dry cleaner customers. Hanger Network’s revolutionary EcoHangers are made from 100 percent recycled paper board, and are biodegradable and recyclable. For more information visit

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Better ATM dispenses gift cards

Better ATM Services and Capital Market Technologies to Bring ATM Marketing Concept to UK and Europe

New Partnership Will Bring ATM-Dispensed Gift Cards, Premiums, and Incentives Technology to Europe

MESA, Ariz. and LONDON, U.K. — Capital Market Technologies (CMT) (OTCBB:CMKT) has reached an agreement with Better ATM Services, Inc. to license the rights to distribute Better ATM Services’ patented, groundbreaking technology throughout the European markets. Better ATM Services’ breakthrough process enables existing automated teller machines to dispense gift cards and other pre-paid media, premiums, and incentives from ATM trays–just like cash.

Capital Market Technologies’ CEO Jack Bouroudjian said, “The agreement with Better ATM Services’ allows us to make another important step in providing unique solutions to the financial markets in the U.K. and Europe. The expected impact of Better ATM Services’ technology on businesses ranging from banks to advertisers is quite exciting. This move brings a very useful and practical solution to the changing European payments environment.”

Better ATM dispenses gift cardsBetter ATM Services’ CEO Todd Nuttall said this is another important step. “We are looking forward to working with CMT to guide our expansion into international markets. From initial reports, European customers are expected to rapidly embrace Better ATM Services’ innovative ATM-based payment card dispensing technology. We anticipate some very creative applications of our technology developing from this relationship.”

Better ATM Services’ efficient and cost effective distribution option means banks, shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, independent service operators, advertisers, and any business can now offer prepaid gift cards and other prepaid media, premiums, and incentives through technology enabled ATM machines increasing profitability while offering consumers a new level of value-added service.

About Capital Markets Technologies
Capital Markets Technologies (CMT) ( OTC: CMKT ) is a Chicago-based financial technology solutions company with operations in Chicago, Toronto, and London. The company provides innovative financial technology solutions to global financial institutions and major corporations.

About Better ATM Services
Better ATM Services (BATM) (, a Mesa, Arizona-based company, supplies patented technology that enables an ATM to dispense prepaid gift cards like currency. Enabled ATMs dispense the prepaid cards via the ATM’s cash tray using the machine’s existing dispensing mechanisms. BATM licenses its technology to both ATM and prepaid card industry participants to provide a more secure, convenient, and profitable distribution option with additional revenue opportunities. BATM’s patented technology assures continued operation within existing industry infrastructures and pricing models.

For more information and to preview the latest video showcasing Better ATM Services at a recent industry conference, please visit

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Ad-Manga in the US

MANGA as an Effective Tool for Business Advertising

Many well-known companies in Japan are using Manga for advertisements and the business is just starting in the U.S.

SEATTLE, Wash. — Manga have become popular in the U.S. and many translated Manga books are on the shelves in major book stores. It’s one of the fastest growing sectors of the U.S. publishing industry. Orange Lighthouse, Inc. has just launched ( as a U.S. site of to offer Manga contents for advertising, to U.S. companies.

Manga is the Japanese word for printed comics in weekly magazines or books. In the U.S. Manga and Anime are often mixed up. Anime is animation and many hit Anime originally come from a weekly Manga magazine. Manga has been a part of Japanese culture for over 50 years and its popularity in Japan is cross-generational. A big difference from cartoons in the U.S. is that Manga have a “story.” The storyline of hit Manga series continue for several years resulting in dozens of published volumes.

Ad-Manga in the USThe circulation of weekly Manga magazines is over 10 million per week and the Manga market in Japan is over $2 billion. Manga has been used for not only entertainment, but for business in Japan as well.

Trend Pro, Inc. is a pioneer of Ad-Manga — advertisement and advertising using Manga — in Japan. When Mr. Okazaki, the president of Trend Pro, Inc., started this business about 20 years ago, it received much attention from the media because of the unique business model. Since then, the company has produced over 1,700 Ad-Manga for over 700 clients. Many well known public companies and government agencies use it for advertisement, insert, direct mail, product/company brochure, IR, how-to book, etc. Why? Because Manga is the ideal media to allow everyone to understand complicated matters easily by telling a story with characters. The company has over 100 registered professional Manga artists.

Seattle-based Orange Lighthouse, Inc. is an exclusive partner with Trend Pro, Inc. to promote Ad-Manga to the U.S.

The Manga generation in the U.S. is growing quickly, and to attract them, and to inform them about new products and services, or to educate them on complicated matters, Manga is an effective tool and will open a new era for business advertising.

More information:

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chocolate poker chips

Images in Chocolate Ups the Ante with Custom Chocolate Poker Chips

HOUSTON, Texas — Specialty chocolatier, Images in Chocolate (, today announced the first custom imprinted chocolate poker chip available in the U.S. marketplace. For the first time, casinos, hotels, and Las Vegas trade show exhibitors among others, can increase their corporate brand awareness using these 1-1/2″ diameter, 100% Belgian chocolate promotional items.

With the tremendous growth in consumer interest for gambling related products as a result of the continuing Texas Hold ‘Em craze, a custom branded chocolate casino chip seemed to be a “sure bet.”

chocolate poker chips“Until now, there have been generic chocolate casino chips in the market but never one that could be custom imprinted for promotional use,” said Tim Dugan, company CEO. “Not only can our new chocolate casino chips be custom branded, they are the first to use 100% Belgian chocolate and also feature a much more authentic casino chip design than available before.”

A popular method of customizing these chips is to use a corporate logo on one side and imprint a variety of dollar denomination on the second side, replicating an actual casino chip.

“Although this product was designed with the corporate client in mind, we’ve seen tremendous interest in the consumer market as well, primarily from individuals having Las Vegas weddings or other gambling-themed events,” said Dugan.

Whether the event is large or small, these vibrant, customized chocolate poker chips are sure to raise the stakes in the promotion of any company’s image. “And who couldn’t use a little chocolate now and again,” concludes Dugan.

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