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New Home Nexus

Elliot Light launches New Home Nexus, a marketing, sales and advertising firm connecting home buyers and builders

New Home Nexus

NEWS: Construction industry marketing veteran Elliot Light recently announced his formation of New Home Nexus, a marketing, sales and advertising firm that “will connect buyers and builders.” From initial due diligence to final sale, New Home Nexus will serve homebuilders, investors, asset managers and financial institutions throughout Southern California.

Light and New Home Nexus have developed a consumer-centric approach that is based on current consumer insights and research. This research enables clients to design and build the right home for today’s buyer. In addition, New Home Nexus provides a targeted, aggressive, lead generation system that increases traffic count, generates higher referral sales, increases advertising effectiveness and drives sales for builders.

“The decades-old model for selling new homes is changing. Today’s homebuyers are smarter, more tech savvy, more ethnically diverse and more demanding than ever before,” says Light. “Our extensive market knowledge and research empowers us to meet the needs of both the modern buyer and builder, ultimately driving both sales and customer satisfaction.”

Light has more than three decades of new home sales, marketing and advertising experience. He is now leveraging that experience to provide strategic marketing direction, the oversight of on-site sales, and the direction of client advertising and promotion. As the past President of L&A Marketing and Advertising, Light has extensive experience in lead generation, brand development, promotional marketing plus traditional and on-line advertising.

For his work with L&A Marketing and Advertising, Light received industry awards from numerous organizations including Inland Empire Sales and Marketing Council, the Southern California Sales and Marketing Council, San Diego Sales and Marketing Council, the National Homebuilder Association, and others.

About New Home Nexus:
Irvine-based New Home Nexus is a sales, marketing and advertising firm that specializing in the marketing and sales of new housing projects for residential builders. Formed on a consumer centric marketing platform, New Home Nexus provides builders with the consumer insights they need to design and sell to the modern home buyer. More information about New Home Nexus is available at .

Windsor Place branding

PowerFlite Communications has launched the next stage of its comprehensive brand introduction campaign for Windsor Place of Wilmington

QUINCY, Mass. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Advertising, branding and design firm PowerFlite Communications has launched the next stage of its comprehensive brand introduction campaign for Windsor Place of Wilmington, a premium assisted living residence in Wilmington, Massachusetts. Beginning with developing the name and core identity, PowerFlite’s original campaign included everything from radio, print, outdoor, and Web advertising to brochures, posters, signage, and sales kits. The new stage is an expansion of earlier themes.

“Windsor Place is a genuinely incredible place for seniors. It’s all about elegance, high quality, and a great location, so that was the focus of our initial launch,” says PowerFlite Owner and Creative Director Greg Robertson. “This new stage adds more about the financial advantages of Windsor Place. Other upscale assisted living centers require an endowment fee – some up to a quarter million dollars. Windsor Place is a straight month-to-month lease, though, so it’s an amazing residence without the huge commitment. It’s a good story to tell and our work tells it well. They get a lot of inquiries, even in today’s economy, and they’re filling suites quickly.”

An Elegant, Integrated Campaign:

Throughout the campaign, the radio ads have generated the most calls to Windsor Place. All of the radio spots feature adult children talking about assisted living with taste and light humor. One also included a mother who announces she’s moving to Windsor Place just as her adult children try to recommend it. “It’s a sensitive subject that means a lot to multiple generations, so it’s essential to capture the right tone,” says Robertson. “These radio spots get the details across, but in a positive, memorable way. Best of all, they have worked and they integrate well with our other advertising and sales pieces for Windsor Place.”

While PowerFlite set the creative tone, they partnered with strategic marketing, Web, and media specialists for a truly integrated campaign. “You need a team of pros who really can work together to help the client succeed,” says Robertson. “We were brought in by Stackpole & Associates of Brookline. They are brilliant research and strategy pros, especially in health care and senior marketing.” PowerFlite and Human Service Solutions of Framingham developed the Windsor Place Web site together, and Linda Riley Media of Saugus planned the media.

Good Clients Yield Good Advertising:

“Successful advertising starts with honesty,” says Robertson. “Key truths that are meaningful to your audiences are vital. So a client like Windsor Place – who is tirelessly focused on providing residents with an elegant environment and expert care – makes it easier to create good advertising. We just find compelling ways to tell the truth about a great place.”

Windsor Place of Wilmington is owned and run by Dennis and Elissa Sargent, who also run Woodbriar of Wilmington, a premier skilled nursing and rehabilitation center adjacent to Windsor Place. “We’re lucky to have great clients,” said Robertson.

About PowerFlite Communications:

Founded in 1995 and based in historic Quincy, Massachusetts, PowerFlite Communications(TM) provides strategic, concept-driven advertising, branding, design, and Web services to companies in several practice areas. Led by Principal and Creative Director Greg Robertson, PowerFlite offers expertise and experience in every step of the marketing and advertising process, from strategic planning through concept development, creative execution, production, and program implementation. Learn more at .

PowerFlite is also currently preparing a new print, Web, and radio campaign for Quincy Medical Center, new materials for architectural color consulting and decorative arts studio Twinkle Designs, and new brand identity work for a major New Hampshire health care provider.

About Windsor Place of Wilmington:

An 88 suite, premium assisted living community for seniors located in Wilmington, MA, just seconds from Interstate 93, Windsor Place is a private community offering unparalleled services, residences, and people on a month-to-month lease basis. The Carlysle at Windsor Place offers suites with enhanced features and programs to help residents with memory loss. Visit Windsor Place of Wilmington online at .

SaleAMP’s Breakthrough Pay-for-Performance Marketing Service to Fuel Real Estate Rebound

AUSTIN, Texas — SaleAMP(TM), a cutting-edge marketing and software company, today announced a unique pay-for-performance real estate marketing service for condo developers, large home builders and real estate related banks, nationwide. The service, based on proprietary internet marketing tools and techniques has produced tens of thousands of buyer prospects and sales in a matter of months. “Traditional real estate marketing is broken and budgets are heavily strained as a result of this economic environment,” said Paul Kirchoff, SaleAMP’s chief executive officer. “The reality is we deliver volumes of qualified buyers with almost no up front money, allowing clients to lower their marketing budgets and dramatically accelerate lead generation and sales at the same time.”

SaleAMP’s pay-for-performance marketing service begins with deep analysis of search volumes and online buyer activity in each market and then employs proprietary tools to drive demand to client web properties. That traffic is then converted into actionable leads using cross-industry best practices and technologies.

“Over the past twenty years, I’ve developed major projects across the country and I have never seen anything like SaleAMP,” said Mark Tolley, B. Knightly’s chief executive officer. “Their unique skill set and business model is the future of real estate marketing. In one of the worst economies in decades, SaleAMP has our sales staff sprinting to keep up.”

Specifically, SaleAMP partners with each client through their pay-for-performance business model allowing clients to significantly reduce their existing marketing budgets. The company then employs proprietary technology and top industry talent to deploy search engine marketing, social media marketing, online video marketing, online auctions, and email marketing to generate highly qualified leads.

“SaleAMP is solving a major crisis for builders, developers and banks by lowering their marketing costs, generating faster inventory flow and giving them the ability to pay only when we’ve provided the revenue,” said Kirchoff. “The days of paying expensive agencies are over. Pay-for-performance ensures we are on the same side of the table as our clients. And that is what matters.”

About SaleAMP

SaleAMP, Inc. ( is an Austin, Texas-based marketing and software company specializing in the real estate industry. The company offers pay-for-performance marketing services that deliver massive lead volume for a small fraction of the price of expensive traditional firms.

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Real Estate Marketing Firm, Agent Influence, Meets Market Demand for Local Knowledge

LONG BEACH, Calif. — After years of managing national interactive marketing campaigns for some of the largest real estate firms in the country, Agent Influence’s seasoned management team knew that making tested high end web applications, technologies and tools available to local agents would provide them with an extraordinary advantage in their own communities. Agent Influence has introduced websites designed to provide an effective, affordable, local marketing option for agents and brokers. Their marketing, real estate and technology professionals collaborated to create website templates built on proven marketing principles.

Agent Influence Long BeachMelissa Rosno, Director of Sales and Marketing explains, “Our website products are not just flash and style, they help agents and brokers reach out to their local communities, enabling home buyers and sellers to access real time information about their local real estate market.”

Although there are many website services available today to real estate brokers and agents, Agent Influence distinguishes itself with its feature rich offering uniquely focused on providing real time local market data, trends and community information. This approach is uniquely relevant in today’s market where national pronouncements on the state of property values and sales often differ significantly from what is actually happening in a local market. All Agent Influence websites include a subscription to market data reports by county, city or zip code.

Agent Influence websites include a community blog that enables agents to reach out to their clients and develop an ongoing dialogue by posting articles about events in the community, local news or information about the agent’s services. Additionally, agents are able to utilize community pages on their website to feature businesses in the local area.

Proprietary content management tools help Agents to create featured property listings, utilize craigslist templates, easily update website content, manage their community blog and post businesses in their community pages.

Agent Influence is the result of a collaboration of experienced marketing professionals, real estate professionals, certified search engine experts, designers and website programmers with nearly a century of combined experience in their respective fields. Team members have completed projects for leading real estate and financial services clients such as Century 21, Coldwell Banker, CB Richard Ellis, and Ameriquest Mortgage.

Agent Influence will be exhibiting their product offerings at the California REALTOR(R) Expo 2008, the state’s largest real estate trade show October 14 through October 16 at the Long Beach Convention Center where more than 10,000 attendees are expected.

More information:

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