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Travel Website Brand Mascots Plan Getaway Cruise for Thanksgiving

The Roaming Gnome Won’t Spend Thanksgiving Alone

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. — CruiseJungle’s loveable monkey mascots, Lucy and Ethel are reaching out this holiday season and have invited Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome to have Thanksgiving dinner with them on a cruise. They feel bad that the Gnome has to spend his holidays tramping through airports and is always at risk for being kidnapped as part of a prank. He looks as if he could use a cruise.

According to Lucy who serves as the senior mascot for consumer travel site,, “We enjoy cruising for the holidays so much, we wanted to make sure that all our friends in the advertising business know that they can join us. board. We would be thrilled if the whole gang came along – even that delightful, linguistically challenged GEICO(R) Gecko.”

“There will be plenty of food, entertainment and good times in store for everyone. And watch out for Ethel (who recently became single again), because whenever she sees the Gnome on television there is a bit of a sparkle in her eye. Who knows, maybe romance will be in the air on the high seas!”

Lucy and Ethel invite everyone to visit them at their home at where the latest cruise information, ship reviews and planning information is available at the click of a mouse.

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T-post Uses Offbeat and Political News to Market Subscription T-Shirts

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Everyone can appreciate a good T-shirt and most people like to stay informed regarding the news and current events. Subscribing to T-post is a lot like having a subscription to a magazine, but instead of receiving magazines in your mailbox – you receive T-shirts. The topics in focus vary from politics to bank heists to a glow-in-the-dark pig. You never know what you’re going to get, but one thing subscribers can be sure of is that people will be asking “Where did you get that shirt?”

T_Post News T-ShirtsEvery six weeks the T-post crew focuses on an appropriate news story and gets to work on designing a T-shirt based on that news. You may not always read about your T-shirt’s story in the papers but in the T-post crew’s opinion, you should have.

The story behind each shirt’s design is printed on the inside of the T-shirt, and the final result is more than just a cool looking shirt, it’s something to talk about.

Based out of Stockholm, Sweden uniquely designed T-shirts are being shipped out to all four corners of the Earth. What started off as a fun idea amongst a group of friends in 2004, began to spread to other groups and eventually other countries. During 2006 T-post ( has evolved into an actual company and is now launched internationally. According to the company, the rest is, well, history.

“We’re really excited now that the international launch has started,” said Peter Lundgren, Publishing Director and Editor in Chief, T-post. “We’ve already increased our total number of subscribers by 200% in the first two months alone.”

Each edition of T-post costs 26 EUR – that converts to USD $32.00. The price includes all shipping and handling so that all subscribers have to do is open the package and put on the news.

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Beyond Belief Media Launches Preemptive Strike on Easter

Copies of Controversial Documentary Are Hidden in Churches Throughout U.S.

HOLLYWOOD, CA /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Declaring War on Easter, Beyond Belief Media has launched a preemptive attack on the Christian holiday, the company announced today. “Operation Easter Sanity” has already begun (

God Who Wasn't ThrereUsing its documentary THE GOD WHO WASN’T THERE as the chief weapon, Beyond Belief Media is covertly planting DVDs of the film in churches throughout the United States. The popular movie, currently ranked #1 on’s independent documentaries list, is critical of the irrational beliefs of Christians and asserts that Jesus Christ did not exist.

A total of 666 DVDs will be hidden like “Easter eggs” in sanctuaries, church yards and other holy areas by Beyond Belief Media’s national team of volunteers. The DVDs will be slipped into hymnals and other locations where they are likely to be discovered by unsuspecting worshippers.

Some DVDs of THE GOD WHO WASN’T THERE will be planted by undercover operatives among actual Easter eggs at churches holding egg hunts on Easter Sunday.

“People go to churches to hide from the truth,” explained Beyond Belief Media president Brian Flemming, a former Christian fundamentalist. “At no time is this more apparent than Easter, when Christians get together to convince each other that a man died, stayed dead three days, rose from the dead and then flew into the air above the clouds.

“Our nonviolent campaign sends the message that nowhere in the country is safe from the truth. Wherever Christian leaders are indoctrinating children with 2000-year-old fairy tales, the truth may just find its way there.

“Our ‘War on Easter’ is of course completely without violence of any kind. Christians believe that beating a man to a pulp and nailing him to a cross somehow solves all the world’s problems. Beyond Belief Media does not.”

A Website offering more details, including “battle reports” from covert operatives, is on the Web at:

News Source: Beyond Belief Media
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