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Phillips MediaSource

Phillips MediaSource rebrands to focus on and better serve HD Video and Broadcast Clients in Texas

Phillips MediaSource

Phillips Productions, Inc., a leader in television program development and HD video production located in Texas, recently announced a re-branding effort and has changed its company name to “Phillips MediaSource.”

With clients across the state of Texas using its various video content development strategies, Emmy®-winning HD video production services, and integrated marketing communications consulting, the name change will “better reflect the company’s comprehensive portfolio of clients in the higher education, destinations and Fortune 1000 categories.”

“Today’s unveiling of Phillips MediaSource marks a significant milestone for the company. The Phillips Productions name, which originally stood for broadcast video production, no longer adequately represented our company, our products and solutions, our expertise, and our position as a recognized leader in online and offline marketing and HD video production,” said Bob Phillips, President and CEO of Phillips MediaSource.

“The Phillips MediaSource name embodies our ability and our continued commitment to producing the Emmy award winning television program, ‘Texas Country Reporter’ with Bob Phillips as well as continuing to help our clients communicate in the digital world. We are connecting on a daily basis with targeted audiences through our unique expertise in Authenticity Marketing and Experience Branding,” Phillips added.

In conjunction with the name change, the company also announced the introduction of two advanced solutions already in use by clients:

The Script to Screen Value Package:
It starts with strategy and planning, includes Emmy(R) award winning writing and the latest digital technology to produce, post and deliver HD video projects – all under one roof. This brings value and efficiency to both single projects as well as campaigns.

The Integrated Marketing Communications Workshop:
An affordable 6-hour workshop including on-site facilitation that gains positive consensus across the organization and is followed up with written observations and recommendations to improve a client’s Over Arching Brand Experience(TM).

“Growth necessitates change. The new name more accurately reflects the company’s hybrid position and our product advancements further align our commitments and expertise in providing Emmy award winning content development, video production and marketing consulting services,” said Phillips.

To coincide with the new brand identity, the company has launched a new Web site, . Effective immediately, all future business activity will be conducted using the new name. Phillips Productions is now a subsidiary of Phillips MediaSource. There has been no change in the company’s management or ownership.

Phillips described the company vision as follows (and this also appears on the new website): We’ve always said that we earn our next project by outperforming expectations on the last one. So it’s in our nature to seek tomorrow’s answers, and develop far-sighted, innovative and effective solutions for our clients’ challenges, moving their business forward while faithfully representing their brand. The message is this – what you say and how you say it, matters every bit as much as where you say it and to whom you say it. And it’s our job to balance all four.

Photo Caption: Bob Phillips (center) and the team at Phillips MediaSource. For info on the entire team, visit: .

G-Man Marketing 10th Anniversary 2012

Music Industry Marketing Expert, G-Man Marketing, Celebrates Decade of Entertainment Hype

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Whether you call it publicity, media relations or hype, everybody needs it and John Scott G of California-based G-Man Marketing has been providing it for a decade. G and G-Man Marketing have created work for Verizon Wireless, Goodyear, Auto Club, General Dynamics, Shakey’s Pizza, Toyota of Orange, and more. In addition, G collaborated with Doug Colosio, Scott Joss and Merle Haggard to write “Bad Actor,” a song on Haggard’s “I Am What I Am” album.

“Just by visiting the Internet, you have been influenced by our work,” states the head of G-Man Marketing ( “We create and publish media announcements, press alerts, video messaging, social networking communication, and what I call ghost marketing.”

The concept of “ghost marketing” is not new, G admits. “In addition to books I’ve ghost-written, some of my most effective work has been behind-the-scenes, writing or contributing to articles or in disseminating items for others to post. Clients, especially artists, don’t have time to continually look for these opportunities online, but it’s one of the things we do. It’s time-consuming, but there’s a definite payoff if you keep at it.”

Current clients of G-Man Marketing include Shady Hill Records’ country artist Sandra Piller. “This is a terrific account because of the variety of great songs Sandra performs,” G states. “She works with writer/producer Jane Bach (hits with Reba McEntire and Jo Dee Messina among others) and there are videos of Sandra doing songs by The Doors and Fleetwood Mac. Her cool country version of ‘Love Me Two Times’ is a trip!”

Within the past year, G has worked with Larisa Stow, Robin Hood Music, Golosio Publishing, Goodnight Kiss Music, Anisound Mixing/Mastering, FookMovie, Phil Hatten Design, Carnyville, Bella Swan Bass Society (BSBS), and Paula Franceschi. “We’re starting on a Christian music video for ‘Amazed by the Light that is You,’ a new area for us.”

The sounds of BSBS are in a series of humorous commercials airing during the Sheena Metal programs on the LATalkRadio network. The spots are for non-existent products called “Androyx,” like an Androyx energy drink and an Androyx phone (“Forget 3G, 4G or 5G, Androyx offers 157G!”).

“I love spreading the word for music, products, speeches, and events,” G says. “This work is exciting and gratifying, which makes it fulfilling to start every day!”

Learn more at: .

The Small Business Diva

According to Dr. Sharon Livingston, Video on Your Website Boosts Search Visibility

LONDONDERRY, N.H. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — If you have a video on your website, your company is 50 times more likely to land on the first page of Google than websites without video, according to Dr. Sharon Livingston, aka “The Small Business Diva,” who specializes in creating customized interview videos for small businesses. “And good videos on websites, especially the compelling interview type, are new enough that it’s unlikely your competitors are doing it at all or doing it well, so this gives you a real advantage.”

For a video to have maximum impact, it should not be the “talking head” variety, according to Dr. Livingston, a clinical psychologist and one of the country’s best-known market research executives who has conducted over 60,000 interviews. The most compelling is the “partner interview” format, because “a conversation is always more interesting and lively than a person simply delivering a talk.”

“Advertisers know that telling a story about a product or service makes a bigger impact in their customers’ minds than outright promotion, and that’s what this type of interview does,” explained Dr. Livingston of Londonderry, N.H. “By eliciting passion from the business owner, viewers are drawn in, and the features of the product or service come alive.

“People doing monologues often look scared or frozen and sound stilted or like they are reading…which in a lot of cases, they are!

“On the other hand, when there’s an involved ‘partner’ in the interview, viewers vicariously experience the relationship between the interviewer and that person, and by association they begin to feel they have a relationship with the business owner. It’s like sitting at Starbucks and overhearing two friends talking about an exciting find that you just have to try for yourself.”

A partner video has multiple applications, noted Dr. Livingston. It can be posted on a company’s website, used as blog content, as a video newsletter or even as a flash drive business card to be handed out to prospects and customers.

If you’re considering creating a video for your website, here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure maximum impact:

1. Make sure your “partner” is seriously intrigued by what you sell and likes you and your product or service. If the interviewer isn’t sincerely interested, the interview will come off as phony.

2. Practice your interview ahead of time. It doesn’t have to be a complete run-through, but discuss all the questions and possible responses. Taking too much time to think about a response during filming can interrupt the flow and distract the viewer.

3. Be prepared to throw away the first 10 minutes of the interview, as it takes a little time for people to warm up.

4. Remember what got you excited about your product initially, and convey that with authentic enthusiasm.

5. Always keep in mind the “what’s in it for me?” question every viewer will have. Make it about benefitting them, not promoting you.

6. Find an excellent editor who can piece the footage together and add simple special effects such as music, to give the video a more professional feel.

7. Incorporate humor wherever possible. This breaks the tension and keeps the viewer entertained.

For information about the services of Small Business Diva, call (603) 505-5000. Go to: to see recent videos she has produced.



CheapOair Launches its first TV Ad Campaign: ‘Get There For Less’

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — CheapOair, a top 10 online travel booking site, announces the launch of its first ever television campaign today. The 30-second ads feature the tag-line “Get There for Less,” an expression of the company’s commitment and brand promise to put quality and value first for smart shoppers who continue to demand the best of both even in the post recessionary market.

The ads use humor to demonstrate the consequences of not booking with CheapOair, versus the benefits of being able to do more when you “Get There for Less” when relying on CheapOair for your travel needs.

Sam Jain, CEO, commented: “This exciting new campaign speaks to exactly who we are as a brand. TV is a new strategy for CheapOair and as we head into our 6th year we believe this is the right time to expand our marketing efforts. TV is a natural evolution from our current digital marketing and will help build awareness among a larger audience and introduce more people to the brand.”

The TV campaign launches December 6th and will run through the end of the year on demographically and contextually targeted National Cable Networks such as BBC, DIY, Headline News, Travel Channel, MSNBC, National Geographic and will be promoted on the CheapOair blog and social media networks.

The campaign aims to cement CheapOair’s position as the place for savvy travelers to go for value and service by promoting its wide range of discounted airfares, every day low price guarantee, and 24/7 customer service. The campaign tests two different offers, round trip flights for under $199 and vacation discounts on air and hotel packages for travelers looking for one stop shopping, and will be supported by our ongoing online advertising, email and affiliate marketing tactics.

About CheapOair:
CheapOair is one of the top 10 largest online travel booking sites and a leading supplier of airfares, hotels, car rentals and vacation packages. Backed by Travelong, which ranked 13th in the industry in Travel Weekly’s esteemed 2010 “Power List,” CheapOair offers the best in value with attractive solutions for today’s savvy traveler. Their portfolio of products include over 100 million airfare combinations on over 400 airlines, low airfare guarantees, 100,000 negotiated hotel rates and the technological foundation to deliver affordable tickets to every region in the world.

Sample Digital

Michael J. Lam joins Sample Digital to help evangelize media asset platform to ad agencies

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Sample Digital has announced that Michael J. Lam has come aboard as VP, Account Development. Previously President of ClearStory Systems, the media asset management company, Lam has long experience in the technology field, with a focus on business systems. He is based in New York and will be working closely with the company’s West Coast headquarters.

“We are excited that Mike is on board at this time of our company’s rapid growth,” said Sample Digital CEO Patrick Macdonald-King, while attending NAB in Las Vegas. “His mandate is to expand our products and services line beyond the media and entertainment sector, where we are now the market leader, into new business verticals.”

“I’m pleased to join with Sample Digital, and believe they have the best product on the market for video management and collaborative workflow,” said Lam. “I’m looking forward to working with Patrick and the team to introduce their platform to marketing/communications departments at major advertisers and corporate America.”

Prior to his six-year stint at ClearStory, Lam was VP of Information Technology and Operations at As Director of Information Systems and Technical Services for InterQual Products Group, Lam served as project leader on the integration team to consolidate all technology, infrastructure, and applications between InterQual with McKessonHBOC, the parent company with 30,000 employees. Lam has a Computer Science BA from Clark University, and launched his information technology career as an intern in the mid-1980’s with Burroughs Corp.

About Sample Digital:
Sample Digital ( ) is the market leader in digital production workflow solutions, meeting the entertainment industry’s growing demand for end-to-end electronic management of the production process. Sample Digital’s services, including Digital Dailies, minimize inefficiencies throughout the content creation, distribution and approval process.

The company’s Web and set-top box applications create a secure online environment where producers, management, distribution and licensing partners can share ideas, information and content created throughout the production, or campaign lifecycle, and as required for trafficking and distribution of final product

Obama Girl Dances

Obama Girl shakes her ‘Daisy Dukes’ to promote Attorney Eric C. Conn for appointment to the Social Security Advisory Board

STANVILLE, Ky. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Attorney Eric C. Conn has launched an ad campaign in hopes of grabbing the attention of President Obama. Today, Conn announced his new video with legendary bluegrass singer, Ralph Stanley, and model actress Amber Ettinger, more widely known as the “Obama girl.” Stanley sings custom lyrics to the tune of “Man of Constant Sorrow” and endorses Attorney Conn for appointment to the Social Security Advisory Board. Ettinger sings alongside local folk hero, Jesco White, more commonly known as “The Dancing Outlaw,” and Conn dances around too.

Obama Girl DancesStanley endorsed President Obama during his successful presidential campaign, and had a positive influence on the president’s unprecedented victory in Virginia.

Attorney Conn, locally known as “Mr. Social Security/SSI,” from his numerous billboards and radio ads around the region, is seeking an appointment by the president to the Social Security Advisory Board.

The video demonstrates Conn’s devotion to social justice and change.

“In fact, I’m so committed,” Conn says, “that I erected a scaled down version of the Statue of Liberty on my office’s front lawn.”

The statue can be viewed in the video at: as well as on YouTube. The video is located under the title: “Obama girl’s new crush.”

Barely Political is the leading political satire site on the Web. In June 2007 they launched with the debut video “I’ve Got a Crush on Obama” featuring Obama Girl. This quickly made them one of the most talked about and blogged about political satire sites online.

Founded in 1993, the Eric C. Conn Law Complex provides top-notch legal representation regarding Social Security Disability/SSI, Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury and Class Action Drug Lawsuit claims.

Conn’s ad campaigns have earned a reputation for being creative and in your face. Local highways are peppered with bright yellow billboards proclaiming Eric C. Conn “Mr. Social Security/SSI.” The radio plays jingles detailing Conn’s Gulf War service in addition to his law complex’s modest beginnings in a singlewide trailer. Newspapers tote numerous ads, among them, the fact that Conn speaks Spanish and is completely self-taught. He’s also a marketing junkie.

“I’m a firm believer in advertising and marketing. You can have the best product in town,” Conn adds, “but if the public doesn’t know about it, what good is it?”

The Eric C. Conn Law Complex includes more than 30 employees and one other attorney, John Earl Hunt. Together, they handle 65 percent of the region’s Social Security and SSI cases. Last year, the practice processed 1,246 cases.

For more information, visit: .

Mutiny Pictures

Mutiny Pictures reports busy winter and spring with key accounts, specializing in online branded entertainment

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Mutiny Pictures, a Los Angeles-based film company specializing in online branded entertainment and webisode production, made several company announcements through founder Michael Pierce on recent high-profile projects that showcase their branding capabilities and post-production expertise. Mutiny Pictures director Kenny Stoff recently teamed up with U2 to document the launch of the band’s first album in five years. “3 Nights Live” featured a three day, whirlwind tour from Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston where the band mingled with fans and the media in a Q&A session hosted by Shirley Manson. The Boston stop culminated with an intimate, live performance featuring songs from U2’s new record “No Line On The Horizon.”

Mutiny PicturesIn addition to U2, Kenny Stoff was reunited with Interscope Records’ artist Eminem to create a 30 minute program of original content for the making of his new video. “We Made This” is the lead single from his latest LP, Relapse, and is currently appearing on MTV and M2. Stoff and Eminem previously collaborated on the MTV hit “Making the Ass” which featured the puppetry of Crank Yankers and performances by Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel.

“We know we can rely on Kenny Stoff and the Mutiny Pictures team for great creative with quick post production turnarounds,” remarked Michelle An of Interscope Records. “We trust them with our most prominent artists and they continue to impress.”

Stoff also directed the music video “New Classic” for Razor & Tie Records’ Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley. The track is from the soundtrack of Disney’s “Another Cinderella Story” and has, to date, attracted over 500,000 views on YouTube.

Company directors Stephen Brown and Erin Brown also teamed up to direct the music video for The Strange Familiar and their song “Courage Is.” The music of The Strange Familiar is currently being featured on the ABC show “Secret Life of An American Teenager.” The music video takes a subtle, heartfelt and credible approach to teen pregnancy and the adversity of life.

Added Pierce: “It’s exciting to work with such a wonderful group of artists and I’m extremely proud of the work Kenny Stoff, Erin Brown and Stephen Brown have created. I am looking forward to the second half of 2009 and continuing to push the limits of traditional and new media.”

About Mutiny Pictures

Mutiny Pictures ( is a turnkey production through post-production solution for film, television, commercials and title sequence needs. The company offers a unique pairing of experienced directors and high-end visual effects and post production. Client accounts include J. Walter Thompson, McCann Erickson, ABC, Sony BMG and Universal Music Group, T-Mobile, GM, Lexus, BBDO, Team One, David and Goliath, and DDB.


GameBeat Studios Launches Unprecedented Campaign to Give Advertising and Marketing Agencies a Taste of Their Unique Versatility

CHICAGO, Ill. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — GameBeat Studios announced today that now through March 1, 2009 they will offer free, custom music demos to advertising and marketing agencies for their upcoming radio or television spots. The launch of this unprecedented promotional strategy comes just days before the debut of a new Toyota TV commercial featuring music composed and produced by GameBeat. Darryl Duncan, GameBeat’s president and CEO said taking advantage of the offer is easy: “Simply send us a QuickTime movie file of your spot along with any creative direction and we will compose, arrange, produce, mix and deliver a powerful, effective and on-target piece of music that will compliment your spot perfectly.”

CEO Darryl DuncanWhy the offer? “Our goal is simple,” says Duncan. “We want to make agencies everywhere aware of our studio’s unique and award-winning approach to music production and sound design and ultimately earn a spot on their short list of music vendors.” Duncan also revealed that he’s on a mission to introduce creative executives around the world to GameBeat’s “uncommon creativity.”

Since 1998, GameBeat Studios has produced music and sound for the ads of globally recognized brands including Wal-Mart, Sears, McDonalds, Kraft, Miller Beer, Motorola and dozens more.

In just the past two years the Chicago-based company earned 13 top industry awards including 8 Tellys, 3 Addys and 2 Millennium awards.

“Our versatility is one of our biggest assets,” said Duncan, whose team has produced spots featuring all musical genres. “We’re not just urban music, we do it all,” he added.

To take advantage of the custom demo offer, advertising and marketing agencies can contact GameBeat at 708-283-8860 or by email at

More information:

Send2Press® is the originating wire service for this story, Copr. 2009.
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Marketing Music Through Viral Video: FookMovie Collective Completes 30 Projects

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Communications expert John Scott G (recording artist The G-Man) leads a collective of artists, musicians and videographers known as FookMovie ( in the creation of wildly colorful music videos. Since opening in April, the company has completed 30 productions. “FookMovie was developed as a division of Golosio Publishing with the goal of creating more attention for songs in our catalogue,” states G, “but we have just accepted our first assignment for an artist outside of our musical family, so we’re way ahead of schedule in terms of the company’s expansion.”

All videos are posted on the company Web site in QuickTime but with links to the videos located on such social networking sites as YouTube and Veoh. In addition, FookMovie videos also appear on Blip and BetaRecords. “The adults-only videos are on Veoh because they have a category for 18+ content,” G notes, “and they are on our site with warnings about the content.

Notable productions include videos for “Bright Sun at Midnight” (Jonny Harmonic), “Keyboard Flavor Monkey” (The G-Man), “Evolution Destiny” (James Sotelo), and “Electrivicious Party Doll” (Country-Fried Funk).

About John Scott G

Scott is owner of G-Man Marketing in Los Angeles, where he consults on advertising, marketing, and sonic branding. G-Man Marketing has produced broadcast advertising for Verizon Wireless, Goodrich, The Auto Club, DIRECTV, Micron, Legoland, General Dynamics NASSCO and many others. Scott writes about marketing for the Advertising Industry Newswire(TM).

A member of The Recording Academy ( and on the Board of Directors of NARIP, The G-Man has 8 albums on iTunes. He and NLG are the principal directors at FookMovie(TM), with video contributions from a wide variety of painters, filmmakers, and light artists.

Learn more online:

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ActionBacks Nature's Motion

ActionBacks HD Animated Clouds, Water and Fire Announced from Suite Imagery

RACINE, Wis. — Suite Imagery, LLC has announced the completion and release of three new royalty free animation volumes in the Nature’s Motion series. The new volumes, Nature’s Motion 5, 6 and 7, each contain 20 new animations in full HD resolution. These animations serve as professional looping motion backgrounds useful in all levels of video and multimedia production. Nature’s Motion 5 is a collection of 20 animated cloud animations. The volume has a nice variety of color, clouds, and mood making it useful in many applications.

Nature’s Motion 6 contains all water and aquatic animations and backgrounds. From glimmering waves at sunset and underwater effects to waterfalls, these 20 HD animations offer many options to multimedia producers.

ActionBacks Nature\'s MotionNature’s Motion 7 is comprised of 20 animated graphics with a fire and pyrotechnics theme. Animated explosions, fireworks, and fire all in high definition make up this latest release in the ActionBacks collection.

Every animation contains a built in alpha channel for quick and clean keying.

The standard definition versions of all three of these new volumes are available for download, along with the rest of the SD volumes.

HD volumes are available on DVD. ActionBacks has discounts on purchases of 2 volumes or more, and also has bundle pricing available.

For more information, visit

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Market Research: IPTV, Streaming Entertainment Industry Will Generate $70 Billion Over Six Years

BOONTON, N.J. — Streaming video and music distributed across the Internet, an IPTV network, or a mobile handset will generate $70 billion in network-derived and content-derived revenue into the US markets over the next six years, according to a new market research study from The Insight Research Corporation. Streaming media refers to the transmission of digital audio and video files over an IP network or wireless network in real time or on-demand, while prohibiting users from storing the files locally.

Insight’s market analysis study, “Streaming Media, IPTV, and Broadband Transport: Telecommunications Carriers and Entertainment Services 2008-2013,” describes the technology and market forces underpinning the network-derived revenues generated from distributing streamed content across the public Internet, content distribution networks, cellular networks, or telco IP networks.

The study also estimates the revenue from the various types of content-derived revenues, along with associated advertising revenue. The streaming market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of nearly 29 percent over the next six years, driven by on-demand audio, on-demand video, as well as the accompanying advertising revenue.

“The outlook for streaming media has never been brighter. Questions surrounding consumers’ willingness to pay for content have been dispelled by satellite radio and iTunes,” says Robert Rosenberg, Insight Research president. “The forecasts that we present are conservative and in line with current performance. If, however, per-stream costs drop faster than anticipated, we have quicker acceptance of IPTV, or improvements in 3G delivery take place faster than expected, it could blow the doors off of our forecasts, propelling this industry into explosive growth,” Rosenberg continues.

Insight’s report examines the following market drivers: licensing issues, broadband Internet access, mass-market demand, and enterprise usage. Forecasts include revenues for the US market by network services, including digital rights management (DRM), encoding, and performance measurement; and by content services, including advertising, music on-demand, Internet radio and video on-demand.

An excerpt of this research report, table of contents, and ordering information are online at .

This 140-page report is available immediately for $3,995 (hard copy). Electronic (PDF) reports can be ordered online.

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LocaModa Jumbli

LocaModa’s Mobile Technology Enables Passers-by and Web Users to Interact with Times Square Digital Screen

BOSTON, Mass. — LocaModa Inc., pioneers of mobile and web-based interactive out-of-home media, today announce their platform integration with Clear Channel (NYSE: CCO) Spectacolor’s giant 40′ by 40′ digital screen in New York’s premier Times Square location. LocaModa’s platform enables out-of-home signage to be controlled by mobile consumers and visible from the web.

Harry Coghlan, President, Clear Channel Spectacolor, said “With LocaModa’s technology integrated into Spectacolor HD (, our advertisers now have the ability to not only attract people in Times Square, but also to interact with them via their mobile phones and the web. This is the start of a revolution in out-of-home advertising, one in which users can choose to engage with brands while brands get web-like measurability.”

LocaModa Jumbli The first LocaModa application on Spectacolor’s Times Square screen is Jumbli(TM), a text messaging word game. Players who submit the highest scoring words from their mobile phones see their names on the screen. Spectacolor is running the game twice every hour.

“We are very excited to be extending Spectacolor’s reach to both mobile and web consumers; potentially, millions of people can engage with the same content as being displayed in Times Square. This is yet another step in what we call The Web Outside,” said Stephen Randall, CEO, LocaModa.

The Jumbli game on the Times Square screen is also playable from Winning words played from the web will also be displayed in Times Square. Jumbli and any of LocaModa’s other interactive applications can also incorporate advertisers’ branding elements.

About LocaModa
LocaModa connects people and places online and off, bringing out-of-home locations to the web and web experiences to locations such as bars, cafes, colleges, public spaces and conferences. LocaModa Inc. is a privately held company, incorporated in Delaware, headquartered in Massachusetts and founded by Stephen Randall, a former EVP/Founder of Symbian. True to its global vision, LocaModa is internationally backed by Dace Ventures in USA, Mahindra Group in India and Sumitomo Corporation of Japan, via its U.S.-based strategic investing arm, PresidioSTX. Additional information can be found at .

About Clear Channel Outdoor
Clear Channel Outdoor (NYSE:CCO) is the world’s largest outdoor advertising company with over 973,000 displays in more than 60 countries across 6 continents.gIn the United States, the company operates over 167,000 advertising displays and has a presence in 49 of the top 50 Designated Market Areas. It also operates airport, rail, taxi and mall advertising businesses worldwide.

Its Spectacolor (U.S.) and DEFI (international) divisions are the global market leaders in spectacular sign displays, including in New York’s Times Square. Clear Channel Adshel is the company’s international street furniture division, which operates over 3,500 municipal advertising contracts worldwide. More information may be found by visiting .

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Satellite Media Tour Firm KDHD-TV Adds Broadcaster Wally Dallenbach Jr. as Auto Expert

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — NASCAR racing legend Wally Dallenbach Jr, motor sports broadcaster for NBC, ABC, TNT and USA Network, joins KDHD-TV, LLC’s team of broadcasters providing live content to national and local news programs around the country. Dallenbach rounds out the roster of broadcast savvy experts covering the dynamic tech, gaming, travel and toy industries for the satellite tour/broadcast news content provider.

“The relationship with Dallenbach marks our organic growth into the automotive industry, where we can offer new, compelling demographically desirable broadcast impression opportunities,” said KDHD.TV President Kyle Williams. “I am proud that we are on the forefront of the broadcast efforts of some of the biggest names in the various industries we serve.”

KDHD-TV LLC Prior to founding KDHD-TV, Williams headed production at a Newport Beach, Ca.-based multi-media company, where he created and distributed programming for satellite and cable channels and corporate clients, primarily in the automotive, toy, high-tech, and gaming industries. As senior producer he oversaw production of satellite media tours, airline in-flight programming, video news releases, web casts and automotive vehicle press footage. Williams was Senior Producer for ESPN’s “Road Trip” series from international auto shows, including Frankfurt, Germany, Los Angeles, Chicago, SEMA, and New York.

“The addition of Dallenbach is consistent with our strategy of utilizing experienced broadcast producers, editors and subject matter specialists to create, manage, and deliver compelling content. We are delivering on the promise of growth we sought at the inception of our enterprise,” Williams said. Dallenbach, who currently calls the action Championship Off-Road Racing, NASCAR, and several other national and international racing series, has more than 27 wins in his 20-year racing career. His victories include four trips to the winner’s circle in the prestigious 24 Hours of Daytona.

KDHD.TV, LLC founder Kyle Williams is a seasoned producer of targeted Satellite Media Tours, video news release, airline in-flight programming, and web casts. With over 20 years in television broadcast journalism, Williams brings his wealth of knowledge and expertise to KDHD.TV, LLC, offering his clients a team of experts whose backgrounds include program development; satellite media tour development and placement, public relations and sales. Kyle can be reached at


All trademarks acknowledged.
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Stellar Media web video

Haywood County Tomatoes Travel the Internet with Video Campaign

WAYNESVILLE, N.C. — Haywood County tomatoes are now traveling worldwide, thanks to a short web-based video recently produced by the Buy Haywood Market Development Project. More and more, people are receiving messages that communicate “thousands of miles fresher,” “buy local,” and “support sustainable agriculture.” Often these messages are on bumper stickers or in print ads, but the Buy Haywood project has taken these ideas to the next level with the assistance of the World Wide Web.

While the Buy Haywood project often draws parallels with other place-based promotional efforts, like Vidalia Onions, this new marketing effort has more in common with the California Raisin ads from years ago, including music, humor, and animated produce.

Stellar Media web video “We wanted to try a more creative approach to promoting our local farm products,” said George Ivey, Coordinator of the Buy Haywood project. “We have always had excellent soils, hard-working farmers, and great-tasting produce, but what we need to make a difference in our sales and marketing efforts might really be cartoon tomatoes and YouTube.”

The video was produced locally by Stellar Media, which aims to provide animation at an affordable price for nonprofits as well as businesses. “In this case, animation allowed us to take some serious issues and present them in a humorous and hopefully memorable way,” said Eric Larson, President of Stellar Media. “Posting the video on the web will also help the project reach many new and different audiences.”

The voices for the video are also local, with Kristin Yarborough and Mark Terry narrating the 80-second video. A shorter, 30-second version has also been produced with possible television use in mind. The video can be seen online at,, and

The Buy Haywood Market Development Project seeks to improve awareness, interest, and sales of fruits, vegetables, and other farm products grown in Haywood County, North Carolina. The project is managed by the Haywood County Economic Development Commission, and it receives support from the Golden LEAF Foundation.

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Video Spot Contest

James Allen Launches Video Spot Contest Promoting $3K Diamond Giveaway

NEW YORK, N.Y. —, the online diamond retailer, has announced the first in its series of video based contests to be held over the next twelve months. The Best Video Proposal contest invites participants to submit a video explaining or showing their marriage proposal idea. The winner of this contest will collect a diamond engagement ring valued at $3,000.

Quoting marketing director Raz Barr, “We’re looking for funny, memorable, or surprising proposal ideas to be submitted for our consideration. We plan on reviewing every video and choosing a winner from among the entries. The winner will receive a $3,000 diamond engagement ring as their prize. In addition, we’ll post the winning video on our site and make it available for worldwide download.”

Video Spot ContestContest details are published on the James Allen website ( alongside a sample video demonstrating one of the worst ways to propose marriage and inviting viewers to suggest alternatives. The video was honored by YouTube as being one of the most watched videos on the day it was initially launched. pioneered 3D video technology to showcase their selection of diamond engagement rings and other diamond jewelry. The company considers the video contest to be an appropriate fit with the way that visual acuity is made available for their customers. has recently extended its diamond photography exclusivity agreement for a period of additional 3 years. “This will help us maintain the advantage of being the only website to offer our customers the ability to see photographs of the actual diamond they are considering buying,” said Raz Barr, Marketing director at

The online diamond retailer was founded in 1998 as a means to offer customers the world’s most beautiful engagement designs, coupled with the highest quality diamonds at an extraordinary value and make it all available online. In addition to its wide selection of diamond engagement rings, James Allen sells wedding and anniversary rings, diamond pendants, pearl jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, and a large selection of gift jewelry items.

For more information, visit

View example “worst marriage proposal” video at:

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Flvorful video marketing

Flvorful(TM) Video Ad Marketplace Revolutionizes Internet Video Placement for Advertisers and Content Publishers

AUSTIN, Texas — In its beta phase, invites advertisers and publishers to try out a new and innovative Internet service that brings together the content of video publishers and matches them with the needs of advertisers. Flvorful makes it easy for advertisers to find the right Flash video content and for video publishers to attract advertisers and generate revenue.

“In essence,” Jake Varghese, CEO and Lead Developer of, explained, “the site was designed to revolutionize the way video is presented on the Internet. We have provided one marketplace where advertisers and publishers can come together to swap ads.”

Flvorful video marketingFor instance, if an advertiser wants to place ads on all tech shows, the service is only one click away. Rather than contacting each network and negotiating rates, advertisers can visit and choose where they want to advertise to their max CPM per commercial. They are then able to track the number of times a commercial is played and clicked on and even track which shows played them and how many times.

“It’s a terrific marketing tool,” Varghese explained. “And, advertisers determine the amount they want to pay for their commercials.”

Advertisers can play their video commercials automatically in Flash videos all over the Web; they only pay when they run. They simply choose targeted keywords and categories to communicate the types of videos for commercials to play in. There are no long forms to fill out and up to 30 seconds per commercial is provided.

Video publishers can turn their Flash video content into cash. brings the video publishers to the advertisers and sets up the commercials for them. They simply set the price, sit back and receive payments through PayPal.

“We put a very small amount of non-intrusive code on the publisher’s site,” Varghese explained. “It’s even smaller than the amount of code used for Google ads.”

Many content categories are available and include: arts and entertainment, education, health, real estate, travel, technology and much more.

Sign up is easy. Advertisers register once and will then receive full reports about where commercials are playing. Publishers also register once and it takes minimal time to add new material.

To try the beta version, visit:

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MyAdTV Delivers ‘One Click Turnkey’ Digital Advertising Solution

SAN JOSE, Calif. — MyAdTV, Inc., a software service provider dedicated to bringing digital signage solutions to the masses, today announces the release of the “One Click Turnkey” digital advertising solution. MyAdTV provides a complete web based solution to in-store advertising and on-location ad sales.

MyAdTV delivers the world’s first One Click Turnkey solution to in-store digital advertising. With just one click, any computer connected to the Internet is converted into a turnkey digital signage system. That is, when the computer is first powered on, the scheduled content will start to play automatically. The One Click Turnkey mode can be setup on any computer without having to install software, while content is downloaded from MyAdTV’s central server into a web based application. Wireless desktop or laptop computers work well with this application and can be used at any number of locations. No trained personnel are required to maintain the system which is ideal for use in a retail environment.

MyAdTVThe One Click Turnkey solution reduces technical hurdles for store owners to implement digital signage. The entire platform supports the notion that anyone can start to compose and playback ad content without the need to purchase any hardware or software beyond an Internet enabled computer. Customers can validate the concept right from their own computer before investing in systems for their stores. Store owners and advertising content designers can sign up for a FREE ‘Starter Package’ to access the service right away. The software takes static images, movie formats, Macromedia Flash, and user type-in text as inputs and composes an ad sequence to be played as full screen dynamic advertising. You can control and update the content remotely through your account from any computer.

The update will take place automatically with no interruption to the display content. You can also subscribe to multiple accounts and establish tiered permissions for a staff to manage various ad campaigns, or for web designers to create ad content while you retain the right to override any activities within the linked accounts. The One Click Turnkey digital advertising solution is easily demonstrated by going to MyAdTV’s demo site (

About MyAdTV, Inc.
Founded in 2004 and located in the heart of Silicon Valley, MyAdTV puts tremendous effort in developing applications that greatly expand the scope of digital signage. The patent pending flagship technologies include one-click turnkey (, hierarchical account architecture (, and automated ad trading (

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MyAdTV digital signage

MyAdTV Free Service Helps Retailers to Convert Shoppers Into Customers

SAN JOSE, Calif. — MyAdTV, Inc. (, a software service provider dedicated to bringing digital signage solutions to the masses, today re-announces the release of the MyAdTV digital signage platform free of charge to the public. MyAdTV provides a complete solution to in-store advertising and on-location ad sales and allows businesses to find and advertise on third party digital signage screens for the purpose of cross-promotion.

MyAdTV digital signageDynamic digital signage is fast becoming the tool of choice for point-of-purchase advertising. It is a more effective way to convey information and to capture viewers’ attention than traditional printed materials. Many national retail chains have already positioned themselves in using digital signage. Most independent store owners are left out due to lack of know-how and high implementation cost.

MyAdTV has engineered a solution that transforms digital signage to an easy-to-use web application. This digital signage platform is available to the public free of charge. Independent business owners can now take advantage of this new tool. No software installation is required; a regular PC connected to the Internet is used for content creation and playback; displaying content is controlled and updated remotely with no interruption to the display; users can self-start in less than 30 minutes. Store owners can easily put together a digital signage system themselves with the cost of a computer and a monitor.

MyAdTV also helps to increase foot traffic to retail stores. MyAdXchange is a first of its kind ad trading system designed for business owners to swap ad space with their neighbors. Cross promotion can capture more on-site shoppers to their stores. Placing digital signage by the shop windows or store entrances also helps to attract traffic off the street and is cost effective.

MyAdTV’s expandable and reconfigurable account architecture allows store owners to increase the usage at their own pace. Store owners can display content to multiple locations and assign their staff to manage various accounts. The task of content creation can also be turned over to web designers by giving them access to the accounts. All accounts are linked together within a business organization. Ad campaigns can be managed remotely by internal staff while store owners retain the overall control and can override any actions taken within the accounts. This feature allows store owners to run their own advertising campaigns right at their finger tips.

Businesses that are new to digital signage should take advantage of the free service and use it as an educational tool to learn about the ins and outs of digital signage. With the step by step user guide provided, they can start using this application right from their own computers. The only thing they have to invest is a few hours of their time.

The MyAdTV platform also creates new opportunities for other independent businesses besides store owners. Service oriented companies can easily incorporate digital signage to their existing operation. Using MyAdTV, businesses such as content creation and management, system integration and on-location ad sales can enter this market without excessive starting capital.

Go to to sign up for a free account.

About MyAdTV, Inc.
Founded in 2004 and located in the heart of Silicon Valley, MyAdTV puts tremendous effort in developing applications to greatly expand the scope of digital signage. The two patent pending flagship technologies include hierarchical account architecture and a fully automated ad trading platform. MyAdTV is in its series A funding stage.

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MyAdTV Digital Signage Platform Can Transform Small Business Advertising

SAN JOSE, Calif. — MyAdTV, Inc. (, a software service provider dedicated to bringing digital signage solutions to the masses, today announces the release of the MyAdTV digital signage platform free of charge to the public. The MyAdTV platform provides a complete solution to in-store advertising. In addition, MyAdTV allows businesses to locate and advertise on third party digital signage screens through MyAdXchange.

Chain operators such as Wal-mart(R), Albertsons(R) and Best Buy(R) are beginning to implement digital signage in their stores nationwide. Public venues such as shopping malls and airports are also adopting the use of digital signage. Most implementations employ custom solutions which are both expensive and require recurring resources to maintain. Digital signage is out of reach for most independent store owners due to the large investment they have to make.

With the advancement of Internet technology, MyAdTV engineered a solution that transforms digital signage from a high cost, high tech system to a low cost, easy to use web application. This digital signage platform is now available to the public as a software service. Anyone can sign up for the free ‘Starter Package’ and gain access to this powerful tool immediately. No software installation is required, and the content creation and playback can be done on any PC connected to the Internet. Content display is controlled and updated remotely from anywhere without interruption to the display. The usage is easy enough for a new user to self-start in less than 30 minutes.

MyAdXchange is the first fully automated ad trading platform which allows store owners to exchange ads for the purpose of cross-promotion. MyAdXchange is a valuable tool to help local stores convert near by shoppers into customers.

“The inception of MyAdTV started when we realized there is a cheaper and better way of implementing digital signage using ‘Software As A Service’.” said Yvonne Li, Founder and CEO of MyAdTV. “This model enables us to offer our service to business owners so that they can start using digital signage right away. The best part is that they don’t have to commit to buying any hardware or software. We are also the first one to develop an ad trading platform that allows store owners to cross-promote each other’s businesses. We are energized by this new paradigm, knowing many businesses will benefit from this new tool.”

MyAdTV’s expandable and reconfigurable account architecture allows store owners to increase the usage at their own pace. A multi-level account structure can be constructed with varying administrative rights. The architecture also allows content aggregation from various users within the chain.

The MyAdTV platform creates new opportunities for other small businesses besides store owners. Service oriented companies can easily incorporate digital signage to their existing operation. Using MyAdTV, businesses such as content creation and management, system integration and on-location ad sales can enter this market without excessive starting capital.

About MyAdTV, Inc.
Founded in 2004 and located in the heart of Silicon Valley, MyAdTV puts tremendous effort in developing applications to greatly expand the scope of digital signage. The two flagship technologies include hierarchical account architecture and a fully automated ad trading platform. To sign up for a free account, please go to MyAdTV is in the process of seeking first round funding. For investor relations, please contact Yvonne Li, Founder and CEO, by sending email to

More information:

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Marketing Expert, Kim Banchs, Joins Incredible Discoveries to Expand the Infomercial

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. — Incredible Discoveries today announced they have appointed marketing expert, Kim Banchs as the Vice President of Product Sales. In this role she will head up a newly created division, entitled Incredible Discoveries Distribution Services (IDDS). Banchs brings an impressive wealth of experience to Incredible Discoveries, where she will be responsible for expanding product penetration beyond the vast infomercial audience. Banchs will be working with Incredible Discoveries’ strategic partners at leading national and international retail distribution firms, catalog and credit card insert distribution firms and the country’s highest rated live shopping networks to create important new opportunities for the firm’s product discoveries.

Banchs spent the past seven years with Transactional Marketing Partners (TMP), where she was in charge of product acquisition and marketing coordination for products. At TMP, she conceived of and built a division under TMP, called Product Partners, which was headquartered in Tampa to bring products to the live shopping world via Home Shopping Network.

As a graduate of Penn State, Banchs began her career with an impressive retail run, first as manager of a chain of women’s stores. She later joined Saks Fifth Avenue as a department manager, and was then promoted to buyer. She ventured into the direct response industry in 1991, when she was hired by QVC and worked in the fitness, hardware and licensed sporting goods areas. She was promoted in 1994 to buyer and spent a year at QVC’s operation in London. Banchs returned to the United States operation and remained there until 1998, when she took a position with the New York-based infomercial agency, Tactica.

“We are very excited about the addition of Kim Banchs to our team. Her vast experience is a perfect complement to our company, and her presence has already expanded and enhanced our product marketing efforts through multiple distribution channels,” said Mark Alfieri, Managing Director for Incredible Discoveries.

About Incredible Discoveries:
Incredible Discoveries, a division of Immediate Capital Group, is a fully integrated production and investment partnership company that introduces new products to consumers through infomercial development and management. ID offers funding opportunities for selected product manufacturers, in addition to multi-channel distribution options through their strategic partnerships with leading national and international retail distribution firms, catalog and credit card insert distribution firms and the country’s highest rated live shopping networks. ID hosts a team of dynamic professionals with years of direct response ingenuity and expertise. Their fresh, innovative approach has lead to successful products launches including the Black & Decker “Infrawave Speed Oven,” the Magic Juice Filter and the Didi Car.


NEWS SOURCE: Incredible Discoveries
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POD Digital Concierge Advertising System Provides Maximum Exposure

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — POD Digital Promotions has developed and patented the POD advertising system as the ultimate formula for successful target-market penetration – digital advertising. The system’s integration of visual and print media gives advertisers an edge through a unique approach that combines creativity, experience, and technology.

POD Digital Promotions“Business owners are concerned by money wasted on traditional advertising,” Jody Torre, President, POD Digital Promotions explained. “According to analysts, there is a seismic shift to newer forms of marketing. POD Digital Promotions emerges as a powerful alternative to traditional advertising, proving itself to be a highly targeted, cost-efficient, and accountable medium.”

The main POD Unit is placed in high-traffic locations such as hotel lobbies, shopping malls, eateries and fitness centers. The POD Advertising Unit contains a digital screen that plays a full-motion commercial combined with each advertiser’s full color, tri-fold brochure; advertisers can also add coupons and other incentives.

Auxiliary screens, tied to the main POD Unit, are strategically placed throughout the location to attract customers and narrowcast messages, community information and trivia throughout the business day.

Since the product’s initial deployment in Chester, NJ, there has been a growing roster of POD units placed across the state of New Jersey and throughout the US. To date, the company has deployed systems in North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia and expects continued growth.

POD Digital Promotions provides clients with consistent exposure. The system provides advertisers with a “two for one advantage” – to be seen and remembered.

“We recognize that clients have limited budgets and want maximum exposure for money spent,” Torre said. “This system provides affordable, consistent branding.”

POD Digital Promotions works with clients to create a program that combines a technology mix.

“The POD Advertising Unit is the star of our program, but not the only service we provide,” Torre stated. “We offer a laundry list of cost-effective advertising and marketing solutions.”

POD advertising costs just pennies per viewer and is attractive to local businesses owners.

“Besides word of mouth, our POD Digital ad has been the most cost- effective way to attain new business,” Julie Koza, President of Interiors at 40 Main in New Jersey, said.

For more information, visit: or call (866) 475-4010.

NEWS SOURCE: POD Digital Promotions
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Service Allows Businesses to Increase Visibility with Online Video Commercials

KANNAPOLIS, NC — Businesses can now increase the visibility and impact of their Web sites by adding Video Commercials using WEBSTREAMERS revolutionary video streaming service. According to research done by QwestDex media, consumers are 60% more likely to complete a transaction online if they see a video in addition to pictures.

“With streaming video technology, advertisers can reach customers on a new level,” said Darren Moody, President – WEBSTREAMERS. “Businesses that combine streaming video commercials with their more traditional online advertising tools can communicate more information and make more personal connections with their customers.”

“This is particularly important for businesses such as realtors, car dealers, doctors, politicians, consultants etc… that rely on building personal relationships as their main competitive advantage,” said Moody.

The new Video Commercials enable Internet users to make smarter purchasing decisions. The added audio and video enhancements allow consumers to see and hear about the services and products they are interested in purchasing.

The Video Commercials also include a browser-based email broadcast and management system. Within the system are utilities to construct HTML email pages then broadcast them to a list of email addresses. The email campaigns are designed to deliver thousands of Video Commercials simultaneously, but can be used for conventional email campaigns also. The Email system has a reporting section that enables the sender to monitor the recipient’s actions in real-time.

According to WEBSTREAMERS’ management, more than 93 percent of all Internet users can see the Video Commercials they produce for businesses. The Video Commercials can be seen by users on Microsoft Windows and Macintosh PC’s without downloads or plugins.

“There’s no denying the power of video to deliver information faster, more effectively, and to a larger audience,” concluded Moody. “Businesses now have the option of creating and delivering affordable online Video Commercials that describe their products or services.”

More information is available at 704-564-8567 or e-mail: Online:

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Send2Press Relaunches VNR Service

LOS ANGELES, CA — Send2Press(R), a leading targeted newswire service, announced today the relaunch of its video news release, or “VNR,” production and distribution channel. As part of the revamped service offering, Send2Press will be both producing and disseminating client VNRs online and to the media for the first time since 2002. The service will allow any size company to showcase their news in a visual and dynamic Web-compatible presentation.

VNR ServiceEach 90-second VNR is presented in a cable news channel format, with a professional on-air talent reading the content, with support for embedded images, audio and video. The video news releases are featured in the Send2Press News Network, which includes websites like, averaging 25 million hits per month, and related sites like and

Additionally, Send2Press video and other content will be distributed by Voxant, Inc.’s Viral Syndication Network(TM), as appropriate. Send2Press VNRs will be submitted to video sites including Google and Yahoo!. Video Podcasts on two new sites, and, will stream VNR content to the iTunes(TM) portal and other video-capable sites.

Voxant is the first open distribution network for online news. Its Viral Syndication Network(TM) is a revolutionary approach to distributing and monetizing news online. Through TheNewsRoom(TM) and its patent-pending NewsCubes(TM), Voxant will enable news organizations to push licensed news content and advertising to an estimated 43 million Web sites and 30 million blogs that attract more than half of all Internet viewers.

Send2Press is a unit of Neotrope(R), a content, marketing and entertainment firm established in 1983, which has been involved with creating and evangelizing multimedia content as long as the category has existed.

According to Neotrope President, Christopher Simmons, a 25-year marketing and PR veteran, “Now that the Internet has caught up with video, both through broadband connections and high-speed desktop and mobile devices, we felt it was time to again offer this kind of ‘visual branding’ service to our clients.”

He added, “Nothing communicates a message or product demonstration as well as video, and now small- to medium-size businesses can get the same value in using VNRs as large companies who spend much more through other venues.”

Simmons is a member of the PRSA, and ASCAP. He has been on the launch team of numerous successful Internet-era companies in the entertainment and technology industries, including MacMall(R), FindWhat(R), and Send2Press(R). He is frequently interviewed by leading magazines including PCworld, Entrepreneur, and TrendWatch about technology and marketing topics. As a working journalist, he has been a contributing editor to numerous magazines including the Graphic Artist Guild newspaper, Micro Publishing News, Digital Imaging, Print on Demand Business, Computer Player, Polyphony, and Spazz.

Send2Press(R) is the only targeted news distribution service with a staff entirely comprised of accredited PR professionals and working journalists, and was the first news service in the world to optimize content for search engines in 1997 using Neotrope’s proprietary ContextEngine(R) technology. Prior to 2000, Send2Press was known as MindsetNetwire. Send2Press is a unit of Neotrope(R), established 1983 in California by Christopher L. Simmons. Neotrope was formerly known as Mindset.

Affordably priced, the exclusive new Send2Press VNR service was unveiled in “beta” to existing clients in June. The formal re-launch is July 10th.

For more information, visit after July 10th. Look for the blue box that says “learn about our VNR service.”

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