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Voiceover Talent Marketplace

Voiceover Talent Marketplace Welcomes 100,000th Member and Launches Updated Responsive Booking Portal

Voiceover Talent Marketplace

NEWS: For the past decade, London, Ontario based has helped advertising industry professionals connect when seeking voiceover talent, and voice actors. It’s also become a top destination for those seeking to make a living by promoting their voice acting abilities for projects ranging from animation, to TV spots and PSAs, to documentary and feature film work. This month, Voices is celebrating the registration of its 100,000th voice talent member with the launch of a new website, rebuilt from the ground up around HTML5/Bootstrap and “responsive design.”

Responsive design is a win-win for both the company and its customers. Traveling down the road of responsive design became an absolute must for following a substantial increase in visitors accessing the site via mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and the Android-powered Galaxy SIII with mobile visits increasing 43 percent year over year.

“As a result of our responsive design implementation, visitors to the site are more engaged and staying on the website for longer periods of time,” says David Ciccarelli CEO and co-founder of Voices. “People are visiting more often with 86 percent of members visiting daily. Of those visitors, they are also staying 17 percent longer on the site than they were just a year ago.”

Consider the following statistics from a recent Forrester Research report:
* Mobile web browsing is projected to take over desktop Internet usage by 2015 – or sooner.
* 90 percent of people use multiple screens to access the web.
* 90 percent of smartphone searches results in a purchase or a visit to a business.

Learn more: .

About Voices: strives to achieve amazing things through the talent and faith of ordinary people. is the online marketplace that connects businesses with voice over talent. More than 200,000 people from companies like ABC, NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, Sony Pictures, Audible, Comcast, Bell Canada, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Western Union, American Airlines, Toyota, Ford and GM as well as organizations such as the U.S. Army and the U.S. Government entrust the Voices online marketplace with their stories and collaborate online.

Editorial note: story updated to fix typo on “bootstrap.”

Christopher Laird Simmons

Diigo Apparently Dead or Hacked, Site Being Redirected

NEWS: Today anybody attempting to use the Diigo social bookmarking site was greeted with either a redirect to a keyword link page (similar to a placeholder site), or was being redirected to an apparent affiliate link page. Diigo has been around quite some time, and also absorbed Furl a couple of years back. (UPDATED)

I’ve been posting thousands of stories to the site (when the prior Furl content is included) over the past 5 years or more, and only discovered this from my own bookmark getting the redirect, when going to: .

Redirects seem to include “Click Check,” “Monster,” and a keyword list site simliar to a non-active domain.

SO, not clear if site/company is “gone” or they got their DNS hacked, or what. I’ll update this post if the site comes back.

UPDATE 1pm PDT: (ref: )

Diigo posted the following announcement which I had missed earlier or was unable to find doing search for “Diigo down”:

Dear Diigo users,

We’re terribly sorry to inform you that we’re experiencing domain hijacking, ie. someone gained access to our Yahoo domain registrar account, and illegally hijacked the domain, Very soon may not be accessible to you until this issue is resolved.

But please rest assured that all our servers and user data are NOT compromised, and your data can be alternatively accessed at

Your current Diigo extensions and bookmarklets will not work on

For now, to bookmark to, please install this special bookmarklet for >> (link not included here -cs)

Again, we’re terribly sorry about any inconvenience this may have brought you. We’re working hard to resolve this. Thanks for your patience and continued support.

For the latest status update, please see our tweets at


The Diigo Team.

— UPDATE 9am PDT Friday Oct. 26, 2012 —
As of this morning, apparently the DNS issue has been fixed at the root, but it has not yet propagated to all the name servers (e.g., in California, on Verizon/FIOS – we still see redirects), just as when you move a domain to new server. As of their latest tweet, “It takes some time to propagate all DNS values world wide. You may need to wait a few hours to get fully accessible.”

VOICES iPhone App

Voices Mobile App for iOS devices will allow ad industry talent booking agents to search the database

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Announced this weeek, the new Voices Mobile App for iOS devices, will allow advertising industry talent booking agents to search the database of over 75,000 voice talents, review price quotes and listen to custom auditions from their mobile devices.

“Our customers are using their mobile devices to access the website,” says David Ciccarelli, CEO of Voices. “Now 15 percent of all traffic to is coming from apple devices and that number is growing every month.” is the online marketplace that connects businesses with professional voice-over talent. Their first-ever mobile app for procuring voice-overs also gives professional voice talent the ability to review a list of paid jobs, submit an audition and a price quote to the businesses looking to hire.

The new mobile app is compatible with the Apple iPhone and iPad and is available on iTunes free of charge.

“The new app will allow voice talent and businesses to connect more easily which will result in more work being awarded through,” says Stephanie Ciccarelli, Chief Marketing Officer of Voices.

“The app looks complete and well-thought out. The addition of the recorder is a bonus. I can see myself knocking off auditions on vacation or on the road, wherever,” says Cal Koat, professional voice talent and Voices Member.

About Voices:
Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is the technology and industry leading website that connects businesses with professional voice talents. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies rely upon the marketplace to search for, audition and hire voice talents with the assistance of our innovative SurePay(TM) escrow service and our Web application.

Clients that have worked with Voices include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader’s Digest, Comcast, Bell Canada, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, ING, Western Union, Ford, GM, Jaguar, American Airlines, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Government and thousands more.

Read more information about the app and customer reviews: .

The App is now available in the iTunes app store: .

National LTC Network

Marketing Long Term Care to Seniors: LTCA named a finalist in SeniorHomes’ Best of Web Awards 2012

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — National LTC Network member Long Term Care Associates (LTCA) recently became a finalist in the “Social Media Rockstars – Organizations” category of SeniorHomes’ 2012 “Best Of The Web Awards.” The contest identified some of the most valuable resources across the web for seniors, caregivers and industry professionals in 10 categories, and was judged by a panel of leading experts in the senior living industry.

“LTCA has been a groundbreaking industry leader in social media, so it’s great to see their work recognized by,” commented Terry Truesdell, President and CEO of the National LTC Network.

“Here at LTCA we’ve been building our Twitter presence for nearly 3 years. Because of its intimacy and immediacy, I identified Twitter as the perfect platform to assist not only our producers, but also consumers and other professionals looking for information on long term care planning,” said Stephen D. Forman, LTCA’s Senior Vice-President & Social Media Brand Manager. “I feel optimistic about our strategy, since we recently achieved the milestone of surpassing the 99.99 percentile rank by Followers and established ourselves as THE online source for high-quality long-term care content.” reports that they received more than 450 nominations. Judges considered criteria including 1) Quality of writing, 2) Accuracy and insight, 3) Navigation and design, 4) Breadth and depth, and 5) Engagement with, and Number of Followers.

About LTCA:

With roots dating back to 1974, Long Term Care Associates, Inc. (LTCA) has now entered its 5th decade focused exclusively in the LTC insurance marketplace. Headquartered in Bellevue, Wash., the company is proud to service over 5 million members of sponsoring organizations, and count the claim payments to its clients in the tens of millions of dollars.

About the National LTC Network:

Since 1994, The National LTC Network has been a leader in long term care insurance distribution. The Network counts among its member firms some of the most respected and successful firms in the industry. Members include trailblazers in workplace sales, association sales, and traditional individual sales.

About Contest Sponsor SeniorHomes:

SeniorHomes is a free resource for people looking for senior housing or senior care for a loved one or themselves. features expert-written articles and a comprehensive directory of care options.

More information:
National LTC Network: .
Twitter: .

BULLY movie premiere

Kids social network, Weinstein Company, and MovieTickets website team for BULLY premiere events and promotions

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — To support the premiere today of the anti-bullying documentary, “BULLY,” Jackie Fame, Inc. (FAME), the leading kid/teen social network is joining forces with The Weinstein Company and The PG-13 version of the anti-bullying documentary will open in 115 theaters.

FAME and the AMC Cinema chain will sponsor several “Bully Movie Events” across the country, with selected theaters offering free admission to a one-night “Bully” awareness event – with the continued goal of involving parents, students, educators, and advocates in the movement to ending bullying.

In addition, with every “Bully” ticket purchased through FAME will provide a free download of its book “Kid2Kid, Keepin’ it Safe Online” (ISBN: 978-0-675-50025-6) made available for the NOOK and Kindle eBook formats. “Kid2Kid” includes great advice for young people about staying safe online, and includes a chapter about preventing bullying in cyberspace and in everyday life.

“We are happy to join The Weinstein Company’s ‘Bully’ campaign to help raise awareness about the serious effects of bullying. We hope to help inspire kids from around the world to stand up to bullying,” said Zachary Swauger, age 13, FAME co-founder.

“This has always been a mission of the Jackie Fame network,” added Joshua Swauger 11, FAME co-founder. “In 2011, we launched ‘We Have the Power’ at – a grass roots awareness movement about the terrible effects of bullying on school-aged kids. We recorded an original song, produced by DJ Boom and Hip-Hop recording artist G-Money. We wrote the lyrics to express how deeply concerned we are about bullying and its effect on our peers.”

The FAME co-founders hope all school-aged kids and their parents will see “Bully” and join together in the fight to stop all forms of bullying.

Directed by Sundance and Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Lee Hirsch, “Bully” is a beautifully cinematic, character-driven documentary. At its heart are those with huge stakes in this issue whose stories each represent a different facet of America’s bullying crisis. “Bully” follows five kids and families over the course of a school year. Stories include two families who have lost children to suicide and a mother awaiting the fate of her 14-year-old daughter who has been incarcerated after bringing a gun on her school bus.

The Weinstein Company (TWC) is a multimedia production and distribution company launched in October 2005 by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, the brothers who founded Miramax Films in 1979. TWC also encompasses Dimension Films, the genre label founded in 1993 by Bob Weinstein, which has released such popular franchises as “Scream,” “Spy Kids” and “Scary Movie.” Together TWC and Dimension Films have released a broad range of mainstream, genre and specialty films that have been commercial and critical successes. (, the worldwide leader in advance movie ticketing, offers moviegoers a quick and convenient way to purchase tickets, while serving as a top destination for movie news, reviews and trailers. The Company currently enables consumers across 17 countries/territories, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean to buy movie tickets online, from any mobile device or by phone at 877-789-MOVIE.

Jackie Fame ( continues to expand its Jackie Fame(R) brand with the national retail launch of the FAMEbody personal care and cosmetic lines, BrandFAME apparel lines, merchant platform; and Face-the-Fame, FAME America!, the online music and talent contest. In 2013, FAME is launching its FAMEgirl salon in selected cities.

The mission of the Jackie Fame Network is to be the leading teen social networking destination with the largest, most engaged audience and community. The network will be supported by its unique position as one of the strongest, most valued brands focusing in the highly coveted kid-teen audience.

Jackie Fame is a privately held company and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with offices in Los Angeles, Calif.

Jackie Fame(R), FAME50(R), JFame(R), FAMEbody(R), Face-The-Fame(R) and FAMEVision(R) are registered trademarks of Jackie Fame Inc. All other trademarks acknowledged.

To learn more about Jackie Fame network, please visit .

Dawn Westerberg Consulting

Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Dawn Westerberg to Present Webinar about Google+ for Association of Strategic Marketing

AUSTIN, Texas /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — B2B Marketing Strategist, and Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, Dawn Westerberg will be presenting “Adding Google+ To Your Marketing Mix” for members of The Association of Strategic Marketing on Thursday, March 15, 2012. Westerberg believes that the integration between Google+ and other widely used Google applications, services and tools such as Gmail, Google Places, Chrome and Blogger, to name just a few, create a convenient and powerful platform for B2B marketers and business.

“Google+ promises some intriguing possibilities for B2B marketers,” said Westerberg. “When you take into consideration that Google and YouTube are the number one and number two search engines, making content available on Google+ only makes sense.”

About The Association of Strategic Marketing:
The Association of Strategic Marketing ( is a training and development website for Marketing professionals. Association of Strategic Marketing provides unique up-to-date Marketing training through audio conferences, webinar and articles.

About Dawn Westerberg Consulting:
Dawn Westerberg invites business owners to “fall in love with your business again” through a sound marketing strategy that drives results and profits. Dawn Westerberg Consulting LLC assists companies in developing marketing plans that take full advantage of online and traditional marketing to create lead demand from ideal prospects.

An Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Consultant – – Dawn is a frequent speaker at conferences throughout the country on the topics of marketing, social media, online presence, and blogging. She publishes a blog on B2B Marketing at and is a contributor at the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant’s blog. With headquarters in Austin, TX, she serves customers in the United States and Canada.

Jackie FAME Inc.

Kids social media brand, Jackie Fame Inc., expands to clothing and other lifestyle offerings with FAMEbody and BrandFAME

CHARLOTTE, N.C. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Jackie Fame, Inc., which bills itself as the “kid/teen social network,” a Facebook(TM) alternative for kids and teens, announced this month the launch of its FAME 2.0 social network. The Company also continues to expand its Jackie Fame brand with the national retail launch of the “FAMEbody” personal care and cosmetic lines, and “BrandFAME” apparel lines.

Jackie Fame is an investment capital funded, Charlotte and Los Angeles based company; founded by kid entrepreneurs Zachary Swauger (age 13) and Joshua Swauger (age 10), launched its initial Jackie Fame(R) Network in January of 2011. After the positive response and tremendous membership growth, the brothers put a halt on growth initiatives while focusing on enhanced development efforts of its platform. With continued feedback for improvements from the FAME Kid Advisors, the brothers developed FAME 2.0 – a custom, feature rich, with a scalable network, infrastructure. Also, not surprisingly, Jackie Fame offers an interactive Android and iPhone mobile app available to download for free on over 2,500 wireless devices – FAME Mobile.

In 2011, the Swauger brothers also penned their first book in the “Kid2Kid Book Series” titled “Kid2Kid, Keepin’ It Safe Online” (ISBN: 9780615500256). This fun to read book about internet safety, which includes a chapter on anti-bullying, is now available at book stores, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and public libraries.

“What we set out to do was build an awesome place on the web for kids to communicate, share and create new friendships, continue to develop our brandFAME and its superior lines of quality products, provide financial opportunity for our investor team, and prove to the admission officers at Stanford University that we have what it takes to be a Cardinal – in about 5 years,” said Joshua Swauger.

“FAME 2.0 is epic!” added Zachary Swauger. “Unlike many other social networks for kids and teens, with Jackie Fame there is no charge to be a member, no advertising in-your-face messages, and our members have the choice to be as private or as public as they want to on their page.” Initially, the system defaults to full privacy for all members to provide instant protection. “After that, it’s their choice who they friend,” added Zachary. In addition, users’ data and content is not sold to brands, advertisers, etc. “We ARE ‘the brand’ and with our merchant partners engaged with the FAME members via our FAME50 platform, coming soon – it’s really awesome.”

Jackie Fame’s BrandFAME will initially launch with the FAMEbody “body treats” personal care line and FAMEnails, the companies nail polish line, due to be in national retail store locations by Q4 2012. BrandFAME, the company’s apparel line is expected in stores by Q1 2013. All lines and been developed, branded, quality tested, and are now in the pre-sale process.

About Jackie Fame, Inc:
The Company ( continues to expand its Jackie Fame brand with the national retail launch of the “FAMEbody” personal care and cosmetic lines, BrandFAME apparel lines, FAME50 merchant platform and Face-the-Fame; FAME America! the online music & talent contest for kids is launching in 2012.

The Mission of the Jackie Fame Network is to be the leading kid/teen social networking destination with the largest, most engaged audience and community. The network will be supported by its unique position as one of the strongest, most valued brands focusing in the highly coveted kid-teen audience.

Jackie Fame(R), FAME50(R), JFame(R), FAMEbody(R), and Face-The-Fame(R) are registered trademarks of Jackie Fame, Inc. All other trademarks acknowledged.

Stephanie Ciccarelli

VOICE 2012: The VoiceOver International Creative Experience

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — VOICE began as an idea to bring the fragmented world of voiceover talent together and has developed into the world’s largest and only international voiceover convention. For 2012,, an online marketplace connecting businesses with voice actors, is pleased to announce their sponsorship of VOICE 2012 – The VoiceOver International Creative Experience. supported VOICE 2007 and 2010 in previous years through sponsorship, social media reporting and editorial coverage, extending the reach of the conference to a global audience hungry for the latest news, information and trends observed during the industry conference.

“ is thrilled to sponsor VOICE 2012, an event unlike any other, drawing voice actors and experts from around the world. We look forward to the privilege of being among our customers, industry personalities and the voice over community as a whole. Those representing our team are eager to bring the experience to VOICE attendees, to share our unique knowledge and inspire everyone we meet,” Stephanie Ciccarelli, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of, said.

“We are extremely excited about the support of!” said James R. Alburger, an Executive Producer of VOICE. “Partnering with this leader in the voiceover industry is a tremendous opportunity for us. We know that all those in attendance will greatly benefit from this joint effort.”

The conference takes place June 13 – 16, 2012 with the VOICE Red Carpet Reception kicking off the conference on the evening of June 12. To learn more about VOICE 2012, visit: .

About VOICE 2012:
VOICE began as an idea to bring the fragmented world of voiceover talent together and has developed into the world’s largest and only international voiceover convention – The VoiceOver International Creative Experience. VOICE focuses on a three-tiered theme for its attendees: Education in both the performing craft and the business of voiceover; Technology knowledge for voice recording and home studios; and building a Community of like-minded professionals.

About Voices: is the industry leading website that connects businesses with professional voice talents. Small businesses and Fortune 500 companies rely upon the marketplace to search for, audition and hire voice actors with the assistance of Voices’ innovative SurePay(TM) payment service and award-winning Web application. Voices has a global network of over 75,000 voice actors in over 100 languages and currently serves 163,694 members online. Clients include Microsoft, Cisco, Nintendo, The Los Angeles Times, Glam Media, The Make-a-Wish Foundation, US Army and tens of thousands more.

Masterseek B2B

B2B search technology company, Masterseek Corp., reaches major milestone in company listings

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Masterseek, the world’s fastest-growing B2B search engine platform, has announced an important milestone: The business search engine giant has now reached 100 million business profiles.

According to Rasmus Refer, President of Masterseek, “Already included within these 100 million listings for businesses worldwide are comprehensive, accurate contact data for all Fortune 500 companies, and the Masterseek Business Directory also features 408,000 importers and exporters. As another important milestone in business search technology, it is especially noteworthy that over 76 million of these Masterseek-listed businesses can be reached through the platform’s e-mail contact form.”

The importance of achieving such a milestone is logistical as well as psychological: By providing business researchers with access to information regarding every significant company and business enterprise worldwide, and by offering businesspeople the tools to achieve B2B search results with pinpoint relevancy, Masterseek is now poised for more growth ahead.

Masterseek’s achievements leading up to the New Year are expected to provide a foundation for the launch of even more functionality during 2012, building upon Masterseek’s reputation as a business search powerhouse and continuing to highlight Masterseek’s ability to connect buyers and sellers around the world on a common, highly-effective business platform utilizing intelligent software that learns and responds to the needs of users in real time.

Search-technology industry analysts believe that 2012 will be another year of continued rapid growth and development for Masterseek, already an acknowledged leader in B2B search technology, with more news expected soon.

American Business Card Magnets 2011

Brand Launch: Leading ad speciality company, announces spinoff specializing in business card magnet products

JERSEY CITY, N.J. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Seeking to provide an “unparalleled user experience” and American made product offerings, New Jersey based has announced its newest service division: American Business Card Magnets (ABCM). “With business card magnets being our most popular product, this new division incorporates a number of customer-driven advances and plays a large role in continuing our enterprise’s strategic plan,” said Erwin Metius, president of American Business Card Magnets and its parent company

Mr. Metius added, “This is yet another example of how we keep our ear to the ground employing proactive, turnkey solutions based on customer feedback and research.”

ABCM provides customers a single, easy to use source for business card magnets, manufactured and shipped to the their exact specifications. From quoting to fulfillment and all steps in-between, customers will be completely “in the driver’s seat.”

Site ordering highlights include:
* The ability to select magnet thickness and strength, corner finishing (round or square), and turnaround on the majority of products.
* Dynamic, real time product pricing which eliminates guess work and the timely process of requesting quotes via e-mail, phone, or other channels.
* Dynamic product filtering to help customers find exactly what they with just a few clicks.
* The option to create an account to facilitate quick viewing of order information and reorders.

Believing in honest full disclosure, like all other of the company’s divisions there are no additional charges for full color printing, setup, design, and online proofs. And while many customers enjoy the seamless experience a comprehensive Web site provides, the division will maintain a dedicated team of customer support agents to help with questions and ordering.

“Our continued investments in technology, actionable research, and customer service are key reasons for our strong, sustained growth,” concluded Metius. “After all, success in this continually evolving industry demands we stay ahead of the curve to meet the needs of the customer.”

For more information about American Business Card Magnets, visit .

EGIVA! 2.0 2.0 is an alternative advertising site to ‘FREE’ items on Craigslist

PLACERVILLE, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Many people have things to give to others and want their things to go to someone who can use them. Developed by Jamison and Virginia Miller, of GIV-N-GET LLC, 2.0 is an easy, user friendly system to match free items with those who need them in order to promote collaborative sharing. The project is now on Kickstarter.

Virginia Weiseth-Miller teaches elementary school in northern California. She’s experienced her share of trials over the years, including the loss of nearly everything she owned. As she rebuilt her life, she became aware of others in similar circumstances and wanted to do something to help. With the assistance of her son, Jamison Miller, she has come up with a website to help people with something to give connect with those who need it. That website is

The idea behind the free site is simple: recycle what you don’t want any more to someone who needs it rather than putting it in a landfill. With that goal in mind, Virginia and Jamison built a site to let people search by location, by category or by group. Only free items can be offered on the site. It is “collaborative giving,” not selling. Every item shared on Egiva is an item getting a second chance at usefulness.

A new user registers on Egiva with basic information: user name, email and location. The user can then post offerings or search for needed items by category. All information entered on Egiva is confidential

To date, Weiseth-Miller has supported development of the entire enterprise, but she’s reached the end of her financial resources. In order to take Egiva to the next level, she and her son have applied to, the Internet-based funding company. Weiseth-Miller is working against a deadline: she only has until August 26 to collect $10,000 in pledges through Kickstarter or else Egiva gets nothing.

So she’s getting out the word: emails, phone calls and social networking sites are among the tools she’s employing to work toward the goal. Her dream rests in the balance.

Donations through Kickstarter are only funded if the total goal is pledged. Amounts pledged start at $1.00; higher amounts earn benefits within the Egiva program, such as free smart phone applications or help establishing a giving group for family, friends, or organizations.

Please visit the Kickstarter site and learn more about Egiva. Your support can help not only a dream come true but help many people during tough economic times in our own communities find things they need.

Egiva Project on .

open4sale video contest

Local advertising and marketing portal, Open4Sale, launches World’s Best Brand Video Competition

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Social networks and online marketing portals continue to pop up all over the World Wide Web. However, according to Simon La Barrie, CEO of Open4Sale, “Few are designed with the user in mind.” That’s why to get users involved from the get go, Open4Sale has launched a competition that’s being headlined as the “World’s Best Business Offer.”

So, what does it entail? Open4Sale is asking businesses around the world to send in a short video about a special promotion their business has to offer (i.e., 10 percent discount or two for one deals) with some information about why their business is the best in the world.

By April 30, 2011, the producer of the most-viewed video will win a seven-night trip for two to their choice of Sydney, Australia or Los Angeles, California where they will stay at the Hilton International. Travel insurance and $1,000 in spending cash is included and the winners will get to meet the company’s CEO.

“And during the competition, businesses will receive worldwide promotion through search engine campaigns, newsletter alerts to a massive global e-mail database, public relation campaigns and more,” says La Barrie.

La Barrie adds that, “We are really member-centric. We give our members the platinum-card treatment and if they have questions about anything, they can communicate with us directly. Similar sites are just not that readily accessible. We want our members to be successful as within our goals.”

About Open4Sale: is an online marketing portal that helps individuals and small to large-sized businesses, worldwide, to promote their businesses and/or products on a global scale for minimal cost and maximum return.

Anyone can become a member and basic membership starts at $30 per year. Upgrades are available for additional features that include a user-friendly tool for producing a television commercial and an added inclusion of instant contact.

The site is member driven and customer service is at the forefront. Members can upload information and market their business, sell a home or car and rent or advertise a holiday getaway; there is also much more to come.

Additionally, is in the process of negotiating with some powerful investors and partners to reveal some ground-breaking technology in the next few months.

Currently, is headquartered in Australia with offices in the U.S. and Europe. It’s in the process of setting up offices in Dubai and Singapore.

ezilon local search

Local Search and Business Advertising Portal EZILON adds Major North America Cities

HOUSTON, Texas /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Charles Michaels of Ezilon Inc. announces the company’s drive and dedication to supplying the foremost local and regional directory listings is now increased through the launch of its newest site at covering major cities in the United States. With this in mind, Ezilon Inc. doesn’t use auto listings as a way to fill its directory. Real people spend real time authenticating these listings for local city directories. “Whether you are a consumer or business your time will be spent more wisely when using the local search option knowing that the directory has been thoroughly checked,” says Michaels.

Ezilon has expanded its new website so that less time is spent searching through the web directory by using local directories at the city search level. This means more time to focus on what one wants and less time searching for it. Not only does offer the ability to search through regional directories but with the new site users can also browse through local listings supporting their area. This can save a great deal of frustration and time.

Ezilon’s new local/city directory covers cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Dallas Forth Worth, Miami, Atlanta, Denver, San Francisco, Boston – to mention a few. Listing a business with the directory is easy and can be done through both regional and local directories. This can be extremely beneficial depending on the size of the business. Submitting one’s business listing is free in the local one, other than for those that wish to place an enhanced listing that typically offer a much higher exposure rate.

History of Ezilon:
Since 2002 Ezilon Inc. has offered regional directories through the web. Companies looking to expand their business by increasing consumer awareness through US directory have been and continue to be a priority with Ezilon. Charles Michaels states that from this company’s beginning this site has been geared to support and offer local listings as well as US local listings that can be found easily. This serves to increase local businesses revenue by increasing their exposure. The same is true for US local businesses – Ezilon helps to increase their exposure.

This company is proud of the fact that they have always welcomed all to list with their site. It is easy to do and only needs verification. Meeting the criteria for submission isn’t hard and doesn’t take long to become verified. The process of verification will continue to be kept up-to-date to keep this site at its highest functioning level.

Interested parties can contact Ezilon Inc. by phone or online at if interested in submitting business information, whether as a small business or larger company.

If you would like further information concerning this press release, please feel free to contact Charles Michaels at 1-800-913-5633.


CheapOair Launches its first TV Ad Campaign: ‘Get There For Less’

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — CheapOair, a top 10 online travel booking site, announces the launch of its first ever television campaign today. The 30-second ads feature the tag-line “Get There for Less,” an expression of the company’s commitment and brand promise to put quality and value first for smart shoppers who continue to demand the best of both even in the post recessionary market.

The ads use humor to demonstrate the consequences of not booking with CheapOair, versus the benefits of being able to do more when you “Get There for Less” when relying on CheapOair for your travel needs.

Sam Jain, CEO, commented: “This exciting new campaign speaks to exactly who we are as a brand. TV is a new strategy for CheapOair and as we head into our 6th year we believe this is the right time to expand our marketing efforts. TV is a natural evolution from our current digital marketing and will help build awareness among a larger audience and introduce more people to the brand.”

The TV campaign launches December 6th and will run through the end of the year on demographically and contextually targeted National Cable Networks such as BBC, DIY, Headline News, Travel Channel, MSNBC, National Geographic and will be promoted on the CheapOair blog and social media networks.

The campaign aims to cement CheapOair’s position as the place for savvy travelers to go for value and service by promoting its wide range of discounted airfares, every day low price guarantee, and 24/7 customer service. The campaign tests two different offers, round trip flights for under $199 and vacation discounts on air and hotel packages for travelers looking for one stop shopping, and will be supported by our ongoing online advertising, email and affiliate marketing tactics.

About CheapOair:
CheapOair is one of the top 10 largest online travel booking sites and a leading supplier of airfares, hotels, car rentals and vacation packages. Backed by Travelong, which ranked 13th in the industry in Travel Weekly’s esteemed 2010 “Power List,” CheapOair offers the best in value with attractive solutions for today’s savvy traveler. Their portfolio of products include over 100 million airfare combinations on over 400 airlines, low airfare guarantees, 100,000 negotiated hotel rates and the technological foundation to deliver affordable tickets to every region in the world.

zavee llc

Zavee LLC rolls out social living portal for Florida B2C, announces executive team

BOCA RATON, Fla. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Zavee LLC has today announced their executive team, a dynamic group of attorneys, raised in the small business dynamic, who have created a social living website designed to stimulate local economies. The company recently made its debut in the South Florida market. Zavee offers local merchants highly-customizable marketing tools, which allow them to attract new customers and reward loyal ones. Zavee also provides cash back rewards to shoppers and diners, while encouraging them to write reviews and share their experiences.

This unique community-focused concept for was created by three distinguished attorneys who are all committed to the importance of supporting the small business owner. The Zavee website offers easy-to-use tools for local merchants to help them compete with the larger corporate players by harnessing the latest web-based technologies and social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter. Merchants are able to offer discounts and specials, while tracking new customers and rewarding loyal ones. The local shoppers and diners benefit by receiving discounts every time they visit neighborhood establishments that are Zavee merchants.

“We launched in the South Florida market because we all have community ties here,” said Ron Stack, COO of Zavee. “This area was greatly impacted by the economic downturn and Zavee’s marketing tools will be able to help the local small business owner, the heart of the economic engine, begin the re-growth process.”

The Zavee Executive Team:
Alan Pleskow. Alan is Chief Executive Officer of Zavee and is responsible for Zavee’s overall vision and strategic direction. A practicing attorney, Alan is a shareholder and practice team leader at a major global law firm. He is a nationally recognized expert in Real Estate financing and represents major global financial institutions. As such, Alan divides his time between his law firm and Zavee. Alan is an experienced entrepreneur, having founded and sold a medical products company. Alan’s commitment to local business stems from his experience working as a house painter to put himself through college. A native of Buffalo, NY, Alan received his B.A. (cum laude) and J.D from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Alan lives in Parkland, FL with his wife and two children. He is an avid golfer, SCUBA diver and skier.

Ronald Stack. Ron is Chief Operating Officer of Zavee and is responsible for Zavee’s day-to-day operations. He works full time for Zavee. In addition to his operational responsibilities Ron directs Zavee’s marketing and software development strategies. Ron also spearheads, along with co-founder Stephen Rabinowitz, Zavee’s business development efforts. A former corporate lawyer, Ron has more than 20 years experience advising some of the nation’s largest brands and their agencies on effective marketing and communications strategies. Ron also produced and directed marketing videos, including a multiple award-winning video for the Republic of Singapore. Ron grew up among retailers, working summers and vacations for his family’s retail and auction firm. A native of Long Island, NY, Ron earned his B.A. (cum laude) from Princeton University and his J.D. from Vanderbilt University, where he was an Editor of the Law Review. He also studied film and video production at New York University. Married with three children, Ron currently divides his time between Mendham, NJ and Highland Beach, FL. Ron enjoys classic cars and races his aging Porsche at tracks throughout the Northeast.

Stephen Rabinowitz. Stephen is a shareholder and practice team leader at a major global law firm, where he has implemented innovative service management and client management ideas. Based in New York City, Stephen represents developers, lenders and investors in complex real estate transactions. Although Stephen is not a full-time employee of Zavee, he devotes substantial time, effort and energy to Zavee’s business development and strategic initiatives. Stephen received his B.A. (cum laude) from Brandeis University and his J.D. (cum laude) from American University Washington College of Law. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Stephen lives in Larchmont, NY with his wife and three children. Stephen has been a working musician and guitar collector since college and continues to play professionally.

About Zavee:
Zavee is a community-focused, “Social Living” site that benefits shoppers, merchants and charitable causes. Via the website and Facebook, shoppers learn about all the hottest deals and offers and are rewarded with cash back each time they shop and dine at Zavee merchants. They can then “socialize” their experiences by writing reviews about the merchants they just visited. Merchants benefit from Zavee’s innovative marketing program, allowing each partner to tailor their deals, offers and loyalty programs to their customers’ needs. And causes benefit from Zavee’s unique Care Shares(TM) program that puts shoppers in control of Zavee’s charitable donations. Visit or via Facebook .

Voices Hot50

Voiceover Talent Finder and Booking Engine Site makes PROFIT HOT 50

TORONTO, Canada /Advertising Industry Newswire/ —, one of Canada’s fastest growing digital media companies, has been recognized in PROFIT Magazine’s 11th Annual PROFIT HOT 50. “Being included among Canada’s fastest growing companies for the second year in a row demonstrates how it’s possible combine a big vision with laser-like focus to achieve rapid expansion in any economy,” says David Ciccarelli, CEO of

“We’ve creatively used technology to reach new customers, reduce costs, increase internal collaboration and communication, and create flexible work environments – a model that has proven effective.”’s online marketplace brings together the participants to conduct business simply and efficiently. Unique features and benefits include:
* Anytime, anywhere access to a global network of 25,000 voice over talents.
* Projects are completed in 24-48 hrs, usually cutting production schedules in half.
* Financial transactions are processed securely online, taking the complexity out of hiring professional voice talents.

The PROFIT HOT 50 is the definitive ranking of Canada’s Emerging Growth Companies. Published in the October issue of PROFIT magazine and online at, the PROFIT HOT 50 ranks young firms by two-year revenue growth.

“Creativity, foresight and focus are just some of the traits required to launch a successful business in today’s volatile marketplace,” says PROFIT editor Ian Portsmouth. “This year’s PROFIT HOT 50 leaders have these qualities in abundance, plus many effective management ideas that other business owners would do well to borrow.”

Learn more about, visit: .

About Voices: is the industry leading online service that connects businesses with professional voice talents. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies rely upon the marketplace to search for, audition and hire voice talents with the assistance of our innovative SurePay(tm) escrow service and our award-winning Web application. Business clients span the spectrum from SME’s to Fortune 500 companies, including NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, Reader’s Digest, Comcast, Nortel Networks, Bell Canada, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, ING, Western Union, Ford, GM, Jaguar, US Army, the US Government and thousands more.

About Profit Magazine:

PROFIT: Your Guide to Business Success is Canada’s preeminent publication dedicated to the management issues and opportunities facing small and mid-sized businesses. For 28 years, Canadian entrepreneurs and senior managers across a vast array of economic sectors have remained loyal to PROFIT because it’s a timely and reliable source of actionable information that helps them achieve business success and get the recognition they deserve for generating positive economic and social change. Visit PROFIT online at .

LogoBee Inc.

LogoBee offers Free Logo Makeover for Earth-friendly Firms

QUEBEC, Canada /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — LogoBee has decided to provide a free logo design package for one green non-profit organization as an extension of its logo design makeover. Companies from all over the world may profit from the offer. It has been said often that our production of many resources has reached a peak. Oil is one of those. This fact leads us to have to take more and more extreme measures to maintain the same level of production.

It is no surprise that the environment is going to suffer from those measures. This can be seen most recently and also most tragically in the Gulf of Mexico with the Deepwater Horizon spill.

Therefore we at LogoBee have decided that the time is right to register our admiration, and offer our support, to those organizations which selflessly work for the benefit of the environment rather than short term profit. To that end we are offering a bonus logo design to a non-profit environmental company as an extension to our makeover program.

A logo may be small, but it is important. Whether the aim is to maximize profit or save the world (in whatever way possible), a good logo will get people’s attention and form a first impression for a company. If the impression is good, then of course the company will be tested in many other ways to see if it stands up to that first reaction. If, on the other hand, it is bad, then the company probably won’t get a chance to show how good a company it is for people will not have any further interest. A logo is just as important for an environmental company, therefore, as it is for a profit-driven company.

In fact, thirty one companies have already taken advantage of LogoBee’s makeovers since their introduction five years ago. That includes the environmental non-profits the Project AWARE foundation as well as the International Primate Protection League.

As well as a logo design, this offer includes the design of stationery, a package worth $425. To enter is simple, and the only criteria to be met is to be a nonprofit environmental company. Entries will not be accepted after September the 16th to give time to judge the winner, which is to be revealed on the 21st of September.

Submissions should be made here: .

About LogoBee:

LogoBee, Inc. is an award winning company which has been designing custom vector graphics for its clients since the year 2000. Over ten thousand customers have made use of our professional in-house designers since our founding, receiving not only logos but Web sites, business cards, brochures, leaflets and more. For more information on LogoBee and to see examples of our designers’ work you should visit the Web site, at .

Voices IMA Awards is top of the pack in Interactive Media Awards

LONDON, Ontario, Canada /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — was honoured with a “Best in Class” Interactive Media Award (IMA) for professional services. “The Best in Class” award is the highest honour bestowed by the Interactive Media Awards, representing the very best in planning, execution and overall professionalism.

Voices successfully passed through an intensive judging process. The IMA judges maintain the highest degree of fairness, accuracy and integrity; competently and effectively evaluate entries, delivering clear results. received top marks for graphic design, content, feature functionality, usability and Standards Compliance & Cross-Browser Compatibility. A points-based system is used to judge each entry, with maximum score of five hundred points. earned a total score of four hundred and eighty one; an achievement only a fraction of sites in the IMA competition earn each year.

To learn more about The Interactive Media Awards, visit: .

To learn more about, visit: .

About Interactive Media Awards:

The Interactive Media Awards recognize the highest standards of excellence in website design and development and honour individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievement.

Created by the Interactive Media Council, Inc. (IMC), a non-profit organization of leading web designers, developers, programmers, advertisers and other web-related professionals, the competition is designed to elevate the standards of excellence on the Internet and offer winners a boost in marketing and exposure. IMC serves as the primary sponsor and governing body of the Interactive Media Awards(TM), establishes the judging system and provides the judges for the competition.

About Voices: is the online marketplace where businesses connect with voice actors and voice over talents. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies, marketing executives, casting directors and voice talent agencies rely on to easily search for and hire language service providers such as translators, narrators and professional voice over talents with the assistance of their award-winning web service. Organizations that have worked with include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader’s Digest, Comcast, Nortel Networks, Bell Canada, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, ING, Western Union, Ford, GM and thousands more.

4 Styles Enter-Active Systems

Interactive Book Marketing Service Engages and Envelops the Visitor in 3-D Environment

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — JAF Industries this week announced a new solution for bringing a reader into an interactive environment to engage them about a book, or any other type of product. 4 Styles Enter-Active Systems, a division of JAF Industries, recently released an interactive tool that allows potential consumers to preview books and other products in a manner that appeals to all four learning styles: auditory; kinesthetic; visual and reading/writing.

Posed with the challenge of marketing his new book, “Falling Apart” (ISBN: 978-160-594-3954), author Ken Brown gathered together a team of learning experts to design a tool like no other – 4 Styles Enter-Active Systems – to help authors, publishers and companies to promote and market their books and other products.

“This very cool and revolutionary new marketing tool prompts the user to click on images, colors and messages. During this time, music and voice overs entertain the user and he or she must follow directions to get to the next level,” says Brown.

In the case of this launch design, each level provides book teasers and excerpts to draw the user deeper into the story, which eventually ends up leaving him or her wanting more.

For example, in the book preview for “Falling Apart,” the user begins in a contemporary living room setting where he or she must click on seven items before advancing to the next level. Each item, when clicked on, reveals part of the story.

“Each preview can be custom designed to meet the needs of the client,” says Brown. “So many companies and individuals can benefit and truly need this tool to introduce their books or other products.”

Brown explains that this interactive tool can be applied to just about any product that someone wants to promote.

About the Creators:

Ken Brown brings nearly 40 years of experience of customer service to life with his unique belief that a customer is more than just a number. And, while technology has changed, his philosophy has not. His ideas and innovations have brought him success in business with each successive endeavor he has undertaken. Never forgetting his abilities as an artist, in 2009 he co-authored the fiction book, “Falling Apart” and then launched 4 Styles Enter-Active Systems.

Ken’s wife, Tammy, is a teacher and co-author of “Falling Apart.” Wanting to find new ways to promote and encourage people to read, she used what she learned teaching, going to school, and writing to also help start 4 Styles Enter-Active Systems.

For more detailed information about 4 Styles Enter-Active Systems, visit: .

the Millipede

Product Launch: Kyoko Nakamura Design Launches the Millipede – a Glow-in-the-Dark Fashion Accessory

BROOKLYN, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Everyone will want to light up the night with Kyoko Nakamura’s new line of luxury glow-in-the-dark accessories. The website went live this week, marking the official launch of her first product, the Millipede. This accessory is so beautiful and unique it has to be seen to be understood. Shockingly elegant and sophisticated for something that “glows-in-the-dark,” this marks a unique point in fashion; bringing a little class to “club wear” and a little more fun to anything else.

The glow is generated from a flat flexible glow stick that is placed inside the accessory. One of the most unexpected aspects of the product is its versatility. Glowing or not, it is beautiful and hip for daywear, a night out, or even as lingerie. The Millipedes can be worn in a number of ways- whether it be as a headband, choker, necklace or garter.

It comes in two different styles, distinguished by the different kinds of silk used. The prices of the pieces start at $210 and include four glow stick refills, but for those of you party-animals, more can be purchased on the website.

The Millipede and its glow sticks are available for sale at: .

About Kyoko Nakamura Design:

As a child, Kyoko was taught to sew by her mother. This skill inevitably proved more interesting than the French degree she was earning when she began designing light-up clothing during college. Inspired by the vibrant eclecticism of Tokyo from family visits throughout the years, and the colorful Miami club scene she encountered during her college years in the mid 2000’s, Kyoko geared her creative endeavors towards the distinctive nightlife culture of these cities.

Since graduation from the University of Florida in 2007, she has focused her efforts towards making glow-in-the-dark accessories and clothing (which will be available later in the year). Today, all of the products are made at her studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, N.Y. by a small group of highly skilled seamstresses.

For more information please visit, .

Voices voiceover talent finder

Online voice over marketplace relaunches talent portal – now 10x faster

LONDON, Canada /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Time is money, and when both are of the essence, there’s a need for speed that cannot be ignored. CEO David Ciccarelli and his team recently revealed the newly redesigned site to their customers and have received a significant amount of support from members of the service, particularly as it relates to how quickly the website pages load.

For a Web-based service that helps to make the world sound good, it was imperative that individual page loading time increased ten-fold to allow for customers to upload, listen to and download audio files with ease.’s page load time has been reported as fast as 963 ms, which is ten times faster than the 15.30 seconds previously reported by Pingdom, a website monitoring and measurement service.

A significant amount of time was spent on the user interface design to simplify the layout, making it easier to read critical information on each page. worked with user interface designers, user experience designers, performed split tests with Google Website Optimizer, tracked clicks and mouse movements with CrazyEgg and conducted first hand research with, implementing changes based upon feedback received via several thousand responses to design and usability surveys. Once the designs were built, voice talent members participated in a Beta Testing program and contributed their findings for review. All of the feedback from the beta testers was positive. This was a 12 month process and the company feels confident with the resulting website.

To learn more about, visit: .

About Voices: is the online marketplace where businesses connect with voice actors and voice over talents. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies, marketing executives, casting directors and voice talent agencies rely on to easily search for and hire language service providers such as translators, narrators and professional voice over talents with the assistance of their award-winning Web service. Organizations that have worked with include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader’s Digest, Comcast, Nortel Networks, Bell Canada, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, ING, Western Union, Ford, GM and thousands more.

Santos e-democracy

New Digital Strategy in Latin American E-Democracy Helps Juan Manuel Santos Victory

BOGOTA, Colombia /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Nearly half a million Colombians logged on to between June 1st and June 20th, the second round Presidential elections to follow the Santos campaign and the Candidate’s initiatives, turning the tide in this historic political victory. In under 72 hours, 1,076 individual Web pages, comprising the first-ever Virtual Headquarters used for Presidential Elections in Latin America, had been launched offering multiple ways to engage, support and follow the candidate.

“I am surprised at what developed here in Colombia for the last 50 days in the digital space. In ten years in online politics I have never seen such a quick and strong impact in a democratic process as I saw in Colombia,” said Ravi Singh, CEO.

When the digital initiatives began on May 3rd, Juan Manuel Santos was 12 points behind colorful candidate Antanas Mockus in the polls. The first-round results yielded 46% preference for Santos, totaling nearly 7 million votes and almost doubling the opposition. On Sunday 20th, a whopping 9 million Colombians elected Santos as their new President, the highest recorded voting in the country’s history, along with a 70% lead. For a people who didn’t quite grasp the power of digital media before the 2010 Presidential Elections, history was broken in two.

Among the innovations nurtured in the process are a first-ever iPhone App for a political candidate in the country; more than 4 million email opt-in email addresses were assembled; the first advanced team feeding live streams via Ustream with iPhones; an SMS short code with all national carriers for opt-in SMS strategies; Pop-Corn parties (with instructions!) to watch presidential debates online, a Wall of Shame to end dirty war across all social media and personalized merchandising downloaded from the site for each city and county nationwide.

SuperSantos, the game where candidate Juan Manuel Santos fights poverty, corruption, unemployment and drug trafficking was at full-blast. Citizens entering their voter IDs were seeing their exact voting location, along with digital maps and a suggested route, for the first time. This was the culmination of a 50-day Digital Revolution that catapulted Juan Manuel Santos in the polls from 12 points behind the colorful candidate Mockus, to the Colombian Presidency with over 9 million votes, the highest in the country’s history.

Through a series of initiatives that involved world-class vendors and brands including, Google, Microsoft, Ustream, Vimeo, Flickr, YouTube and local agencies and talent including Sistole, SigmaMovil and Servinformacion, the Web 2.0 Digital Victory Team of the Juan Manuel Santos presidential campaign have rocked Colombian elections and brought innovation to the digital democratic process in the entire Latin American region.

Social Media links: . . . . , .

SuperSantos game: .

santos presidente

Juan Manuel Santos is One of the First Politicians in South America to Launch Presidential Campaign Online

BOGOTA, Colombia /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Political campaigns in Latin-America have always been marked by traditionalism, manifestations, crowded plazas and message distribution through traditional media such as television, billboards, written press and radio. Never before has voter outreach been conducted through the Internet and other new media technologies. Since Obama’s successful presidential campaign in 2008, a campaign noted for its use of Internet based tools in a massive and systematic way, the art of running a campaign has been revolutionized. That revolution has arrived in Colombia.

Juan Manuel Santos, Colombian presidential candidate for the U Political Party, is launching a new campaign and is inviting every Colombian to participate using a video on his Web site, to join his army of volunteers before the presidential primary on May 30th, 2010.

Additionally, he is inviting every Colombian to join his campaign through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Hi5.

Santos, a native to Bogota and a Harvard University graduate, served as the Minister of National Defense before his run for President under President Uribe.

“We recognize that the power of Internet is underestimated, but we are changing our perspectives, to correct this,” Stated Santos. “We will put everything into it and nothing will stop us. We will use the latest technology to promote democracy and show the world what it means to be a Colombia, we will use the Internet to mobilize our followers.”

Juan Manuel Santos will become the first politician in Colombia and Latin America that will use these tech tools to launch his presidential campaign.

You can visit his campaign Web site at and become a volunteer or join one of Santos’ social networks.

integrative logic atlanta

Integrative Logic Earns 2010 AMY Award for Work with Galderma Labs

ATLANTA, Ga. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Integrative Logic, a leading full-service, integrated database marketing provider, earned a 2010 Atlanta Marketer of the Year (AMY) Award from the Atlanta Chapter of the American Marketing Association for The 2010 AMY Awards are open to corporate and agency marketing professionals in Georgia.

Entries are scored according to the following criteria:
* How well did the program deliver measurable business results?
* Did the program successfully execute marketing best practices?
* Was the program based on sound business and marketing strategy?

The primary target for the Website is U.S. teens with acne. A secondary target is parents (mostly moms) of U.S. teens with acne (i.e.: adult “influencers”). A tertiary target audience is other U.S. adults with acne.

The content-rich site features many acne education opportunities. Also featured prominently on every page are four buttons: “Free Trial” (rebate), “The Scoop,” “Test Your Acne IQ” and “Get Personal” (registration for eCRM program) – all geared to educate visitors on acne as a medical condition and the importance of physician treatment. Visitors may also register for Galderma’s “Take Charge” newsletter (eCRM) program, which provides valuable acne treatment tips as well as product offers from Differin.

About Integrative Logic:
Integrative Logic is a direct-to-consumer marketing company serving clients in the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean. Ranked by Inc. magazine as one of the top 1200 fastest growing private companies in America, Integrative Logic is a leader in delivering highly effective, trackable, digital marketing solutions for companies across a range of verticals. Clients include Galderma Laboratories, Marriott(R) and Renaissance(R) Caribbean & Mexico Resorts, Alabama Policy Institute, Kohl’s, Stein Mart, Charming Shoppes and BioLab.

For more information visit .


Market Research: Voice Over Industry Grows to $12.3B in 2010

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — A new report published by reveals that the voice and speech industry continues to grow and is currently valued at $12.3 Billion USD. The 2010 Report on the Voice Over Industry is published, highlighting three growing fields in the entertainment industry; audiobooks, mobile gaming and podcasting.

From mobile Internet to radio that you can listen to anytime, anywhere and with audiobooks available for download at the touch of a button on revolutionary mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and now the newest Apple product, the iPad, the prospects for working voice actors has never been so bright.

Audiobook Highlights:
* Audiobook CD sales represent 72 percent of the audio market.
* Audiobook downloads grew to 21 percent of the market.
* Cassette sales stayed the same since 2007, accounting for 3 percent of sales in 2008.

Mobile Gaming Highlights:
* The number of offerings on the App Store hit 150,000 recently and includes popular games like Texas Hold’em and Crash Bandicoot, business tools like Bloomberg News and Salesforce Mobile, and social networking programs like Facebook and Twitter.
* Games spend an average of 21 minutes of game play and 65 page views per iPhone player session, compared to 11 minutes and 15 page views for sessions on other phones.

Podcasting Highlights:
* 150,000 podcasts currently available in the Apple iTunes Store.
* 7.1 million people listened to podcasts in 2009, less than 4 percent of US Internet users.
* Another 50 million people accessed podcasts and Internet radio on average each month.

To access the 32-page 2010 Report on the Voice Over Industry, simply call 1-888-359-3472 to receive the download link via email.

About Voices: was established in 2004 and is now the technology and industry leading website that connects businesses with professional voice talents. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies rely upon the marketplace to search for, audition and hire voice talents with the assistance of our innovative SurePay(TM) escrow service and our Web application.

The winner of several awards, including the 1to1 Impact Award for Full-Suite CRM, CRM Elite Award, and the DigiFest New Voices Award, has raised its profile significantly this year ranking on the PROFIT Hot 50 recognizing 534 percent growth over the past two years and just this summer was featured on Backbone Magazine’s and KPMG’s annual Pick 20 Listing as an “innovative company.” Clients include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader’s Digest, Comcast, the US Army, the US Government and thousands more.

More information: .

Equine Trainers Newsletter

Innovative e-Marketing Technology Targets Equine Industry

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Professional horse trainer Donna Cheek announced today the launching of EquinePro(TM), a marketing system designed specifically for the equine industry. The fully automated online newsletter service allows horse industry professionals to take advantage of the proven strategy of relationship and viral marketing with a “hands off” approach. Ms. Cheek, an equine trainer with 39 years of experience in the horse business, developed EquinePro to provide an affordable and convenient way for trainers, barn owners and breeders to market their services to the public.

“The equine industry is commonly known to be very labor intensive, with no time to sit at a desk,” Cheek explained. “We have no cutting edge options for marketing. I wanted to create something easy and effective that I would use for my own horse business. In this economic climate there is a critical need for all of us in the horse business to adopt some sort of marketing strategy.”

EquinePro provides entertaining and educational content that is appropriate for all disciplines, then twice each month, distributes the newsletter on behalf of the equine professional to their clients and prospective clients. One of the many benefits of this newsletter is that it functions as an electronic business card, keeping products and services at the forefront of the minds of their targeted market.

The newsletter will position an equine professional as the local expert while stimulating new referrals and business leads.

According to the American Horse Council, there are approximately 9.2 million horses in the U.S. used for racing, showing, breeding, recreation and sport.

Equine Trainers Newsletter is an online company with offices at 5000 Birch Street, West Tower, Suite 3000, Newport Beach, California 92660.

More information: .


562 Media Launches New Website Aiming to Simplify the Process of Finding Performance Based Marketing

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — An innovative new industry Website from 562 Media, Inc.,, is aiming to help media buyers, marketing directors and companies looking to purchase online and offline media on a performance basis. The Lead Pages offers a simple, intuitive industry directory where media buyers and marketing managers can easily search for companies offering pay per call, pay per lead, affiliate marketing and technology services all in one centralized location.

The directory provides industry professionals an easier way to search for opportunities specific to their industry, media type and lead type with over one hundred different search variables. The Lead Pages’ proprietary tools enable media buyers to find opportunities in minutes with just a few simple clicks. Additionally, the site includes discussion forums and industry news resources providing additional opportunities for industry professionals to learn and connect.

Melissa Rosno, Managing Director of parent company 562 Media, stated, “After years of experience in Web development and marketing, our team realized that the task of finding specific performance based marketing opportunities was still not a simple one. In a rapidly growing industry it can be difficult to keep up with the launch of new companies and marketing opportunities. If we can help those media buyers and marketing managers that are seeking out these opportunities and save them time and money in the process, then we have accomplished our goal.”

For lead generation and performance based media or technology providers, offers both free and featured listing options thus making it possible for all companies to participate.

“If initial results and industry feedback are any indication The Lead Pages is proving to be a valuable industry resource. We hope that media buyers and providers alike will see the value of their participation. We feel we have created a tool that will benefit both the companies seeking new marketing opportunities and those who provide these services alike,” said Rosno.

Lead generation and performance based industry providers are encouraged to submit their company information for inclusion in the directory.

About 562 Media:
Based in Long Beach, California, 562 Media, Inc. has been creating web properties since 2004. 562 Media has developed numerous proprietary solutions for the real estate, financial services, retail and B2B markets. The 562 Media team offers a unique blend of software, yellow pages, direct marketing and lead generation industry experience.

Ravi Singh 2011

Campaign Guru Singh to speak at first European Personal Democracy Forum Conference

BARCELONA, Spain /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — In conjunction with the launch of ElectionMall’s new ElectionMall.EU website, Ravi Singh, CEO of ElectionMall Technologies, will be speaking in Barcelona, Spain at the first ever European conference held by the Personal Democracy Forum. For the last six years, the Personal Democracy Forum has served as a hub for American politicos, government enthusiasts, and technology fans to gather and share information on the Internet and how it is changing the American political landscape.

ElectionMall Ravi Singh CEOThe Personal Democracy Forum has recognized the growing interest among European politicians to create a more transparent and engaging political process, one of the side effects of Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008. Ravi Singh will be focusing his speech on Social Networking sites, and how these are an effective tool for expanding participation for all politicians and voters

At this event, ElectionMall will re-launch – its new website dedicated to tailoring technology to European political and cultural behaviors. Currently, 76 percent of European Internet users are utilizing social networking sites, and there is a high internet penetration in most countries.

“The first ever PDF conference to be held in Europe is an ideal venue for the re-launch of ElectionMall.EU,” stated Singh. “I could not be more excited about sharing our best practices with the European market and helping them start their own political Internet revolution.”

ElectionMall has decided to re-release its new website after the company received numerous requests from European politicians for insights on utilizing the Internet for their campaigns. Previously, the company has worked with several members of the EU Parliament, using its Brussels office as an ElectionMall Europe headquarters. The Brussels office stands as a division of ElectionMall’s international franchises, such as the offices in Mexico City, in addition to newly opened offices in Ukraine and Malaysia.

“The EU has a lot of potential for growth in this area. ElectionMall has recognized it, and now so has PDF, and I’m happy to just be a part of it,” comments Singh.

For information on interviews with CEO Ravi Singh, please contact Edita Smajic at, or via telephone at +32 474 79 41 32.

About ElectionMall, Inc.

Established in 1999, is a non-partisan world leader in providing on demand (SaaS) Internet-based solutions for campaigns and elections worldwide, effectively utilizing technology and business know how to enable candidates, advocacy groups, and nonprofits to generate enhanced gains in awareness, funds, and votes. ElectionMall has 2 registered international patents. ElectionMall has identified over 54 different campaign behaviors and has categorized them into 5 specific product offerings, including: Build, Manage, Raise, Promote and Shop, creating a one-stop-shop that encompasses the entire life-cycle of a campaign. ElectionMall is headquartered in Washington, D.C., Chicago and L.A. with international offices in Brussels, Belgium and Mexico City, Mexico.

For more information, visit .

Starlight rebranding campaign

Starlight Children’s Foundation Completes 3-year Rebranding Process

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — On the heels of its 25th anniversary, Starlight Children’s Foundation has just unveiled the final piece of its 3-year rebranding initiative with the launch of an overhauled and 11 related chapter and office Web sites. The strategic rebranding process also included a name change, logo change, development of a mission statement and tagline, and the creation of a new PSA campaign. “Starlight has a storied past and a bright future,” said Paula Van Ness, CEO of Starlight. “Our new brand was carefully crafted to showcase that, and our new look and ad campaign reflects our personality, culture, diversity and experience.”

Starlight rebranding campaignThe first phase of the rebranding process was directed by acclaimed relationship marketing agency G2 Direct and Digital. G2 donated its services to Starlight, including market research, focus group testing and brand language development.

“When you actually see the difference Starlight Children’s Foundation makes in the lives of seriously ill children and their families, it truly touches your heart,” says Jeremy Feldman, Associate Creative Director at G2. “With that in mind, we developed a strategy to help Starlight become more visible and gain even more recognition. Using a variety of brand planning techniques, including an audit of the foundation’s existing brand, our goal was to create an ownable identity to help donors, health care organizations and families alike differentiate Starlight from other charities assisting kids in need.”

The results of that work lead to the shortening of Starlight’s name from Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation to Starlight Children’s Foundation – a move the organization took to eliminate brand and mission confusion.

G2 also helped Starlight craft its new mission statement to highlight the organization’s purpose and differentiators: Starlight helps seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and family activities.

Award-winning Ronin Advertising then stepped in as Starlight’s pro bono advertising agency of record to create the imagery and tagline that would be used to build Starlight’s profile.

“Starlight is a great organization with a powerful mission, so when they asked for help to more effectively tell their story, we were excited by the challenge,” says Ronin Chief Creative Officer John Swisher. “It was important to us to create a new logo that communicated in a glance the organization’s purpose and a tagline that would inspire supporters to get involved. The ‘my world’ advertising campaign we developed builds on those elements by allowing the public to get to know the children and families whose lives are changed by Starlight every day.”

With Ronin’s guidance, Starlight adopted a logo closer to its original roots and the logos of its international affiliates. Central to the new logo is a star shining down on a child — exemplifying Starlight’s commitment to brightening the lives of seriously ill children.

Ronin then unveiled a PSA campaign including television, radio, print and online ads that give a face and a voice to Starlight’s mission. Elements of the campaign can be viewed at Requests for PSAs can be directed to

The tagline Ronin developed calls Starlight supporters to action: Help us brighten their world, a little each day.

With new brand elements in place, Starlight’s staff brought everything together in its new Web sites – designed to be both more visually appealing and simpler to navigate. Visit to see the organization’s new Web site showcasing the organization’s new brand.

About Starlight Children’s Foundation

When a child or teenager has a serious medical condition, everyone in the family is affected. For 25 years, Starlight Children’s Foundation has been dedicated to helping seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and family activities. Starlight’s programs have been proven to distract children from their pain, help them better understand and manage their illnesses, and connect families facing similar challenges so that no one feels alone.

Through a network of chapters and offices, Starlight provides ongoing support to children, parents and siblings in all U.S. states and Canadian provinces with an array of outpatient, hospital-based and Web offerings. Programs are also delivered internationally through affiliates in Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom.

To learn more visit

Costs associated with the dissemination of this news announcement have been donated to Starlight Children’s Foundation by Neotrope(R), and Send2Press(R) Newswire.

The Reverb Store

Audiolife and ReverbNation Create the ‘Reverb Store’ – the Ultimate eCommerce Solution for Music Artists and Labels

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — ReverbNation, the leading marketing platform for more than 450,000 artists, labels, managers and venues, has partnered with Audiolife, the leader in direct-to-fan eCommerce, to create the Reverb Store. The Reverb Store is a complete direct-to-fan eCommerce offering that is accessible to every ReverbNation artist at no charge. The Reverb Store allows artists and record labels to design an unlimited number of physical and digital products online, and then offer them for sale without spending a single dollar up front to generate inventory. The products are produced on-demand when they are ordered, then delivered straight to the fan.

The Reverb Store“ReverbNation has been building toward this goal since day one. We wanted to provide a single turnkey solution for the serious musician that allowed them to promote, build and manage a fan-base, and transact business with them,” said Michael Doernberg, CEO of ReverbNation. “Audiolife shared our vision. The Reverb Store allows artists to layer a purchasing opportunity into every fan interaction they have online, whether it’s at Facebook, MySpace, a blog, or the band’s own Web site.”

Brandon Hance, Founder and CEO of Audiolife adds, “Artists need solutions that can help them grow their fan base and convert those fans into customers. The Reverb Store is the total package, combining the best of ReverbNation and Audiolife. With potentially hundreds of thousands of artists and labels using the Reverb Store, Audiolife can stay focused on innovating and enhancing the commerce and merchandising capabilities of the product.”

The Reverb Store is currently in private Beta, and will be publicly available at in October:

The Reverb Store is free to setup and run.

ANY Artist can open a store, create as many custom items as they want, and operate the store for free. No monthly minimums, no monthly fees.

There is no inventory to buy up front, and no hassles.

Artists create unlimited ‘virtual’ inventory for merchandise, CDs, ringtones, and downloads, for sale in the store. Items are produced and shipped (or downloaded) when a fan makes a purchase. It requires no cash up front, no storage of inventory, and no packaging or shipping by the artist.

Comes standard with integrated marketing and promotion tools.

The Reverb Store is woven into the very fabric of ReverbNation’s leading marketing and promotion system, making it the only store that can help drive more sales right out of the box.

Works on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and more.

Reverb Store works on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, home pages, blogs, and more. It’s easily deployed as a widget, application, email or hyperlink – so fans can buy from wherever they live online.

Customizable look and feel.

It’s about the Artist’s brand, not ours. The Reverb Store can be customized with the Artist’s own background, header bar, and more, helping to build the Artist’s brand, and allowing the store to fit seamlessly into Web sites, blogs or social networks.

Artists can buy their own products in small batch or bulk.

Whether the need is 30 customized t-shirts for the next show or 3,000 t-shirts for taking on tour, Artists can tap into their own Reverb Store at competitive wholesale and bulk prices.

Artists, Labels, or Distributors interested in learning more about Reverb Store can send an email to: .

Media inquiries:
Mike Doernberg (ReverbNation)
Press[at] .

About ReverbNation:

ReverbNation provides the innovative marketing platform that musicians need to compete, cooperate and stand out in an increasingly noisy online environment. Unlike typical closed communities, artists use ReverbNation as their home base for approaching marketing and promotion across the Internet as a whole – be it via social networks, blogs, email, IM or the artist’s homepage.

Tools like FanReach Pro, Street Team Manager, Fan Exclusives, and a vast array of widgets and social networking applications give the artist the power to spread their music and information virtually anywhere. Real-time stats provide a 360-degree view of how the music is spreading, who is listening, and which fans are actually passing it on to their friends and posting it on their pages. ReverbNation empowers Artists to take their music to the people, no matter where they spend their time online.

For more information about the company, please visit .

About Audiolife:

Audiolife is the leading Direct-to-Fan eCommerce platform that empowers independent artists and record labels to cost-effectively make money by selling CDs, merchandise, digital downloads and ringtones with no upfront inventory costs. The first-of-its-kind eCommerce platform facilitates selling products “on-demand” directly to fans via portable storefronts on Web sites, blogs, and social networks. No other platform, specifically created for artists, provides a worldwide, one-stop-shop solution for custom promotion, manufacturing and distribution.

For more information about Audiolife, please visit

Jimmy Jazz eCommerce

Jimmy Jazz urban clothing retailer’s new ecom site named ‘Best in Class’ by Interactive Media Awards

NEW YORK, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — The leading urban fashion retailer in the eastern United States, Jimmy Jazz, is now the proud recipient of an Interactive Media Award (IMA). The privately held company was awarded the “Best In Class” prize for its new eCommerce / Lifestyle Web site, “We are delighted by this distinction among our peers,” commented David Wachter, Vice President of eCommerce for Jimmy Jazz. “When we approached building a ‘world class’ specialty apparel site and lifestyle section, we went right to the customer to find out how they wanted to shop. This award confirms we listened to the consumer’s wish list.”

Jimmy Jazz eCommerceThe award-winning site was critiqued in 5 specific Web areas: design, content, feature functionality, usability, and standards compliance and cross-browser compatibility. In total, scored an astonishing 483 points out of 500, making it the judges’ favorite site among others.

Aside from its recognized Web efforts; Jimmy Jazz continues to be a leader in urban fashion by expanding its stores in the east coast. The retailer opened over 10 more doors this year, which include shops in North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and Michigan.

For more information on and/or employment opportunities, please visit

About Jimmy Jazz

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Jimmy Jazz 85+ stores are well known throughout the eastern United States for over 20 years. They offer uniquely inspired original urban fashion, accessories and shoes with high energy and style.

Stores feature premier lifestyle brands including Ed Hardy, Rocawear, Timberland, Akademiks, Baby Phat, Coogi, Adidas Originals, Creative Recreation and Nike, to name a few. They receive merchandise daily from vendors who are creating the hottest styles and colors, providing an ever-changing showcase of the newest fashion available for men, women, and kids.

Profit Mag Hot 50

Digital media star has been recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies by PROFIT Magazine

TORONTO, Canada /Advertising Industry Newswire/ —, one of North America’s fastest growing Internet brands and digital media companies, is pleased to announce that in PROFIT Magazine’s “10th Annual PROFIT HOT 50,” has been recognized as Canada’s #20 Emerging Growth Company. The PROFIT HOT 50 is the definitive list of young Canadian growth companies, ranked by two-year revenue growth.

Profit Mag Hot CEO, David Ciccarelli, says, “We are humbled and cheered by this wonderful opportunity.’s inclusion on the PROFIT HOT 50 is a clear validation of our passionate and disciplined efforts to contribute to the Canadian economy, recognizing our growth not only in the digital media industry, but also as an emerging force and valuable player in Canadian business.”

More than just a meeting place to do business and a unique website to hear some of the most amazing voices on earth, is poised to scale its business to new heights, offering a robust platform for people all over the world to complete their voice-over projects on time and within budget.

Every HOT 50 company at least doubled its revenue from 2006 through 2008. The companies on the list have an average two-year revenue growth of 1,007 percent. Fully 70 percent were already in the black in 2008, and many honorees were comfortably so: 28 percent boasted net income of more than 10 percent of revenue.

PROFIT will honour Canada’s Emerging Growth Companies in its October issue.

TBWS mXpo sponsor

Video CRM Marketing Co. ThinkBigWorkSmall Sponsors mXpo 2009 Virtual Trade Show

FAIRFIELD, Calif. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Think Big Work Small (TBWS), the mortgage lending marketing platform with a complete CRM system that allows mortgage lenders to market directly to their database with custom video will provide live demonstrations during 2009, the mortgage industry-sponsored virtual trade show, conference and educational content platform flagship event. Founded in 2007 by real estate and mortgage industry entrepreneurs, TBWS provides a variety of video and Internet based tools and rate alert services to real estate and mortgage industry professionals. It also hosts a daily news program with timely and relevant news for the industry.

TBWS mXpo sponsor“Think Big Work Small was conceived after decades of observing how the most successful mortgage lending professionals always seem to work smarter not harder,” said Tim Kearns, Chief Executive Officer of TBWS. “The 2009 Virtual Trade Show is an ideal venue to demonstrate the ease and impact of targeted database marketing through lender-created, Internet-shared video.

According to Kearns, during a 4-month study of nearly 1,000 industry professionals in 2008, the users of TBWS’s Video Marketing Engine 2.0 showed a 67 percent increase in production over a control group during the same period. One small change in how they stayed in contact with their databases – through video – made all the difference for these real estate and mortgage professionals. With version 3.0 due on the market in the fall of 2009 and TBWS’s newest product, Rate Alert, with over 12,000 subscribers it has quickly become the most utilized and trusted rate monitoring service in the industry. TBWS has moved from an interesting concept to a proven success story in less than two years. offers mortgage professionals from wholesale and retail originators and loan officers, loan processors and back office personnel, executives and owners, to mortgage technology and services vendors the opportunity to congregate via an Internet portal, eliminating costly travel and lodging expenses, while ensuring a concentrated and productive educational experience.

“ is a web-based interactive tradeshow alternative that complements traditional tradeshow strategies, offers business development innovations and allows for demonstrations of Internet or Web 2.0-style marketing platforms in their native environment,” said 2009 event director Camilla Dominguez. “ is the kind of mortgage industry services provider that is ushering in a new era of web-based tools built to create a hyper-productive web-based mortgage marketplace.” 2009 is being held during the mortgage industry’s busiest trade show season as an alternative for mortgage professionals making decisions about the best use of travel and education budgets. Through August 31, 2009 attendees pay only $99 for full-access to the two-day event.

About Think Big Work Small

Founded in 2007 by real estate and mortgage industry entrepreneurs, TBWS provides a variety of video and Internet based tools and rate alert services to real estate and mortgage industry professionals. It also hosts a daily program ( with timely and relevant news for the industry. Born in the most battered market in the real estate and mortgage industry’s history, TBWS was created to perfect and refine business tools and practices that take a minimum of effort or training, but that deliver significant, predictable results. Think Big Work Small is a California corporation located at 3700 Hilborn Road in Fairfield, California, 94534.

About MXpo is an industry-sponsored virtual trade show, conference and educational content platform for mortgage professionals including wholesale and retail originators and loan officers, loan processors and back office personnel, executives and owners, and mortgage technology and services vendors. For information about attending, sponsoring, or exhibiting at 2009 Virtual Trade Show, contact mXpo at (877) 257-2301.

3 in 4 Need More campaign

LTC Guild Offers Slogan and Free Campaign Images to All Who Wish to Promote the Extended-Care Cause

MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. — Today the LTC Guild announces the “3 in 4 Need More” campaign to promote affordable long-term care insurance for all Americans. “Health reform will have a big hole in it,” says Jonas Roeser, a founding member, “if it doesn’t embrace the extended-care needs of today’s longer-living Americans.” The “3 in 4 Need More” campaign will seek to raise public awareness of the need for long-term care insurance, mobilize support for new tax incentives to make the insurance more affordable, and press for Medicaid reform to reserve public aid for the truly needy.

3 in 4 Need More campaign“Most of our health costs occur in the later years of life,” Roeser says, “so it would be a huge mistake to neglect the long-term care component. Today only about 10 percent of those who could benefit from LTC insurance have it.”

Driving the point home, he asks, “Do you plan to live beyond 65? If so, reflect on this: According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, ‘At least 70 percent of people over age 65 will require some long-term care services at some point in their lives’ ( That’s about three in every four of us!”

What about the proposed public option for long-term care, now before Congress? Dick Samson, who manages the LTC Guild, says, “We’re officially agnostic about that. Most of our members, I believe, doubt it’s the best way to go, but applaud the desire to make extended care more widely available.”

If the public option passes, “it will most likely provide very basic coverage only,” Samson says. “To handle all their care needs, most Americans will still need private LTC insurance — instead of the public option or to supplement it. The ‘3 in 4 Need More’ campaign will make that clear.”

The LTC Guild plans no direct advertising or promotional campaign of its own, but instead will make the “3 in 4 Need More” logo and other visuals available for use by its members. Membership is open to concerned citizens and all those who are professionally involved in long-term care, including LTC insurance agents; care providers; financial advisors; elder-law attorneys; and executives of insurance agencies, carriers, nursing homes, retirement communities, public health agencies, public-advocacy groups, and other organizations. “Companies wishing to protect the productivity and retirement savings of employees are also welcome,” says Samson. “If they join the Guild like anyone else, they can just download the materials.”

Any LTC Guild member may request the use of the logo or other visuals. It costs nothing to join the LTC Guild, at —

The “3 in 4 Need More” slogan is available without charge to LTC Guild members for uses that support getting this message out. Roeser, who came up with the basic idea, is Senior Vice President of Marketing & Operations of LTC Financial Partners, LLC (LTCFP), one of the nation’s leading long-term care insurance agencies. Roeser also worked with Samson to found the national LTC Guild, and his company contributed funds to create the “3 in 4 Need More” logo and other visuals.

“LTCFP is pleased to support the LTC Guild as well as the public in this important effort,” says Roeser. His company intends to use the “3 in 4 Need More” materials in company promotions, and to encourage others in the industry to follow suit. “Among other things, we plan to integrate the logo and message into our Long Term Care Outreach and Education Program (LTCOEP(TM)),” he adds. “This will help employers educate their people on the critical importance of protecting themselves.”

“We expect the industry-wide campaign to start small and then grow fast,” says Samson. “Our LTC Guild members are media-savvy, and I think we’ll soon see ‘3 in 4 Need More’ all over the Net and on T-shirts, radio, TV.”

About the LTC Guild:

The LTC Guild is a social network described as “The place where long term care and allied pros meet one another and the public, form local chapters, schedule meetings, and share information.” National in scope, the social network serves a growing number of local LTC Guilds. Each “local” is an independent entity established and run by individuals in a geographic or interest area. Members of the national LTC Guild need not belong to any “local,” however. The national site and social network are run by Dick Samson, Director of the EraNova Institute of Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. More information:

All referenced product names, and other marks, are trademarks of their respective owners. Send2Press(R) is the originating wire service for this story, Copr. 2009.

Wealthy Taste B2C

Wealthy Taste Launches B2C Platform for High-End Products and Services

PALM HARBOR, Fla. — This summer Wealthy Taste Inc. launches its high-end directory of products and services with the goal of protecting businesses and consumers. “Deep inside, people want the very best from life and most are willing to spend extra to purchase that Louis Vuitton bag or wait to get a table at The Tavern On The Green. They make the sacrifice willingly, knowing they will be rewarded with an excellent product or service,” states Willie Garcia, CEO and President.

Wealthy Taste B2CWealthy Taste is here to help consumers find those high-end products and services in a safe B2C platform. Unlike some directories that allow membership to anybody that applies or pays an enrollment fee, Wealthy Taste Inc. enforces strict guidelines when accepting new members. Example: winemakers have to offer at least one wine selection rated 90 points or higher and restaurants must offer at least 100 wine choices in their wine menu.

“We know that by screening new members we are forgoing fast growth, but we’d rather have slow growth with integrity than fast growth without it,” states Garcia.

By only accepting businesses of the same caliber, Wealthy Taste Inc. protects the reputation of its members, and as a result of this commitment, consumers can expect to receive only the very best products and services.

Beyond protecting businesses and consumers, Wealthy Taste Inc. recognizes and celebrates the joy of creating. This pure joy of creating that drove Michelangelo to spend years freeing sculptures from marble blocks and drove Beethoven to continue to write music while going deaf, is alive today in many of the artists listed at

To celebrate the joy of creating, Wealthy Taste Inc. has dedicated the summer and fall seasons to present its “Did you know?” series – a collection of articles about living artists who have helped define art and culture in their field during the last few decades, such as Oscar Niemeyer, I.M. Pei, Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, Oscar de la Renta, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and many others.

Wealthy Taste Inc. is kicking off the series with an interview with renowned international Architect Oscar Niemeyer, The Lover of Curves.

More information: .


Next Generation of Visual Web Advertising Launched by The Scuby Group

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Scuby Group says its new venture,, is the most unique visual advertiser on the Web. Clients set their price and visitors to the site can quickly locate a business, service or product with the simple click of a mouse. What makes the site truly unique is its beautiful images and mapping. Users can literally cruise America with their favorite Internet-connected device. Visitors to the site are greeted with a map of the U.S. where each state contains appropriate photos to represent it. For instance, sweeping views of the Grand Canyon lure visitors into Arizona; Florida beckons through its blazing sunsets; and California invites people to the shores of the Pacific coast.

Scubys“The site was built and designed in house,” R.J. Miller, president of The Scuby Group, Inc., says. “It was not only designed to be eye candy, but also to be easy-to-use, practical and functional – all at lightning speed.”

Advertisers create stunning ads in minutes, and can have them up on the Web that same day. And, with so many designs to choose from, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the type of visual ad that an advertiser can create. does the work so their clients don’t have to.

The site is family oriented and offers more than 300 categories in every city across the country. Currently, more than five million businesses are listed. Updates are automatic so advertisers can rest assured their contact information is up-to-date.

Advertising can be delivered in various forms to include coupons, open house announcements, video link, display sales, and more.

People who list their properties and businesses on can design a portfolio of ads that clearly highlights and showcases their attributes within a beautifully-creative structure.

Miller adds that the Web site provides the perfect venue for people who wish to advertise real estate and services in remote or rural areas of the country.

One site user reported that he had no idea a particular service that he needed was just around the corner until he visited is truly the new face of visual advertising on the Web. It allows people to discover their neighborhood and to discover what’s right in their own backyard. Its purpose is two-fold: an easy-to-use resource; and a powerful advertising tool.

So, to take a tour of America, or to find out what is waiting just around the corner, visit: .


EMRG’s BirthdaysNewYork Heats up the Big Apple with Hot and Trendy New York City Birthday Parties

NEW YORK, N.Y. — BirthdaysNewYork is New York City’s newest and most exciting birthday party planning service; its focus is primarily on birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties. And EMRG, its parent company, is a veteran in the New York party planning business and does the work so its clients don’t have to. Since the beginning, has received an overwhelming response from New York City party planners, special event coordinators, corporations and individuals.

BirthdaysNewYork“Our clients trust us,” Mario Stewart, president of EMRG Media says. “We have built a solid and successful reputation in the NYC party planning business and have strong relationships with many venues throughout New York City; we know nightlife.” has access to some of the top NYC clubs, lounges, bars and restaurants. The Empire Hotel, Hudson Terrace, Greenhouse, Trump World Bar and many more lend to making any birthday party memorable.

In addition to easy access to some of the hottest party venues in New York City, many of users will enjoy additional party perks such as free champagne, VIP passes and more.

BirthdaysNewYork works with more than 50 NYC party venues; it is intimately familiar with each club, restaurant and bar and knows how to plan the best NYC event possible.

BirthdaysNewYork makes planning a birthday party in NYC quick and easy, whether it’s a 21st, 25th, or 30th birthday; the company makes it hassle free.

About EMRG Media

EMRG Media ( is a premier, full-service marketing, event planning and publishing firm based in Manhattan. Over the last eight years, EMRG Media has garnered public acclaim and recognition as innovative, corporate event marketers with an impressive roster of clients including Gotham Hall, Tavern on the Green, Cipriani’s and many others. Its exclusive corporate client base includes names such as Casio, Mars Inc., Conde Nast Publication and the Alzheimer’s Foundation.


Thanks to President Obama, Everyday is a Campaign, says ElectionMall’s Ravi Singh

NEW YORK, N.Y. — ElectionMall launches new social media tools – great for candidates from school board to President. As technology continues to drive political participation at all levels, the need for the latest tools makes all the difference as candidates, from the school board to the White House, look to engage voters, raise money and win on Election Day. “Thanks to President Obama, everyday is a campaign day,” said Ravi Singh, CEO and founder of ElectionMall(R) Technologies Inc. (EMT). In acknowledgement of this, Founder of Personal Democracy Forum Andrew Rasiej joined Singh in a press conference today at the 6th Annual Personal Democracy Forum (PDF) – which is the world’s largest and best known conference on the intersection of technology and politics – announcing the launch of the Money Bomb(TM) fundraising widget for Facebook(R).

ElectionMallMoney Bomb(TM) helps campaigns of any size raise money and is compliant with the fundraising rules of the Federal Election Commission as well as state and local laws.

“Money Bomb is a fundraising tool the McCain 2008 campaign wish it had,” Singh said. “Since our systems of election laws are complex, technology needs to accommodate the paradigm shift from large campaigns to smaller ones, simply using the latest technology to empower them with the same tools. Fundraising is the ‘mother’s milk of politics in the United States.”

“As we have recently seen in Iran and Europe, technology is changing political participation worldwide,” Singh said. “Technology empowers would-be challengers to compete with incumbents. It allows a candidate to raise the money they will need to compete. A candidate armed with the latest technology can bring down the ‘good ol’ boy,’ and that is what we are doing.”

“With the rise of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the question continues to be how you use it – how can you engage users with your message and empower them to participate,” Singh added. “Every candidate wants to emulate the success of the Obama campaign, and ElectionMall is offering those campaigns the right tools at the right time.”

About ElectionMall, Inc.

Established in 1999, is a non-partisan world leader in providing on demand (SaaS) Internet-based solutions for campaigns and elections worldwide, effectively utilizing technology and business know how to enable candidates, advocacy groups, and nonprofits to generate enhanced gains in awareness, funds, and votes. ElectionMall has 2 registered international patents. ElectionMall has identified over 54 different campaign behaviors and has categorized them into 5 specific product offerings, including: Build, Manage, Raise, Promote and Shop, creating a one-stop-shop that encompasses the entire life-cycle of a campaign. ElectionMall is headquartered in Washington, D.C., Chicago and L.A. with international offices in Brussels, Belgium and Mexico City, Mexico.

For more information, visit

Nextshore LLC Helps Small & Medium Business with Web Presence Financing

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Nextshore LLC, an emerging leader in global outsourcing, today announced its own business stimulus package — that helps its customers go for a land grab on the Internet — by providing financing for website development. Nextshore can now offer qualified customers 100 percent financing on its products and services. Additionally, all contracts executed before July 4th, 2009 will receive a 10 percent discount in celebration of the American entrepreneurial spirit.

“There are two types of businesses: proactive and reactive. Some are barely making it; others are doing better than ever. Why? Vision. Some are looking ahead, others behind,” said Christopher Terry, the Company President.

He continued, “Now is the time to go for it — this is market share at wholesale prices, I’ve never seen an opportunity like it. What could Nextshore do to help the visionaries? Very simple, bridge the cash crunch. Thus we arranged for a line of credit to help our progressive customers.”

The Nextshore financing program covers all development and software offerings including new websites and upgrades to existing ones; ecommerce/shopping cart solutions (osCommerce and Magento); Web Presences/SEO (search engine optimization) services; social media/web marketing campaigns; SugarCRM (customer resource management) hosted offerings; and Smoothwall Security products.

Program Outline: Credit lines from $5-$25K with 2-4 year pay offs, leases with $1 buyout or traditional financing, very competitive interest/lease rates.

Requirements: 2 years in business and good credit. All clients must pass a credit review – financing not guaranteed. Personal guarantees are not acceptable for this offer.

To find out more information on Nextshore offerings for small- and medium-size business, please visit the company’s website at

About Nextshore

Nextshore LLC is an emerging leader that specializes in providing cost-effective, world class, information technology solutions and services to small- and medium-sized business, by leveraging the savings of global operations with American ownership and progressive management.

Wingman Sleep Book site

Wingman Media Helps Sit ‘n Sleep Launch Healthy Sleeping Site

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Sit ‘n Sleep announces its sponsorship of – a new educational web site designed to educate people about the importance of quality sleep. Site visitors are encouraged to take a short, but comprehensive survey about their sleep habits. Once the survey is complete, a free, customized “Sleep Book” of approximately 35 to 40 pages is generated and delivered to the user’s inbox. Sleep Book users have two sleep survey choices – instant or multi-day. The multi-day survey includes questions that are emailed over the course of three days and inquire about the user’s previous night’s sleep. The multi-day survey provides users an in-depth and detailed analysis of their sleep habits and quality.

Wingman Sleep Book siteOnce the sleep survey is complete, users receive a customized Sleep Book outlining how the person is sleeping now and how he or she can sleep better in the future. The book addresses dreams, environment, sleep routine, diet, and more.

The Sleep Book is filled with individually-tailored sleep health advice, and also includes a wide range of tips and strategies for achieving a better night’s sleep.

Of course, the sleeper’s mattress plays a large role in the level of sleep quality.

“At Sit ‘n Sleep, our top priority is to help people in Southern California to sleep better,” Larry Miller, president of Sit ‘n Sleep says. “Our sleep consultants know that a mattress is only as good as the quality of sleep people get from it.”

Sit ‘n Sleep ( is the largest mattress retailer in Southern California and the company’s commitment to sleep health is unsurpassed.

“We’re the only mattress retailer in Southern California to use a sophisticated body diagnostic machine in all of our store locations,” Miller adds. “Our body diagnostic machine makes more than 17,000 calculations to match sleepers with an optimal mattress type. The data is amazing.”

So, when the diagnostic machine data is coupled with the sleep survey data, a user is well on his or her way to resting easier.

The Sleep Book and interactive survey were conceptualized and developed by William Fernandez, Director of Interactive Marketing for Wingman Media (, a full-service retail advertising agency.



Soundrangers Launches New Web Portal for Royalty Free Advertising Music

SEATTLE, Wash. — Soundrangers announces the launch of their new web site. Founded in 1998, was the first online sound library to specialize in creating royalty free sound effects and music specifically designed for the emerging world of interactive and online media. From the beginning their focus was to provide high quality sound effects and music for bandwidth sensitive applications such as video games, websites and software while utilizing a website delivery system focused on quick and easy sound auditioning, selection and download. As more and more traditional media, such as film and television, are becoming available online, Soundrangers continues to grow to accommodate the evolving uses of sound content in modern media. introduces several innovations with their latest web site update. Users can now create playlists or collections of sounds known as Soundboxes. These Soundboxes can help organize sounds per project, can be shared with others or sent to clients for approval. With refinements to navigation and audition systems, users can easily find and audition any sound from any page on the site in moments. An expanded user’s account area has streamlined viewing order history, sending copies of invoices, downloading and re-downloading of purchased sound effects and music files. Adding prepaid funds to accounts allows multiple users access to the library without the hassle of tracking individual company credit cards or multiple POs. Users can also access prepaid funds across multiple accounts so individuals sharing funds don’t need to all use the same account.

Everyone from web designers, game developers and software makers to podcast producers and film makers, know that high quality sound effects and music can help distinguish products in the competitive high-tech and entertainment industries. However, trying to find or create sound content that will work with the unique demands of interactive and online media can be a challenge. Soundrangers continues to lead the way, making finding and using sounds easier than ever.

Soundrangers is a Seattle-based company that creates all original royalty free music and sound effects optimized for both interactive and online media. They sell these sound files via their website

Soundrangers also provides custom sound design and music for clients such as Eidos, Postopia, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Electronic Arts, Activision, Microsoft Game Studios, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, and Nintendo.

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Voiceover Talent Portal, Redesigns, Now Serves 100,000+ People

TORONTO, Canada — A revolution has been brewing, 12 months in the making, at the offices of® as they release their all-new, redesigned site and broaden their influence not just in the realm of voice over, but to the advertising industry and beyond.® is an online workplace where business owners can go to audition and hire the freelance professionals they need to get voice-over recordings done. Businesses looking to hire voice talent can post jobs, receive responses quickly, interview candidates by telephone, instant message or e-mail – all provided by the collaboration platform.

Voices voice talent portalImprovements to the online workplace include:

    * Voice talent profiles with biography information, audio samples and a history of feedback from previous jobs

    * An online store where buyers can purchase bundled audio services, such as a commercial or video narration

    * A powerful search engine to locate voice talent by keyword, gender, voice ages, languages and union status

    * A streamlined escrow service that guarantees the satisfaction of buyers

    * An active online community that offers blogs, podcasts and videos. CEO, David Ciccarelli, says, “The catalyst for many of these improvements came in the form of feedback received from our customers, and now with the implementation of those suggestions, using is faster and easier, too.”

About® is the online marketplace where businesses connect with voice actors and voice over talents. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies, marketing executives, casting directors and voice talent agencies rely on to easily search for and hire language service providers such as translators, narrators and professional voice over talents with the assistance of their award-winning web service. Voice talents are equipped with a comprehensive set of self-managed tools to effectively market themselves and conduct their voice-over business online. Clients that have worked with include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader’s Digest, Comcast, Nortel Networks, Bell Canada, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, ING, Western Union, Ford, GM, Jaguar, Firestone Tires, American Airlines, the US Army, the US Government and thousands more.

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iExplore Travel Site Surpasses 50 Million Visitors

CHICAGO, Ill. — iExplore (, the leading online resource for adventure and experiential travel, announced today that it surpassed the 50 million all-time visitor mark for the first time this month. launched in February 2000 with no traffic and has steadily grown to over 1.3 million visitors per month today. iExplore Founder and CEO, George Deeb, said “This is a testament to the iExplore team for building a website and booking service that encourages engagement by a growing base of impassioned adventure travelers.”

He adds, “But it also is a credit to the iExplore users themselves, who have honored iExplore with their continued loyalty and trust while making their adventure travel plans over the last eight years. We could not have achieved this level of success without them.”

Founded in 1999, iExplore ( is the leading online resource for adventure and experiential travel, with a one-stop offering of travel content, community and commerce, and serves as a high-end tour operator of made-to-order, privately-guided tours under the iExplore Exclusives brand.

iExplore has been named the “Best Adventure Travel Website” by Forbes Magazine, Travel & Leisure Magazine, Yahoo, Google and Time Magazine, and powers adventure trips for many leading travel sites including Lonely Planet, Travel Channel, Travelocity, Fodors and Frommers. iExplore is a wholly-owned division of UK-based TUI Travel PLC, the largest seller of international leisure travel in the world.

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BETA Records Site Gives Its Users Ability to Share Advertising Revenue

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. —, the fast growing online music social community and upcoming TV show, today announced the launch of the first known peer-to-peer community advertising technology internally tagged by the team as “DAAN” – Dynamic Affinity Advertising Network. DAAN (patent applied for) allows any BETA Records community user to select and drag up to three ad modules onto their profile page, launching a simple interface to promote and charge a cost per impression (CPM) rate based upon traffic and reputation stats provided by BETA to each respective user’s profile page.

Beta RecordsThe placement of the ad unit is also unique in that the user can drag and position the empty ad unit anywhere in the profile page to make for a more desirable look and user experience. “At the end of the day, the user should decide what type of advertisement they want to appear on their profile page, where it goes, and the price per CPM, subsequently keeping up to 85% of the ad revenue. Our independent artists are creating massive digital brands and bringing their traffic to our community – they are entitled to decide what ads they have an affinity for and share in the profits,” states Christian Honetschlaeger, President.

Using DAAN, any company or user can then locate the most popular profiles/people in the BETA community and request that their ad artwork be inserted into the module. Immediately, an alert is sent via email and internal messaging. Once the request is accepted, the ad unit is locked into place and goes live, paying out ad revenue in real time within hours to the host.

“DAAN is an incredible feature for us and we are excited to launch, test and license this new technology as a complete system for peer-to-peer advertising,” said Rock Mutchler, CEO. “BETA’s backbone eWallet system protects both the publisher of the ad unit and the advertiser by making payments in real time against their available ‘BETA bucks,’ allowing users to place a cap on their spend – once the money is gone the current ad dissolves and the next in the queue appears automatically.”

After local testing is complete on, DAAN should be available for 3rd party licensing in early 2009.

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MyLocalWay Introduces Website Building Solution for Small Businesses

PORTLAND, Ore. — MyLocalWay(TM), the small business Internet presence company, introduces SnapDesign(TM) technology enabling small business owners and service providers to quickly create and maintain professional web sites. Many small business owners do not have websites because they are intimidated by the cost and complexity of creating them for their business. Countless sales opportunities are lost because consumers cannot locate local businesses on the Internet. Painters to plumbers, accountants to architects can build web sites in minutes to grow their businesses. MyLocalWay’s technology removes the technical challenges and addresses this basic need of millions of service providers across the country.

“Many small business owners do not have websites to promote their business because they believe they are too expensive and complicated to create and maintain. Our innovative SnapDesign technology allows busy small business owners with limited time or computer skills the ability to create a website within minutes for only a few cents per day,” said Jeff Braunstein, president and co-founder of MyLocalWay Corporation.

Small business owners creating a website at MyLocalWay start by selecting a pre-designed website template that reflects their company’s image. After selecting the template, the website is created by simply adding text, pictures, or videos in a simple, yet intuitive, interface. MyLocalWay takes care of all the technical details including hosting the web site, creating a unique domain name, and optimizing for search with the likes of Yahoo! and Google.

“MyLocalWay is impressive. It was really easy for me to get a great looking site quickly. I can update it myself anytime I want and my business is now online. I was initially intimidated by the idea of creating my own site, but found it to be very easy and very professional. I would recommend it to anyone,” said David B. Smith, a small business owner, who created his web site at

MyLocalWay offers two pricing plans. For sites hosted under the MyLocalWay domain, prices start at 3.99 per month. Sites hosted under a custom domain start at $6.67 per month.

Small businesses can now establish a professional Internet presence bypassing expensive custom web development. Any small business can benefit from the millions of customers searching the Internet every day.

About MyLocalWay

MyLocalWay is a privately held startup company dedicated to providing the best tools, products and services for small businesses to leverage the Internet as an integral part of their marketing plan. We do this by enabling small businesses to directly and quickly establish a cost effective, professional, and optimized Internet presence for their business.

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Popular Direct Mail On-Demand System Gets a Facelift Targeted to Financial Services Firms

CHICAGO, Ill. — Allegro Communications, Inc., a direct marketing creative agency and developer of FreshDM, recently announced that FreshDM has a totally new look, tailored for financial services clients like CIT and Genworth Financial. The newly launched design can be viewed on the FreshDM site at FreshDM enables a company’s marketing managers and sales staff to create true one-to-one marketing and collateral materials. Salespeople can get the most relevant and effective printed materials in the hands of customers and prospects at just the right time.

FreshDM SaasFinancial services and insurance clients enjoy the control of “locking” marketing materials content for compliance purposes. FreshDM eliminates waste and cost overruns associated with pre-printed materials – especially those that expire – and helps companies track their mailings by viewing previous activity and reports.

According to Russ Graunke, Owner of Allegro Communications, Inc., “We recently ‘freshened’ up our interface and several key features of FreshDM to make the application even easier for our current and future clients to navigate.” He adds, “We’re excited to help our clients improve their bottom line, especially in today’s economy.”

FreshDM also integrates with CRM systems like users can access their company’s marketing materials through a custom tab. Like, FreshDM is sold as a SaaS offering. Customers’ marketing materials are stored and served from the computing “cloud” – with no software to maintain. Subscriptions to FreshDM range from $30 to $55 per user per month.

FreshDM is designed to save time and get direct marketing results. By putting FreshDM in the hands of their marketing managers and sales team, companies increase sales and return on investment.

Allegro Communications, Inc. is a direct marketing firm based near Chicago, Illinois with 18 years of experience helping its clients create strategic, results-driven direct marketing communications. For more information, visit Allegro’s website at

FreshDM, a web-based application developed by Allegro, allows a company’s marketing managers or sales team to quickly and easily create custom, variable print and direct mail.

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MyHealthGate, Inc. and LiveActive Team to Raise Digestive Health Awareness

FALLS CHURCH, Va. — Between 60 and 70 million Americans experience some sort of digestive health issue (*see reference, below). The issue may be that Americans haven’t “digested” the ways in which prebiotics and probiotics could benefit them. For this reason, MyHealthGate, Inc. is helping to raise awareness for prebiotics and probiotics by working with a truly innovative product – LiveActive Chewy Granola Bars from Kraft, the first nationally available non-refrigerated snack bar that contains a live probiotic culture and fiber. The bars come in three great-tasting flavors: Blueberry Almond, Chocolate Raspberry and Peanut Butter.

liveactive“We were excited to work with LiveActive to help raise awareness for digestive health,” says Hooman Abrishami, President of MyHealthGate, Inc. “Our site members and visitors are keenly interested in nutritious foods, and probiotics are a hot new offering.”

As part of a special limited time offer, free samples of LiveActive Chewy Granola Bars will be sent to new site members, courtesy of Kraft.

New LiveActive Chewy Granola Bars are a delicious new way to help promote digestive health. Like many familiar foods – including some breakfast cereals and yogurt – LiveActive Chewy Granola Bars contain a live probiotic culture. Probiotics are live cultures that exist naturally in the digestive system and are useful for healthy digestive functions. Plus, with chewy granola, delicious fruits and nuts and even chocolate flavor, these snacks are a tasty way to help promote digestive health while on the go.

MyHealthGate is a web community where people with wellness-related interests can share their experiences and learn from each other. It was founded on the belief that our everyday choices, such as the food we eat and the activities we engage in, have a profound effect on our health and well being. The founders of MyHealthGate believe that by making adjustments to our lifestyle, we are able to optimize our well being. MyHealthGate provides an open and flexible environment so users can express themselves freely, post original content, and communicate with each other.

More information:

(*REF: Adams PF, Hendershot GE, Marano MA. Current estimates from the National Health Interview Survey, 1996. National Center for Health Statistics. Vital Health Stat. 1999;10(200).)

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Home Shopping Latino adds DRTV and PR Veteran, Ms. Rosario Moreno, to Executive Staff

MIAMI, Fla. — Home Shopping Latino, Inc. (Pink Sheets: HSPL) today announced that Ms. Rosario Moreno has joined Home Shopping Latino, as it prepares to launch its Shopping Channel. Rosario will report directly to Federico Teran, Chief Operating Officer. Ms. Moreno brings a 30 year experience in DRTV and television. She has created and produced first time DRTV and PR campaigns for top companies like Procter and Gamble and Unilever. She has designed programs to promote established brands like Pepsi, AT&T, Green Giant, Cap’n Crunch, Nestle, Chevrolet, Disney World of Children, Disney Records and Chrysler Corporation to modern entities such as Bankinternet .com and CinemaniaNetwork .com.

She has consulted in the development of marketing strategies for the Edinburgh Business School’s MBA Distance Program, successfully selling in LATAM for over a year and soon to launch in the U.S. Hispanic market. One of Ms. Moreno’s DRTV campaigns was nominated for an Emmy, a first in the industry.

Home Shopping Latino“We are delighted to have Ms. Moreno on board. Her knowledge of the DRTV market will bring critical expertise to our product. Her first assignment will be to generate product excitement as we launch our network,” says Frank Celecia, Chairman and CEO of Home Shopping Latino, Inc.

About Home Shopping Latino, Inc.

Home Shopping Latino, Inc., dba Viva Telecompras, is an all Spanish Language Television Channel and online shopping website. Planned offerings include jewelry, gemstones, beauty care products, and vitamins. In addition, the network intends to offer its own credit card and payment plan for higher-priced items. Expecting to tap into the considerable spending power of this growing U.S. population, Viva Telecompras and its accompanying website,, will fill a niche required by 13 million Hispanic homes.

Home Shopping Latino, Inc. is headquartered in Carson, Nevada, and is traded on the OTC under the symbol HSPL.PK / PINK:HSPL.

For more information about Home Shopping Latino, please visit .

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Card Cafe Promotes Kira Case to Vice President

OREM, Utah — Card Cafe, a global technology provider, today announced the promotion of Kira Case to Vice President and General Manager. She will oversee and manage all operating aspects of the company. “Kira has been with Card Cafe since the inception and has been a key part of our success. She has more than earned this promotion. I am excited to see where she takes this company,” said Teague Bengtzen, President of Card Cafe.

Mrs. Case has been instrumental in the start up and dramatic growth of Card Cafe. She has served as Operations Manager for the last three years. Mrs. Case was previously with Rocky Mountain Printing in various positions.

Card Cafe was founded in 2005 as an easy way to keep in touch with people through online ordering of printed greeting cards. It quickly developed into a leading technology provider. Card Cafe produces more than one million cards each year through

In 2008 Card Cafe launched a commercial division known as 1:1 Specialists ( 1:1 Specialists focuses on providing Web-to-print technology to many different industries.

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