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NEWS: Insight Research recently announced a new market study, that projects that telecommunications services revenue worldwide will grow from $2.2 trillion in 2015 to $2.4 trillion in 2019. Insight's newly-released market analysis report, "The 2015 Telecommunications Industry Review: An Anthology of Market Facts and Forecasts" includes regional and service forecasts, assessment of key growth drivers, analysis of industry trends, network infrastructure and access technologies.

Thintri, Inc


NEWS: A series of 2015 market investigations by Thintri, Inc. has revealed significant new opportunities in several emerging technologies like graphene and paper batteries. Thintri's Market Alerts have uncovered three technologies that are projected to undergo dramatic market growth through the decade, moving rapidly from very modest, or even non-existent, markets to billion-dollar levels within the next five to 10 years.

INSIGHT Research


DURANGO, Colo. /Advertising & Marketing News/ -- NEWS: The $30 billion U.S. private line services market has finally entered a period of no growth, says a market analysis study from Insight Research Corp. Private line had always been a growth market for telcos and has been tracked by Insight for more than 18 years showing steadily increasing revenue growth.


DURANGO, Colo. /Advertising & Marketing News/ -- NEWS: Overall U.S. spending on telecom is expected to increase nearly two percent from $422B this year to $456B in 2019, though such modest growth masks the cavernous disparities between business versus consumer outlays across more than 19 different hardware, software, and service segments tracked in this new market research study from The Insight Research Corporation.

Market Research - Strategic Data Services for US Businesses


According to a market research study announced this month from Insight Research Corporation, the study projects that the aggregate market for a key group of data services will grow two to three times the rate for basic transport services over the next five years. Insight's newly-released market analysis report, "Strategic Data Services for US Businesses: IP VPNs, Ethernet, Cloud, and Hosting Services, 2013-2018" includes full segment details for U.S. wireline data services...

Insight Research Corp


DURANGO, Colo. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- Insight Research's newly-released market analysis report, "Managed Services in an IP World: Global Opportunities for Wireless and Wired Networks, 2013-2017" says that While business spending on all telecommunications services is expected to grow in low single-digit percentages over the next five years, global spending on managed services is expected to grow at an annual compounded rate of 11.3 percent.

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BOONTON, N.J. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- The latest market research study from Insight Research, "Private Line and Wavelength Services, 2013-2017," implies that the $35 billion U.S. private line services market is expected to decline one percent annually over the next five years, as the shift to packet-based services offsets demand for higher bandwidth private lines.

Beth Thompson


ATLANTA, Ga. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- Beth Thompson has joined CMI as Vice President, Qualitative Research. Thompson brings a 20-year track record of successfully conducting highly complex domestic and global marketing research with a focus on the pharmaceuticals and life sciences industries. CMI Research is a leader in marketing research services and insight.

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MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- According to a market analysis report announced this month from INSIGHT Research, "The global financial services industry...

Insight Research Corporation


MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- According to a new market research and analysis report from The Insight Research Corporation: Capital expenditures (capex) by telecommunications service providers globally is expected to increase at a compounded rate of 1.5 percent, from $207 billion in 2012 to $223.3 billion in 2017.

Laura Winn, VP client solutions for CMI


ATLANTA, Ga. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- Laura Winn, VP client solutions for CMI Marketing Research, and Steve DiCarlo VP of market research, Fidelity Investments, will present "Honeymoon Period: Three Tips to Evaluate Your Early Customer Lifecycle" at IIR's The Marketing Research Event (TMRE) Nov. 12-14, 2012 in Boca Raton, Fla.

Paul Gondek


ATLANTA, Ga. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- CMI Marketing Research recently announced the addition of Paul Gondek who has joined CMI to expand the company's Healthcare Solutions practice to support healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies. As vice president client solutions and healthcare lead, Gondek will further enhance an experienced pharmaceutical team.

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MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. /Advertsing Industry Newswire/ -- Insight Research's market analysis study, "Cable TV Enterprise Services, 2012-2017" provides a sobering view for Cable Providers, who have been touting the Business Services market as a profitable respite from their mature residential video business.

Insight Research Corporation


MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- According to a new Market Research Report from Insight Research, U.S. enterprises and consumers are expected to spend more than $47 billion over the next five years on Ethernet services provided by carriers.

Insight Research Corporation


MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- A new market research study released by the INSIGHT Research Corporation, "Telecommunications, IT, and Healthcare: Wireless Networks, Digital Healthcare and the Transformation of U.S. Healthcare, 2012-2017," says that the hospitals, physicians, clinics, and insurance providers that make up U.S. healthcare system will be spending over $69 billion on telecommunications services over the next six years.


ATLANTA, Ga. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- CMI, a full-service marketing research firm in Atlanta, has promoted Laura Winn from qualitative manager to vice president of client solutions. While Winn will continue to leverage her expertise in qualitative research, this new role will allow her to expand her strategic responsibility.


NEW YORK, N.Y. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- The SKIM Group, an international market research agency, is kicking-off a new series of free educational webinars for the U.S. market this week. Each market-focused webinar is designed to provide marketers, researchers, and product brand managers with actionable insights they can put into practice in their own organizations.


ATLANTA, Ga. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- CMI's Jean Fasching, today will present 'Marketing Through Intermediaries: Simulated Conversations Put You In the Room' during NewMR's 'Putting the 'Qual' in Qualitative Research' Virtual Event, an international webinar series exploring leading edge qualitative research techniques.


MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- According to a new market research study, 'Operations Support Systems, 2011-2016,' telecommunications network operators worldwide are forecasted to increase their investment in OSS at a compounded rate of 5.9 over the next five years, and will exceed $67 billion in 2016, according to the new report by Insight Research.


WASHINGTON, D.C. /Advertising Industry Newswire/ -- At this year's Washington Nonprofit Conference, Alisa Hamilton, director of project management for CMI, led sessions with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Merkle, a CMI client, on 'Understanding Satisfaction with the Donor Experience.'