SAN MATEO, Calif. — AirSpun, Inc., a California start-up with an e-commerce approach to marketing digital music through commercial radio promotion, announced plans today to launch their new “beta” AirSpun service in an effort to democratize the music “hitmaking” process and provide independent artists with “unprecedented power over their creative futures.” features a patent-pending* online airtime booking system for affordable commercial radio exposure, along with promotional opportunities that give independent recording artists a chance to sell their music directly to a global fan base. At launch, the company is offering commercial airtime in Nashville, San Jose/San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin on select Clear Channel Communications and Entercom network radio stations.

AirSpun proposes to “…rock the foundations of the music business by allowing every original recording artist, with or without a record deal, an affordable way to be heard on commercial radio.”

AirSpun is currently working with its radio station affiliates to offer reasonably-priced 60-second spots for AirSpun’s Artist Showcases. Each spot features a brief announcement of the song and band/artist name, followed by about 45 seconds of the showcased song, and a required AirSpun end-tag asking listeners to visit the site to find the featured artist and vote or provide feedback on the music.

Bands and artists visiting the website will be able to browse available 60-second airtime slots on radio stations by genre and city. After booking their slot (at prices ranging from $20 to $200 or so, depending on location), they will be able to download 60-second audio templates and upload completed Artist Showcase slots that will be previewed and downloaded by the radio stations for broadcast airplay. Artists that use the AirSpun booking system will also get an online referral page linking to wherever their music is sold online.

Later, the company plans to feature the “top-voted” new artists in a series called AirSpun Hit shows, that it plans to syndicate back to its affiliate radio stations.

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*Editorial Note: we could not locate a patent application in the USPTO system under the company name(s). Additionally we were unable to locate a business address on the company’s website as required for California privacy laws and interstate commerce laws.

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