WAYNE, N.J. — The Ballantine Corporation, a New Jersey-based direct mail company, has recently formed a strategic alliance with direct marketing specialist, DME, in Daytona Beach, Fla. Ballantine is excited to announce the addition of personalized one-to-one marketing to its roster of direct-marketing solutions.

Ballantine clients will now gain the benefits of not only direct mail services, but of highly personalized, data-driven direct mail that will flawlessly integrate with other applications such as personalized URLs and Web sites, broadcast e-mails, multimedia applications (including CD-ROM and video hosting) and call center services.

Ballantine CorporationDME has helped pioneer today’s boom of digital print and one-to-one communications. Ballantine plans to maintain that same level of cross-media marketing excellence.

“Working with DME to add one-to-one marketing personalization to our direct mail services was a natural progression,” Thomas C. Cote, President of Ballantine, said. “The technology is fascinating and we are impressed with DME’s success in increasing the effectiveness of direct marketing campaigns.”

The new partnership offers the perfect balance of traditional expertise and modern innovation.

“This partnership has opened Ballantine’s doors to a whole new realm of possibilities,” Alin Jacobs, DME’s Vice President of Creative Strategies, said. “DME was fortunate to identify the need for variable digital print and cross-media services early on and we’re happy to be able to offer our skills to Ballantine and its customers.”

Established in 1966, Ballantine has a long-standing industry reputation for offering creative, print production and mailing services to its family of clients, including The Economist, Smithsonian Magazine, Dow Jones,, American Banker, U.S. News & World Report and Motley Fool. Ballantine brings a full plate of direct marketing benefits to the table including strong project support and aggressive pricing.

DME got its start in 1982 and quickly expanded beyond direct mail to incorporate variable data programming into its applications, making it a single source solution for creative development, database management, variable programming, digital and offset printing, Web development, video production, telecom fulfillment and timely delivery via an on-site postal hub.

DME’s clientele includes Toyota, AutoNation, Fairfield Resorts, Walt Disney World Resorts, Harrah’s and Microsoft.

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