New service to “drive” eyeballs to innovative advertisers

ALDIE, Va. — BumperDollars (, an internet firm, is offering $5.00 per month to vehicle owners for carrying a bumper sticker of their client. BumperDollars’ job is to network the vehicle owners willing to carry a bumper sticker and organizations looking to advertise with the bumper sticker.

This is how it works: initially, the vehicle owners need to register on their website Upon registering, BumperDollars will give the vehicle owners the option to choose bumper stickers available in their area. Once a vehicle owner selects the bumper sticker, it will be sent out and vehicle owner affixes the bumper sticker and submits an image of the car with bumper sticker to, to receive the $5.00 monthly incentives.

The size of the bumper sticker is a normal bumper sticker size, typically 4 x 12 inch or less, that is commonly found on vehicle as hobby stickers. Only one bumper sticker is allowed per vehicle. client list includes political parties, candidates running for the public offices, business organizations and non-profit organizations. BumperDollars will charge the business clients a fee and share a part of it with the vehicle owners.

For business clients, BumperDollars assures that they will verify whether the vehicle is carrying their bumper sticker or not, at least once in a month.

Vehicle owners can register at the website to participate in this program.

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