NEW YORK, N.Y. — Campbell Belman’s mission is to remove the uncertainty about marketing return-on-investment (ROI) for pharmaceutical companies; a new comprehensive report releases proven approaches for real and measurable results. The pharmaceutical environment is turbulent, and what used to work to create an industry wide growth of 20 percent, no longer does. As market growth slows, the bottom line return for brands is under increased scrutiny, and every marketing dollar must count.

A comprehensive report – “Ensuring Profitable Return-on-Investment (ROI) in Pharmaceutical Marketing: Using Analytics and Metrics to Improve the Bottom Line” – is available to provide pharmaceutical marketers with a competitive edge. Read about how top pharmaceutical marketing leaders are handling pressing marketing return issues, and learn about new ideas to apply. It promises to save time and money before and after launching programs that may or may not work.

This detailed report addresses issues such as: ROI basics; practical skills marketers need for measuring marketing effectiveness; tools and best practices that make a difference; measurement principles that drive successful marketing measurement; how to propel strategy, growth, and bottom line return; plus an array of case studies.

It also explains what real people did to measure, improve, and prove, bottom line return. This in-depth resource uncovers practices to predict how and where pharmaceutical marketing and sales investments will yield the highest market share and market share price.

Campbell Belman identified a common problem faced by pharmaceutical companies – how to know which activities impact market share and by how much. They assembled a group of world-leading mathematicians in the predictive analytics field, as well as thought leaders, to find the solution. Campbell Belman offers brands the bottom-line facts and explains what needs to be done and how to do it.

Dr. Andree Bates, Managing Director of Campbell Belman, has gained wide recognition within the international healthcare industry for her expertise in marketing return analysis and is also the author of this year’s must-have report for all pharmaceutical industry marketers.

Pharmaceutical marketers will benefit from the step-by-step guidelines on successfully implementing approaches for real and measurable results available only in this report.

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