Dealers in the USA strengthen efforts to reach a growing market

LOS ANGELES, CA /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Coast to coast more dealers are starting to tap into the sales potential of their local Spanish auto buyers market. They are reaching out to the Hispanic community in ways that didn’t exist just a couple of years ago. Joe Leonard of Darcars Auto Group in Rockville, Maryland is one of those dealers. He’s spent the last 6 months focused almost entirely on building this under served segment of his market. An effort he says has brought in a big jump in new and used car sales. One of his most successful marketing additions are local Spanish auto leads generated for Darcars by Spanish Lead Services (SLS).

(SLS) is a Huntington Beach, CA based Hispanic BDC services company that uses live outbound telemarketing campaigns from its call centers to generate local Spanish auto leads. Dealers hire the service as part of their Spanish Business Development (without the overhead or staffing cost) to “cold call” Hispanic homes in their primary marketing area inquiring about their automotive needs. It is estimated that the Hispanic market will purchase over 25% of the new and used cars in this country over the next 20 years. In addition, census figures show the Hispanic population, currently at more than 39 million, is the fastest-growing group in the country and is expected to reach a quarter of the population by 2050.

That has car dealers tripping over themselves to get more Hispanic customers on their lots, appealing to private consultants and national industry groups for help. To help them learn about marketing to Hispanics, the National Automobile dealers Association and Independent Automobile Dealers association have begun offering training sessions and seminars around the country. NIADA recently held a “Hispanic Summit” in Kansas. that brought in attendees from 55 Dealerships.

That’s good news for Spanish Lead Services (SLS). Each month, more dealers realize the sales potential of the Spanish market. joining the SLS program gives them an inexpensive an accountable way to enter that market. According to Seth Schiller, president of SLS, “Dealers can spend thousands on Hispanic media not knowing how many real selling opportunities are being generated by those investments. With SLS, dealers get a guaranteed number of selling opportunities for a fixed cost per lead. That makes it easy for the dealer to set a monthly Spanish lead budget and evaluate ROI.”

Most of the leads generated are in the market for used cars, trucks, and minivans where the potential grosses can be very good. This makes the SLS local auto lead more valuable then a “new car” Internet lead. Internet customers usually are more focused on bottom line cost and almost always want to buy a dealers car at invoice or below.

Clients are reporting closing up to 50% of these well qualified Hispanic leads. “We pre-qualify the lead. We confirm employment, a drivers license, a Social Security number and a desire to buy a car before we transfer the information as a lead,” said Mitch Davis, VP Customer Service. The company has a 48-hour lead replacement policy which assures the dealer they’re only working real sales leads. “This keeps our clients happy and sticking with the program.”

SLS delivers between 40 and 100 leads a month to each dealer. The store is identified in every call as having friendly Spanish speaking staff that can help them buy a car. If someone in the household happens to be in the market, SLS gathers their information and forwards (e-mail/fax) it as an exclusive sales lead.

Spanish Lead Services is another piece in the Hispanic sales puzzle. “We use live people fluent in the language mixed with great calling technology to pre-screen locally generated leads and deliver them for a very small per lead fee. Dealers need only one Spanish speaking salesperson to make the program work,” according to Mr. Davis. “Car dealers now have a more predictable, affordable way to generate local Spanish auto sales.”

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