Articles: Advertising Industry

Articles: Advertising Industry

The Advertising Industry

Articles: Advertising Industry

Articles: Advertising Industry
The Advertising Industry

Mad Men May Save the 30-second Commercial

Scott G recording a commercial voiceoverCOLUMN: The one-hour drama, 'Mad Men,' part of AMC channel's original programming, has many attributes and can be quite entertaining. Scott G says what's truly intriguing about the series isn't in the show but during the commercial breaks.

In Praise of the Product Demonstration

Scott G of Advertising Industry NewswireCOLUMN: Dating back to the days of cave dwellers, the humble product demonstration can be one of the most persuasive sales techniques. Scott G examines this method of selling in the light of today's new media realities.

Smile, You’re on the iPhone

Scott G on the iPhoneCOLUMN: With the nation's collective craving for Apple's iPhone, the product seems poised for the most consumer-friendly product launch in marketing history. Scott G speculates about that little 'camera' button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Carl Doesn’t Know Jack or Dick

Scott G in the studioCOLUMN: Dick Sittig, the marketing genius behind the Jack-in-the-Box ad campaigns, has created a commercial concept so powerful that he now has rival Carl's Jr. helping him spread the word. How? By being so funny and acerbic that Carl's is trying to sue for relief.

Take Aways: What Consumers Learn From Ads

Scott G casts a shaded eye on current advertisingCOLUMN: Advertising and marketing executives say their business is art, craft and science, and Scott G admits that may be true about a third of the time. Consider a few current ad campaigns that leave potential customers exhilarated or puzzled, intrigued or disgusted.

Ad Industry Thinks You Are an Idiot

Scott G looks askance at bad adsCOLUMN: Scott G often works in the advertising industry and he's frequently appalled by what he sees, as when large corporations insult your intelligence with misleading marketing, or when they treat you like absolute morons with super-silly or saccharine-sweet ads.

Ideas, R.I.P.

Scott G doing a voiceoverCOLUMN: A manifesto entitled 100 Ways to Kill a Concept is currently bouncing around the Internet. It is being sent in anger, frustration and/or glee by anyone who has ever had the misfortune to present an original idea to a boneheaded boss or calcified committee. Scott G lauds author Michael Iva for his horrific hundred.

Smart People in Advertising – Please Step Forward

Scott G insisting he's in the music bizCOLUMN: Curiouser and curiouser, weaker and weaker, stupider and stupider. That describes much recent advertising from major brands. Clogging the airwaves with badvertising is nothing new, but it does seem as if idiocy is lately on the rise. Scott G lists a few of his least favorites from the past couple of weeks.

Superliminal Advertising

COLUMN: Sponsored messages worm their way into entertainment and news. Tracking of consumer purchases allows for precise targeting of those messages. Computerized production technology enables marketers or government agencies to control what you see and when you see it. Scott G plays George Orwell by putting these 3 ideas together.

Your Brand Here: The TV Show

G-Man on and off the wallCOLUMN: With the announcement that the Geico Insurance Cavemen are being written into a script for a television series pilot, the issue of branded content again rears its ugly head. Scott G speculates on some of the oddities surrounding this silly side of advertising.