VILLANOVA, Penn. — What do you do if think you own a million dollar domain name and you want to sell it? The new service – – will promote and broker the sale of your premium domain name for you. Today’s advertisement on page A6 of the Wall Street Journal (think expensive) reflects a major shift in how premium domain names are bought and sold.

“Before our service, someone might look you up on the WHOIS and offer you a lot of money for your premium domain name, and your options were to sell or not, but you’d never know if someone else out there would have been willing to pay more,” explains John Deneen, owner of Domain Liquidations in Villanova, PA.

“ uses highly visible advertising to match the premium domain with the buyer who values it the most. A domain name is worth what someone is willing to pay for it; this service finds the individual or entity willing to pay the most at any point in time,” adds Mr. Deneen.

When it comes to the value of domain names, Deneen believes the three most important things to look for are, “Intuition, Intuition and Intuition.” Playing off of “location, location, and location” for real estate investments. Deneen explains, “Intuition is everything when it comes to domain names. The more intuitive a domain name is, the less money you have to spend to get your marketing message out there, the greater its value as a call-to-action, the greater the likelihood customers will refer others to it, and finally the greater the chances that it will be found on the Web.”

“Take – the Internet is one big buyer’s guide; you can develop a Buyer’s Guide for absolutely any or every product imaginable. This makes this domain name extremely valuable in the right hands, but to find the individual or entity who values it the most requires our service,” explains John Deneen.

About Domain Liquidations
Domain Liquidations is a new service from Survival Network, Inc. a professional web services firm in Villanova, Pennsylvania of 12 years. The owner of the new service, John Deneen owns premium domain names and conceived of the service when he was looking to liquidate some of his premium domain names to raise capital for his Internet ventures.

As of July, VeriSign reports that more than a 100 million domain names have been registered with 10 million registered during the second quarter alone of 2006.

The investment has paid off for some premium domain sellers:

    Sex .com sold for $14M
    Business .com sold for $7.5M
    Beer .com sold for $7M
    Shop .com for $3.5M
    Loans .com for $3M
    Wine .com for $2.9M
    CreditCards .com for $2.75M
    Autos .com for $2.2M
    Telephone .com for $2M
    Express .com for $1.8M
    Cameras .com for $1.5M
    Men .com for $1.3M
    WallStreet .com for $1M
    Rock .com for $1M

For more information about Domain Liquidations, visit: .

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