DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. — The kudos are still coming in from Incredible Discoveries’ recent appearance at the Electronic Retailers Association (ERA) show in Las Vegas. During the show and in following weeks, Incredible Discoveries has received amazing responses from their vendors who were extremely impressed by the new innovations in hardware, technology and personal hygiene that ID will soon be introducing. Incredible Discoveries is a leading DRTV company which partners with manufacturers to bring products to market utilizing multi-channel distribution services.

“This has been an exciting year for Incredible Discoveries,” Doug Campbell of Incredible Discoveries, said. “Our revolutionary product development campaigns have impressed major companies, who are now partnering with us to bring their products to market. Our highly successful Black&Decker ‘Infrawave Oven’ campaign is tremendously popular with consumers and in a brief period of time we’ve surpassed the two million dollar mark in sales.”

Seeing the inventive strategies implemented by Incredible Discoveries has attracted an array of other notable brand names who are seeking the company’s expertise.

“It’s an impressive list of companies that Incredible Discoveries will be working with during the upcoming year,” said Ben Zimmerman of Mercury Media, one of the vendors at the ERA show who purchases television time for ID. “We are delighted to be working with Incredible Discoveries and feel that they have come to the forefront of the industry due to their highly effective infomercials and extremely effective distribution channels which place their products in front of consumers nationally and internationally.”

About Incredible Discoveries
Incredible Discoveries, a division of O2 Media Inc., is a fully integrated production and investment partnership company that introduces new products to consumers through infomercial development and management. ID offers funding opportunities for selected product manufacturers, in addition to multi-channel distribution options through their strategic partnerships with leading national and international retail distribution firms, catalog and credit card insert distribution firms and the country’s highest rated live shopping networks.

ID hosts a team of dynamic professionals with years of direct response ingenuity and expertise. Their fresh, innovative approach has lead to successful products launches including the Black & Decker “Infrawave Speed Oven,” the Magic Juice Filter and the Didi Car.

To have a product reviewed by Incredible Discoveries for a possible partnership deal, visit:

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