TOKYO and LONDON, UK — Dr. Andree Bates, president of the New York and London-based pharmaceutical analytics company Eularis, delivered a presentation on how to tell if you are making the wrong marketing decision at the Pharmaceutical Marketing Excellence conference in Tokyo, Japan, May 19th. Dr. Bates will delivered a presentation titled, “How to Tell if You are Making the Wrong Marketing Decision Using Marketing ROI.” Bates exposed the limitations of current measurement techniques used to guide current marketing decisions. She will also provide attendees with ideas on how to put return measurements to work in making marketing decisions for their own pharmaceutical organizations.

Bates has gained wide recognition within the international pharmaceutical industry for her expertise in marketing return analysis. Under Bates’ leadership, Eularis issued three related research reports in the past year, including: “Ensuring Profitable Return-on-Investment (ROI) in Pharmaceutical Marketing: Using Analytics and Metrics to Improve the Bottom Line,” “Pharmaceutical Sales Force Effectiveness Metrics: Are You Measuring the Wrong Things?,” and “Ensuring Profitable Patient Adherence Programs by Effectively Using Analytics to Release the Hidden Value Available to the Bottom Line from Adherence.”

About Eularis
Eularis provides sophisticated pharmaceutical analytics that provide data-driven insight into the financial impact of corporate and marketing decisions. Unlike traditional analytics approaches which are lengthy and whose reliance on historical or analogue data reduces their accuracy, Eularis’ proprietary 94.8 Analytics Process is based on the current market situation. This proven approach helps pharmaceutical marketing teams to quickly plan, measure, validate, and optimize their sales and marketing performance. Eularis offers pre-launch analytics, marketing mix modeling (both professional and consumer), portfolio optimization, sales force effectiveness, managed care analytics, and patient compliance solutions.

Co-headquartered in London and New York City, although working internationally, the company has developed significant experience in the global pharmaceutical market through client engagements with AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer and many others.

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