FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Kidsville News! is a publication that promotes literacy and learning for elementary school children. And, literacy rocks! Just ask the million-plus young readers of Kidsville News! What makes this free monthly publication so attractive as an advertising medium? It has a positive message that fosters literacy, study skills, character-building and a general love of learning.

Its high-caliber content and appearance are also fun and appealing. It captures the attention of a broad base of readers, from young children to adults. And, Kidsville News! has become a valuable learning resource, used widely in the classroom and in homes.

Kidsville News During the recent 2008 Kidsville News! Publishers’ Conference, Bowman revealed that circulation of Kidsville News! well exceeded the one million mark. He also announced that the publication is currently undergoing an audit by the Circulation Verification Council (CVC), which will validate circulation and distribution data and place Kidsville News! in the Standard Rates & Data Service (SRDS) directory for the first time.

“Our growth has been phenomenal,” said Bowman, who launched the educational and literacy initiative in Fayetteville, NC in 1998. However, it wasn’t until June 2005 that the publication became available for licensure nationwide. Since that time, it has grown from three editions, with a circulation of 80,000, to 100 editions, with a circulation of nearly 1.3 million, as of January 2008.

“In the last six months of 2007 alone, circulation grew by more than 66%,” says Bowman, noting that the number of editions increased from 70 to 100 during that period, and circulation increased from 792,017 to 1,194,417.

What’s more, the ongoing CVC audit of Kidsville News! indicates that actual readership is even higher than the circulation numbers. Readership survey results in one major market show that the average number of readers per edition is 1.7. Other significant audit results show that 60% of readers keep the monthly publication in their homes for one month or more, and less than 1% of Kidsville News! controlled bulk distribution is returned unclaimed. Income and education levels for reader-households are significantly higher than general market demographics.

Distributed by a wide range of publishers coast to coast, Kidsville News! is extremely popular with advertisers and sponsors. They include national names, such as McDonalds, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Applebees, Texas Roadhouse, Busch Gardens, Borders Bookstore, Coldwell Banker, Edward Jones, Time Warner and Comcast. Kidsville News! is also a sought-after source for local sponsors and advertisers such as hospitals, utility companies, banks and credit unions, museums, colleges and universities, as well as commercial and industrial companies.

Contributing to the popularity and fun of Kidsville News! is the publication’s easy-to-use website and its friendly green dragon mascot, “Truman.” This snaggle-toothed hero echoes the love-of-learning message and engenders the loyalty that makes kids Tru-blue readers.

For more information on Kidsville News! – including editions published in your area, with prime opportunities for high visibility advertising and sponsorship – contact Kidsville News! corporate headquarters at 1-877-4KVNEWS (458-6397), or visit online at

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