AUSTIN, Texas — In its beta phase, invites advertisers and publishers to try out a new and innovative Internet service that brings together the content of video publishers and matches them with the needs of advertisers. Flvorful makes it easy for advertisers to find the right Flash video content and for video publishers to attract advertisers and generate revenue.

“In essence,” Jake Varghese, CEO and Lead Developer of, explained, “the site was designed to revolutionize the way video is presented on the Internet. We have provided one marketplace where advertisers and publishers can come together to swap ads.”

Flvorful video marketingFor instance, if an advertiser wants to place ads on all tech shows, the service is only one click away. Rather than contacting each network and negotiating rates, advertisers can visit and choose where they want to advertise to their max CPM per commercial. They are then able to track the number of times a commercial is played and clicked on and even track which shows played them and how many times.

“It’s a terrific marketing tool,” Varghese explained. “And, advertisers determine the amount they want to pay for their commercials.”

Advertisers can play their video commercials automatically in Flash videos all over the Web; they only pay when they run. They simply choose targeted keywords and categories to communicate the types of videos for commercials to play in. There are no long forms to fill out and up to 30 seconds per commercial is provided.

Video publishers can turn their Flash video content into cash. brings the video publishers to the advertisers and sets up the commercials for them. They simply set the price, sit back and receive payments through PayPal.

“We put a very small amount of non-intrusive code on the publisher’s site,” Varghese explained. “It’s even smaller than the amount of code used for Google ads.”

Many content categories are available and include: arts and entertainment, education, health, real estate, travel, technology and much more.

Sign up is easy. Advertisers register once and will then receive full reports about where commercials are playing. Publishers also register once and it takes minimal time to add new material.

To try the beta version, visit:

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