Ballantine Corp. Gives Back to the Business Community with Direct Mail Marketing Tips

WAYNE, N.J. — The Ballantine Corporation ( today announced the release of a free, email marketing course that provides people with direct mail marketing tips that can be applied to their direct mail campaigns. The company, which has been in business for over 40 years, wanted to give something back to the business community; they decided to gather together their resources and knowledge to create this free email course.

The course runs for eight weeks and provides a total of eight tips – one tip each week. Direct mail marketing tips are emailed to people during this time and the course is purely educational.

Ballantine CorporationThe tips are broken out into four categories. They are: copywriting, creative, print production, and one-to-one marketing. Each week, a unique and practical direct mail marketing tip is provided. Tips include: the 13 most powerful words in direct mail marketing; how to use photography to enhance your creative; a proven way to boost response; the key to cutting direct mail costs; and more.

After the eight weeks, businesses should be able to adapt much of what they have learned to their own direct mail marketing efforts. If they wish to learn more, additional options are available that include some surprise features.

“There is really something for everyone,” Thomas C. Cote, president and owner of The Ballantine Corporation, said. “We want to share our knowledge with tips that run the gamut so everyone can benefit.”

Ballantine is a full-service direct mail marketing company and a family-owned business. Founded in 1966 by Thomas J. Cote, his brother, Charles, joined in 1968. For the first 24 years, Ballantine offered prepress and print production services. Since then, they have added mailing and creative services, and most recently, one-to-one marketing solutions.

Charles’ son, Thomas C., and his brother John, took over the reigns after Thomas J. and Charles retired.

“As the third generation of Cotes has now entered the business, we are well positioned for growth that keeps pace with the evolving technology and business environment of the 21st century,” Mr. Cote said.

To learn more about these free direct mail marketing tips, visit: .

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