SAN FRANCISCO, CA /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — LookSmart Ltd. announced this week the launch of their new enhanced AdCenter with improved functionality icnluding Daily budgets (versus monthly) which give you more control of your distribution and spend. You will now be in distribution every day of the month.

New Features include:

  • Daily budgeting for greater control over your spend
  • Daily budgeting for more steady Ad distribution
  • Negative keywords on the Ad level for more control of distribution
  • New custom reports for better insight into your Account’s performance
  • Easier Ad uploading and an improved interface for increased efficiency

LookSmart LogoIn the new version, you will associate multiple keywords (Smart, Broad and Negative) with an ad versus managing individual listings. This makes managing your ad copy for multiple keywords easier.

You can now manage your Negative keywords on the ad level, versus the campaign level. This gives you more control of when your Ads appear (or don’t appear) in search results.

“We are very happy to be releasing enhancements that will help you achieve your marketing goals,” said Bryan Everett, Senior Vice President, Sales and Operations.

New online training for the system is available once logged-in to your account.

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LookSmart provides relevant content, advertising and technology solutions for consumers, advertisers and publishers.

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