BOONTON, N.J. — The transformation of various enterprise applications from fixed to mobile access technology will generate more than $66 billion in carrier service revenue over the next five years, says a new market research report from Insight Research Corp. By the close of 2007, service revenues generated by mobile applications traversing wired and wireless networks in the US will reach just over $9 billion; by 2012, the value of services revenue supporting those applications is forecasted to grow to nearly $13 billion, according to the new market study.

Insight’s newly released market analysis report, “The Mobile Workforce and Enterprise Applications 2007-2012,” states that telecommunications industry consolidation and job growth in the services sector are both speeding a transformation of various enterprise applications to a mobility environment. Citing Bureau of Labor statistics, the study finds that occupations working outside of corporate offices are increasing at a much faster rate than average employment growth. At the same time, consolidation within the telecommunications industry has put all of the requisite piece parts required to deliver integrated wireless applications within the hands of the remaining companies.

“Analyze AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon and you will find that each company now commands the local, metro, long-haul, and wireless assets required to deliver an end-to-end corporate solution,” says Robert Rosenberg, President of Insight. “Equally as important is the fact that these companies are shifting capital expenditures from infrastructure to service control, managed services, and applications. This shift in resource allocations will benefit enterprises looking to mobilize their traditional applications, so in the months ahead we see a real rush to develop mobile applications,” Rosenberg concludes.

A free report excerpt, table of contents, and ordering information is available online at This 149-page report is available immediately for $3,995 (hard copy). Adobe Acrobat (PDF) report licenses are also available. Visit the Insight web page, or call 973-541-9600 for details.

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