BOONTON, N.J. — According to a new white paper by Insight Research, Application Session Controllers (ASCs) are an important new approach to providing efficient and cost-effective application connectivity, application/session call control and the ability to mediate application mash-ups in a mixed networking environment.

Service Providers continue to look for new cost effective means for efficient and effective application-to-network connectivity. As a result, hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent by Service Providers to connect or migrate existing applications as well as build new applications to retain customers and enhance meaningful ARPU across their networks.

According to the study “Deploying Cost-Effective Network Elements for Next-Generation Networks: The Case for Application Session Controllers,” Insight sees ASCs playing a significant role in six high growth application areas that will make up a $66 billion market by 2010. The six areas are: residential video telephony, fixed mobile convergence, file exchange, streaming service, location-based services, and presence-based services.

“As a purpose-built network element that combines call control, signaling, switching, and media capabilities coupled with multi-application support for both new and legacy applications, the ASC is an important tool for service providers.” says Robert Rosenberg, President of Insight Research. “It lowers costs, preserves existing investments, increases ARPU, and provides application transparency for evolving networks, including IMS.”

Service Providers can realize on average a 40% savings in both capital and operational expenditures by leveraging the Application Session Controller functionality compared to re-purposing general purpose network elements for application connectivity. Once within the network, an ASC provides on going efficiencies and time to market advantages for legacy and IMS applications. While at the same time, an ASC can drive ARPU by enabling service convergence and application brokering.

A free copy of the white paper is available online at

Insight Research, founded in 1990, is a highly respected source for telecommunications market research and strategic analysis.

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