LONE TREE, Colo. — Maxx Business Solutions, has completed a rebranding campaign aimed at highlighting their unique approach to the credit card processing industry. “Our clients – the merchants – are our life blood,” stated Scott Burke, President of Maxx Business Solutions. “We wanted to create public marketing campaign that reflects that commitment. Maxx Merchants will be the new face of the company and our aim is clear – to become a Merchant’s Best Friend.”

“In this ever-changing economy,” said Mr. Burke, “it is critically important to direct our attention to the most important asset – our clients. So in an industry that has been known for its hand’s off approach to customer service, we are creating a business culture that focuses on maintaining close relationships with our clients. Their loyalty is our priority. Our entire strategy is committed to a simple idea – treat our merchants as friends.”

To support this direction, Maxx Merchants has unveiled a revolutionary way to approach the merchant processing industry. To maintain this laser focus on the client, Maxx is rolling out offices throughout the United States. All of these offices will be locally owned and work to maintain a peer relationship with clients.

“We believe the development of owner-to-owner relationships with merchants is an important factor to an office’s success,” states Scott Burke. “Individual sales reps, that have never run a business, are not in the best position to understand the challenges a business owner faces. Our individual office owners will know what it takes to run a business. So, they will be able to advise based on experience, not based on a standard sales model.”

Maxx Merchants has invested in an office-training program and support system to ensure that their offices are best positioned to service their customers. They are actively pursuing interested owners who have a desire to have fun, help people and grow friendships.

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