LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Media Mayhem Corporation (MMC) has signed an exclusive advertising representation deal with live social networking (streaming) giant MMC will promote Stickam with the nation’s largest agencies and advertisers helping them effectively reach their target audiences. currently has 3.8 million daily page views as well as 2.5 million live streams daily and leads a number of Nielsen Ratings categories for its video content and capabilities. The leader in live social networking is revolutionizing the way people communicate with friends and family. In addition to its live video social networking capabilities, Stickam also has exclusive contracts with celebrities such as Leo Laporte of TWiT Live, creating one of the first live interactive networks of online shows.

“We are aligning our experience with Stickam’s proprietary live streaming technology, creating completely integrated and one-of-a-kind unique advertising opportunities for our clients,” says Eric Willis, vice president at Media Mayhem Corporation. “Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace have all had their time in the sun. It’s now time for Stickam to show the rest of the world what more than two million registered users have known about since launching in late 2006.” is a free service offering 2GB storage space and unlimited bandwidth. Users can video chat with friends and family and upload prerecorded videos or record videos to their Stickam Player.

“MMC has a reputation for working with only the top publishers and leading national and international brands,” said Steven Fruchter, CEO of Stickam. “We are confident that MMC will provide huge value as part of our strategy to further monetize the site. We believe the Stickam brand provides a very powerful target audience for marketers and advertisers.” also offers the ability to display photos as a slideshow while adding other users photos to a playlist. Other features include uploading audio/music files in MP3 or WAV format or upload another user’s audio to one’s own Stickam Player’s playlist. is also wireless, enabling anyone to take a picture, upload audio or record a video with a cell phone with a camera, then uploading the file directly to the server from the phone.

About Media Mayhem
Media Mayhem’s slogan of “fusing experience, strategy, technology and drive” describes a full-service advertising representation firm. Their services include online and offline marketing, and event sponsorships. They specialize in building lifestyle-based advertising solutions for their clients and engaging consumer audiences through branded film, music, art, fashion, sports, technology, entertainment and lifestyle experiences, across niche vertical markets.

Media Mayhem is a firm that goes far beyond a typical online advertising network. They represent all of their publishers on an exclusive site-specific basis allowing advertising clients to customize their advertising and media buys. They allow clients to pick and choose individual websites in order to meet their campaign’s target demographic. MMC engages trade and consumer media by leveraging their access and relationships to position clients directly with the key elements that drive popular culture and create new markets of opportunity.

MMC is now recognized to maximize client investments by delivering strategic insight, direct-access relationships and execution across a broad range of global resources. They exercise professional program management throughout their enterprise to deliver flawless results, utilizing the latest in technology, creative services and design to produce cutting-edge environments and experiences for clients – all turnkey and on budget. They maintain a successful track record supporting major corporations with a wide range of strategic and tactical communications programs and projects.

MMC believes that in order to be heard, brands today must engage consumers not only through traditional media, but through live and experiential platforms that speak to the lifestyle which each consumer embraces as their own. They believe lifestyle, music, fashion, film, sports and art are the core passion points of the consumer lifestyle, and form the building blocks for using media as a vehicle to capture mindshare, market share and media for client brands.

This is an advertising representation firm that believes that a company’s media, promotions and public relations strategy must integrate with its advertising strategy. Campaigns that are scalable and broad in scope, both culturally and demographically, and attract enormous media coverage and continue to grow as consumers look for ways to engage in new and nostalgic experiences with family/peers.

As such, they focus on using online and offline initiatives as a medium that delivers an ongoing emotional attachment between companies and their target consumers to drive brand awareness, brand loyalty and brand demand.

More information:

Media Mayhem, 1749 14th Street, Santa Monica, California 90404. 310.478.7358.

About Stickam

Launched in February 2006, live community emerged as the first and largest Web site dedicated to live interactive video streaming. Stickam’s cutting-edge technology delivers millions of streams each day, reaching over two million registered users. The company is continuing on the path of social interactive TV by adding features that nurture its growing community and tech-savvy broadcasters. For more information go to .

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