AUSTIN, Texas — SaleAMP(TM), a cutting-edge marketing and software company, today announced a unique pay-for-performance real estate marketing service for condo developers, large home builders and real estate related banks, nationwide. The service, based on proprietary internet marketing tools and techniques has produced tens of thousands of buyer prospects and sales in a matter of months. “Traditional real estate marketing is broken and budgets are heavily strained as a result of this economic environment,” said Paul Kirchoff, SaleAMP’s chief executive officer. “The reality is we deliver volumes of qualified buyers with almost no up front money, allowing clients to lower their marketing budgets and dramatically accelerate lead generation and sales at the same time.”

SaleAMP’s pay-for-performance marketing service begins with deep analysis of search volumes and online buyer activity in each market and then employs proprietary tools to drive demand to client web properties. That traffic is then converted into actionable leads using cross-industry best practices and technologies.

“Over the past twenty years, I’ve developed major projects across the country and I have never seen anything like SaleAMP,” said Mark Tolley, B. Knightly’s chief executive officer. “Their unique skill set and business model is the future of real estate marketing. In one of the worst economies in decades, SaleAMP has our sales staff sprinting to keep up.”

Specifically, SaleAMP partners with each client through their pay-for-performance business model allowing clients to significantly reduce their existing marketing budgets. The company then employs proprietary technology and top industry talent to deploy search engine marketing, social media marketing, online video marketing, online auctions, and email marketing to generate highly qualified leads.

“SaleAMP is solving a major crisis for builders, developers and banks by lowering their marketing costs, generating faster inventory flow and giving them the ability to pay only when we’ve provided the revenue,” said Kirchoff. “The days of paying expensive agencies are over. Pay-for-performance ensures we are on the same side of the table as our clients. And that is what matters.”

About SaleAMP

SaleAMP, Inc. ( is an Austin, Texas-based marketing and software company specializing in the real estate industry. The company offers pay-for-performance marketing services that deliver massive lead volume for a small fraction of the price of expensive traditional firms.

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