BOSTON, Mass. —, an online community that allows independent musicians and filmmakers to compete for recognition and prizes by connecting directly with fans, has signed on to work with Street Attack to promote the new OurStage Facebook application. Street Attack will be launching an online viral campaign in November 2007.

Street Attack’s online campaign will adhere to the authentic nature of the OurStage community by reaching out directly to niche music groups and individuals who are into discovering new music, as well as those interested in pursuing careers in music, film, and the arts. The campaign will tap into social media avenues such as Facebook, blogs, and forums to encourage adoption of the OurStage Facebook application.

“When it comes to what’s hot in the online viral world right now, Facebook applications and independent music channels are definitely two topics that come to mind,” says Terry Lozoff, Managing Director at Street Attack. “OurStage brings these two arenas together in a unique way and gives Street Attack an opportunity to do what we’re best at – directly reach people through grassroots/viral methods and let them discover what’s new and cool.”

The OurStage Facebook application, called Talent Scout, challenges users to test their ear for talent by voting for songs that they believe are most likely to be crowd favorites. Participants in the game compete for several prizes including a grand prize trip to the SXSW Music Festival.

Street Attack ( is a full service marketing agency specializing in alternative and non-traditional programs and tactics. They build integrated and customized campaigns that fuse the offline and online worlds; building off the latest in trends, technologies, and media. Street Attack works with both brands and agencies to build strategies that make an impact and reach people directly. From alternative media, to experiential programs, to online marketing and creative, Street Attack provides services that are unique, edgy, and completely in tune with what is going on today.

OurStage ( is the only purely democratic online competition where the fans decide who’s the best in emerging music, film and video. The OurStage mission is to help talented artists achieve critical exposure by providing a neutral, trusted, game-free platform in which the true judgment of the fans drives the best content to the top.

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