BOSTON, Mass. — Boston-based alternative marketing agency Street Attack and YFonGlobal of Washington, DC are excited to announce a strategic partnership that will utilize Street Attack’s concept and YFonGlobal’s technology to launch PromoNet, a network platform that will act as an online community management system. PromoNet will offer MySpace-like features while focusing on the management of specialized online grassroots communities that cater to specific interests.

“We are a very complementary team. Street Attack is designing the way users will use the system-and YFonGlobal will be delivering the functionality defined by Street Attack, based on their design. This means that the application is being designed by those who will use it, so we know the requirements will be spot-on,” said Marian Sabety, CEO of YFonGlobal.

Street Attack will also be the first to utilize PromoNet to support Street Attack’s own online community and grassroots marketing initiatives. Street Attack will name this PromoNet-supported community The Switchboard, and plans to launch in October 2006. “Street Attack is providing the people who will authentically connect themselves to communities that share their interests and YFonGlobal is providing the necessary tools and technology to allow the members to communicate, complete tasks, and influence each other,” says Luke Garro, Director of Network Development at Street Attack.

The new network platform’s foundation will integrate a single online platform and interactive file sharing into one sophisticated online community with advanced functions such as pod casting, video posting, and VoIP calling. Street Attack and YFonGlobal will be presenting the platform as a tool for companies and organizations to develop and manage online communities that promote interactive communications, with extensive file sharing, collaboration, and grassroots networking.

From a marketing standpoint, the system will revolutionize how companies execute and monitor their online and grassroots marketing initiatives and manage their online communities. From a user standpoint, it will provide a platform for online networking and community participation that can be likened to MySpace, but with a unified mission that focuses on a particular interest or goal. Terry Lozoff, Managing Director of Street Attack says, “This technology takes the concept of an online community, gives it real purpose and functionality for both users and administrators, and allows people to truly harness the power of a grassroots network.”

About Street Attack
Since 2001, alternative marketing agency Street Attack has been a connector for people, ideas, and brands. From its internal structure to its strategic approach, Street Attack continues to honor its promise to engineer and execute authentic marketing and lifestyle communication programs that relate to what’s going on now. Street Attack provides services such as experiential, online, viral, and grassroots marketing programs, alternative media placement, and design and branding. For more information about Street Attack, visit .

About YFonGlobal, LLC
YFonGlobal, a Washington D.C.-based company, provides Internet media and IP/VoIP services such as carrier class 5-level IP network services, retail VoIP services such as PC-to-PC, PC-to-Phone, traditional Phone-to-Phone, and Calling Card telephony services under private brand programs. For more information about YFonGlobal, LLC, visit .

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