PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — As America’s top college football teams battled in the four BCS games, Tostitos, Federal Express, Nokia and Citi, scored more than $106 million of in-game signage and enhancements from ABC Sports during the four telecasts. The values, determined by Image Impact, Inc. (, the premier provider of sponsorship impact/product placement evaluation, are based upon the published 30-second commercial rates.

Tostitos lead the way with $30,376,683 in exposure while FedEx scored a high of 745 logo detections and 58-minutes of duration. Due to limited stadium signage in the oldest venue, Citi scored just 236 detections and 20-minutes of duration. ABC Sports’ promotion of the national championship game was evident as Citi recorded $4.8 million in exposure during the other three games. The key areas of sponsor exposure included: Stadium/Field ($42,071,351); Player/Official Uniforms ($3,455,966); Graphics ($46,301,718); Audio ($14,543,754).

“Our patented SVI Quality Index shows the presentation of the Tostitos brand during the BCS Series was the strongest,” said Dr. Gerry Williams, Director of Research at Image Impact. “FedEx was aided by the length of the game while Citi benefited from the highest 30-second spot value. Sponsors can learn a lot by studying the presentation of the Tostitos brand during their game.”

Here’s a look at the exposure generated for the four BCS title sponsors during the four game broadcasts.


Tostitos/Fiesta 520 49:37 0.528 $30,376,683

Nokia/Sugar 529 41:30 0.412 $20,911,958

FedEx/Orange 745 58:05 0.402 $29,599,506

Citi/Rose 236 20:32 0.496 $25,466,643

*Signage Value Index (SVI): The quality of an image’s exposure relative to its major on-screen presentation attributes. SVI values range between 0.0 and 1.0.

**30-second Ad Rates: Sugar ($400,000); Orange ($450,000); Fiesta ($500,000); Rose ($800,000)

About Image Impact and SVI

Image Impact captures every sponsor detection and measures its duration to within 1/3 of a second. Each detection is indexed by its presentation attributes: duration, size, position on screen, degree of isolation and type, etc. Image Impact uses these individual detection scores to calculate an overall presentation quality index (SVI(R) Signage Value Index) and the associated monetary value of the branding opportunity for sponsors, venues, teams and leagues. Complete results are available upon request.

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News Source: Image Impact, Inc.
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