SEATTLE, WA /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Soundrangers (, founded in 1998, from the beginning took a unique approach to the field of royalty-free sound effects and music. Soundrangers was the first to specialize in creating sounds specifically for interactive media, such as websites and video games, and making them available for purchase and download over the internet. As an industry leader, Soundrangers continues to innovate, being the first to have a large catalog of real world sounds, also designed and optimized for use in interactive media.

With the additions of Sports, Tools, Nature Ambiences, Weapons, Audience Reactions and many more real world sounds, Soundrangers has become a one-stop virtual sound design tool. Within moments users can audition and download all the sound elements needed to complete almost any project. With real world sounds, user-interface sounds and royalty-free music available and ready for immediate use, developers can easily add sound to an interactive project with full confidence that it will work and sound great. This can add a level of creativity and sonic quality matched only by hiring a world class sound designer knowledgeable in interactive media. With short production cycles and limited budgets Soundrangers can really help complete a project on time with professional results.

Soundrangers actively works on major release video games, making this knowledge and experience available to its users through its online sound library. The Soundrangers sound library isn’t just an online distribution of sound libraries that have been in use for decades. The sounds are all original and newly created from the ground-up specifically for interactive media.

Web designers, game developers and software makers know that high quality sound can help distinguish their products in the competitive high-tech and entertainment industries. However, trying to find or create sound that will work with the unique demands of interactive media, especially within tight budgets, can be a challenge. That’s where Soundrangers’ unique catalog and website can help.

Soundrangers is a Seattle-based company that creates all original sound effects and royalty-free music optimized for interactive media, and sells these sounds via their website Soundrangers has also been creating custom sound design and music content for clients such as Postopia, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Electronic Arts, Activision, Microsoft Game Studios, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Discovery Channel and Nintendo.

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