TEMPE, Ariz. — The rocky economy has affected many areas of the market, but one area that has not been slapped in the face by the United State’s financial crisis is energy shots, says STG Media Corp. The energy beverage category has grown over 260% in the past 3 years and is expected to grow another 15% in the years that follow. Consumers are finding themselves working longer and sleeping less to help compensate for the rising gas prices, the plummeting stock market, and the rocky real estate market. Reaching for an energy beverage, just to make it through the day has become a routine activity for many consumers in the working class.

Although the popularity of energy beverages has grown among consumers, the nutrition content of energy beverages has been a topic of controversy for health experts nationwide. According to experts, energy beverages can cause anxiety, panic attacks, high blood pressure and some kinds of stomach and heart conditions. In light of the negative rap that energy beverages have been receiving lately, Brain-Twist has developed an all-natural, healthy energy beverage and shot alternative, Slap Energy Shots.

It took Coca-Cola to spot the future of energy shots (Slap Shots is partially owned and funded by The Coca-Cola Company). The difference between this energy shot and the other energy shots on the market is that Slap Energy Shots is tea based and does not have the jolt and crash effect.

Additionally, Brain-Twist has combined forces with STG Media Corp. and to distribute and market Slap Energy Shots in the United States and World Wide. STG Media Corp. has developed an aggressive distribution program that will launch Slap Energy Shots into over 100,000 convenience stores within the next 6 months. The distribution will be accompanied by a print media and radio campaign that will ensure Slap Energy Shot’s success in the convenience store channel.

“We have a tremendous amount of success in the convenience store channel, simply by ensuring that the products that we put in the market have adequate media support behind them,” President of STG Media Corp. and Global Distribution Services, Vincent M. Schuman said. “Due to the economy, many of our main competitors are slashing their marketing budgets; we are going to use this as our advantage to make Slap Energy Shots really stand out in the energy shot category.”

Slap Energy Shots distribution and media campaign began on November 1, 2008.

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