PORTLAND, Ore. — MyLocalWay(TM), the small business Internet presence company, introduces SnapDesign(TM) technology enabling small business owners and service providers to quickly create and maintain professional web sites. Many small business owners do not have websites because they are intimidated by the cost and complexity of creating them for their business. Countless sales opportunities are lost because consumers cannot locate local businesses on the Internet. Painters to plumbers, accountants to architects can build web sites in minutes to grow their businesses. MyLocalWay’s technology removes the technical challenges and addresses this basic need of millions of service providers across the country.

“Many small business owners do not have websites to promote their business because they believe they are too expensive and complicated to create and maintain. Our innovative SnapDesign technology allows busy small business owners with limited time or computer skills the ability to create a website within minutes for only a few cents per day,” said Jeff Braunstein, president and co-founder of MyLocalWay Corporation.

Small business owners creating a website at MyLocalWay start by selecting a pre-designed website template that reflects their company’s image. After selecting the template, the website is created by simply adding text, pictures, or videos in a simple, yet intuitive, interface. MyLocalWay takes care of all the technical details including hosting the web site, creating a unique domain name, and optimizing for search with the likes of Yahoo! and Google.

“MyLocalWay is impressive. It was really easy for me to get a great looking site quickly. I can update it myself anytime I want and my business is now online. I was initially intimidated by the idea of creating my own site, but found it to be very easy and very professional. I would recommend it to anyone,” said David B. Smith, a small business owner, who created his web site at

MyLocalWay offers two pricing plans. For sites hosted under the MyLocalWay domain, prices start at 3.99 per month. Sites hosted under a custom domain start at $6.67 per month.

Small businesses can now establish a professional Internet presence bypassing expensive custom web development. Any small business can benefit from the millions of customers searching the Internet every day.

About MyLocalWay

MyLocalWay is a privately held startup company dedicated to providing the best tools, products and services for small businesses to leverage the Internet as an integral part of their marketing plan. We do this by enabling small businesses to directly and quickly establish a cost effective, professional, and optimized Internet presence for their business.

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