There is no denying the clout of marketing. Relying on well-positioned advertising statements, keenly crafted media buys, and an ever-widening use of public relations, national and international companies are able to pound their brands into your brains on a continual basis.

Yet marketers always want more. They seek more reach and they lust after more frequency. They hope to hug new audiences and they desire to embrace old audiences in new ways.

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The Ebb & Flow of the Marketplace.

Your Logo HereWhat determines whether you see an ad on your screen, whether it be a TV, computer, or game console? How does it happen that an ad appears on a bus, a bench or a billboard? Why are some ad messages in magazines, newspapers, or theater programs? Or at checkout counters, on sidewalks, in restrooms, or broadcast at your poor overloaded ears in malls, cars, trains, waiting rooms, hallways, or while on hold?


Moolah is the determining factor in the ad game. Oh sure, there are some people who are reluctant to sell their work or lease out their available space. They are noble yet quixotic figures, often misunderstood; and they are truly the exception. Generally speaking, marketers have discovered that the opportunity to display an advertising message is available almost anytime for the right price.

Why, you can even find journalists who will slant, shade, shift or even subvert the news if the right amount of money gets into the right pockets.

Which brings us to the economics of an organization with a vast array of goods, vehicles, services, and real estate that has so far remained relatively untouched by marketing and advertising.

I am speaking, of course, of the organization known as the United States of America.

The $tate of the Union.

Quite frankly, we’re bleeding red ink. Even the most wacko members of Congress are appalled at the staggering deficits. Even the most unenlightened financial advisors are alarmed when they consider that ownership of the USA is transferring to foreign banks and holding companies. And even the wealthy class is experiencing a twinge when they see the debt that their children’s generation will be forced to pay off.

Brand Placement to the Rescue.

But there is hope. More than any other organization in the world, the USA holds vast resources in the form of vehicles, aircraft, ships, buildings, land, and uniforms that have thus far remained untouched by brand messages.

Marketers with a need for exposure coupled with a global organization in need of cash flow. An ideal match.

It’s simple. By selecting the USA as your strategic marketing partner, you’re going with a proven winner. The USA is global. The USA is excitement.  The USA is the ultimate reality show.

Let’s face it, this can provide you with (dare I say it?) more bang for your buck.

Coin of the Realm.

Speaking of money, there are plenty of advertising opportunities available on US coins and paper money. Imagine the possibilities: the Disney dime. The Costco quarter. The 50 Cent fifty cent piece. The Starbucks buck. The Wal-Mart sawbuck. The Nike hundred dollar bill. The Halliburton billion-dollar-bill.

The Treasury may be losing money, but by taking in advertising dollars, the country can actually be making a profit on volume.

And let’s not forget the opportunities on governmental direct mail. Pharmaceutical companies will love to get their ads on Social Security checks, and tobacco firms will enjoy advertising on postage stamps.

Hit the Road.

Another opportunity that has been overlooked are the millions of miles of U.S. roadways, each lane of which is separated by painted stripes and lines. There is no reason (other than public safety) why corporate logos cannot be painted on the highways.

USAdverising & USA-Ad-Biz Dot Com.

With your brand on USA money, property and personnel, you are virtually guaranteed media exposure every day on every continent. Pictured is the F/A-22 stealth air dominance fighter, commonly called the F-22 Raptor. (Please note, smaller disposable space is available for short term, direct contact campaigns.)

As you can see from the photo of the F-22 Raptor, we have not yet begun to approach the NASCAR level of placement. But it’s coming, along with logos on power poles, national monuments, the back of your driver’s license, freeway overpasses, and, of course, Hoover Dam.

NOTE: an artist’s rendering of an F-22 with sample logos may be seen at: or

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