OREM, Utah, Oct. 1 — Card Cafe, a global technology provider, today announced the launch of Charity Builder. Charity Builder is a tool which enables non-profit organizations throughout the United States to leverage the vast greeting card industry to help them raise money. “From the beginning, Card Cafe has been focused on giving to charities. This makes the Charity Builder that much more exciting to me. 30% of the revenue goes back to the non-profit while Card Cafe manages the site for them. This is a tremendous opportunity for charities small and large,” said Teague Bengtzen, President of Card Cafe.

Americans spend $7,500,000,000 annually on greeting cards with the average household purchasing 30 cards per year. More people are going to the internet to purchase their printed greeting cards than ever before. Card Cafe is unique in that it will mail the cards for the customer in a stamped envelope.

With the Charity Builder, businesses who donate to non-profits can now give even more money by simply purchasing customer gifts, employee incentives, etc. through the non-profit’s site.

“We will put the logo of the charity on the site and set up their online business for them. Their site offers greeting cards, gift baskets, chocolate, gourmet popcorn and gift cards,” said Kira Case, Vice President of Card Cafe, “We even help with the marketing. This is an exciting new way for charities to make extra money year round.”

Non-profit organizations can go to or call Randy Barney at (888) 426-5095 to learn more about the Charity Builder.

Card Cafe was founded in 2005 as an easy way to keep in touch with people through online ordering of printed greeting cards. It quickly developed into a leading technology provider. Card Cafe produces more than two million cards each year. In 2008 Card Cafe launched a commercial division called 1:1 Specialists ( 1:1 Specialists focuses on providing web-to-print and marketing technology for many industries.

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