LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Communications expert John Scott G (recording artist The G-Man) leads a collective of artists, musicians and videographers known as FookMovie ( in the creation of wildly colorful music videos. Since opening in April, the company has completed 30 productions. “FookMovie was developed as a division of Golosio Publishing with the goal of creating more attention for songs in our catalogue,” states G, “but we have just accepted our first assignment for an artist outside of our musical family, so we’re way ahead of schedule in terms of the company’s expansion.”

All videos are posted on the company Web site in QuickTime but with links to the videos located on such social networking sites as YouTube and Veoh. In addition, FookMovie videos also appear on Blip and BetaRecords. “The adults-only videos are on Veoh because they have a category for 18+ content,” G notes, “and they are on our site with warnings about the content.

Notable productions include videos for “Bright Sun at Midnight” (Jonny Harmonic), “Keyboard Flavor Monkey” (The G-Man), “Evolution Destiny” (James Sotelo), and “Electrivicious Party Doll” (Country-Fried Funk).

About John Scott G

Scott is owner of G-Man Marketing in Los Angeles, where he consults on advertising, marketing, and sonic branding. G-Man Marketing has produced broadcast advertising for Verizon Wireless, Goodrich, The Auto Club, DIRECTV, Micron, Legoland, General Dynamics NASSCO and many others. Scott writes about marketing for the Advertising Industry Newswire(TM).

A member of The Recording Academy ( and on the Board of Directors of NARIP, The G-Man has 8 albums on iTunes. He and NLG are the principal directors at FookMovie(TM), with video contributions from a wide variety of painters, filmmakers, and light artists.

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