The latest “green” TV commercial is from General Motors for their Chevrolet Tahoe. Scott G wonders how dumb viewers have to be to swallow this.

Hi, I’m from General Motors, and I will try to speak very slowly and not use any more big words like gen-er-al. Okay? Great!

See, here is our new commercial, I mean spot, that you will be able to see on your Tee-Vee sets.

It shows how air is clean and pretty. It shows leaves blowing in the wind . . . Wait, did I just quote an anti-war song? I didn’t mean to.

It shows leaves blowing off trees. Then our clean and pretty Chevy Tahoe drives right on by the tree. And look! The leaves go back on the tree!

Isn’t that just great for our environment? I mean, for our air and sky and trees and puppies and kittens!

So buy a Chevy Tahoe.

Our newly-slimmed-down five thousand three hundred forty-two pound Chevy Tahoe.

Chevy Tahoe. Pretty. Clean. Good for air and trees.

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