Only a week after its launch, The Million Dollar Wiki is proving to be a success

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — A student at the University of Connecticut has launched a new website that is on track to make him one million dollars. The Million Dollar Wiki (, is a website similar to but with one important catch: every page costs one hundred dollars. The pages are public for everyone to see, but only the owner of a page can add content to it. That means that one person will own the page for “business,” one person will own the page for “newspaper,” and so on for every word you can think of.

The goal of the site’s creator, Graham Langdon, is to sell ten thousand pages thus making one million dollars. So far, he has sold twenty pages.

“Its quite simple,” said Langdon, the twenty-one year old founder. “Once you own a page, you can use it to promote your business or website and no one else can touch it. You own the page for the life of the Wiki. I think people are rushing to buy pages because they realize that once a page is purchased, that’s it. It’s no longer available. If they want to own the ‘Music’ page, they have to buy it before anyone else does.”

Million Dollar WikiPeople are also in a rush to buy the pages for an entirely different reason. If you purchase a page, you can turn around and sell it for a profit. The scenario Langdon describes one in which someone has purchased a word of some value, the “Business” page, for example. The person who purchased it only paid $100, but because it is the only page for “Business,” someone might be willing to pay several hundred, possibly several thousand dollars for that page. The owner of the page can then sell for a profit, and the new owner can then put whatever they want on the page.

Only one week old, the website has already generated thousands of dollars and thousands of hits. “No one has ever done this before,” said Langdon. “It kind of reminds me of the dot-com craze to purchase premium domain names. Everyone wants to buy the good pages before someone else does.” Langdon is optimistic and anticipates he will make the entire million dollars in only a few short months.

Editor’s note: Graham is auctioning off “business” on eBay. As of Jun-17-07 12:48:06 PDT, Item number 110136476525, the auction has 31 bids with the highest at $5,100. Oddly his site appears to have been the victim of a DDOS attack on June 9, which appears to have been resolved by his moving the site to a better dedicated server.

Example page for “newswire”: .

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