Now millions can flock to YouTube, Google(TM) and Yahoo!(R) to see “disgustingly” funny advertisement

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Network executives from ABC, NBC and CBS seem to have lost their sense of humor when it came to broadcasting what’s affectionately been dubbed the “alli… Poopy-In-Your-Pants” ad from rival diet pill distributor Generix Labs, makers of Leptopril(TM).

“I can’t believe they all rejected our commercial,” said Generix spokesperson Gina Gay. “The ad is funny. Really funny. Most everybody laughs when they see it, except the network executives and probably alli’s distributor GlaxoSmithKline.”

“Sure, it depicts someone soiling her pants, what we affectionately call an ‘alli accident,’ but that’s what can happen when people take alli. It says as much on the website and in the alli book. And while the networks are willing to take GSK’s money to run positive ads about alli, they seem disinclined to offer the public the other side of the story.”

alli poopy pants “What ticks me off most,” continued Ms. Gay, “was the letter we received from CBS and its official Program Practices Commercial Clearance Report, which stated: ‘We believe that the extended discussion and depiction of excrement fails to meet a premium standard of good taste and may offend a significant portion of our audience.’ Who are they kidding? At least our ad makes people laugh.”

Rather than argue with the networks, Generix decided to put their “alli accident” ad on YouTube, Google Video and Yahoo Video.

“With network advertising rates soaring while viewership is declining, placing our ‘alli… Poopy-In-Your-Pants’ ad online turned out to be a smart marketing decision,” said Ms. Gay. “We’re actually getting a lot more response from the Internet than we would have gotten on prime time TV, and for a lot less money.”

The “alli… Poopy-In-Your-Pants” commercial can still be seen on YouTube (, Google(TM) Video ( and Yahoo!(R) Video ( by searching “alli poopy pants.”

alli(TM) is a trademark of GlaxoSmithKline. All other trademarks acknowledged.

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