Matrix 6.0 provides definitive representation of domestic DVD players sold

GLENDALE, Calif. — Intellikey Labs, a recognized leader in optical disc quality assurance content testing, announced today the launch of Intellikey DVD Testing Matrix 6.0. This latest matrix enables Intellikey to provide the most definitive AMP(SM) rating system available for DVD testing on domestic players. Matrix 6.0 is the most representative DVD testing matrix ever released.

Intellikey Matrix 6.0 includes an array of over 160 domestic DVD players and consoles. Testing using Intellikey DVD Matrix covers 91.71% of the DVD player installed base, as reported by US sales figures, for the 3-year time period of 2004 through 2006. The top 100 NTSC 1 players in Matrix 6.0 represent 88.16% of that installed base.

Content tested on domestic DVD players receives the Intellikey AMPSM rating which effectively calculates the percentage of players sold affected by errors discovered during testing. This proprietary AMP (Affected Market Percentage) calculation allows clients to know their risk exposure for content errors that remain uncorrected.

About Intellikey Labs
Intellikey Labs has been providing independent quality assurance testing for formats of optical media and downloadable content since 1997, and has been on the forefront of next-gen testing. The Lab offers testing for both domestic and international regions, including a definitive Hi-Definition DVD player matrix for both domestic and international markets.

A unique Intellikey AMPSM reporting system is currently being developed for the Blu-ray and HD-DVD player formats.

Intellikey Labs has been recognized by global entertainment, media, hardware manufacturers, application developers and software companies as the market leader in quality assurance testing for their projects and products. Intellikey Labs provides expertise in content quality assurance testing for DVD, downloadable and streamed media, HD-DVD and BD-DVD on a wide range of platforms and devices including ROM, website, portable media players, computers and hardware.

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