M.A.D.E. Planet Links Artists to Industry through Innovative Technology and Design

NEW YORK, NY — M.A.D.E. Planet has launched its Web site ( to provide services to the arts and entertainment industry through social networking, and visual and audio forums. M.A.D.E. symbolizes the ultimate medium for music, art, design and entertainment.

MADE Planet Inc.“Our primary focus,” Bobby Williams, CEO of M.A.D.E. Planet, said, “is to provide our members with the proper resources to showcase their talent and to get noticed by industry professionals. Our Web site is akin to a for artists.”

Artists who become a member of the M.A.D.E. community can enhance their presence in the arts and entertainment industry; attract a target audience; market talent at no or low cost; communicate with other artists in their genre; and increase social and business networking opportunities.

Artists, who desire more space on the site, have access to other packages that can be purchased and will increase their portfolio presence. There is also a referral program that members can take advantage of that will lead to more free space.

Andrea Miller  has it M.A.D.E.Industry professionals can also set up free accounts that are easy to use. Prospective members simply pick the category for their industry – music, art, design, or entertainment – along with their position, and a shopping cart-like tool allows them to match a talent to a job or gig.

“We are not just another pretty site,” Williams said. “Our mission is to link artists with industry professionals through a simple, efficient and cost-effective process.”

Becoming a member is as easy as 1-2-3. Interested artists simply pick a plan that best suits their needs; agree to the terms of the site; and upload music, video clips or photos along with any other important biographical or contact information such as links to a personal Web site or information about an upcoming event.

“We are definitely one of the most user-friendly sites out there for artists,” Williams said. “There are many social networks out there, but our site is dedicated to artists of all types. We bring the industries and artists together so that they can connect as easily as possible. We are the premium spot for artists to be seen and heard.”

For more information, or to sign up for a free account, visit: .