There is something to be said for setting the bar too low: all subsequent efforts will look better. Scott G gives a mercifully brief examination of a recent train wreck from something calling itself

The G-Man Classic By making a home video of a bunch of morons sitting around the office saying they’re smart and savvy, the geniuses at put wicked smiles on the faces of coldhearted people all over the world.

Their shocking lack of industry knowledge combined with the smarmy personal style displayed during the video brought shame and ridicule down upon the professions of advertising and marketing. But on the plus side, we all can relax in the soothing knowledge that none of us will ever be part of a presentation as ridiculous as that one.

Sure, it’s alarming to see cretins who claim to be in your industry. Yes, it’s embarrassing to watch something any 14-year-old would know was stupid. And of course everyone in our business is chagrined that we’re exposing this much dirty laundry to the general public.

But it was funny! The first half-hour of the four-hour video (okay, it was only 9 minutes on the clock) was a laugh riot. And what an emotional climax! Well, actually, I was vomiting at the end so I missed it, but one of my partners assures me that it was “a shattering denouement.”

Although, come to think of it, he may have been joking.

But from this point forward, when one hears the name “,” one will think of their most apropos slogan: “When we roll, we roll stupid.”

* * *