ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — POD Digital Promotions has developed and patented the POD advertising system as the ultimate formula for successful target-market penetration – digital advertising. The system’s integration of visual and print media gives advertisers an edge through a unique approach that combines creativity, experience, and technology.

POD Digital Promotions“Business owners are concerned by money wasted on traditional advertising,” Jody Torre, President, POD Digital Promotions explained. “According to analysts, there is a seismic shift to newer forms of marketing. POD Digital Promotions emerges as a powerful alternative to traditional advertising, proving itself to be a highly targeted, cost-efficient, and accountable medium.”

The main POD Unit is placed in high-traffic locations such as hotel lobbies, shopping malls, eateries and fitness centers. The POD Advertising Unit contains a digital screen that plays a full-motion commercial combined with each advertiser’s full color, tri-fold brochure; advertisers can also add coupons and other incentives.

Auxiliary screens, tied to the main POD Unit, are strategically placed throughout the location to attract customers and narrowcast messages, community information and trivia throughout the business day.

Since the product’s initial deployment in Chester, NJ, there has been a growing roster of POD units placed across the state of New Jersey and throughout the US. To date, the company has deployed systems in North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia and expects continued growth.

POD Digital Promotions provides clients with consistent exposure. The system provides advertisers with a “two for one advantage” – to be seen and remembered.

“We recognize that clients have limited budgets and want maximum exposure for money spent,” Torre said. “This system provides affordable, consistent branding.”

POD Digital Promotions works with clients to create a program that combines a technology mix.

“The POD Advertising Unit is the star of our program, but not the only service we provide,” Torre stated. “We offer a laundry list of cost-effective advertising and marketing solutions.”

POD advertising costs just pennies per viewer and is attractive to local businesses owners.

“Besides word of mouth, our POD Digital ad has been the most cost- effective way to attain new business,” Julie Koza, President of Interiors at 40 Main in New Jersey, said.

For more information, visit: or call (866) 475-4010.

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