IRONTON, Ohio — Undiscovered Radio Network, Inc. ( has developed ‘Undiscovered’ a new syndicated broadcast radio program to provide an innovative and long awaited mainstream vehicle for independent artists. The two hour show is set to debut the first weekend of September and features independent rock and alternative artists that have gained local or regional popularity but don’t have the resources to tap into mainstream broadcasting.

Undiscovered Radio NetworkThe producers of Undiscovered are working to create a change in what is considered mainstream. Colleen Griffiths, president of Undiscovered Radio Network says, “I worked in radio for many years and my passion for music drove me to find a new way of creating change in the industry. The major labels have a strong hold and program directors don’t have the time or the means of creating change themselves. I developed Undiscovered as a viable alternative to embrace independent music. Undiscovered allows access without bias to independent artists and because we answer only to ourselves and not stockholders, we are willing to take more risks and expose what we consider great music.”

Each episode of Undiscovered will spotlight the independent music scene in different cities across the U.S. and the last episode of each month will be a special ‘Road Trip’ episode spotlighting artists and bands from collective cities and smaller regions. Listeners will hear a variety of bands, artist interviews, information and resources unique to each location. Listeners are invited to be part of the ‘discovery’ process and leave personal show and CD reviews on the Undiscovered interactive website.

Undiscovered is debuting in a time when independent programming is an issue at the forefront of the broadcast industry. The FCC, concerned with the current state of radio in the wake of deregulation and mass consolidation, has encouraged radio stations to air more independent programming in an effort to increase diversity and allow access to all musicians.

UndiscoveredAs reported in an April 19th article in Billboard Radio Monitor, FCC commissioner Jonathan Adelstein said of the recent meeting with the A2IM (a new trade association for independent record labels) “a central point of stamping out payola is to improve the ability of local and independent artists to get heard on radio. Musicians, listeners and the radio industry itself all benefit when the best songs win, rather than the ones with the most money behind them.”

About Undiscovered Radio Network, Inc.
Undiscovered Radio Network, Inc. is an independent production company formed in 2006 by former radio executives and producers who envisioned a new level of programming that connected with younger audiences and allowed access to independent artists.

For more information about the program Undiscovered visit or call 740-646-8619.