BLOOMINGTON, Minn.– Looking to provide unique ways for youth marketers to reach college students, Campus Media Group has expanded its offerings to include advertising in downloadable textbooks. CMG, which develops and executes media and marketing strategies on college campuses, has partnered with St. Paul, MN-based Freeload Press Inc., which publishes e-textbooks.

Campus Marketing GroupThe relationship will enlist CMG to sell targeted ads on a national or regional basis in e-textbooks covering a variety of subject matters such as business and finance, math and psychology. About 100 titles are slated for download this fall on an estimated 150 campuses, potentially reaching 250,000 students.

“More than 16 million students will head off to college this fall, and none of them are looking forward to buying textbooks,” says Jason Bakker, Director of Marketing for CMG. “Most college students get their first real lesson in economics after leaving the checkout line at the campus bookstore,” he adds.

However, a very economical alternative exists for college students: free textbooks in exchange for seeing some ads while you study. The e-textbooks are viewable as a PDF and will also be supported by a free open-source e-book reader called dotReader.

Brands like FedEx Kinko’s and Culver’s Restaurants have participated, and others are expected to sign on to support their back-to-school efforts this fall. Advertising programs can be customized and targeted, allowing for simple text-based ads, display ads, clickable ads linking to web sites and other rich media.

About Campus Media Group
Bloomington, MN based Campus Media Group, Inc., is a leading national youth media and marketing company that helps today’s top brands and agencies reach high school and college students. For more information on the company and the marketing channels they offer, visit , or contact Jason Bakker, Director of Marketing, at 952-854-3100 ext. 24 or e-mail

About Freeload Press, Inc.
St. Paul-based Freeload Press, Inc., publishes e-textbooks using advertising and corporate sponsorship to reduce costs. The company publishes its own college textbooks and distributes both Freeload Press publications and other publishers’ textbooks. The publications are available for free as e- textbook downloads at .

Readers include students at four-year and two-year colleges throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit , or contact Howard Quinlan, COO, at 651-204-7218.

NEWS SOURCE: Campus Media Group, Inc.

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