Where do ads, brands, technology, sonic branding, media and marketing all come together? In the brainpan of Scott G, who collects this stuff for your entertainment. You’re welcome.

Quite a few things in advertising and marketing make people angry. Now, I realize that you don’t do any of these things. And I most certainly don’t do any of these things. But darn it, there are philistines in our industry who insist on, how shall I put this? well, pushing the envelope of idiocy.

In no particular order, we have examples of advertising behavior that really, really, really annoys the public:

* “I see dead people, and they’re endorsing products.”

* Dad is portrayed as a moron, so it’s mom (or son, daughter, neighbor, coworker, salesperson, talking product or pet) to the rescue.

* Old Navy commercials.

* Look! Our product can morph into and/or out of the shape of something much more interesting and valuable, so please buy our crap!

* Various people

* speak various parts

* of the same sentence

* in the same

* commercial.

Thanks to several concerned readers, we present a list of things that would make the world a better place. There’s not a lot about advertising or marketing here, but hey, this is my column and I’ll put in whatever I damn well please. So there.

* Politicians must use public healthcare

* If you don’t want to send your children to public school, you may not hold public office

* Postal service employees must receive their paychecks through the mail

* Public officials must take at least half of their plane flights on public transportation instead of private jets

* Those who vote in favor of war must participate in the fighting

* Millionaires who vote themselves tax cuts must go on a shooting trip with Dick Cheney

* Ad agency personnel and client marketing managers must take every ad they create and/or approve and review them in the presence of their moms, dads and family members.

* * *